Rangers SFL vote as it happened

Scottish Football League clubs meeting at Hampden vote in favour of the newco Rangers playing in Division Three.

13 July 2012 Last updated at 21:58

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As it happened

  1. 1000: 

    Good morning and welcome to our live text coverage of the vote on where the newco Rangers will ply their trade next season.

  2. 1001: 

    Scottish Football League clubs have gathered at Hampden to vote on whether Rangers should play in Division One or Three next season.

    Charles Green's Sevco consortium was forced to apply for entry to the SFL after SPL clubs voted against the new Rangers being admitted to the top flight with the old company destined for liquidation.

  3. 1004: 

    The SFL, Scottish Premier League and Scottish FA have negotiated a restructuring of the divisions in return for Rangers in Division One.

    But Elgin, Peterhead, Arbroath and Alloa all say they will vote against.

    Promoted Dumbarton, who previously announced that a poll of members and supporters showed a majority in favour of Rangers joining them in Division One, now say they will not necessarily be bound by that.

    That means there are a potential 18 votes for Rangers being refused admission to Division One - a majority of the SFL's 30 clubs.

    Only Second Division outfit Stenhousemuir have gone public with an intention to vote for Rangers in the second tier.

  4. 1006: 

    The meeting at Hampden is expected to get under way at about 11:00 BST with a vote soon after. It promises to be a momentous day for Scottish football.

    Give me your views on today's vote, the future for the game in Scotland and anything else that takes your fancy on what's proved to a turbulent close season.

    Tweet the commentary using the hashtag #bbcsportsound or send me a direct message @bbcthomasmcg

    Or text 80295 using GERS at the start of your message.

  5. 1008: 

    Thomas Nicoll: "Big day for Scottish football. Let's hope for proper punishment and restored integrity. Newco in Div 3 is the only option. #bbcsportsound"

  6. 1010: 

    Rangers supporters, and manager Ally McCoist, appear to favour entry to Division Three rather than Division One.

    However, Scotland's footballing authorities are far from happy at the prospect of the newco Rangers playing in Division Three.

    Proposals from the three governing bodiesinclude a new top tier division of 16 teams by 2015.

    The top flight would grow from 12 to 14 for 2014-15 and could be extended by a further two clubs a year later.

    The only proposed change for the coming season would be the introduction of a promotion/relegation play-off between the top two divisions. include a new top tier division of 16 teams by 2015.

  7. 1012: 

    Also, there's the small matter of which club will take Rangers' place in the top flight. The fixture list for the new season lists "Club 12".

    Dunfermline, who were relegated from the SPL last term, and Dundee - who finished second to First Division champions Ross County - are both vying for the spot.

  8. 1014: 
    Dunfermline chairman John Yorkston

    "We're still going to be voting for Rangers to go to the Third Division.

    "We think it's what would happen to any other club. We are trying to be fair here and there can't have rules for one and different rules for others.

    "We are aware of the financial consequences to our club and other clubs, but we feel the sporting integrity is the right way to go.

    "It depends on how much the TV deals are worth in the future. Nobody knows exactly.

    "We've had some doomsday scenarios, but it would make a significant loss to us if we were in the Premier League.

    "But, the bottom line is, you don't run football purely on money.

    "My opinion is that, based on what we heard last week, the majority would vote for Rangers in the Third Division."

  9. 1016: 

    Neil Black, from Belfast, using GERS to 80295: "As a lifelong Rangers fan I believe Div 3 is the best opportunity now,for us to give all the Shylocks their pound of flesh. I'd also like to offer them the cranberry sauce they need for their Xmas dinner."

    Phil from Skegness: "Anything other that Rangers in Division Three will show that the integrity of Scottish football is corrupted and the greed that infected Rangers remains widespread"

  10. 1018: 

    More from Dunfermline chairman John Yorkston. When asked if people at the top of Scottish football might have to consider their positions...

    "I think that's inevitable and I think we'll get through the problem we have first before there are repercussions of that nature.

    "I think they've got to cover everybody who's been involved in this fiasco and I'm sure that will be on the agenda of a number of folk."

  11. 1022: 

    Our reporter Brian McLauchlin is among a battery of reporters and camera crews camped outside the National Stadium, waiting for news on today's vote.

  12. 1024: 

    John Clark: "I will miss all Old Firm matches for 3 years but anything other than Div3 will show that rfc are still the establishment club"

    Stuart Hunt: "Wise words from John Yorkston. Div3+Dundee up only solution. Hope restructure happens even if SFL say no to compromises. Needs done"

    Joseph Smith: "Financial redress is required in Scottish Football. Sevco to SFL3 would initiate the process. Been coming for two decades."

  13. 1027: 

    And still more from John Yorkston's interview on BBC Radio Scotland this morning...

  14. 1028: 
    Dunfermline chairman John Yorkston

    "It is an absolute farce it's still going on. Ourselves and Dundee don't know what division we are going to be in next season and that applies to a couple of teams that could be promoted, like Airdrie.

    "This thing needs to be sorted. I've got a manager who can't sign players because he doesn't know what division we are going to be playing in.

    "Ourselves and Dundee are the two main contenders, though I wouldn't rule out the SPL doing something regarding newco if Rangers or newco are put into the Third Division.

    "They may actually go with Rangers. They still haven't ruled out Rangers. Rangers have still got the share in the league and that might be an option they go for if they believe Rangers in the Third Division is the right decision."

  15. 1030: 

    Judging by the texts and tweets we've received this morning, fans of most clubs - including Rangers - want the newco to enter Division Three.

    Will the vote reflect the views of the fans who pay at the turnstiles?

  16. 1032: 

    John Bhoy from Glasgow: "I believe NEWCO should start in the Scottish 3rd Division for the integrity of the game and respect to the other clubs who deserve to be in there own leagues. It's not their fault or their fans' fault! If the SFA ain't man enough bring in FIFA"

    Glen from Dalkeith: "Why are we even here. SFA should have sent Rangers to Division 3 and not left onus on the clubs. Regardless of the vote Doncaster and Regan need to go."

    Craig in Edinburgh: "Can I ask Neil from Belfast how much flesh was taken from ICT, Ross C, Peterhead, Annan and Gretna when they all started in the lowest division?"

  17. 1034: 

    Patrick Norrie: "Big day for Scottish football. Only way to preserve any integrity is no Newco in Div 1 and Dundee named as Club12. #bbcsportsound"

    John: "When will fans of old Rangers realise this is THEIR clubs fault, not the fault of others? Supreme arrogance #bbcsportsound"

  18. 1036: 

    Sean Lafferty: "Surely a play-off between the Pars and Dundee is the only fair outcome? #bbcsportsound"

    That idea appears to strike a chord with a lot of fans, Sean. It will be early next week, we believe, before a resolution to "Club 12" is hammered out...

  19. 1039: 

    Scotland's former first minister Henry McLeish, who conducted a Review of Scottish football, has responded to Pars chairman John Yorkston's comments.

    McLeish proposed play-offs to the top flight and a pyramid system into the bottom tier in his 2010 report for the Scottish Football Association.

  20. 1041: 

    "John Yorkston is right to include integrity and credibility and ethics as the basic foundation for Scottish football.

    "But we don't live in a world of extremes and we don't live in a world of absolutes.

    "Social progress has been made because we do a number of things through compromise, we have consensus and we also have common sense.

    "I think there's a balance to be achieved between the ethical issues and integrity.

    "I'm a purist. I think that the ethics of the game, the financial probity of the game, the governance of the game have been absolutely wrecked in a way by Rangers and they've got to take the consequences for that.

    "But today we are looking at two other factors: one is the financial situation within the game and, of course, there's not a great deal of empirical evidence to back up some of the claims that have been made, but this will have financial consequences.

    "But we also have to look at the game itself. This is possibly an opportunity to pursue the reconstruction agenda.

    "For the last six months, Rangers has obviously been an important priority, but it's not the most important priority in Scottish football."

  21. 1043: 

    And on calls for resignations at the top of Scottish football, McLeish said: "There is a danger here when you start talking about personalities and start talking about organisations, but if people want to have an inquest they can do it after the event."

  22. 1045: 

    Richard MacMillan: "MallorcaSaint, Gers fans been propping up the SPL for too long. Not arrogance. Just plain fact. Let's see how u cope on ur own #bbcsportsound"

  23. 1046: 

    For anyone coming to this story cold, I'll run through what's happened in the last couple of months...

  24. 1047: 

    Rangers entered administration in February, owing up to £134m to unsecured creditors and will eventually be liquidated.

    As a result its registrations with the Scottish FA and Scottish Premier League were terminated.

    Charles Green led a consortium which bought Rangers' assets for £5.5m, with the former Sheffield United chief executive is reforming Rangers as a new company.

    But the 'newco' did not get the required votes for re-admittance to the SPL.

    Instead the new Rangers could start life in Scottish Division One or Three.

  25. 1049: 

    "My view is that Rangers in SFL 1 would be the best and most serious option. One, to find a home for Rangers and let them find their feet in Scottish football.

    "But, the most important point, this will allow us to move on to much bigger issues in Scottish football than the future of Rangers newco.

    "In the last season, 28% of all the people going through the turnstiles in Scotland were because of Rangers.

    "If you add Celtic figures into that, 60% of all the fan base in Scotland is the Old Firm."

  26. 1052: 

    Kieran Shallon using GERS to 80295: "Let's get this straight, the supporters of the new Ibrox franchise claims of "the 3rd division is what we want" doesn't have any clout, that's where football clubs wanting to enter the professional ranks of Scottish football start! And that's what's playing out at the moment, the Ibrox franchise are a brand new club, 3rd Division isn't a punishment, it's just simply what happens. They presently don't have any SFA membership; SPL membership; SFL membership; titles, trophies or footballing history and worryingly, 3 years worth of audited accounts. Worryingly, Spartans do! Don't believe me? The club that was Rangers, founded in 1872 and incorporated as a company in 1899 will undoubtably be liquidated in 2012. Section 5.47 of Duff and Phelps most recent report summaries this."

    Gus from Dundee: "Would love it if Dundee knock back any SPL offer. The SPL clubs only want us in because our sizeable support will help negate the loss of Rangers."

  27. 1055: 

    Ivan McGeorge: "Irony of today being Friday 13th not lost on me #bbcsportsound #SPL #SFA will Freddy kreuger make an appearance?"

    If Freddy were involved today surely it would result in a spoilt vote? That knife glove of his would cause chaos at the ballot box...

  28. 1057: 

    David Brown in Coatbridge: "Any other team the question would be: will they get the SFL membership and like Airdrie the answer should be no. As for Rangers fans thinking they will be payback by going to Div 3; give it 4 months and the novelty will have worn off. The next 3 years will be about catching up on mid table spl teams"

    Den from Berneray: "I am a Rangers fan. What I can't stand are people who say Rangers dont excist anymore but expect The Rangers to be harshly punished, if we are starting in the 3rd div, promotion isnt certain 3 years straight. Scottish football is about to die. David Murray should be found and made to pay for his illegal going ons - not Rangers! I suggest we apply for the North Premier League Division One North..."

  29. 1100: 
    BBC Scotland's Brian McLauchlin

    "Raith chairman Turnbull Hutton says the situation is a shambles as he enters meeting at Hampden. Dundee chief executive Scot Gardiner says it was only last night they were told they had to vote..."

  30. 1102: 

    Henry McLeish's comments - see 1049 - have the Twitterati up in arms.

    Grant Cook: "Ask Mr McLeish if those 60% would turn up with no-one to play..."

    Michael Thomas: "Find a home for Rangers and let them find their feet in Scottish football?" Henry McLeish should be ashamed #NoToNewCo"

  31. 1104: 

    Buzz_The_Bear: "You should inform Kieran that there is also a section in Duff & Phelps report that states RFC's history was purchased by CG"

  32. 1106: 

    The meeting at Hampden is under way, according to our reporter Brian McLauchlin.

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall. How will the vote pan out behind closed doors? Will it involve Higgs boson, ping-pong balls and copious amounts of tea & coffee?

  33. 1110: 

    Chris Smith: "Never mind the SPL getting around to deciding on 'Club 12' - the job in-hand for the SFL Chairmen is to once and for all determine who or what shall be Club 30."

    Dave in Corby: "My view is why should Rangers want to join Div 1, 2 ,or 3 of Scottish football when it's clear everybody is just jumping on the bandwagon to give them a good kicking? Forget Scottish football, join the lower rungs of the English tier. Within 10 years Rangers would be an established Premier League club and Scottish football will be a regional insignificance."

  34. 1112: 

    Stuart Alker: "Sick of hearing #'Rangers are a new club' It's the parent company that is new. The football club is unchanged. #bbcsportsound"

    Brian Cunningham: "Rangers fans want Div 3, owner wants Div 3, manager wants Div 3. Only people looking to make a fast buck want them in Div 1. #bbcsportsound"

  35. 1115: 

    Iain Ewing: "I'm expecting this meeting to last a while as I've seen a shipment of steak bakes and cakes being delivered from Greggs."

    As long as there's no sleeping bags or lanterns there too! Our man Brian McLauchlin has an industrial-sized flask of hot chocolate to see him through the agonising wait...

  36. 1120: 

    Annan Athletic chairman Henry McLelland says that the newco scenario has happened before and the precedent is that Rangers should start again in Division Three...

  37. 1122: 

    "In the last four years we found Gretna in the situation where they entered administration and then liquidation. There was no-one there who could rescue them; so a place was vacant and we got that.

    "Livingston found themselves in a similar scenario and again, the SFL demoted Livingston from Division One to Division Three.

    "Now, it's quite simple: we cannot make exceptions because it's Glasgow Rangers."

  38. 1129: 

    Callum: "With Rangers out the way, we might see the back of Old Firm fans in Inverness, Dumfries etc. All of whom have a spurious claim of how they support a team hundreds of miles away."

    GMG in Glasgow: "Has anyond considered the possibility that the SFL clubs might not want the newco in any league?"

  39. 1134: 

    Mark Rowantree: "What is so difficult to understand about wanting Rangers to be treated exactly the same as any other NEW club?"

    Mark Barry: "Stuart Alker...so that means Sevco(new RFC) will pay back all money they owe? And take the punishments that have still to come"

    Malcolm Harvey: "The more I hear from this guy from Annan Athletic, the more I think he's the guy to run Scottish football. Speaking sense."

  40. 1138: 

    "I hope they do go into the First Division. Portsmouth are a Premiership club and I don't think anyone could believe a Premiership club could go into administration.

    "For the long-term good of Scottish football, I think they need to be back in the Premier League as quickly as possible."

  41. 1142: 

    Newco Rangers chief executive Charles Green has called for "common sense to prevail" in today's vote...

  42. 1144: 

    "It is a very important day and I think there is lots of good, really responsible articles put out in the press today.

    "I think it is time now for realisation. I think the vilification and persecution has to end and common sense has to prevail and I think it will.

    "I think it is very difficult for the other clubs and the other leagues, and for the managers to understand who they are going to be playing and when their season will start and who their opposition will be. There are cup games in a few weeks' time and we all need to move on."

  43. 1146: 

    "We've always been prepared for both (Division One and Three) The fans have always said they are happy to go to (Division) Three, we just want to get a decision and move on.

    "I hope it will be (the end of the situation) but I'm not convinced it will."

  44. 1148: 

    mcsleazy: "As an RFC fan, I'm concerned we don't have a team that could readily compete in Division 1. #bbcsportsound"

    Doug Daniel: "Even Division 3 is being kind to Newco Rangers - no such luxury afforded to Gretna or Clydebank. Some humility would be nice."

  45. 1152: 

    How will the recent turbulent spell affect attendances at grounds in the new season? Are you mulling over whether to renew your season ticket, or will you support your team regardless?

    Tweet the commentary using #bbcsportsound send me a message @bbcthomasmcg or text via 80295.

  46. 1154: 

    Allan in Inverness: "The 'Red Top' press have had their say this morning like the day of a General Election- and it's clear where they stand. I agree with Charles Green asking for 'common sense' to prevail...and that would only mean Division 3 for Newco"

    David L: "Gaping hole in Henry McLelland's logic. So there was no-one to rescue Gretna or Livingston but if Charles Green doesn't come through for Rangers there are others in the queue. The situation is different, no matter how some try to spin it."

    Luigi: "Like most Rangers fans, I hope for a clean slate in Division 3. However, there seems to be an agenda that further punishment follows no matter what. Was this applied to Airdrie or Livi? No. Also where was sporting integrity when Aberdeen finished bottom of SPL but did not get relegated. Common sense should rule debate, not vindictive agendas. Too many small minded comments dominating debate and top brass have really made a drama out of a crisis."

  47. 1156: 

    Robbie Weir: "Raith fan and saying credit to Aberdeen, Hibs and Celtic fans who are all sponsoring/buying season tickets at Starks #class #bbcsportsound"

    Soccty123: "As a St Mirren fan who hasn't attended recently, I'll be buying a season ticket to support the club for voting with integrity."

    George Grieve: "Shows how low the game can go. I will find another Saturday afternoon pastime. #no cheating"

  48. 1200: 

    Graeme in Bristol: "Attendances at Ibrox will remain large. Look at Leeds when they were in league one, AFC Wimbledon or FC United of Manchester when they were incorporated."

    John from Glasgow in Manchester: "It will be interesting to see how lower division clubs pay for the policing of games against Rangers. Can imagine it will hit their pockets hard."

    Anonymous: "Put rangers in the third and give them a chance to equal Gretna's three successive championships"

  49. 1204: 

    Tony Williams: "I believe Rangers chairman Murray apologised for the current situation the other week,how much humility are some looking for?"

  50. 1208: 

    John in Mirfield: "As a Rangers fan we should be asking The SFL to be included ONLY in Division 3 and then we would become part of the new found Sporting Integrity 'Spring' that has suddenly evolved in Scottish Football! Tell them that we want Div 3 for our own integrity! Footnote to all of the other clubs: be careful what you wish for because it might just happen!"

  51. 1212: 

    Barry Coull: "It to will come out and support my local team Aberdeen. They put integrity before money."

    Nick Marks: "I will not go back and see the Warriors (Stenhousemuir) if they vote for Newco in League one #bbcsportsound"

    Alan: "From a football fan in England watching with interest, simply, Rangers should start in the SFL 3. #fairness"

  52. 1214: 

    Christy Keenan: "Luigi - Sorry, aint having that one! Aberdeen avoided a relegation PLAYOFF, not relegation. Also; goalposts weren't moved"

    Dave: "Well said Luigi. Most sensible statement I have read. Too many people like Doug want to put boot in rather than move on! #bbcsportsound"

  53. 1216: 

    We're still waiting for an update from Hampden; the 30 SFL clubs remain inside the National Stadium as they attempt to thrash out newco Rangers' future...

  54. 1218: 

    Anonymous text to 80295 using GERS: "As an Englishman I should be loving this but just sad for all concerned. All credit to Gers for showing some integrity and pride in their club. I can think of plenty English clubs who would be crying into there prawn sarnies right now."

    Stevie in Glasgow: "Astounding, still seeing typical arrogance from the Rangers fans who think Scottish Football needs the morsels thrown at it by the Old Firm. Most of the SFL clubs rely on the revenue they generate themselves and run their budgets tightly. It's survival of the fittest, and these clubs WILL survive this crisis by continuing with strict fiscal control. Many of the SPL clubs could learn some very valuable lessons from them. Here's to a smaller, leaner and fitter Scottish game living within its means at every level"

  55. 1224: 

    Malcolm Harvey: "If most of the SFL clubs have decided how to vote already (as press statements indicate) why has it taken 2 hours to vote?"

    Covering this story has proved one thing: the clock continues to tick on and on and on...

  56. 1227: 

    Steve in Glasgow: "Annan Athletic chairman is wrong. Livingston were giving the opportunity to stay in div 1. They were offered to pay a bond but couldn't. As a result they couldn't guarantee fixtures would be fulfilled hence they were demoted to div 3. Same for Gretna! Somebody voting on Scottish football's future who represents about 400 fans and he hasn't even got his facts straight. God help us all!"

  57. 1230: 

    BristolBlueBear: "Bring on div3 and the rest will fall. then we will see which clubs have sporting integrity. If Dunfermline had any sporting integrity they would allow Dundee to place in the SPL seeing as they were rightly relegated."

  58. 1234: 

    Keith P in Edinburgh: "Talk of clubs going to the wall as a result to Gers going into Div 3 sounds like wishful thinking amongst Gers fans. It would be great if clubs prospered through bigger attendances and a greater chance of success. I'm sure we'll see Rangers back in the SPL one day, but I'm excited at the prospect of different clubs finishing second for the next three seasons."

    Bobo in Aberdeen: "Does it not occur to most 'experts' that the fans of all the non of clubs in Scotland don't care if the standard takes a dip for a couple of years to provide a more competitive league for teams who haven't evaded tax and spent tens of millions of £s they never owned. Maybe teams will look into using their youth systems rather than spending ridiculous amounts of wages on journeyman footballers, trying to keep inline with the Old Firm"

  59. 1237: 

    ZombieMugs: "If Rangers fans had ANY integrity, they would admit their club has done wrong and accept punishment and stop acting as victims"

    Robin Renton: "My question is what will happen if Rangers don't get promoted? Will the rules be bent again to get them into the SPL?"

  60. 1240: 

    Stewart Forsyth: "Dunfermline proved over a 38 game season that they were incapable of competing. They've got no claim for the SPL place. #bbcsportsound"

  61. 1244: 

    For those asking, we should have an update at some point this afternoon - here's hoping - followed by reaction from the SFA, SPL and Charles Green.

    I'll keep the live text coverage going up to and including tonight's Sportsound special on BBC Radio Scotland 810 MW from 18:10 BST until 19:00.

    The waiting game continues...

  62. 1248: 

    Jonathan Miles: "Newco Airdrie bought Clydebank and jumped back into the SFL, no one stopped it or objected, oh the "sporting integrity"

    Gavin Russell: "Zombiemugs... Rangers have had 10 points, no Europe for 3 yrs, £160k fine and out the SPL. Are we ever done being punished?!?"

    Rick Stark: "What happens if the SFL decide to NOT vote Rangers into the SFL????"

    That would open up a whole new can of worms Rick...

  63. 1253: 
    BBC Scotland's Brian McLauchlin

    "The SFA will issue a statement after the decision is made by SFL clubs."

  64. 1255: 

    Ahead of today's meeting at Hampden, a potential 18 SFL clubs indicated they would vote against the newco Rangers entering Division One - a majority of the SFL's 30 clubs.

    Only Second Division outfit Stenhousemuir have gone public with an intention to vote for Rangers in the second tier.

    I wonder whether debate is raging one way and another over the best way forward. Where will Rangers ply their trade next season? Who will be "Club 12"?

    Hopefully, we'll get some answers this afternoon.

  65. 1300: 

    North_East_Bear: "So the SFA will speak after the SFL vote,will they apologise for their handling of this affair & terminate Regan's contract?"

    Gary Alderson: "Why don't Rangers say 'stuff Scotland we'll join the English league' and take the money with us?"

    Ally Shaw: "Can't stand this "We've been punished enough" attitude from some Rangers fans. It's their club's own fault!"

  66. 1302: 

    Eric in Glasgow: "I am just looking forward to a full house at Ibrox and enpty grounds at all Rangers away games then we will see how the SFL get by"

    Ryan: "Interesting word, integrity. Hearts £30m debt, HMRC winding up orders and failure to pay players. Motherwell in admin receive NO punishment and avoid relegation despite finishing bottom in 2003. Dundee allowed back in SPL despite double admin record. Pacific shelf 595 ltd change their corporate structure in the 90s but nothing is mentioned about that. Meanwhile, Rangers deducted 10 points, kicked out of spl and europe, lose their whole team, fined and that's still not enough punishment. Sporting integrity..."

    Alan: "Sevco fans. If you want to be Rangers FC with the history, badge, colours and branding then pay ALL your bills and taxes, accept punishment for illegal registration of players, for not paying social taxes last season and for breaking Articles of Assoc by taking authorities to court. OR be Sevco, get a new name (not Rangers), enjoy being debt and punishment-free, then join the line with Spartans etc in the queue to join the SFL."

  67. 1305: 

    Logan Foord: "Everyone is saying Rangers fans are hoping other clubs will go bust. I do not wish this, I wish for us to play football fairly"

  68. 1320: 

    Richard Woolley: "Hurry up and make a decision and stick to it! #bbcsportsound"

    I did! I've brought some Scotch Broth soup and a roll back down from the canteen. Oh, I see what you mean!

  69. 1324: 

    I hope our reporter Brian McLauchlin has managed to get a chicken leg and glass of something nice at Hampden as we continue to wait for news on the vote...

  70. 1326: 

    Barry Coull: "The SFA are flicking coins to see which league Rangers will start in!!!"

    Jay Stubberfield: "The amount of time this meeting has gone on for is ominous; dirty deals Goin on? #bbcsportsound"

  71. 1330: 

    Converse: "Surprised you didn't spill the soup and that roll back down from the canteen. Well done!"

    I was moving faster than one of the characters in an episode of Heroes. My chinos are in a horrendous state...

  72. 1334: 

    Peter: "I would imagine that there are 30 chairmen at Hampden today who'd rather not be voting on the future of Sevco. There is still a great deal of sympathy for the current manager, players and backroom staff amongst most fans in Scotland but that does not forgive the actions of the previous chairman who led Glasgow Rangers into this dark hole. This should never have happened to a club of Ranger's size and the lack of action from the governing bodies has made our professional football organisations look anything but professional. A sad few months for Scottish football."

  73. 1337: 

    Lee Symes: "Waiting for a decision from the #SPL re the fate of #NewCo #RFC is likely to cause @BBCBMcLauchlin to slip into a coma! #bbcsportsound"

    He's doing star jumps on the Hampden steps to keep alert and on the ball...

  74. 1340: 

    Robert Bruce: " As a Rangers fan I don't see div 3 as a punishment; I see it as a welcome new challenge. Competing in a two-horse race year in, year out lost my interest many years ago. This is the best thing to happen to Rangers fans since Terry Hurlock signed!"

  75. 1342: 

    Calum in Stiringshire: "As an Aberdeen fan I will be gutted if Rangers go into the Third Division. We have a bit of a history of Third Division sides knocking us out of the cup!"

    Sandra McLaren: "Come on, what's taking so long? Rangers and the fans have been well and truly punished; get us into Division Three, we don't want Division One"

    Dave Bissett: "SPL should have had rules in place as it is common knowledge several clubs were struggling; this could have happened at any time to any club and avoided this five-month farce"

  76. 1346: 

    Sean Tierney: "Have an uneasy feeling that the carrot and stick of big bucks and tv money will influence the decision today.#bbcsportsound"

  77. 1349: 

    David Kerr: "Clubs that vote yes run the risk of driving their fans away. Rangers fans expect the rest to bow down and accept them. Also Scottish football needs a full overhaul and that means the men at the top going. Fans#1"

    Brian Chennell: "Rangers supporters should stop going to all away games and keep money for friendlies at Ibrox v top European teams"

  78. 1353: 

    Hope they're not having a massive online game of Call of Duty...

  79. 1355: 

    The sun has put in an appearance over Glasgow; could we be close to a decision?

  80. 1400: 

    News on the vote coming up...

  81. 1401: 
    BBC Scotland's Brian McLauchlin

    "BBC Scotland has learned vote taken will put Rangers Newco in Division 3"

  82. 1402: 

    Rangers fans: are you happy with the news? What about supporters of other Scottish clubs? What do you think?

    Tweet me your views using #bbcsportsound or to @bbcthomasmcg and text to 80295 with GERS at the start of your message.

  83. 1403: 

    Thomas Hainey: "So it's down to the basement then? Life will go on."

    Andy Callen: "It seems sporting integrity has prevailed #division3"

    Kirk Forbes: "What a joke. A lot of these clubs are in huge debt here they had a chance to get crowds and money in with Rangers in Division 1"

  84. 1405: 

    We're expecting reaction from Rangers, the SFA and the SPL following a media conference at Hampden hosted by the SFL.

  85. 1407: 

    Paul C: "Delighted the SFL teams have taken a hit to do the right thing. Everyone needs to remember this isn't Rangers' being punished. This is just the decision on their application after going out of business. All punishments for wrongdoing are still pending"

    Gordon in Sutton Coldfield: "Sporting integrity has always been our goal as RFC fans. We were there at the beginning of the league and we'll still be there when the others are long gone"

  86. 1410: 

    Grant Mathieson: "Scottish clubs think they can survive without Rangers, best go to div 3 and see other clubs go bust!"

    Alan Mearns: "I would like to thank the SFL and SPL clubs for showing backbone and integrity under shameful pressure. Well done."


    SFL clubs vote in favour of newco Rangers playing in Division Three.

  88. 1415: 

    Scottish Football League chief executive David Longmuir has revealed 25 of the 30 SFL clubs voted in favour of Rangers playing in Division Three.

  89. 1417: 

    Graham Roberts: "As a Gers fan, I'm delighted. No special treatment, got what we deserve. fresh start, cant wait for the season to begin!"

    Eddy Blair: "As a Rangers fan couldn't be more happier for Rangers getting in #Division3, rules were broken price paid #startover #bbcsportsound"

  90. 1419: 

    Craig: "Well don't to the SFL clubs for standing up to intimidation. As a Rangers fan, I'm delighted with the news. No more sanctions pending. Fans of other clubs can't wait to tell us Rangers are dead so how can sanctions be applied to the Newco?"

    Darren Davidson: "I am totally fed up hearing we are all going to go bust without Rangers. Thank God we have made the correct decision today. We will all need to tighten the wage budget but let's be fair footballers have been overpaid for years!!!"

  91. 1421: 

    Elliot Hornell: "Those well-run clubs will rise to the top while others who have been living off handouts will sink to the bottom. #bbcsportsound"

  92. 1423: 

    "Today has been one of the most difficult decisions to be made by all concerned.

    "The decision has been taken in the interest of sporting fairness. I am comfortable that the Scottish Football League has made a very decisive decision."

  93. 1425: 

    Simon in Edinburgh: "Time now for Neil Doncaster and Stewart Regan to fall on their swords. They've no credibility"

    Tony: "So proud of Scottish football today, especially the brave and good 25 of the SFL. We stand with you for fans and football"

    Doc: "I would urge Rangers fans to see this as a wonderful opportunity to spread some much needed revenue into lower divisions coffers by attending their grounds all over Scotland en-masse and also for lower division clubs making once in lifetime visits to Ibrox. It could be three years of great fun and success but more importantly sporting integrity."

  94. 1429: 

    Richard Allan: "Rangers also get their wish to play in England! Berwick Rangers away :)"

    Douglas Dunlop: "I am happy with the outcome. We didn't want any favours. We can now look to the future with our dignity intact."

  95. 1432: 
    Rangers defender Ross Perry


  96. 1434: 

    "The Rangers representatives were invited in at the end of the meeting and informed that their application to play in the SFL had been successful; and that the vast majority of clubs had voted in favour of them joining Division Three.

    "They accepted this with good grace and went out of the door with their heads held high."

  97. 1437: 

    Andy in Bellshill: "As a Rangers fan, I'm so glad it's the third as the SPL wanted their cake and to eat it. Glad for the smaller clubs getting a chance of some much needed extra money and hope the SPL sky deal goes up in smoke now!!"

    Chris in Edinburgh: "What a waste of time. After all that, unsurprisingly, the RULES are being applied. If the RULES had been applied in the first place, everyone in Scottish football would be better off right now. Regan and Doncaster out now"

    Alex: "Well done the SFL. Time for the SPL to be disbanded as after 14 years they have proved they can't run a raffle; also hope the SFA don't overrule this decision"

  98. 1440: 

    We're still awaiting reaction from Rangers, the SFA and the SPL. Remember, we'll also have a Sportsound special tonight on 810 MW from 18:10 BST, to reflect on another dramatic day in Scottish football.

    I'll be keeping the live text rumbling along until 19:00 BST so keep firing in your tweets and texts.

  99. 1445: 

    Reaction from Rangers coming up...

  100. 1447: 

    "Rangers' future remains uncertain after the Scottish Football League clubs voted against the Light Blues playing in the First Division next season.

    "At a meeting at Hampden today, the 30 member clubs agreed to accept Rangers into the SFL but voted against the SFL board being allowed to broker a deal with the SPL and SFA over new structures and procedures which would also include Rangers playing in Division One.

    "It is now understood that on the back of a briefing SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster and SFA counterpart Stewart Regan gave to clubs last week that the SPL will introduce a plan for SPL 2 - which would include Rangers - and invite existing Division One members to join."

  101. 1450: 

    So, Rangers believe the thorny issue of an SPL2 will be re-visited by Scottish football's authorities. It'll be interesting to see what Stewart Regan and Neil Doncaster have to say on the matter...

    What do you think? Is the idea of an SPL2 a goer? Tweet using #bbcsportsound or message me @bbcthomasmcg and/or text to 80295 using GERS at the start of your message.

  102. 1452: 

    Richard MacMillan: "Rangers representatives accepted with Good Grace". Dignity, people. We don't stamp our feet and cry like weans; unlike some."

    Graeme Smith: "Regan & Doncaster MUST go, surely their positions have become untenable after their handling of the Rangers situation. #NoSPL2"

    Bill Fyfe: "As a Rangers fan I don't want an SPL2 , Div 3 is where we have to be"

    Grant Cook: "What happens if no-one wants to join SPL2...a league of their own???"

  103. 1454: 

    Ron in Saudi: "As a Gers fan I'm happy, punishment dished out, punishment taken. Glad that's over with, now we know where we stand, Div 3 it is, good. Let's get on with the football. Now then, I just need Charles Green to give details of the fans' share scheme & I'll be more than happy to participate"

    David in Stirling: "SPL2 how utterly embarrassing"

  104. 1457: 

    Dave Stewart: "This is a disgrace. SPL2? Why can't Rangers Newco accept defeat and just gain promotion - prove themselves as a football club #bbcsportsound"

    Ian Cockburn: "And just when we thought everything was resolved... along came SPL2... what next!!"

    Marc Egan: "Good news for us. After a long year, we've finally hit bottom, only way is up. First up? Cheerio Sky deal, cheerio SPL! #bbcsportsound"

  105. 1500: 

    Time to recap on today's developments...

  106. 1501: 

    SFL clubs gathered at Hampden earlier to vote on the future of the newco Rangers. Twenty five of the 30 SFL clubs voted for Division Three.

    SFL chief executive David Longmuir said he was "comfortable" that the SFL had made a "very decisive decsion".

    "The decision has been taken in the interest of sporting fairness," he said.

  107. 1503: 

    Rangers, on the club website, said they faced an "uncertain" future.

    The club added: "Now understood that on the back of a briefing SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster and SFA counterpart Stewart Regan gave to clubs last week that the SPL will introduce a plan for SPL 2 - which would include Rangers - and invite existing Division One members to join."

  108. 1506: 

    The views of SFL president Jim Ballantyne coming up...

  109. 1508: 

    "We don't have any control over the SPL. And they are entitled to do whatever they wish, within their own rules.

    "But it's important to mention that the Division One clubs went out of their way to make it clear that their route regarding a solution involved all 42 teams.

    "I think that says a lot for them.

    "Other bodies are going to have to look at the decision we've taken and decide what view they are going to take.

    "As far as we're concerned, it's crystal clear and it was a massive majority.

    "The talk of financial meltdown is scary for everybody but that completely ignores the views of the fans.

    "The fans have been vociferous in their view of what this whole situation may bring.

    "Every single club would be happy to tell you about the amount of contact they have had from supporters, expressing concern.

    "I've never know anything like it in the 10 years I've been involved in football."

  110. 1510: 

    "This one particular completely covers every single club and the message coming across from every club is exactly the same, even from Rangers fans themselves: if they had their choice it would be Division Three.

    "That reflected the views of First, Second and Third Division clubs.

    "You have to consider what the actions of fans may be if sporting integrity is challenged.

    "Who has put a price on what will happen if they do not come to watch games?

    "Yes, clubs are worried about figures in one direction but there is a huge concern about figures in the other direction.

    "It's a very brave decision from the SFL but I'm not surprised."

  111. 1513: 

    Simon: "Where is the appetite for the Gers in an SPL 2 going to come from? The clubs throughout Scotland have said that Division 3 is where they should start. If the clubs then change their mind and bring them into the second tier they know they face the consequence of losing their own fans. Why would they risk that now? Regan and Doncaster are out of touch"

    Gavin in Aberdeen: "Can't possibly now start looking at an SPL2, who will join. The SFL have emphatically said with a huge majority Rangers go to Div3 which is the correct division. Any other team it would have been decided months ago. Div3 let's move on and start rebuilding Scottish football again. As a Dons fans i will look forward to welcoming a Rangers team back to the SPL when they will have proven to all that they deserve to be their again"

    Peter in Saltcoats: "Please let us just get on with football now, 3rd div is fine, punishment accepted, let's rebuild, kick off is in a matter of weeks so please stop the SPL2 nonsense"

  112. 1516: 

    Tony Carrigan: "Peterhead away 11th August the Berwick away 25th August.. This will be good! #bbcsportsound"

  113. 1520: 

    Laura Marshall: "Anyone who thinks the SPL wont be affected is kidding themself. Time for Gers to show their stuff and work their way back up. #bbcsportsound"

  114. 1524: 

    Talk of "SPL2" has cranked the pressure up a few notches; the bead of sweat on my top lip has turned into a river...

  115. 1527: 

    Chris Vardy: "The SPL2 is a terrible idea, if it does happen, I hope all the invited SFL clubs reject the request. Lets just get on with the footy!!"

    Dave in Glasgow: "Regan, Doncaster... Hang your heads in shame, you are turning this into a farce, even Rangers have dealt with this crisis in a more dignified fashion than you... SPL2 you must be joking"

  116. 1530: 

    Amendment to that earlier statement...

    The club now say: "It was mooted last week that plans for an SPL2 would swing into action in the event of today's outcome but it is not known if this will be the case."

  117. 1534: 

    John Robson: "Rangers fans still think this is a punishment. All that has been done is applying the rules for the application of a new club"

    Stuart: "(Re 14:57) Rangers and their fans have accepted,this is others wanting to milk the Rangers cashcow"

  118. 1540: 

    Livingston chairman Gordon McDougall has sought to pour cold water on the possibility of an SPL2...

  119. 1543: 

    "I don't think there is any chance of that.

    "We all want a 42-club solution to this situation with all 42 clubs working together for football but I have no idea what is likely to happen.

    "We have made a decision, I sincerely hope the decision is respected and we go forward with Rangers in the Third Division. Ally McCoist and Charles Green were adamant that they would respect our decision."

  120. 1555: 

    Statement from Rangers chief executive Charles Green on the way...

  121. 1557: 

    "We are grateful to be accepted as members of the SFL and accept their decision to vote us into Division 3.

    "It is a matter of regret for all of us involved with Rangers that the issues surrounding the club resulted in the SFL and its members being placed in a very difficult position not of their own making.

    "From the outset, we made clear we would play where we were told to play and we just want to get back to playing football.

    "This decision maintains the sporting integrity that clubs and fans across Scotland have been calling for but it also impacts massively on Scottish football as a whole and only time will tell what the consequences will be.

    "Rangers has been handed the ultimate punishment of starting again from the bottom of the leagues but there is an overwhelming feeling among fans and within the club of 'wiping the slate clean' as a club free of sanctions.

    "The people who brought shame on this great club are no longer part of it and everyone at Rangers is focused on rebuilding the club on top of a solid financial foundation.

    "We wish to play a constructive part in Division 3 and encourage our fans to support the other clubs within the league by attending matches and delivering to them the benefits of having Rangers within their league. "

  122. 1559: 

    "We have been greatly encouraged by the number of supporters who have committed to buying season tickets no matter where we ended up playing and I personally want to thank them for their continued loyalty to the club.

    "We are a football club and we just want to get back to playing football. Now is the time to move on and start afresh."

    "Our task to rebuild the club will take longer now but we are committed to the job and fully believe we will bring success back to Rangers. "

  123. 1600: 

    Statement from Rangers boss Ally McCoist coming up...

  124. 1601: 

    "I fully accept the decision of the SFL today and thank them for allowing us into the SFL.

    "Clearly, starting again from the bottom league is not ideal and makes the task of rebuilding Rangers a longer one but the SFL was placed in an impossible situation and I respect its decision.

    "I fully supported the fans views that starting again in Division 3 maintains the sporting integrity that the SPL clubs were so keen on.

    "The SPL clubs and the SFA have made their positions clear over the last few weeks and it remains to be seen what the long-term effects of their decisions will be.

    "Rangers has been severely punished for the actions of some individuals who previously ran the club and it will take time for us to recover but we will come back stronger thanks to the loyalty of the fans and the commitment of everyone at Ibrox who are working tirelessly to bring stability and success back to Rangers.

    "I will be carefully monitoring events and reactions over the new few days and will be making further comments probably early next week."

  125. 1605: 

    Soreheid: "McCoist: "monitoring events and reactions". Sounds like he may consider his future to me... #bbcsportsound"

    Richy Black: "Decent statements from Green and McCoist. Surely now we can draw a line under things, put talk of SPL2 to bed and move on? #bbcsportsound

  126. 1607: 

    Jimmy B in Inverness: "Super Ally You are a legend. You are the man to take us all the way from the 3rd Division back to the SPL. We are all behind you. Stand firm. Aye Ready"

    Graeme Barbour in Leith: "Outrageous we prop up most of the SPL and this is the thanks we get. They all deserve to go bust, which they will."

  127. 1615: 

    "We can now move on and prepare for the new season, which starts a fortnight tomorrow.

    "The governing bodies have delayed this and have tried to force responsibility of the issue onto the SFL chairmen.

    "This could've been decided a long time ago."

  128. 1617: 

    Jazzy in Livingston: "Is it just me or do Rangers fans think every other club is to blame? I mean every other club is paying their taxes and not in liquidation, all these so-called Rangers fans hoping that Scottish football will go the walls are blinded by their own arrogance, if any other club outwith the big two went into liquidation then we wouldnt even be having this debate."

    Alfie in Edinburgh: "Good comments from Coisty and Green. Division 3, bring it, back to the football. Doncaster and Regan have no mandate to push an SPL2 now. Now please resolve Club 12 and bring on the season. As a Dee, I'm hoping for the derby to return!"

  129. 1624: 

    Sean Scottlodge: "This is going to have serious problems for the likes of our Inverness and St Mirren etc. Dark times in Scottish football"

  130. 1627: 

    Scott Higgins: "Any word on Club 12??"

    Nothing as yet Scott. No official reaction from either the SFA or SPL...

  131. 1632: 

    Mark in London: "I'm not sure that people have fully grasped what has happened. As far as I was aware the SFL have voted to allow Sevco Scotland Ltd to play in Div 3. However, they don't currently have a licence with the SFA. If they wish to get that licence then they need to agree to be punished for the indiscretions of the now dead Rangers. What's happened so far is the rules. The punishment is still to come!"

    Stephen: "This message board sums up all that is wrong with Scottish Football. Jimmy from Inverness, Graeme from Leith...Maybe now you can start supporting your LOCAL teams. Gloryhunters have killed the Scottish game"

  132. 1635: 

    GJ Macdonald: "Fresh start, not fresh proposals is what is needed.; too little, too late from SFA. Let's start repairing the Rangers name now"

    Alan Syme: "SFL voted the end of SPL. They rely on TV cash. TV pays for Old Firm games only. They have break clauses and will use them!"

  133. 1639: 
    Dunfermline chairman John Yorkston

    "We'll have to see what develops on Monday and I'm not sure it's over yet.

    "I'm sure there'll be a twist in the tale, and that will come out on Monday when the SPL meet"

  134. 1644: 
    Raith Rovers chairman Turnbull Hutton

    "What remains to be seen is whether us having made that decision leads onto others beginning to interfere and gerrymander.

    "We await, with interest, what happens. I said last week that today was important. Today isn't the end game in this: let's not kid ourselves..."

  135. 1650: 

    Canny Man: "Any comment yet from Sky Sports/ESPN regarding their deals with the SPL?"

    Nothing from the broadcasters yet. Will let you know if that changes.

  136. 1654: 

    Anonymous text: "Re: Stephen 16:32 - No, what's wrong with Scottish football is 25,000 Dundee United fans turning up for a cup final, but getting an average gate well under 10,000 for SPL games. I'm a travelling Gers fan and proud. I pay my money and sacrifice my time to watch my team. I know many, many United fans who could pay a fraction of the money I do, a fraction of the time, if they bothered to go watch their team. But they don't. Funny how they have been so vocal on "no to newco" though, isn't it? I've put more money in to Dundee united than they have over the years."

  137. 1658: 

    James O'Hara: "It's backfired for Neil Doncaster & Stewart Regan. Why didn't they just penalise Rangers all their points and relegate them? Roll on D3"

  138. 1703: 

    Al Simpson: "Most Gers fans happy with Div3. Time for the whingers and hypocrites to back off and let us get on with rebuilding"

  139. 1710: 

    Al Welsh from Lossiemouth: "Strange how on probably THE most momentous day in scottish football that we still haven't heard from the SFA. Shameful. Stewart Regan must go now!"

    Dave: "It's easy to shout for Neil Doncaster and Stewart Regan to go but think about it. They were put in to look after the business interests of the game. They tried to put the view across. It didn't work. Too many people have scared the chairmen of clubs to submission. The SPL chairmen only have themselves to blame for spouting integrity but not willing to take the consequences that come with it."

  140. 1714: 

    Reaction from Inverness CT coming up regarding today's vote for newco Rangers to enter Division Three...

  141. 1716: 

    "There will now inevitably be serious consequences for the game in Scotland.

    "We have all, as clubs, accepted the views of our stakeholders in making the initial judgement to uphold sporting integrity.

    "All clubs will now have to live with the repercussions of this decision. Scottish football was at a crossroads today in terms of what was on the table for all clubs regarding reorganisation, financial distribution and a road map that would have taken the game forward.

    "But this has now been thrown in to disarray by this decision. This is a sad day for all clubs in Scotland."

  142. 1718: 

    "None of us will escape the financial fallout from this. There was an opportunity on the table, in terms of the joint agreement tabled at today's meeting, for us all to come together and a genuine willingness to improve the game substantially over the coming years. But it now looks as though this will once again be kicked back in to the long grass. A once in a lifetime opportunity to bring forward change may well have been lost.

    "The directors of ICTFC are fully aware of the financial implications of this latest decision on Newco. The loss of either our fans or our sponsors was never going to leave any of the clubs in Scotland in a healthy financial position and for some this could spell the end of football as we know it.

    "Certain clubs in the SFL have perceived the financial information they were receiving as a 'big stick' to beat them into accepting Newco in the First Division. This was definitely not the case, as far as I am concerned. What they were being told was the reality of the situation.

    "We will be convening an emergency board meeting over the weekend to discuss the very serious financial implications for us as a club going forward."

  143. 1725: 

    Craig from London (formally Ayr): "This will put lower division clubs and so Scottish football on better financial footing through gates over next 3 years. If Rangers fans back their team away, as I believe they will, then that will give two guaranteed sell outs to each team. I think this will more than alleviate the possible loss of television money. Also will Sky want to risk losing their business to Virgin media in Scotland? Can see many dishes coming down around Scotland in protest if Sky back out."

  144. 1730: 

    Rangers chief executive Charles Green says he won't challenge the vote by the Scottish Football League to place his new club in Division Three.

    "We are grateful to be accepted as members of the SFL and accept their decision to vote us into Division Three," said Green.

    We'll have more reaction on BBC Radio Scotland's Sportsound on 810 MW from 18:10 BST tonight.

  145. 1735: 

    Elparaiso: "All SPL clubs are guilty of overspending, this should bring football in Scotland down to a level it merits, like Scandinavia"

    LordNoodleburg: "Just thinking out of the box here, what if Celtic resigned from #SPL and applied to join D3 SFL? Derbies/TV money preserved..."

  146. 1740: 

    Soapy: "Can someone explain why reconstructuring is no longer on the table? Surely if we go to the 14 and 16 team league then rangers would be back in the SPL in two years instead of three. Isn't that at least a good compromise as Henry McLeish would say?"

    Tony Reekie: "A lot of Gers fans seem to be realising that this could actually be the most interesting thing to happen to Scottish Football for years and are accepting the move to Div 3. But if, when they get back, we still have same-sized league, playing each other 4 times, then we ultimately change nothing"

  147. 1754: 

    Matt, Switzerland, (formerly Shawlands), Celtic fan."That is an outrageous statement from Kenny Cameron, what the SFL decide to do is nothing to do with any SPL club, or Mr Doncaster, for that matter."

  148. 1810: 

    BBC Radio Scotland's Sportsound is getting under way on 810MW. I'll bring you more reaction to today's decision as I get it.

  149. 1812: 

    Graham M: "Why is Kenny Cameron surprised at this? He and other SPL chairmen passed the buck to SFL, must have known this would happen"

  150. 1814: 

    Mad Murr: "RFC in Div 3 - after weak SPL clubs go to the wall, in long run Scottish football will emerge stronger -Rangers included"

    Keith Bowie: "Rangers fan here, Division 3 is fair. Attracting players could be a problem. Back to SPL in 3 years is not certain."

  151. 1817: 
    BBC Sportsound pundit Tom English

    "SFL clubs have made a courageous and right decision. It's a very, very big call. These clubs have never needed their fans more than now. It's now up to the fans to back their clubs."

  152. 1819: 
    Sportsound anchor Richard Gordon

    "The football authorities clearly didn't convince the SFL chairmen. Any newco has to go down, they can't start in the SPL. The SFL clubs have done the right thing because the authorities couldn't convince them otherwise."

  153. 1823: 
    BBC Sportsound pundit JOhn Robertson

    "They had to put Rangers into the Third Division. Annan, East Stirling and Berwick will have full grounds next season."

  154. 1825: 

    Hearts fan: "To Keith Bowie. 3 seasons i reckon. Rangers will still have the aura of a big team along with a good youth academy (I think) and the daunting visits to Ibrox for the other teams."

    Mike Bee: "Rangers should use the opportunity to join the English Football League."

  155. 1827: 

    Statement from SFA chief executive Stewart Regan coming up...

  156. 1829: 

    "In light of today's decision by the members of the Scottish Football League, the Scottish FA is committed to leading the challenge to reinvigorate the national game.

    "This challenge requires the collective effort not just of the Scottish FA but the respective league organisations and all member clubs.

    "Today is a watershed for Scottish football. There will, undoubtedly, be financial consequences on the horizon. None the less, with togetherness, an open mind, and innovative thinking, there can also be opportunity: opportunity to restructure the game and promote competitiveness, to place greater emphasis on development of young Scottish talent and to support the financial sustainability of clubs through the Financial Fair Play model.

    "The Scottish FA has offered guidance and support to the respective league bodies during this process. The SPL and SFL enter a crucial phase ahead of the new season and they must reach agreement on the practical issues that require to be addressed within their jurisdictions.

    "Ultimately, there must be an outcome that enables Scottish football to move on with consensus, clarity and confidence into a new era for the national game."

  157. 1831: 

    So, Stewart Regan describes today as "a watershed" for Scottish football and says there must be consensus for the game in the country to move forward.

    What do you think? Tweet using #bbcsportsound or message me @bbcthomasmcg or text 80295 using GERS.

  158. 1833: 

    Jamie Carr: "The statement just outlines what he should have said weeks ago. No answers to what vote actually means"

    David Darroch: "This is a watershed for Scottish football. Less income for SPL clubs means a level playing field with the top SFL1 clubs."

    Andrew Crawford: "The SFA have the power to dissolve SPL and SFL and merge them into scottish national league. Do it: fans want it"

  159. 1840: 

    Alan Ball: "A watershed...move on with consensus" vs "there's no way "Rangers" will be in D3", Regan should step aside."

    Fyall: "Hearts fan. Stewart Regan eating humble pie and probably feeling foolish. Today was the right decision for integrity, like it or not."

    Niall Buchanan: "Is everyone forgetting that Rangers are not in Div3 yet? They don't yet have a SFA licence to play football!"

  160. 1900: 

    So, SFL clubs - 25 of the 30 - have voted to put the newco Rangers into Division Three. Rangers chief executive Charles Green said: "We are grateful to be accepted as members of the SFL and accept their decision to vote us into Division Three."

    Rangers boss Ally McCoist welcomed the ruling, adding: "I fully supported the fans views that starting again in Division 3 maintains the sporting integrity that the SPL clubs were so keen on. "

    SFL chief executive David Longmuir said the decision had been taken in the interests of "sporting fairness" and in the last half hour Stewart Regan, the SFA chief executive, described today as "a watershed" for Scottish football.

    Where does this leave the proposed plans for league reconstruction?

    Thanks for your comments, tweets and texts today. There will be another Sportsound programme tomorrow afternoon and check our website for any more developments on this incredible story.


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