Olympics wrestling: Alan Khugaev takes 84kg Greco-Roman gold

Russia won their second Greco-Roman wrestling gold of London 2012 as Alan Khugaev beat Egypt's Karam Mohamed Gaber Ebrahim in the 84kg at the ExCeL.

Khugaev lifted and threw Ebrahim to win the first round and defended superbly in the second to take the bout.

Ebrahim, the 2004 Olympic gold medallist, went into the fight as favourite, but Khugaev made light of a cut above his right eye to win.

Khugaev's gold for Russia follows Sunday's 74kg win by Roman Vlasov.

Ebrahim, 32, had dispatched tournament favourite Damian Janikowski of Poland in the semi-finals, while Khugaev's previous best result had been a silver medal at the European Championships.

Janikowski and Danyal Gajiyev of Kazakhstan shared bronze.

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