Olympics wrestling: Cuba's Mijain Lopez Nunez retains 120kg title

Cuba's Mijain Lopez Nunez successfully defended his 120kg Greco-Roman wrestling title with victory over Heiki Nabi of Estonia.

Lopez Nunez was bigger and stronger and Nabi could do little to halt the Cuban.


"Mijain Lopez Nunez didn't need anything spectacular. He deserves that gold for the positive wrestling we've seen from him all day."

He performed a spectacular gut wrench to take the first period and the 29-year-old then defended on the floor to close things out in the second.

Lopez Nunez carried Cuba's flag in the opening ceremony and his gold was their first wrestling title at London 2012.

Nabi beat Lopez Nunez in the 96kg category at the World Championships in 2006 but on Monday night at the ExCeL in London he was out-muscled and out-thought.

The two bronze medallists were current world champion Riza Kayaalp of Turkey and Sweden's Johan Euren.

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