Rugby League World Cup 2013: Wales-USA & Scotland-Italy

Scotland draw with Italy after the US defeat Wales in the Rugby League World Cup.

3 November 2013 Last updated at 18:33

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As it happened

  1. 1830: 

    So that, I think, is that, the end of another exciting day when the Rugby League World Cup has well and truly delivered.

    For Wales, the chances of prolonging the party are over, but Scotland remain very much alive.

    Join us on Thursday to see if they can reach the last eight.


    Italy captain Anthony Minichiello: "We put too much pressure on ourselves early on, giving too many penalties away. We fought hard to get back in and it was a good hard, tough game."

  3. 1819: 

    But if you can't wait until tomorrow night, there's highlights of the weekend's action on BBC One tonight at 23:25 GMT.

    If you're even too impatient for that, well watch highlights of the United States' remarkable win over Wales right here.

  4. 1815: 

    After that, the final round of group games begins with that Scotland-United States game, which is also our next live text action.

    England are next in action against Fiji on Saturday afternoon, where victory will confirm their quarter-final place, while Ireland face the might of Australia later the same day.

    Wales, already out, meet the Cook Islands on Sunday.

  5. 1810: 

    So how does the Rugby League World Cup roll on?

    There are two heavyweight clashes over the next couple of evenings, Papua New Guinea taking on Samoa in Hull on Monday, with Tonga meeting the Cook Islands in Leigh on Tuesday.


    Mark Brown: Brussels-Manchester-Huddersfield-Wrexham-Manchester-Brussels. Intense 36 hrs following #rlwc2013 Workington might've been a stretch.

    Leo Arthur Capello: What a stalemate between Scotland and Italy ,really enjoyed listening to it

  7. 1806: 

    It seems like the team to watch in this Rugby League World Cup are Scotland. Over two matches, they have scored 54 points, drawn one and won the other by two. They play the United States in Salford on Thursday.


    Scotland coach Steve McCormack: "The support we have had in west Cumbria has been unbelievable. It was a sensational effort from our lads in the end and another great game. The spirit is there, we need to work on a few things but look forward to the game on Thursday."

    Italy coach Carlo Napolitano: "It was a bit of a nail-biter, a great effort from Scotland and our boys showed great character to come back. There were probably a few dubious refereeing decisions in there that we will review and feed back. I think we need to tidy a few areas up. The game against Tonga could be a winner takes all encounter."

    Jon Wells, Former Super League winger and BBC Radio 5 live expert

    "From a neutral's points of view, it was a fair result and reflection of the game. Raymond Nasso was extremely impressive for Italy, and Hellewell's try is one of the best I have seen in the tournament so far."


    Man of the Match, Italy's Ray Nasso: "I'm a bit torn with the result, but we will go back to the drawing board next week. We came back well in the match but allowed some silly penalties and dropped ball."

  11. 1802: 

    At the start of the day we spoke about the potential crackerjack ties we had in store. Neither have disappointed. Who could have predicted that American dominance of Wales? After that, the Scotland-Italy try-fest was non-stop entertainment.

  12. 1758: 

    One match apiece left for both sides, Italy take on Tonga, while Scotland meet the United States. This draw also opens the door for Tonga, who can still progress if they beat the Azzurri and the Cook Islands.

    Jon Wells, Former Super League winger and BBC Radio 5 live expert

    "Fantastic contribution from both teams, fantastic contribution from the crowd. A great atmosphere in lovely surroundings and entertaining rugby league from both sides. Ben Hellewell's try was the pick of the bunch which brought Scotland back into the game."

  14. 80 mins: 
    FULL-TIME- Scotland 30-30 Italy

    The end of a thrilling game of rugby league. Italy were looking for that drop-goal attempt, but they just couldn't find the space. When it came, it looked like the kicker had his boots on the wrong feet. Ultimately, though, a draw is a fitting conclusion to another sensational match in this Rugby League World Cup. Both Scotland and Italy are still in with a shout of a last-eight place.

    Jon Wells, Former Super League winger and BBC Radio 5 live sports extra expert

    "Kade Snowden has had such an influence on this game it is such a shame that it has ended like this for him."

  16. 79 mins: 
    Scotland 30-30 Italy

    Now what? Three Scotland players in on Italy's Kade Snowden. Azzurri ball, set of six 40m out, 41 seconds on the clock. Stretcher out for Snowden, but he's hobbling off. Drama. I'll bet a pound to fiver there's a drop-goal attempt coming...

  17. 79 mins: 
    Scotland 30-30 Italy

    ...from the scrum, Danny Brough looking for the drop...charged down.

    Jon Wells, Former Super League winger and BBC Radio 5 live sports extra expert

    "That is a ridiculous call - as clear as day a Scotland hand knocked that ball forward but Italy have been penalised for a forward pass."

  19. 78 mins: 
    Scotland 30-30 Italy

    Is that a call that can chance the game? Italy penalised for a forward pass, but it was actually a Scotland hand that knocked the ball down...

  20. 77 mins: 
    Scotland 30-30 Italy

    Brilliant defensive set by the Scots, with Danny Brough's kick eventually pushing the Azzurri all the way back. Breathless stuff.


    Will: Scotland in another down to the wire cracker

  22. 76 mins: 
    Scotland 30-30 Italy

    Excellent from Russell again, across quick as a flash to dive into the mud and snuff out an Italian grubber. Scotland have to run it out.

  23. 74 mins: 
    Scotland 30-30 Italy

    All of a sudden, the Bravehearts have a second wind. (To be fair, it's probably about an eighth wind). A long kick has Italy back on their own try line, but the Italians are able to come again to press Scottish full-back Matty Russell. Is this one to be settled by a drop?

    Jon Wells, Former Super League winger and BBC Radio 5 live sports extra expert

    "The impetus, the spark came from the mercurial Danny Brough. It was lovely play in attack from Scotland, committing defenders and working the overlap. It looked to me as though Danny Brough rushed the kick. The ties are level inside the last 10 minutes - this game could not be more perfectly poised."

  25. 69 mins: 
    TRY- Scotland 30-30 Italy (Brett Hellewell)

    What a brilliant try from Scotland. Get that on your #bbcplayoftheweek. It's all started by Danny Brough, who chases his own kick and gains about 25m. When Brough gathers, he can find Ian Henderson, the first of five pairs of Scottish hands that the ball passes through as it moves right, eventually finished by Brett Hellewell. Brough can't add the extras, leaving us level for a 10-minute game.

  26. 68 mins: 
    Scotland 26-30 Italy

    Great defence from Scotland keeps the Bravehearts only four back. Aidan Guerra is leaping for the up-and-under, but he can't spin to touch down and is held up on the line.

  27. 67 mins: 
    Scotland 26-30 Italy

    Have that one, Joshua Mantellato. The Italian wing grabs the bomb and is greeted by the rampaging Dale Ferguson. No mistake, though, which can't be said for Brett Carter. He's under a high kick himself shortly afterwards, but the Workington player with the evil genius beard makes a total Horlicks of the catch, giving Italy the scrum. Scotland look deflated.


    Curtis Jobling: Following Scotland v Italy while on a train in the Netherlands. Sounds end to end!

    Keep your tweets coming in to #bbcrl

  29. 65 mins: 
    Scotland 26-30 Italy

    Back at an increasingly muddy Derwent Park, Scotland are attempting to make inroads into Italian territory. Danny Brough's kick allows a tartan charge, but the Azzurri are looking strong. The men in white aren't defending for long.


    Need some light relief from this try-fest? Check out the Samoa team on this fairground ride. I suspect it had to be reinforced.

    Samoa team
    Jon Wells, Former Super League winger and BBC Radio 5 live sports extra expert

    "Italy play with quite some confidence. Anthony Minichiello scooped, swooped and grounded the ball all in one motion. Josh Mantellato is five from five with his conversions and has been every inch a match for Danny Brough today. In a very tight ball game that could provie to be crucial."

  32. 58 mins: 
    CONVERTED TRY- Scotland 26-30 Italy (Anthony Minichiello)

    For as good as it was from Italy, Scotland were a little unlucky. The jinking James Tedesco looked to put the grubber through, but it bounced up off the foot of Alex Hurst, kindly into the path of the grateful Anthony Minichiello. Joshua Mantellato's incredible kicking continues, putting Italy four points in front.

  33. 58 mins: 

    Have Italy taken the lead? Only offside can save the Scots here...

  34. 55 mins: 
    Scotland 26-24 Italy

    In case you weren't keeping up, we've had four tries in 11 minutes at the start of this second half. Willing to stick your neck out on which way this game will go? Me neither. In effect, these teams are only separated by Danny Brough's early penalty.

    Jon Wells, Former Super League winger and BBC Radio 5 live sports extra expert
    Italy's Cameron Ciraldo is tackled

    "The two teams trading tries once again; this time it was a lovely kick return from Anthony Laffranchi that set the tone for the set. Italy now have their tails up."

  36. 53 mins: 
    CONVERTED TRY- Scotland 26-24 Italy (Chris Centrone)

    It's try for try. Italy come from the Scotland drop out, passing the ball right to left in front of the navy line. The moneyball comes from the tumbling Aidan Guerra, with wing Chris Centrone eventually going over. It's been a kicking exhibition too, Joshua Mantellato not looking like missing.

  37. 52 mins: 
    OUCH!- Scotland 26-18 Italy

    End-to-end stuff, Scotland again forced to defend, eventually conceding another set of six when Matty Russell bats the ball behind. Of more concern to the Scots will be the blow to the face Danny Brough took from team-mate Luke Douglas. A finger to the eye. "Are they both still there, doc? Let's crack on."

  38. 49 mins: 
    CONVERTED TRY- Scotland 26-18 Italy (Brett Hellewell)

    More brilliant play once again extends the Scotland lead. Good work from Peter Wallace misses out Italy tacklers to set Brett Carter free down the right, with Brett Hellewell then sent inside to score. The trusty boot of Danny Brough does the rest. One try after another.

    Jon Wells, Former Super League winger and BBC Radio 5 live sports extra expert

    "Italy skipper Anthony Minichiello is becoming increasing influential as this games goes on, especially down the right-hand side with his brother Mark."

  40. 45 mins: 
    CONVERTED TRY- Scotland 20-18 Italy (Raymond Nasso)

    You get the feeling we're in for some second half. The Italy white batters the Scotland wall of blue, first held up on the line, only for Raymond Nasso to blast through three Bravehearts from dummy half before somehow stretching a hand out and touching down. Joshua Mantellato kicks the extras to take us back to a two-point game. Ding-dong stuff.


    scott elliott: Outstanding bit of skill by Brett Carter to put Addy in.

    Jon Wells, Former Super League winger and BBC Radio 5 live sports extra expert

    "That is a very, very good try for Scotland, especially with the second half only a minute old. The penalty that Scotland scored early on is now starting to look very significant."

  43. 41 mins: 
    CONVERTED TRY- Scotland 20-12 Italy (Danny Addy)

    What a start to the second half for Scotland. From Danny Brough's bomb, Ben Hellewell takes the ball unchallenged, offloading to Danny Addy, who in turn feeds Brett Carter, whose pass back inside sends Danny Addy over. Scotland got the ball the length of the pitch to extend their lead, which is stretched to eight points after Danny Brough's kick. Wonderful score.

  44. 40 mins: 

    Right then, back under way. 40 minutes for one of these sides to take a huge step towards the quarter-finals.

  45. 1703: 

    Sensational half-time game going on between some youngsters, one side in Castleford gold, another in South Sydney Rabbitohs stripes. Little Rabbitohs fella does an excellent spin out of a tackle to touch down.

  46. 1701: 

    So, we're entering the last quarter of our Sunday Rugby League World Cup odyssey. Probably about another hour or so for you to get involved. Text 81111 or tweet using the hashtag #bbcrl.

  47. 1659: 
    Scotland v Italy at Derwent Park, Workington

    Also, the bright sunshine of the kick-off has now almost totally given way to darkness and some drops of rain. Certainly plenty of hoods up in the crowd. The catering van is swamped with punters, mine would be a Bovril and a pie.

  48. 1657: 

    More dancing from the volunteers in Workington. This half-time dancing is convincing me that I don't have what it takes to be a volunteer. I have no moves.

  49. 40 mins: 
    HALF-TIME- Scotland 14-12 Italy

    There's the hooter, the end of what turned into a fiercely competitive first half. Scrappy to begin with, Scotland took control before Italy roared back. All to play for in the second 40.

    Jon Wells, Former Super League winger and BBC Radio 5 live sports extra expert

    "This is nothing short of what Italy deserve. Raymond Nasso is a fair old player, he certainly spots anything that happens at the back of the ruck. Italy weathered a storm in the opening 20-25 minutes and you can safely say Scotland are now looking bewildered at times in defence now."

  51. 38 mins: 
    CONVERTED TRY- Scotland 14-12 Italy (Raymond Nasso)

    Italy hammered, battered and clawed at the door and eventually got more rewards. A penalty gave the Azzurri six on top of the Scotland try line, with Raymond Nasso eventually getting low to burrow through under three navy shirts. Joshua Mantellato does the rest, game on.


    Andrew Priestley: Scotland are putting Italy away early before they can get any foot-hold in the game. But beware, remember what Tonga did to them.

  53. 36 mins: 
    Scotland 14-6 Italy

    ...up goes the bomb, five white shirts making sure Scotland are penned in their own in-goal area. Drop-out to come, six more for Italy.

  54. 35 mins: 
    Scotland 14-6 Italy

    Italy coming again, some desperate Scotland tackling...

    Jon Wells, Former Super League winger and BBC Radio 5 live sports extra expert

    "Italy have raised the intensity over the last five minutes - and that for me co-incided with the introduction of Kade Snowden."

  56. 31 mins: 
    CONVERTED TRY- Scotland 14-6 Italy (Cameron Ciraldo)

    I'm not too sure why the video ref was needed there. Italy are back in it thanks largely to the legs of Cameron Ciraldo. His run through got him on the end of Ryan Ghietti's grubber, with the big number 12 twice kicking the ball towards the try line before collecting it cleanly and touching down. Joshua Mantellato kicks the extras, Italy back in it.

  57. 31 mins: 

    Has the Scottish wall been breached?

  58. 30 mins: 
    Scotland 14-0 Italy

    Chants of "Scot-land, Scot-land" as Italy are held up on the try line. Final play, ball back then bombed forward, with a navy shirt claiming it. More pressure for Scotland to deal with, Italy inside the 10...

    Wales players

    Wales winger Rhys Williams: Thanks for all messages and to family and friends that came to watch. Gutted is an understatement!

  60. 28 mins: 
    Scotland 14-0 Italy

    Nothing going right for Italy, an attack ended with a short-side run on the sixth. Scotland can run it out, but a rare tartan error gives Italy a penalty 40m out.

    Jon Wells, Former Super League winger and BBC Radio 5 live sports extra expert

    "You've got to say the Italians were a touch unlucky. Dangerous times if you are an Italian player - they have not had much possession and the defensive line is creaking a little bit."

  62. 24 mins: 
    CONVERTED TRY- Scotland 14-0 Italy (Kane Linnett)

    It's wonderful from Scotland, supplemented by a little luck. Great hands as the ball is moved from right to left, with the grubber coming on the final play. It bounces off an Italian leg, then a hand, with Kane Linnett in to gather and dive over. Danny Brough kicks again, Scotland tighten their grip.

  63. 24 mins: 

    Italian hands on heads, this looks good for the Scots. We need to check for offside, though...

    Jon Wells, Former Super League winger and BBC Radio 5 live sports extra expert

    "I think the video referee Thierry Alibert has just closed his eyes and pressed the button. Matty Russell started the move and went on to finish it. Warrington Wolves fans - boy have you got a signing on your hands there! Such a well balanced runner, such a hard man to pull down. The Italians have yet to find any kind of rhythm."

  65. 20 mins: 
    CONVERTED TRY- Scotland 8-0 Italy (Matty Rusell)

    Eventually the decision comes, confirming the brilliant work done by Matty Russell. He picked the ball up around 15m out, spun out of one tackle and then bustled his way under three white shirts. No replay angle seemed particularly definitive but video ref Thierry Alibert had obviously seen enough. Danny Brough kicks the extras from almost in front of the posts, Scotland are in charge.

  66. 20 mins: 

    Replay after replay...

  67. 20 mins: 

    Scotland think Matty Russell has burrowed over, but the ref wants another look...

  68. 18 mins: 
    Scotland 2-0 Italy

    Remember that sunshine I was talking of? It's long gone. A Matty Russell break gets Scotland moving, drawing the penalty. The message from the sidelines was to kick for goal, a tee even came on to the pitch, but Danny Brough overruled.

    Jon Wells, Former Super League winger and BBC Radio 5 live sports extra expert

    "It is a sign of respect from Scotland to go for the two points, they are finding it difficult to get through the Italian defensive line. There isn't much rhythm to Italy's play yet."

  70. 14 mins: 
    PENALTY- Scotland 2-0 Italy (Danny Brough)

    Danny Brough gobbles up the opportunity to put Scotland ahead. Journey's Don't Stop Believing plays in celebration. Might be a bit early for that.

  71. 14 mins: 
    Scotland 0-0 Italy

    It's scrappy, Ben Kavanagh losing the ball in the tackle to end a Scotland attack. Just before, though, Dean Parata took out Peter Wallace with a late shoulder charge, allowing Scotland the chance to get the scoreboard moving.

  72. 13 mins: 
    Scotland 0-0 Italy

    Lots of meat slamming together in the Workington wet weather. Italy have a penalty just inside their own half, but Ben Falcone can't find touch, Scotland wing Alex Hirst doing brilliantly to take the ball, then keeps his balance to shift it inside. The Scots come again into the wall of white...

    Jon Wells, Former Super League winger and BBC Radio 5 live sports extra expert

    "Getting to Danny Brough on the kick has worked so far on two occasions for Italy. He has been under considerable pressure."


    Don't forget, we want to know what has been the highlight of the tournament for you so far.

    There will be highlights on BBC One tonight at 2325 GMT, where they will be discussing the play of the week. Get you suggestions of the top tackles, tries and hits on Twitter using the hashtag #bbcplayoftheweek.

  75. 9 mins: 
    Scotland 0-0 Italy

    Cheap penalty given away by Italy for holding. Kicked to within 15m by the Scots, who make further inroads. The Italy defence is strong, though, and Danny Brough eventually kicks too long.

  76. 7 mins: 
    Scotland 0-0 Italy

    Unlucky for Danny Brough, his wonderful attempt at a 40/20 brilliantly knocked back into play by Italy full-back Anthony Minichiello. When Italy look to make ground, a mistake gives Scotland the scrum 40m out.

  77. 4 mins: 
    Scotland 0-0 Italy

    Sustained pressure during a superb set of six from Italy, side to side around 10m out. The Scots, their tartan shorts giving the impression of kilts, hold firm, and are relieved to see the grubber kick have too much juice on it.

  78. 2 mins: 
    Scotland 0-0 Italy

    Odd conditions, the sun is out but the rain is coming down. Some early kicking tests both defences, who are up to the task.

    Jon Wells, Former Super League winger and BBC Radio 5 live sports extra expert

    "Perhaps on the hour mark you will see the Italians looking the fresher as they had the longer turnaround period - eight days compared to five days for Scotland."

  80. 0 mins: 

    A sun-kissed scene in Cumbria as Scotland, in the navy blue, get us under way. Italy, in white, are right to left as we look on.


    Andrew Priestley: One upset today already, how about another one at Derwent Park? Forza Italia!

    Stan DeCwikiel Jr: Like USA v England 1950: huge result for the Americans, no one here in America knows about it! Maybe in forty years.

  82. 1600: 

    The emergence of the teams into the setting sunshine give us a glimpse of the tartan shorts sported by Scotland. Sensational. A sell-out in Workington, 9,200 in the shadow of the castle. More cracking anthems. Il Canto degli Italiani is jaunty and the pan-piped Flower Of Scotland is down right rousing.


    Italy coach Carlo Napolitano: "Training has been good, the boys are raring to go and everyone is looking forward to it. Scotland are going to come out and prove to be a force, we must make sure we are doing our little things right.

    Scotland coach Steve McCormack: "We know this will be another tough challenge for us, The boys were fantastic against Tonga but we have identified things we need to improve upon."

  84. 1557: 

    So, with barely time to draw breath, we're in Workington for Scotland v Italy. Both teams won their openers, so victory here would leave the winners well-placed for a spot in the last eight.

  85. 1556: 

    Scotland: Matthew Russell, Alex Hurst, Ben Hellewell, Kane Linnett, Brett Carter, Danny Brough, Peter Wallace, Adam Walker, Ian Henderson, Luke Douglas, Danny Addy, Dale Ferguson, Ben Kavanagh. Replacements: Ben Fisher, Brett Phillips, Mitchell Stringer, Oliver Wilkes.

    Italy: Anthony Minichiello, Joshua Mantellato, James Tedesco, Aidan Guerra, Chris Centrone, Ben Falcone, Ryan Ghietti, Anthony Laffranchi, Dean Parata, Paul Vaughan, Mark Minichiello, Cameron Ciraldo, Joel Riethmuller. Replacements: Kade Snowden, Ryan Tramonte, Brendan Santi, Raymond Nasso.

    Referee: Henry Perenara (New Zealand)

  86. 1555: 
    Scotland v Italy (1600 GMT)

    Matty Russell scored two tries for Scotland in their dramatic 26-24 victory over Tonga and is hopeful of more of the same against the Italians.

    "Italy will be a test for us again," said Russell. "They've done well, got good two wins, but looking at what we did against Tonga we can't lose if we go out with same attitude.

    "Everyone played well on Tuesday, our forwards took us up the park, the back three all got yards out of dummy half, our halves Danny Brough and Peter Wallace took us to the right parts of the park with their kicking game."


    Christopher Hastings: United States the shock of the tournament so far playing some good rugby

    George Riley, BBC Radio 5 live commentator

    Standing by at Workington with Scotland v Italy @RLWC2013 commentary on the way @bbc5live @BBC5LSX

  89. 1553: 

    BBC Sport Wales' Aled Williams at the Racecourse Ground: "The Tomahawks players are embarking on a lap of honour at the Racecourse and acknowledging their small band of supporters. They could be back here in two weeks' time to face the might of Australia."

  90. 1552: 

    Looking back, how important was that spell just after the break when the American defence simply refused to yield? Compare that to the sloppiness of Wales, none more so than the shocking drop by Rhys Evans that let Joseph Paulo in for 12-4.


    Wales coach Iestyn Harris: "There are a lot of things we did not do right but I would like to congratulate the US on a very good performance and a deserved result. We must now make sure we give a good account of ourselves in our final group game. I am bitterly disappointed."

    Jamie Jones-Buchanan, England, Leeds Rhinos and BBC Sport expert

    "USA were just better and more professional over the 80 minutes. They ground out the sets and made the more important decision. Joseph Paulo was influential and was the main creator. They didn't take a backward step and were brilliant."


    Man of the Match, Tomahawks half-back Joseph Paulo: "I am so proud of the effort from the boys, but also credit to Wales and their fans. It was hard with the four-day turnaround, but I'm looking forward to next week's game against Scotland on Thursday."


    US coach Terry Matterson: "I'm speechless. For those guys to perform like that after a four-day turnaround is unbelievable.

    "You can see the joy on their faces, they deserve everything they get.

    "We'll enjoy tonight, do some rehab then get ready for Scotland."

  95. 80 mins: 
    FULL-TIME- Wales 16-24 United States

    What an amazing result for the United States, but it's horrible for Wales. They go out of the Rugby League World Cup on their own turf, beaten by the Tomahawks, playing in their first World Cup. The US are all but in to a quarter-final with Australia, but for Wales, it's a dead rubber against the Cook Islands, then home for tea.


    Andrew Priestley: This win is not only great for USA, but it's also a great win in terms of the development of Rugby League across the world.

  97. 78 mins: 
    Wales 16-24 United States

    A missed pass has Wales back inside their own half, tired Americans holding on. Then the break...ball loose...Ben Flower sprinting for the line, but held up. Americans out on their feet, but on the brink...

    Jamie Jones-Buchanan, England, Leeds Rhinos and BBC Sport expert

    "Kick the goal, smash it over, get back onside and try to get another quick try then see what happens. This would become legend."

  99. 77 mins: 
    CONVERTED TRY- Wales 16-24 United States (Anthony Walker)

    What a finish from Wales. A break from their own 20m has the American defence in all sorts of disarray. Eventually, the grubber kick goes through, with Anthony Walker's stretch confirmed as legitimate by the video ref. Lloyd White does the rest, the Racecourse alive.

  100. 77 mins: 

    Where was this Wales fire when they really needed it?

    Jamie Jones-Buchanan, England, Leeds Rhinos and BBC Sport expert

    "I think a comeback is nigh on impossible, but that was a fantastic try, well worked up the short side. The try woke the Welsh support up a little bit, they have not had much to smile about over the last 40 minutes."

  102. 75 mins: 
    CONVERTED TRY- Wales 8-24 United States (Christiaan Roets)

    Too little, too late? Good hands on the Wales left sends the ball through three red hands and to Christiaan Roets, who runs clear to score from the half-way line. Wales needed that about 20 minutes ago. Conversion over from Lloyd White, but surely there's too much to do?


    BBC Sport Wales' Aled Williams at the Racecourse Ground: "You can sense from the home crowd's reaction that they feel is now beyond Wales, with a few fans deciding they have seen enough."

  104. 70 mins: 
    Wales 4-24 United States

    There's just no sniff of a hope for Wales. Any time they are within touching distance of the American line, they are met by a blast of Tomahawk missiles. This time it's the huge-haired Matthew Petersen doing the tackling. Time ticking down on Wales' hopes of reaching the last eight of the World Cup.

    Derwent Park

    ScotlandRl: Just under 30 minutes to kick off and the dancers have been entertaining the crowd here at Derwent Park.


    Andy McAvoy: This really does show the difference in class between the Welsh Rugby Union team and the League team.


    BBC Sport Wales' Aled Williams at the Racecourse Ground: "They have distributed man of the match voting slips to members of the press here at the Racecourse. I'm sure the name of stand-off Joseph Paulo will figure prominently."

  108. 67 mins: 
    Wales 4-24 United States

    The story of Wales' day. When they look to make a dent in this huge US lead, the lines are fluffed again. Elliot Kear is the extra man on the right wing, but the pass is behind him and into touch.


    Perkin Warbeck: I think it's safe to say I didn't expect this result. Or maybe my hangover is worse that I thought, and I'm hallucinating .

    Jamie Jones-Buchanan, England, Leeds Rhinos and BBC Sport expert

    "All over now. Craig Kopczak was arguing with the dummy half, had taken his eyes off the play and the USA sidewere in again. Some of the Tomahawks players rub Kopczak on the back of the head because they know they have Wales rattled."

  111. 62 mins: 
    CONVERTED TRY- Wales 4-24 United States (Clint Newton)

    This is getting embarrassing for Wales, but what an amazing performance by the United States. Again, the Wales defence is far too easily penetrated, Craig Priestley breaking and slipping Clint Newton through unopposed. Joseph Paulo kicks from under the posts and they go wild on the streets of New York, Delaware, Boston, (insert more US places here)...


    Adam Gallagher: "@USATomahawks are ripping it up in this World Cup #fairplay."

    Aidan Mullen: "Following from Melbourne - the Welsh and the Yanks have both been great in the World Cup - great effort."

    Jamie Jones-Buchanan, England, Leeds Rhinos and BBC Sport expert

    "I can't understand why that try was given, Samoa has run around the back of his own player and in Super League rules, that shouldn't have been awarded. Wales have to get the ball back, be disciplined but there is still lots of time for them. They need to have the belief and trust in the team mates."


    BBC Sport Wales' Aled Williams at the Racecourse Ground: "Lee Briers, part of Wales' coaching staff, looks on from the touchline as the Tomahawks extended their lead to 18-4. What Wales could do with the Warrington Wolves man right now."

  115. 60 mins: 
    CONVERTED TRY- Wales 4-18 United States (Tuisegasega Samoa)

    My word, the Unites States move a step closer to putting Wales out of the World Cup. Tuisegasega Samoa picks up the ball and burrows his way through more shoddy Welsh defence. The video ref confirms there was no crossing and that Samoa got the ball down correctly. From there, Joseph Paulo can't miss. The United States have a 14-point lead with 20 minutes to go.

  116. 59 mins: 

    It could be about to get a lot worse...

  117. 58 mins: 
    Wales 4-12 United States

    What can Wales do to respond? They need two scores in a little over 20 minutes in order to stay in this World Cup. The American wall hasn't looked like being battered down in this second half. A Wales attack ended by what looked like a US knock-on - salt in the wounds. Desperate for the ball, Wales give away position by conceding two penalties. From the Welsh view, the ball is at the wrong end.

    Jamie Jones-Buchanan, England, Leeds Rhinos and BBC Sport expert

    "Wales were unable to deal with the high ball, it was bread and butter stuff and Rhys Evans will be disappointed. The USA have capitalised on that and it could be a bridge too far for Wales now. That said, there is no reason why they can't score two or three quick tries with the quality they have in the squad."

  119. 54 mins: 
    TRY- Wales 4-12 United States (Joseph Paulo)

    Is that the beginning of the end of Wales' World Cup hopes? It's a howler from full-back Rhys Evans, dropping a high bomb under next to no pressure. From there, the ball is worked left and finds the hands of Joseph Paulo, who crosses over unchallenged after some terrible Welsh defence. The only consolation for Wales is that Paulo is wide with his third conversion attempt of the day.


    BBC Sport Wales' Aled Williams at the Racecourse Ground: "Encouraging start for Wales in this second half and they come ever so close to drawing level, roared on by the crowd who realise that the World Cup hopes are in the balance."


    USA Tomahawks: The Tomahawks have just shut down three Wales sets in a row. They had five of six sets at one stage. The Wall holds.

  122. 52 mins: 
    Wales 4-8 United States

    That Welsh invasion of American territory looks to be over for now. The US are putting together some pressure of their own, Tuisegasega Samoa dashing for the line, held up by three red shirts 5m out. That was the last tackle, the ball turned over. Tension rising.


    Some news from the England camp following their 42-0 win over Ireland in Huddersfield on Saturday.

    George Burgess is hoping to recover from injury in time to play in England's final World Cup group game against Fiji in Hull on Saturday.

    The South Sydney prop hurt his right knee minutes into Saturday's win over Ireland but played on for 15 minutes before hobbling off.

    "It's really swollen at the minute," said Burgess, 21.

    "I'll be working hard to get it right for next week and the rest of the tournament."

  124. 50 mins: 
    Wales 4-8 United States

    If the US do manage to hang on, they might well reflect on that defensive effort at the start of the second period. It was desperate, last-ditch and frantic, but Wales could not get through.


    Scotland Rugby League: The weather in Workington this afternoon is perfect for Rugby League, clear and dry - but it's a bit chilly now the sun has gone.

  126. 47 mins: 
    Wales 4-8 United States

    Wales hammering on the door, surely the States can't stand this much longer? Matt Seamark jinking his way through, more desperate tackling from the men in white. Rhys Evans held up, then Larne Patrick, the ball eventually back in American hands. That's four sets of six within their own 10m the US have repelled.


    Perkin Warbeck: Following the coverage in Chicago (with a hangover)!

  128. 45 mins: 
    Wales 4-8 United States
    Christiaan Roets is tackled by the US

    ...brilliant tackling by the US. Wales struggling on the last play, Lloyd White lunges for the line but is held up. The States survive, the ball carried out.

  129. 44 mins: 
    Wales 4-8 United States
    Clint Newton scores a try for the Tomahawks

    And another penalty! Wales fans louder than they've been all day. Six tackles inside 10m, but Wales forced back...


    Scotland Rugby League: All the indications are that today's attendance will exceed that achieved on Tuesday against Tonga. The support for Scotland from the fans in West Cumbria has been awesome so far.

  131. 42 mins: 
    Wales 4-8 United States
    Wales take on the US in Wrexham

    Will the Americans last the course? Their win over the Cook Islands was only four days ago, while Wales have had more than a week to prepare. The Welsh looking bright in the early stages of the second period. Penalty 40m out, kicked to within 20. Six to come...

  132. 40 mins: 
    KICK-OFF- Wales 4-8 United States

    Right then, players are back out. Wales have one half to save their World Cup skins.


    TheHoopyOrang_Utan: Very fortunate most people in Wales won't care about Rugby League World Cup. Rugby Union is by far the better sport. They know it.

  134. 1456: 

    So how do you reflect on that first half? Are Wales heading out of the World Cup? Did you think the United States would be this close to a place in the last eight? Keep those texts coming on 81111, while you can tweet using the hashtag #bbcrl.

    Scotland v Italy (1600 GMT)

    Scotland coach Steve McCormack used to coach Italian counterpart Carlo Napolitano at Salford and holds him in the highest regard.

    "I'm really pleased for Carlo," said McCormack. "I watched him develop as a young player and he's a person and coach I have kept in touch with so delighted for him.

    "I keep in touch with him, we met up during the last World Cup and speak to each other regularly.

    "He's a good fella and it's good to see young, passionate coaches and a young, passionate Italian doing well.

    "He's a top person, he will make a very good coach."

  136. 1452: 

    The sun is shining brightly on the Tomahawks - could anyone have predicted they would put up this showing at the World Cup?

    All the problems belong to Wales during this break, but the mood is lifted by the dancing of the volunteers. I wonder if they had to do a dance audition?

    USA Tomahawks

    BBC Sport Wales' Aled Williams at the Racecourse Ground: "Plenty for Iestyn Harris to work on during the half-time but the United States well deserve their leads. Welsh fans have plenty to ponder over their interval cuppa."


    Wales' Ben Flower: "It was a bit scratchy to start with, we need to stay in the structure with our game plan and keep working in the second half. Hopefully we can get away with a win at the end."

    USA's Craig Priestly: "It was a bit of a scrappy half but we have got to complete our sets in the second half. We'll have a chat and come back out and work on that."

    Jamie Jones-Buchanan, England, Leeds Rhinos and BBC Sport expert

    "It has been level and that is what we want to see. Both teams are in the contest and you can't call a winner at this stage. It has been scrappy, the ball bouncing around on the ground but both teams will go in happy.

    "Wales have to improve their execution, get their passes on the money and complete their sets. We have seen a lot of speculative offloads and they don't need to to do that."

  140. 40 mins: 
    HALF-TIME- Wales 4-8 United States

    Wales press up to the hooter, but cannot get closer than 10m to the US try line. It's the United States who hold the advantage at the interval and all a little disappointing for the Welsh.

  141. 39 mins: 
    Wales 4-8 United States

    Seconds ticking down to half-time, Wales not looking like posing a threat. They are set to be behind at the break. 40 mins to stay in the World Cup and all that.

  142. 36 mins: 
    Wales 4-8 United States

    It's gone very quiet in Wrexham. Even before that American score, the odd chant of "U-S-A" was audible over the home crowd. Wales couldn't go out of the World Cup on their own turf at the hands of the US, could they?


    BBC Sport Wales' Aled Williams at the Racecourse Ground: "It's the small pocket of American fans here who are the happier of the two sets of supporters at the moment. The atmosphere was largely subdued even before the Tomahawks' second try. Wales coach Iestyn Harris will be worried that his team are heading out of the competition."

    Jamie Jones-Buchanan, England, Leeds Rhinos and BBC Sport expert

    "Joseph Paulo's pass to Matthew Petersen was class and his skill level has been extremely high in the game so far. I would love a head of hair like Peterson's, he certainly stands out when he carries the ball."

  145. 33 mins: 
    TRY- Wales 4-8 United States (Matthew Peterson)

    The US have looked more dangerous going forward and they get their reward through Matthew Peterson. The former Wakefield man is sent over in the corner by Joseph Paulo's superb flat pass, which takes out a big chunk of the Wales defence. Paulo, first kick missed, is on the touchline, but he pushes wide. Wales behind in a must-win game.

  146. 31 mins: 
    Wales 4-4 United States

    ...Wales still knocking...5m out...smashing into tackles...but it goes forward and the US have the chance to come away with the scrum. Scrappy, atmosphere a little flat.

  147. 29 mins: 
    Wales 4-4 United States

    Huge chance for Wales, a quick play-the-ball creating the opportunity. Ian Webster looks to feed Elliot Kear in the corner, but Petersen is in for a deliberate knock-down. Head and feed for Wales 10m out...

    Jamie Jones-Buchanan, England, Leeds Rhinos and BBC Sport expert

    "It is been a bit scrappy so far. Both teams would have wanted to complete a few more sets and made fewer errors. We have seen some nice rugby on the edges."

  149. 27 mins: 
    Wales 4-4 United States

    The Racecourse is looking reasonably full. The stands on both sides seem jammed, one end is half-full, with the other brought to life by huge banners. Nice work by the US ended by a forward pass, with Matthew Petersen getting tetchy as a result of Lloyd White's dump after play has been halted. Handbags.

    Dave Woods, BBC Sport commentator

    "Wales winger Elliot Kear was in the same year at school as Gareth Bale and Sam Warburton. What a year that was!"

  151. 24 mins: 
    Wales 4-4 United States

    After a scrappy opening, this game has come to life with those two tries. Wales are coming again, led by Rhys Williams' break. Red shirts swarming towards the US try line, but Christiaan Roets puts the ball down in the tackle. The US steal, it is a case of Welsh nerves once more.

    Jamie Jones-Buchanan, England, Leeds Rhinos and BBC Sport expert

    "Clint Newton is a big, big unit to stop and USA caught Wales out. Nice bit of play and the execution was much better. There was a question for Wales to answer and they couldn't answer it."

  153. 20 mins: 
    TRY- Wales 4-4 United States (Clint Newton)

    Just like that, the US are level. After Ian Webster clotheslines Matthew Petersen to concede a penalty, the ball is shifted right for Joseph Paulo to find Clint Newton, who batters over the line. Kick missed by Paulo, we're all square.


    BBC Sport Wales' Aled Williams at the Racecourse Ground: "The crowd are on their feet now. Having been a cagey and nervous opening Wales have made the breakthrough to the relief of the majority of the Racecourse crowd. Game on."

    Jamie Jones-Buchanan, England, Leeds Rhinos and BBC Sport expert

    "Fantastic play on the left wing from Wales. There was no structure, just plain rugby. The US markers were poor, dummy half took advantage and a well worked try."

  156. 16 mins: 
    TRY- Wales 4-0 Unites States (Christiaan Roets)

    Against the run of play, Wales get a foothold in the Rugby League World Cup. It's excellent work down the left, with Rhys Williams breaking, feeding Christiaan Roets for an unopposed charge to the line. Crowd on their feet, where did that come from? Kick missed by Lloyd White from near the touchline.

  157. 15 mins: 
    Wales 0-0 United States

    US coming again, Wales hanging on. The States playing with more freedom, Wales looking tense. Chance in the corner...Bureata Faraimo...closing in on the try line...pass just out of his reach. Welsh relief accompanied by a Hi De Hi- style bing, bong, bing bong over the tannoy.

    Jamie Jones-Buchanan, England, Leeds Rhinos and BBC Sport expert

    "Coach Terry Matterson came late into the USA side. They play basic rugby league, getting out of dummy half with a quick play the ball. It is simple, but effective.


    BBC Sport Wales' Aled Williams at the Racecourse Ground: "Cries of Wales, Wales echo around the Racecourse Ground as the home side start to get into this game."

  160. 11 mins: 
    Wales 0-0 United States

    I'd love to know if you are one of the 50 US fans in Wrexham, or if you're following the Rugby League World Cup from the States. America, mainly white shirts, navy shorts, looking bright, battering into the Wales defensive line, before a high bomb is allowed to bounce into touch by Wales winger Rhys Williams.


    USA Tomahawks: "We have 50 odd supporters here at the ground in Wrexham. Thank you so much!"

  162. 8 mins: 
    Wales 0-0 United States

    ...superb defending from the Americans (or is that DEE-fence?). Ball shifted right to left, then bombed cross-field, the US dealing with the first high kick they face.

  163. 7 mins: 
    Wales 0-0 United States

    Wales pressing, on top of the try line with four to go...


    Andrew Priestley: Always a fan and keen supporter of the underdog in any contest, so I'm throwing all my weight behind the USA today. Go Tomahawks!

  165. 6 mins: 
    Wales 0-0 United States

    Nice hands from Wales in the centre of the park, but a knock-on from Ian Webster gives the ball back to the US. Wales haven't tested America under a high ball yet. US scrum, but instantly given back into red hands. Bit of tension out there as the shadow slowly engulfs the Racecourse.

  166. 3 mins: 
    Wales 0-0 United States

    Sloppy from the Welsh, ball surrendered, pressure invited. The US go through the set of six, but Wales hold the line and the ball has to be turned over.

    Jamie Jones-Buchanan, England, Leeds Rhinos and BBC Sport expert

    "Whenever you start a game, if you get over the 40-50 metre mark and get the kick away then it can be classed as a good set. USA managed to do that."

  168. 1 mins: 
    Wales 0-0 United States

    Back and forth, US penalised on halfway. Wales have head and feed at the scrum on halfway.

  169. 0 mins: 

    Wales, red shirts, white shorts, left to right as we look, get us under way.

  170. 1402: 

    A huge shadow cast by the stand on the side from where watch on covers more than half of the pitch. The opposite third bathes in sunshine. Players ready, nearly time to go...

  171. 1400: 

    Lots of flag-waving for Land Of My Fathers.

    As sporting competitions go, I think the Rugby League World Cup presents the best set of anthems going. I haven't heard a bad one yet.

    If only Sri Lanka could brush up on their league, they have my all-time fave.

  172. 1358: 

    Star-Spangled Banner first, belted out by a very niche group of US fans at the Racecourse.

  173. 1356: 

    The players are out into the Wrexham sunshine (though the floodlights are on already). Anthems time, these should be good, two of my favourites.


    US coach Terry Matterson: "You can't beat winning. The guys are in good spirits but we have to be at our best to beat this Welsh side.

    "We've rolled some people about, it's important we use some fresh legs and use all the players available to us."


    Wales coach Iestyn Harris: "The players are excited. They have trained well and there was some frustration after the Italy defeat and we will try to correct and improve upon it. The USA had a great result in the week and we have to be at our best.

    "They will be competent, they will be experienced and we have to put them under pressure. We have a short turn around and we have to do the right things."


    BBC Sport's Aled Williams at the Racecourse Ground: "Both sides are warming up at the Racecourse shortly before kick-off The United States team, which includes players with NRL experience, are looking to add Wales to their list of recent scalps which include France and the Cook Islands."

  177. 1350: 

    But I digress. As well as following today's action with our informative and entertaining live text, you can also listen to both matches on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra and the BBC Radio app. There's also live online commentary on the BBC Wales Sport website, with Cennydd Davies and former Wales dual code international John Devereux.

    There will be highlights on BBC One tonight at 2325 GMT, where they will be discussing the play of the week. Get you suggestions of the top tackles, tries and hits on Twitter using the hashtag #bbcplayoftheweek.

  178. 1347: 

    I've just found out that a tomahawk is an axe, thus making me think that the US mascot must be an eagle. I think that former WWE wrestler Tatanka carried a tomahawk.


    BBC Wales Sport: "Children take part in a parade before kick-off in the Rugby League World Cup game between Wales and USA in Wrexham."

  180. 1345: 

    Right then, are you up to speed with what's happening today? Excellent.

    Now I can remind you of how to get involved. Two simple ways, as usual. Text on 81111, or tweet using the hashtag #bbcrl.

    One harder way would be would be to send a bald eagle with a message, though we're not really trained to handle them and I'm told they are quite rare.


    Wales: Rhys Evans, Elliot Kear, Ian Webster, Christiaan Roets, Rhys Williams, Lloyd White, Matt Seamark, Craig Kopczak, Neil Budworth, Jordan James, Larne Patrick, Tyson Frizell, Ben Flower. Replacements: Gil Dudson, Ben Evans, Peter Lupton, Anthony Walker

    USA: Kristian Freed, Bureta Faraimo, Lelauloto Tagaloa, Taylor Welch, Matthew Petersen, Joseph Paulo, Craig Preistly, Mark Offerdahl, Haveatama Luani, Eddy Pettybourne, Clint Newton, Matthew Shipway, Daniel Howard. Replacements: Tuisegasega Samoa, Roman Hifo, Judah Lavulo, Les Soloai.

    Referee: Ben Cummins (Australia)

    USA Tomahawks

    USATomahawks: "The boys are relaxing ahead of a huge game against Wales in Wrexham."


    BBC Sport's Aled Williams at the Racecourse Ground: "The Welsh flag and the Stars and Stripes flutter above the Racecourse Ground on a blustery day in Wrexham, but blue skies have appeared as Wales look to kick-start their World Cup campaign following defeat to Italy in their opening game last week.

    "A near sell-out is expected and the Welsh supporters are out in force, with a smattering of American fans here too. The home supporters will have an important part to play in getting behind their team against a United States side who won on their World Cup debut in midweek."

  184. 1338: 

    And we'll move on to Workington, where Scotland have a tough task on their hands against Italy.

    The Scots pulled off a very impressive win against Tonga only five days ago, but coach Steve McCormack thinks the Azzurri present an even bigger challenge.

    The winners will be on the verge of a place in the last eight.

  185. 1336: 

    We start in Wrexham, where Wales have it all to do.

    Like strangers at their own party in Cardiff a week ago, they were brushed aside by the impressive Italians on the opening day.

    If they don't do the business against the United States, Wales will be the first team eliminated from the tournament.

  186. 1334: 

    And that, dear friends, is why today is so ruddy exciting.

    Whereas Saturday brought English and Australian demolition jobs, Sunday gives us Wales v USA and Scotland v Italy - contests too close to call.

    The Rugby League World Cup's unique format might be a complete mind-bender, but its aim of cutting down on the one-sided shellackings looks to be working.

  187. 1332: 

    The opening week of the Rugby League World Cup has been a resounding success, but not because of anything done by the game's big boys.

    The results of Australia, New Zealand and England have been predictable - the real fun has come from the likes of the United States (including our man Tagaloa), Italy, Scotland and Fiji.

  188. 1330: 

    In early 2012, Loto Tagaloa was merely a student in Hawaii, a native of Samoa who had played rugby league in his homeland before having the odd game of union in his adopted nation.

    When the United States were short of a players for a league international against Tonga (that's right, short of players for an international match), Tagaloa filled in.

    Today, he and the rest of the Tomahawks can move to the brink of a World Cup quarter-final against Australia. Some story.

    USA mascot

    NB. This isn't a picture of Tagaloa, but the US mascot.

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