MacAulay Cup final as it happened

Kyles Athletic beat Newtonmore in shinty's MacAulay Cup final.

17 August 2013 Last updated at 16:00

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As it happened

  1. 1557: 

    I'm going to sign off. A great match and congratulations go to Kyles Athletic.

  2. 1555: 

    The Kyles Athletic players receive the MacAulay Cup trophy and the celebrations begin.

    James Perlich, Newtonmore coach

    "I thought we play some good shinty today. I'm delighted."

  4. 1546: 

    It's a second MacAulay Cup win in three years for Kyles, having beaten Newtonmore in the 2011 final.

  5. 1545: 
    Full-time- Kyles Athletic 4-3 Newtonmore

    Roddy MacDonald's second goal of the day proves to be the winner in what was an incredible match that swung from end to end.

  6. 1544: 
    Full-time- Kyles Athletic 4-3 Newtonmore

    It's all over and Kyles Athletic are winners of the MacAulay Cup final.

  7. 1542: 
    Kyles Athletic 4-3 Newtonmore

    Roberto Zavaroni almost scores a fifth for Kyles as the match stretches into added time.

  8. 1540: 
    Kyles Athletic 4-3 Newtonmore

    Into the last minute and the rain starts to lash down at Mossfield Park.

  9. 1536: 
    Kyles Athletic 4-3 Newtonmore

    Five minutes left. Kyles continued to press. Can Newtonmore get back in this?


    Anonymous: "Very poor refereeing. Newtonmore are being robbed by rubbish decisions. NEVER a sending off. Colin MacDonald is out of his depth."

  11. 1530: 
    Kyles Athletic 4-3 Newtonmore

    Into the final 12 minutes at Mossfield Park. Kyles have the advantage but, with the way this match has gone, there's always the chance of another equaliser for Newtonmore.

  12. 1525: 

    A goal judge has his flag up again in the run-up to Newtonmore netting and once again the referee sides with the official. No goal.

  13. 1523: 
    GOAL- Kyles Athletic 4-3 Newtonmore (R MacDonald)

    Roddy MacDonald does it again for Kyles, scooping the ball over Michael Ritchie from a tight angle.

  14. 1518: 
    GOAL- Kyles Athletic 3-3 Newtonmore (G MacKintosh)

    This final takes another twist with Glen MacKintosh blasting the ball into the top corner from far out. Game on.

  15. 1516: 
    Kyles Athletic 3-2 Newtonmore

    Quite a dramatic few minutes at Mossfield Park with Kyles Athletic re-gaining the lead and Newtonmore losing a man. Michael Ritchie has just smacked the ball clear to prevent 'More further behind.

  16. 1513: 
    Red Card- Jamie Robinson (Newtonmore)

    Jamie Robinson is sent off with the referee unhappy with the Newtonmore captain's swing at the throw-up.

  17. 1512: 
    GOAL- Kyles Athletic 3-2 Newtonmore (D Zavaroni)

    The Zavaroni brothers combine to good effect with Roberto playing in David, who tucks the ball home from close range.

  18. 1509: 
    Kyles Athletic 2-2 Newtonmore

    It's a tense second half since that Newtonmore equaliser. Both sides are wary of opening up too much knowing it may take just one more goal to decide this final.

  19. 1500: 
    GOAL- Kyles Athletic 2-2 Newtonmore (D MacRae)

    It's level again as Danny MacRae fires through the legs of Kenny MacDonald for his second of the day.

  20. 1457: 

    Newtonmore press hard at the start of the second half with Glen MacKintosh blasting a low drive towards goal but Kenny MacDonald makes superb block.

  21. 1456: 
    Throw-up- Kyles Athletic 2-1 Newtonmore

    The match resumes.

  22. 1455: 

    Second half coming up. Do Kyles have one hand on the trophy or can Newtonmore turn this around?

  23. 1446: 
    Half-Time- Kyles Athletic 2-1 Newtonmore

    Kyles preserve their lead until the break. Newtonmore have work to do if they are to end their long wait to win this trophy.

  24. 1438: 
    GOAL- Kyles Athletic 2-1 Newtonmore (R MacDonald)

    Roddy MacDonald smashes the ball home from the right, giving Michael Ritchie no chance.

    Glenurquhart players This is the trophy Kyles and Newtonmore are competing for, here held by a couple of Glenurquhart players after their final win last year
  26. 1430: 
    Kyles Athletic 1-1 Newtonmore

    Newtonmore have come back into the match and have not been discouraged by that disallowed goal.

  27. 1423: 
    Kyles Athletic 1-1 Newtonmore

    Confusion reigns as a flag is raised by one of the officials to indicate a foul but Newtonmore play on and get the ball in the net and celebrate. The referee consults and eventually brings play back for the foul.

  28. 1420: 

    Newtonmore have not won this trophy since 1986, when they beat Kyles in the final.

  29. 1418: 

    These two sides met in the 2011 MacAulay Cup final, with Kyles Athletic winning on that occasion.

  30. 1416: 
    Kyles Athletic 1-1 Newtonmore

    It's been all Kyles since they went behind. Michael Ritchie has twice made last-ditch saves to prevent Newtonmore falling behind.

  31. 1411: 
    GOAL- Kyles Athletic 1-1 Newtonmore (Whyte)

    That's how they'll respond! Keeper Michael Ritchie is robbed by Tom Whyte, who forces the ball in for the equaliser.

  32. 1410: 
    Kyles Athletic 0-1 Newtonmore

    So, an early setback for Kyles Athletic, how will they respond?

  33. 1408: 
    GOAL- Kyles Athletic 0-1 Newtonmore (D MacRae)

    Kyles keeper Kenny MacDonald is drawn out of his goal and Newtonmore centre for Danny MacRae strikes the ball superbly into the empty net.

  34. 1406: 
    Kyles Athletic 0-0 Newtonmore

    Four minutes in and Newtonmore are doing the early pressing but Danny MacRae cannot get a clean shot away.

  35. 1404: 

    Today's referee is Colin MacDonald.

  36. 1403: 

    Kyles Athletic: K MacDonald, Miller, D Irvine, Keith, King, Kerr, D Zavaroni, MacLeod, MacKenzie, Whyte, R Zavaroni, R MacDonald. Subs: Coley, Williamson, G Irvine, C MacDonald, MacColl.

    Newtonmore: Campbell, Ritchie, A MacRae, A MacKintosh, Binnie, Robinson, MacDonald, MacArthur, MacKenzie, G Mackintosh, F MacKintosh, D MacRae. Subs: Chisholm, B MacKintosh, Russell, Sellar, Kennedy.

  37. 1400: 

    The match is underway.

  38. 1356: 

    You can watch the match on BBC Two Scotland and online. There is also live commentary on BBC Radio nan Gàidheal, in Gaelic of course.

  39. 1355: 

    The two teams make their way onto the pitch, led by a bagpiper.


    On Twitter, the hashtag to use is #bbcsportscot.


    If you want to get involved, you can text 80295.

  42. 1353: 

    I'll be providing score updates from the match.

    Robbie MacLeod, Kyles Athletic captain

    "On our day, we can beat anyone and we'll give them a game."

    Jamie Robinson, Newtonmore captain

    "We're extremely confident. We know we're in for a tough, physical encounter."

  45. 1349: 

    Kyles Athletic take on Newtonmore at Mossfield Park in Oban.

  46. 1348: 

    It's a big day in the shinty calendar - the MacAulay Cup final.

  47. 1347: 

    Good afternoon.

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