Glasgow v Munster as it happened

Glasgow Warriors beat 16-15 Munster in a tense match at Scotstoun Stadium to reach the final of the Pro12.

16 May 2014 Last updated at 19:07

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As it happened

  1. 22:00: 

    That's all from me folks. Many congratulations to Glasgow Warriors for reaching the Rabo Pro12 final.

    It was an incredible game packed full of bone-shuddering tackles and heart-stopping moments of drama. And there will be more to come against either Leinster or Ulster on 31 May.

  2. 21:56: 

    Scotland's most-capped player Chris Paterson on BBC Radio Scotland: "If Glasgow's defence can put in another display like that, they can deal with anyone."

  3. 21:54: 
    Glasgow skipper Al Kellock (right) celebrates with second row partner Jonny Gray Glasgow skipper Al Kellock (right) celebrates with second row partner Jonny Gray
  4. 21:51: 

    More from Gregor Townsend: "I'd like to play in Glasgow so if that means cheering on Ulster then yes. We've had real battles with Leinster and Ulster, just like we've had with Munster."

  5. 21:49: 
    Glasgow Warriors head coach Gregor Townsend on BBC Radio Scotland

    "It was one of the best games at this level that I've been involved in. It felt like Test match intensity. We were getting real pace on the ball but Munster defended really well."

  6. 21:46: 

    It was such a close encounter and Munster fly-half Ian Keatley may lose some sleep tonight thinking about that missed conversion.

  7. 21:43: 

    So where will the final be on 31 May? It depends on who wins tomorrow. Leinster are number one seeds, having finished top of the league, and they will select a Dublin setting if they beat Ulster. If Ulster were to win, Glasgow get to pick, with Rangers' Ibrox Stadium touted as a possible venue.

  8. 21:41: 

    More from Al Kellock: "Leone Nakarawa came on and made a big difference with his carrying of the ball. It's great to have guys like that on the bench. That's nine in a row now and there are still areas where we can improve."

  9. 21:40: 

    Glasgow captain Al Kellock on BBC Radio Scotland: "I don't like it that exciting when I'm on the bench for the last 20 minutes!"

  10. 21:37: 

    Glasgow scrum-half Chris Cusiter on BBC Radio Scotland: "In terms of efforts and guts that was right up there. It wasn't our best performance but we got the job done. Now we need to recover and do it all again. The first 20 minutes was like international rugby, it was so quick and intense."

    The well-travelled Cusiter is off to Sale in the summer and will want to go out on a high...

  11. 21:34: 

    The Glasgow team assemble in a huge huddle out on the park for a quick address from head coach Gregor Townsend. Lots of players who were not in the squad in there too, which is great to see.

  12. 21:30: 

    Glasgow hooker Dougie Hall on BBC Radio Scotland: "I've not had a feeling like this in rugby ever. We knew it would be a 23-man effort but I didn't realise just how tough it would be."

  13. 21:29: 

    That's nine wins in a row for Gregor Townsend's side and they will be in the Pro12 final against Leinster or Ulster in a fortnight.

  14. 21:28: 
    FULL-TIME- Glasgow 16-15 Munster

    Glasgow have done it! The ball is bundled out of play near the halfway line and Scotstoun erupts.

  15. 21:27: 

    Keith Earls tries to break clear but big Rob Harley is not standing for that and makes a vital tackle. The clock is red now as Munster look for one last push.

  16. 21:26: 

    A penalty for holding on goes the way of Munster and the pressure is off the visitors as the clock ticks down.

  17. 21:25: 

    What's this? Tommy Seymour intercepts and scrambles clear. Will he get to the line? No. The Glasgow winger is stopped five metres short.

  18. 21:24: 

    Only a few minutes to go and one point separates the sides. Could it be any more tense?


    Glasgow Warriors on Twitter: "Tonight's attendance is a record 10,000!!! Thanks for your support. You're certainly making the difference tonight #WarriorNation #16thman"

  20. 21:22: 
    Referee Marius Mitrea Referee Marius Mitrea has been coming in for some serious stick from the crowd - and the BBC Radio Scotland commentary team.
  21. 21:20: 

    A couple of explosive bursts from Niko Matawalu gets Glasgow deep into the Munster half but his team-mates can't keep up!

  22. 21:18: 

    Glasgow stalwart Sean Lamont is on for the last 10 minutes, replacing Chris Fusaro who is suffering from cramp.

  23. 21:16: 

    The crowd are on their feet as Niko Matawalu jinks his way forward. However, Glasgow are then penalised for an "off the feet" infringement and more howls of derision are aimed at the hapless match officials.

  24. 21:14: 

    More boos for the referee as a Glasgow driving maul is brought a halt by a prone Paul O'Connell. I'm sure the home side would rather have kept going than receiving a penalty in their own half.

  25. 21:13: 

    Munster have looked the more assured side since Sean Dougall's try. Glasgow are struggling to get hold of the ball and are being pinned back.

  26. 21:11: 

    More Glasgow changes as Niko Matawalu comes on for Chris Cusiter and Ruaridh Jackson replaces Mark Bennett.

  27. 21:10: 
    PENALTY- Glasgow 16-15 Munster (Keatley)

    Ian Keatley rather scuffs it but the ball wiggles through the posts all the same. Only one point in it now.

  28. 21:09: 

    Leone Nakarawa doesn't release Munster winger Keith Earls and Ian Keatley is stepping up...

  29. 21:07: 

    Munster try-scorer Sean Dougall is off now as Paddy Butler comes on for the final 18 minutes. The crowd then signal their displeasure as a not very straight line-out throw from the Irish goes unchecked.

  30. 21:05: 

    The scrum is re-set. with all sorts of jiggery-pokery going on. A penalty then goes to the defensive team. Always the easy option for a referee.

  31. 21:03: 

    Glasgow have a line-out in a dangerous position but the momentum is lost as the put-in is ruled squint, which usually means it must have been massively squint.

  32. 21:02: 

    Munster wing Simon Zebo gets in a fankle dealing with a bobbling kick forward from Sean Maitland but Ian Keatley is across to hack clear just as the Glasgow winger thought he had his mitts on the ball.

  33. 21:01: 

    A huge round of applause greets Al Kellock as the Glasgow skipper trudges off to be replaced by Tim Swinson.

  34. 21:00: 

    Nice hands from JJ Hanrahan sets up another Munster advance into Glasgow territory as the phases build but Gordon Reid gets in to spoil things and wins a penalty for his side in the process.

  35. 20:57: 

    More changes for Glasgow as Geoff Cross comes on for Jon Welsh and Pat MacArthur replaces Dougie Hall.

  36. 20:55: 

    It's a sweet enough strike from Ian Keatley but it's not on target.

  37. 20:54: 
    TRY- Glasgow 16-12 Munster (Dougall)

    Munster hit back immediately with Sean Dougall going over after James Coughlan is stopped inches from the line. There were a couple of missed tackles from the home side there. Fatigue?

  38. 20:52: 

    Munster are rattled as the kick to re-start play goes straight into touch. Sloppy.

  39. 20:50: 
    PENALTY- Glasgow 16-7 Munster (Russell)

    Finn Russell extends the home lead with an excellent kick from out near the touchline.

  40. 20:49: 
    TRY- Glasgow 14-7 Munster (Reid)

    Glasgow move within a metre of the line and Gordon Reid plunges over.

  41. 20:48: 

    A big heave from Glasgow but Leone Nakarawa makes a mess of the pick up. Chris Cusiter salvages the situation with a great sniping run and Munster are under real pressure...

  42. 20:46: 

    Glasgow win turnover ball in the middle of the park and a bobbling kick from Finn Russell goes out right in the corner. Munster make a mess of a hurried line-out and it's a scrum down five metres out.

  43. 20:44: 

    Well, the early signs are for more of the same as some probing play from the hosts is repelled by a series of crunching Munster tackles.

  44. 20:42: 

    The teams are back out on the park as the crowd ready themselves for another 40 minutes of action-packed rugby. Don't go anywhere...

  45. 20:40: 

    Glasgow may be ahead but have yet to get anywhere near the Munster try-line. Can wingers Tommy Seymour and Sean Maitland find some room after the break? Both defences have been on top as the game teeters on the edge of outright fury.

  46. 20:38: 

    Munster will have the wind at their backs for the second half. Will that work to their advantage in Glasgow?

  47. 20:35: 

    The players have certainly earned their half-time oranges. Four men have been replaced through injury already and both teams appear disgruntled with the way referee Marius Mitrea is handling the game.

    "It's been really physical and the referee doesn't have control," is the opinion of former Scotland star Chris Paterson on BBC Radio Scotland.

  48. 20:31: 
    HALF-TIME- Glasgow 9-7 Munster
    Glasgow v Munster Phew! It's been brutal, absolutely brutal...

    Both sides are putting their bodies on the line in a pulsating encounter. It's not been a classic in terms of attacking play but the tackles have been fierce and the pressure is palpable.

  49. 20:30: 

    Space opens up for Chris Fusaro behind enemy lines but the Glasgow flanker's attempt a kick-on spins out of play. And that's it for the first 40 minutes.

  50. 20:29: 

    "There are all sorts of shenanigans going on off the ball," says eagle-eyed BBC Radio Scotland commentator Bill Johnstone.

  51. 20:27: 
    PENALTY- Glasgow 9-7 Munster (Russell)

    Finn Russell keeps a cool head to knock the ball between the posts and the Warriors are in front in the last few minutes of the first half.

  52. 20:27: 

    Munster are penalised for bringing a scrum down and Glasgow have a chance to nudge ahead. If it goes over, it's a cheap three points for what looks like a simple slip.

  53. 20:25: 

    The players are taking a breather as JJ Hanrahan comes on to replace groggy Munster full-back Felix Jones.

  54. 20:23: 
    PENALTY- Glasgow 6-7 Munster (Russell)

    Finn Russell narrows the gap to one point with an excellent penalty from a tight angle.

  55. 20:21: 

    "Incompetent," is how BBC Radio Scotland pundit Peter Wright describes the Italian officials. The former Scotland prop is not one to mince his words...

  56. 20:20: 

    The match officials are getting it tight from the home crowd as they fail to spot a kick from Mark Bennertt being pushed out of play by Felix Jones.

  57. 20:19: 

    Glasgow hooker Dougie Hall pops up on the wing to gather a pass from Sean Maitland but he lacks support and is soon swallowed up by red shirts.

  58. 20:17: 

    Munster are then penalised at the scrum, allowing Glasgow fly-half Finn Russell to hoof the ball up the park.

  59. 20:15: 
    NO TRY

    At last, referee Marius Mitrea gets word from the TMO and it's shake of the head. The scrum goes to Glasgow - a massive swing in fortune for the home team.

  60. 20:13: 

    Another early change. Glasgow number eight Josh Strauss if off, with big Fijian Leone Nakarawa coming on. We're still waiting for the TMO...

  61. 20:12: 

    Munster break through, with Sean Dougall juggling a pass to make significant ground. Simon Zebo dives for the line and is met by three Glasgow tacklers. Did he get over? It's another job for the TMO.

  62. 20:10: 

    Glasgow full-back Peter Murchie, preferred to Stuart Hogg tonight, darts forward as he sniffs a gap but cannot evade the fingertips of Simon Zebo.

  63. 20:09: 

    Glasgow prop Ryan Grant goes off with a bloody nose and Gordon Reid comes off the bench.

  64. 20:08: 

    Former Scotland star Chris Paterson on BBC Radio Scotland: "I've never seen as game as physical and brutal as this in the first 25 minutes. There is no way this intensity can continue."

  65. 20:05: 

    Tommy Seymour squirms through a couple of Munster tackles and almost sees daylight prompting BBC Radio Scotland commentator Bill Johnstone to liken the winger to a "rat up a drainpipe".

  66. 20:03: 

    Munster come again but Glasgow stand firm and the pressure is eased as visiting prop Dave Kilcoyne is penalised for plunging forward like Superman without the ball or anywhere near the ball for that matter.

  67. 20:00: 

    Now it's Munster's turn to enjoy a good spell of possession but there is no way through for the red shirts. There are some massive hits going in out there.

  68. 19:58: 
    PENALTY- Glasgow 3-7 Munster (Russell)

    Finn Russell nails it this time from around 30 metres and pretty much in front of the posts.

  69. 19:57: 

    Some slick handling sees Glasgow gain territory in the opposition half. The crowd scream for offside against Munster on more than one occasion and a penalty finally comes.

  70. 19:55: 

    Finn Russell is wide of the mark from long range as Glasgow miss an opportunity to reduce the deficit. The crowd have gone a bit quiet now...

  71. 19:52: 
    PENALTY- Glasgow 0-7 Munster (Keatley)

    Ian Keatley pops over the extras, kicking into a stiff breeze.

  72. 19:51: 
    TRY- Glasgow 0-5 Munster (Varley)

    After that huge delay, Munster captain Damien Varley is awarded a try, touching down under a cluster of bodies. The officials choose to do nothing about the boxing going on between Alex Dunbar and Keith Earls.

  73. 19:50: 

    There is a very long delay as the referee consults with the TMO over a possible try to Munster.

  74. 19:49: 

    An early change for Munster, with Casey Laulala going off to be replaced by Andrew Conway.

  75. 19:48: 

    Munster winger Keith Earls and Glasgow centre Alex Dunbar were involved in a fair old scrap under the posts, with the home player upset by some naughty grappling.

  76. 19:47: 

    Munster centre James Downey rumbles forward menacingly as the visitors get within a few metres of the try-line.

  77. 19:44: 

    "There is a huge reliance on the set-piece for Munster," former Ireland star Donal Lenihan tells BBC Radio Scotland. "And the breakdown will be an area of massive confrontation."

  78. 19:42: 

    Munster show their defensive mettle as Glasgow come roaring forward with phase after phase. Both sets of players are well and truly fired up this one...

  79. 19:40: 

    "That's a penalty!" The familiar squawk of BBC Radio Scotland pundit Peter Wright as Munster lock Paul O'Connell stops Mark Bennett in his tracks and may have put an illegal big paw on the loose ball. Romania-born referee Marius Mitrea does not agree.

  80. 19:38: 

    A big cheer goes up as Munster fly-half Ian Keatley kicks straight into touch after some early bone-crunching exchanges.

  81. 19:37: 

    Munster get the game started, with Ian Keatley popping off a high, looping kick.

  82. 19:35: 

    We have a minute's silence in the memory of Scottish rugby legend Hugh McLeod, who died on Monday.

  83. 19:34: 

    Here comes big Al! Glasgow skipper Al Kellock leads out the home side to rapturous applause from the crowd of 10,000 inside Scotstoun.

  84. 19:33: 

    Munster are out on the pitch in their usual red shirts and blue shorts... Not long to go now.

  85. 19:32: 

    Have I mentioned that Warriors have won their last eight league matches? That's their best sequence in the history of the tournament - and they have won their last seven contests at Scotstoun.

    The Munstermen have stuttered of late, winning just two of their last five Pro12 games to finish third in the table.

    One of those defeats was a 22-5 reverse to Glasgow at Thomond Park last month but the visitors can take heart from a 13-6 win in Glasgow last October.

  86. 19:30: 

    This is the fifth year of the play-off format in this competition and it's the fourth time Glasgow have been at this stage. Can they go one better tonight and reach their first final after previous disappointments?

    Munster have also reached the play-offs in four of the last five years with their only victory coming in 2011 when they were crowned champions for a third time.

  87. 19:27: 

    "This is the biggest game in the club's history," says Glasgow head coach Gregor Townsend.

    "We know how tough it will be against Munster. I don't really care about who is favourites. They were the only side from our group to make the last four of the European Cup and are full of British Lions and Irish internationals.

    "But we are going into this game with good momentum. Now we just need to make sure we put that into an 80-minute performance."

  88. 19:23: 

    Glasgow head coach Gregor Townsend has used 36 players on this fantastic eight-game winning run but tonight's centre partnership has not started together in any of those matches and the halfback pairing of Finn Russell and Chris Cusiter just once. A gamble or good squad rotation?

  89. 19:21: 
    Scotstoun Stadium It's a glorious night in Glasgow as kick off time approaches.

    The sun has been shining all day but there has been a fair breeze swirling around which could be a factor.

  90. 19:19: 

    Recently retired Glasgow prop Ed Kalman on BBC Radio Scotland: "The place is buzzing. I'm feeling nervous and I'm not even playing."

  91. 19:17: 

    Glasgow's changes are more eye-opening, with no sign of Scotland pair Stuart Hogg and Duncan Weir.

    Peter Murchie replaces Hogg at full-back and young Finn Russell gets the nod at number 10, while flying wingers Sean Maitland and Tommy Seymour are back.

    Centre Mark Bennett and scrum-half Chris Cusiter are also recalled by head coach Gregor Townsend.

    Lock Jonny Gray, hooker Dougie Hall and tight-head Jon Welsh are in to bolster the home pack, along with back-row duo Rob Harley and Josh Strauss.

  92. 19:15: 

    Munster prop BJ Botha is back after missing last weekend's home loss to Ulster to attend the birth of his baby daughter.

    Wily British & Irish Lions scrum-half Conor Murray is back, along with winger Keith Earls and blindside flanker CJ Stander.

    Of course, the visitors are without injured skipper Peter O'Mahony, who will miss Ireland's summer tour to Argentina as he recovers from a shoulder problem.

  93. 19:13: 

    Glasgow Warriors: Peter Murchie; Sean Maitland, Mark Bennett, Alex Dunbar, Tommy Seymour; Finn Russell, Chris Cusiter; Ryan Grant, Dougie Hall, Jon Welsh, Jonny Gray, Al Kellock (capt), Rob Harley, Chris Fusaro, Josh Strauss.

    Replacements: Pat MacArthur, Gordon Reid, Geoff Cross, Tim Swinson, Leone Nakarawa, Niko Matawalu, Ruaridh Jackson, Sean Lamont.

    Munster: Felix Jones; Keith Earls, Casey Laulala, James Downey, Simon Zebo; Ian Keatley, Conor Murray; Dave Kilcoyne, Damien Varley (capt) BJ Botha; Dave Foley, Paul O'Connell; CJ Stander, Sean Dougall, James Coughlan.

    Replacements: Quentin MacDonald, James Cronin, John Ryan, Donncha O'Callaghan, Paddy Butler, Duncan Williams, JJ Hanrahan, Andrew Conway.

  94. 19:10: 

    The winners will meet either Leinster or Ulster in the final, with those two heavyweights meeting in Dublin tomorrow.

  95. 19:08: 

    BBC Radio Scotland are providing commentary and the game is being televised by our Gaelic cousins on BBC Alba. Both of those offerings are available right here on the BBC Sport website (over there on the right if you're using a computer), while I will endeavour to keep up with the action with text coverage.

  96. 19:05: 

    Good evening and welcome to our coverage of the Pro12 semi-final at Scotstoun Stadium.

    A home side has never lost a play-off and in-form Glasgow Warriors are looking to make it nine wins on the bounce but they face formidable opponents in the shape of Munster, a side packed with experience and attacking menace.

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