Olympics hockey: Germany beat Netherlands to retain men's title

Germany's men retained their Olympic hockey title with a 2-1 win over the Netherlands at London 2012.

Jan Philipp Rabente scored twice to stop the Dutch becoming the first nation to win the men's and women's hockey titles in the same Games.

Rabente's first was a brilliant individual effort late in the first half, before Mink van der Weerden levelled from a penalty corner.


"The Dutch showed the artistry and they had the form going into the final, but the Germans soaked up the pressure and fought back. A superb game by the Germans, outwitting the Dutch, who are probably a little bit more talented. Tonight the Germans had a little bit more magic and that determination to win."

But with two minutes remaining, Rabente scored the winner from close range.

"For the Dutch, it was harder to play the final because until then they had never had any difficulty," said Germany coach Markus Weise. "We had lost one and drawn one and we had something to think about."

The opening goal came with the first half drawing to a close, Rabente riding two challenges inside the Dutch circle before diving forward and flicking the ball past the goalkeeper.

The Netherlands upped the pressure after the break and it was no great surprise when they equalised, with penalty corner specialist Van der Weerden scoring his eighth goal of the tournament.

The prospect of extra-time and penalties was looming when Rabente struck again in bizarre fashion.

After an initial shot was saved, he ran around behind the goal and reappeared at the far post to divert home a long shot from a team-mate.

Dutch manager Paul van Ass said: "I have to say the Germans defended superbly. We are very skilful, but the Germans won it despite our skills."

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