Olympics wrestling: Ghasem Rezaei wins another gold for Iran

Ghasem Rezaei added another Olympic wrestling gold to Iran's haul in London, beating Rustam Totrov in the -96kg Greco-Roman final.

Rezaei, 26, beat his Russian opponent 2-0 1-0 at ExCeL.

Colin Bryce, BBC weightlifting commentator

"Well done to Iran. It has been a really tremendous tournament for them with three golds, but this was the least likely of all of them."

It was the third wrestling gold medal of the Games for Iran, following previous victories in both the men's -55kg Greco-Roman and men's -60kg Greco-Roman categories.

Armenia's Artur Aleksanyan and Jimmy Lidberg of Sweden took bronze medals.

They defeated Yunior Estrada Falcon of Cuba and Belarusian Tsimafei Dzeinichenka respectively.

Rezaei, who finished 16th in Beijing four years ago, lifted his opponent off the mat to win the first period before successfully defending a par terre in the second.

Iran had not won any golds in the Greco-Roman discipline before London.

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