Olympic tennis final: Murray/Robson v Mirnyi/Azarenka

Andy Murray wins men's singles gold before Murray and Laura Robson are beaten by Max Mirnyi and Victoria Azarenka in the mixed doubles.

5 August 2012 Last updated at 19:02

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  1. 1858: 

    Time to wrap up this text commentary for the evening and steer you in the direction of what promises to be another memorable night in the Olympic Stadium. The men's 100m semi-finals are at 1945, Christina Ohuruogu goes for 400m gold at 2110, with the men's 100m final at 2150. Let Tom Rostance and Aimee Lewis be your guides. Goodnight.


    Dominic Daly on Twitter: "@andy_murray and @laurarobson5 have nothing to be disappointed about. What a brilliant effort by the both of them! Very proud!"

    Gary Garside on Twitter: "Unlucky Muzza & Robbo, great effort. Two tennis Olympic medals though, superb contribution! #TeamGB #London2012"

    Tom Higginson on Twitter: "@laurarobson5 such a gracious silver medalist! A fantastic achievement, keep smiling! #TeamGB"

  3. 1853: 

    So, Andy Murray wins a gold and a silver in a day, and Laura Robson is an Olympic silver medallist at the age of 18. Wondrous, it really is.

    John Lloyd, BBC Sport pundit

    "It was a superb match. The experience came through in the end. What a fantastic performance for Laura Robson at just 18-years-old, their opponents just kept it together at the right time."

    Annabel Croft, BBC Radio 5 live tennis summariser

    "Andy will be disappointed and will feel he could have done more in the latter stages of the match, and Laura will be disappointed with the double faults towards the end of the match, but this will still go down as a great day for British tennis."

    Sam Smith, BBC Sport pundit

    "Absolute joy for the world number one Victoria Azarenka - a bronze in the singles and a gold in the doubles and for Mirnyi a first Olympic gold, in what you would think would be his last Olympics. Disappointment for Murray and Robson, they were inspirational in that opening set but they just couldn't keep it going."

  7. 1849: 

    High fives between Mirnyi and Azarenka, who then come over all Murray as they climb up to the players' box to celebrate with their entourage. They drape themselves in the national flags, while the defeated Brits traipse away to the locker-rooms. They can hold their heads high though - it was a great effort against the number one seeds and the silver medal is theirs.


    The first match point is saved thanks to some solid groundstrokes from Robson and a Murray volleyed winner. Robson to Mirnyi now and it's saved again as the beast can only get the frame of his racquet on the ball.

    Mirnyi serving to Murray now - Azarenka with the volley - they've done it. Belarus win the gold and Murray and Robson have to settle for silver.

    Champions Tie-Break: Belarus 9-6 GB

    A blow, and it could be a big one as Mirnyi aims his return straight at Robson's body and she can't fashion a return. Azarenka serving to Murray, who inexplicably nets his forehand return. Robson strays wide and the Belarus duo have three match points.

    Champions Tie-Break: Belarus 6-6 GB

    Mirnyi wins a point on serve, then Murray does the same. We're changing ends and Murray will have a serve to try to nose the Brits in front.

    Champions Tie-Break: Belarus 5-5 GB

    Poor from Robson as she drags a backhand horribly wide, then serves a double-fault. Murray scampers over to have a word with his partner. And it pays off as her first serve is only paddled back by Mirnyi and Murray puts away the volley. The Brits are right on top of the net now and they win a point against the serve to level at 5-5.

    Champions Tie-Break: Belarus 3-3 GB

    The Brits get off to the worst possible start as Belarus take the first point against the serve and race into a 3-0 lead. A Murray ace down the centre and some sharp volleying from Robson pegs it back to 3-2. More brilliant reflexes from Robson culminating in a volley that just catches the line and we're all square.

    Sam Smith, BBC Sport pundit

    "The din around this centre court has to be heard to be believed. How they would love to see another British gold medal."

    Game and second set- Mirnyi/Azarenka 2-6 6-3 Murray/Robson

    The Belarusians have really dominated this set, especially on the Mirnyi serve. Azarenka slams a volley winner, Robson nets a backhand and a forehand and we're level at one set all. Time for that Champions tie-break, with a gold medal on the line.

    *Mirnyi/Azarenka 2-6 5-3 Murray/Robson

    Mirnyi somehow dumps a backhand smash into the net with the court at his mercy, much to Azarenka's obvious chagrin and Robson slaps a winner down the line for 40-0. The Brits convert at the second attempt to reduce the deficit to two games.

    John Lloyd, BBC Sport pundit

    "Their opponents have both started to play better now so GB just need to keep on focussing out there. Robson has got to keep on going for it as she has been but it will come. Even if it isn't in this set there is still the tie-break set where anything can happen."


    Russian pair Maria Kirilenko and Nadia Petrova beat top seeds Liezel Huber and Lisa Raymond of the United States 4-6 6-4 6-1 to win the women's doubles bronze medal.

    Mirnyi/Azarenka 2-6 5-2 Murray/Robson*

    Some superb serving from Azarenka and clinical volleying from Mirnyi puts them within a game of parity. A reminder that if the Belarus pair do win this set, we will go to a Champions tie-break. The first to 10 points. You gotta win by two. Simple as that.

    BBC tennis correspondent Jonathan Overend on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "The tough thing for Andy Murray is sustaining that level of positivity he had at the start. You just sense that the momentum has shifted in the favour of Belarus."

    *Mirnyi/Azarenka 2-6 4-2 Murray/Robson

    Robson misses a volley wide but two big Murray serves put the Brits back in front. A superb volley from Muzza and and ace to Mirnyi's forehand side mean a game is pegged back.

    Sam Smith, BBC Sport pundit

    "The beast has been woken and Mirnyi is really starting to take control of this match now."

    Mirnyi/Azarenka 2-6 4-1 Murray/Robson*

    Mirnyi holds serve effortlessly and the Belarusians take a firm grip on this second set.

    Sam Smith, BBC Sport pundit

    "We have a momentum switch in this gold medal match."

    *Mirnyi/Azarenka 2-6 3-1 Murray/Robson

    Robson threads a pearler of a forehand down the line, but cancels it out with a wayward shot on the next point. Then Murray volleys long to hand the Belarusians their first break point. Mirnyi pounces at the net to snatch a 3-1 lead.

    John Lloyd, BBC Sport pundit

    "This is the big game coming right here. The first pressure game because the Brits have been so good from the start. Robson will serve and the Belarusian pair will think this is their best chance of getting a break, that's for sure."

    Mirnyi/Azarenka 2-6 2-1 Murray/Robson*

    Robson overcooks a volley, Mirnyi puts away a volley and Murray nets. Signs that the Belarus duo are starting to settle. Big game coming up with Robson to serve.

    *Mirnyi/Azarenka 2-6 1-1 Murray/Robson

    Murray is smiling again as a lovely top-spin forehand wrong-foots Mirnyi. I honestly don't think I've seen him serve as well as he has today. He rounds off the game with another piledriver that just catches the corner of the service box.


    Marcus Smith on Twitter: "Amazing no longer seems adequate to describe the performances of #TeamGB at #london2012"

    Clara on Twitter: "Team GB are doing their country proud!The supporters are not just the ones with tickets. People shouting at tv screens to!"


    BBC Radio 5 live tennis summariser Annabel Croft: "I thought Laura would feel a bit intimidated about playing against one of the biggest names in the women's game but she is not and is also relishing facing one of the biggest servers in the men's game."

    Mirnyi/Azarenka 2-6 1-0 Murray/Robson*

    So, what are Azarenka and Mirnyi made of? It's a good start as Mirnyi hammers down two aces and a couple of unreturnables to get the top seeds in front early in the second. The crowd respond with chants of "Team GB".

    John Lloyd, BBC Sport pundit

    "Mirnyi and Azarenka look very tight. Laura Robson is just hitting it and going for it. There are going to be times where she makes mistakes but she is hitting it so well the Belarusians aren't getting the points from her and that is where they were hoping was the weakness."

    Sam Smith, BBC Sport pundit

    "They have made a fantastic start to the match as well. Murray could probably fly today if you asked him to."

  33. 1804: 
    Game and first set- Mirnyi/Azarenka 2-6 Murray/Robson

    Murray is all over a pathetic return from Mirnyi to open up three set points. The first is saved as Murray dumps a volley into the net. The second is taken when Mirnyi loops long and would you believe it Team GB are one set away from another gold medal.

    Mirnyi/Azarenka 2-5 Murray/Robson*

    Murray is riding a wave at the moment, loving life, taking risks and firing winners off both flanks. He drills a forehand down the line to level at 30-30, but Robson nets to give the Belarussians game point. Azarenka goes toe to toe with Murray, and for once comes out on top as the Scot nets to surrender the game

    *Mirnyi/Azarenka 1-5 Murray/Robson

    Murray's serve is too fast for Azarenka and it's too fast for Mirnyi as he rounds off the game with an ace to put the British pair within striking distance of the first set.


    Judy Murray on how improved composure helped Andy in the men's final against Roger Federer: "This week in particular he has been very focused and very composed and I think that is the key to being able to consistently play great tennis.

    "Not panicking is what Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are very good at now. Andy is maturing all the time but there has been a big difference in his composure, particularly this weekend.

    "When he is composed can play consistently great tennis far more and that is what you need to do in the Slams, you need to be on it all the time. Hopefully he will have realised that and be able to take it with him for the rest of his career."


    GB cyclist Lizzie Armitstead on Twitter: "Think there should be a silver medal winners only club - me and Roger Federer can be president and secretary! GB incredible again + again!"

    Mirnyi/Azarenka 1-4 Murray/Robson*

    Mirnyi and Azarenka are all over the shop at the moment. Mirnyi inexplicably plants a simple volley wide of the tramlines, but makes amends with a solid smash. The game goes to deuce and the Belarus pair finally get themselves on the board as Robson drags a half-volley wide.

    John Lloyd, BBC Sport pundit

    "Laura Robson at the moment is the best player on the court."


    More from Judy Murray on Andy's Olympic gold medal: "Andy is maturing all the time but there has been a big difference in his composure, particularly this weekend. When he is composed can play consistently great tennis far more and that is what you need to do in the Slams, you need to be on it all the time. Hopefully he will have realised that and be able to take it with him for the rest of his career."

    *Mirnyi/Azarenka 0-4 Murray/Robson

    Robson's serve is purring and in the blink of an eye it's 30-0 to the Brits before a whipped forehand winner from Azarenka wins the Belarus pair a rair point. But Murray and Robson are all over this and a couple of crisp volleys later, it's 4-0.


    Dominic Daly on Twitter: "@andy_murray and @laurarobson5 have done so well to reach the final. Hopefully Murry's win earlier will spur them to another gold!"

    Sue McMullen on Twitter: "Lovely moment when a small boy asked Andy not for an autograph but a hug."

    Michael Mitchell on Twitter: "As good as Ennis and Murray and other GB athletes have been in London, Wiggins has been the best year all round."

    Mirnyi/Azarenka 0-3 Murray/Robson*

    Azarenka's serve is treated with utter disdain, with Robson in inspired form as she drills back shot after shot. Three break points are opened up and Murray drills a forehand at Azarenka's toes for the double break. It's becoming a familiar refrain at this Olympics - but is this really happening?


    Judy Murray talking about Andy's win in the singles: "It was incredible to be able to watch that, especially at Wimbledon and at the home Olympics. It was phenomenal, the whole thing. This week in particular he has been very focused and very composed and I think that is the key to being able to consistently play great tennis. Not panicking is what Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are very good at now."

    *Mirnyi/Azarenka 0-2 Murray/Robson

    Brilliant forceful doubles play from the Brits, Murray sending down the big serves and Robson putting away the volleys.

    Sam Smith, BBC Sport pundit

    "What a start for Murray and Robson. It's been lovely to watch how this pairing has evolved over the last week. Andy has been very protective of Laura, he is like an older brother."

    Mirnyi/Azarenka 0-1 Murray/Robson*

    Centre Court is still not quite full to bursting as Mirnyi gets us going with a blazing serve down the middle. Mirnyi nets a volley and Robson nails a return down the middle for 15-30. Another sharp return from Robbo opens up a break point. Can Murray convert it? No, he goes long and we're tied at deuce. Robson's on fire here as she puts away a volley. Murray laces one down the middle for another break point and converts with a powerful forehand return to Mirnyi's toes. What a start for the British pair.

  48. 1731: 

    A couple more Robbo factoids for you before we start. At 18 years and 197 days, Laura Robson will be the third youngest female Olympic tennis medallist in history. If Murray/Robson win the mixed doubles final, Robson would become the second youngest female Olympic tennis champion after Jennifer Capriati (16 yrs 132 days) in Barcelona in 1992.

    Enough of that, let's go.

  49. 1730: 

    Max Mirnyi is 35 and is known as the Beast of Belarus and I can see why. He is absolutely huge and has won lots of Grand Slam mixed doubles titles. Almost time for take-off.

  50. 1725: 

    Victoria Azarenka and Max Mirnyi are the first to enter this hallowed arena, followed by the GB pair. Still the music plays, ramping up the faux tension. Mirnyi is wearing a pair of shorts greener than the Wimbedon grass, with Azarenka in a skirt of the very same shade. Time for a gentle warm-up then we'll have a face-off for gold.


    Tom Perry on Twitter: "@bradwiggins, @J_Ennis or @andy_murray for @BBCSport Personality of the Year? Or just give them all itunes vouchers and call it a draw?"

    Laura Smith on Twitter: "This is amazing!! Three screens in our front room and I don't know which one to watch. So many amazing achievements! GB GB GB GB!!"

    Daniel Symes on Twitter: "Team GB on top form, looks like this is going to be a historic games for GB in more ways than one! #GoTeamGB"

  52. 1723: 

    We know plenty about Andy Murray, but what do we know about his playing partner Laura Robson? Well, most importantly, she has tasted success at Wimbledon before, winning the junior title in 2008 at the age of 14. Now 18, the British number three is currently ranked 98 in the world.

  53. 1717: 

    Still no sign of the players. Maybe they are struggling to get Murray down from the ceiling.

    Here's a bit more from Team GB's latest gold medal winner: "The atmosphere was unbelievable. I spoke to Ivan Lendl after the Wimbledon final and he said to me you'll never play under more presure than you did in the Wimbledon final.

    "I'm able to deal with the situations better now and I did, I felt much more comfortable on the court. They (the crowd) helped me get a few extra miles an hour on the last couple of serves. I went for some big serves and I got them. The whole week has been amazing. I hope they stick around for the next one (mixed doubles gold medal match)."

  54. 1714: 

    Dance music on the loudspeakers, and the compere announces the arrival of the ball boys/girls and line judges to cheers from the gathering masses. If they are the same ones they use for Wimbledon, I really wonder what they make of all this 'down with the kids' type stuff.

  55. 1709: 

    Centre Court is looking fairly deserted at the moment, while the punters have a brief refuel between matches. A brief refuel between GB gold medals? Who would have thunk it.

  56. 1703: 

    This is going to be a huge test for Murray and Robbo's fledgling partnership. Max Mirnyi and Victoria Azarenka of Belarus are the number one seeds for a reason and they reached the final by beating third seeded Americans Mike Bryan and Lisa Raymond 3-6 6-4 10-7 last night.

  57. 1654: 

    We've just had word that Murray and Robson's mixed doubles final will start at 1715. Just time for Murray to sink a couple of cold ones, sober up, and go out and win another gold medal. I joke, of course. Well, the first bit anyway.

    Tim Henman, Olympic silver medallist and BBC Sport tennis pundit

    "Murray won nine straight games. That just doesn't happen to Federer on a grass court. That's why Murray deserves gold, it's an unbelievable achievement. It can act as a huge stepping stone in terms of his career."


    GB tennis player Anne Keothavong on Twitter: "Brilliant performance from Andy Murray! Go and get another Gold in the mixed doubles now!"

    Tim Henman, Olympic silver medallist and BBC Sport tennis pundit

    "It's bizarre seeing a podium up on Centre Court of Wimbledon and Andy being up there. He seems to be in a bit of shock but hopefully he can get over it because he has to play again this afternoon."


    Olympic silver medallist Roger Federer after his straight-sets defeat by Andy Murray: "He was better, much better than I was today but I'm happy with silver. I had a very emotional tournament. Maybe I was emotionally drained but, nevertheless, I didn't think I played too badly, but things didn't go my way. It's unfortunate, but still a great day for me. Andy looked like he was never doubting himself and he was able to come through this time around. He's had a wonderful career already and I'm happy for him."

  62. 1640: 

    Was Federer knackered from his epic battle with Juan Martin Del Potro in the semi-final? Was he just out of sorts? Was Murray too good for him today? Let's hear from the man himself...


    Andy Murray on winning Olympic gold: "This was one of the biggest wins of my life. I have had a lot of tough losses in my career and this is the best way to come back from the Wimbledon final. This week has been incredible for me, the support has been amazing at all of the Olympic the events.

    "I watched the athletics last night and the way Mo Farah won gave me a boost coming into today. I didn't expect that [being crowned Olympic champion] at the start of the week. I thought I'd go deep into the tournament but I felt so fresh today. It's amazing."

  64. 1638: 

    Yes indeed Tim, let's not forget Murray will be playing again very soon, in the mixed doubles final with Laura Robson. They take on number one seeds Victoria Azarenka and Max Mirnyi of Belarus and if Murray wins, he will have claimed more golds in one day than Australia has in the whole of the Olympics.

    Tim Henman, Olympic silver medallist and BBC Sport tennis pundit

    "What a response from 28 days ago. 6-2 6-1 6-4 on Centre Court...he's not only beaten Federer, he's taken him apart. I think he wants more of this. How about double gold with Laura Robson later. There were tears of disappointment after the Wimbledon final but he should enjoy every minute of this."

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport tennis commentator

    "All the doubters who said he can't do it. Nonsense. There's no room for self-doubt. After this victory there could be so much more to come, but that's for another day, he must revel in this and enjoy it."


    Tyson Fazackerley on Twitter: "This opens the door for Murray to get a Slam win in the future #Slam"

    Janet H on Twitter: "Congratulations to Andy Murray on winning the Gold in men's singles tennis for Great Britain! A major victory!!"

    Laura on Twitter: "Andy Murray you smashed that. @TeamGB @sportscotland #proudtobebritish"

  68. 1632: 

    National anthem time now. Murray grins from ear to ear and sings along sheepishly, like a boy at the back of a school assembly who knows his teachers are watching. A couple of gulps, perhaps swallowing some tears. His mum Judy's in tears, that's for sure. There won't be a prouder mum in town. Bowie's Heroes now, and Murray drapes himself in a Union Jack. He looks so boyish today - I think it's because we've never seen him smile so much.

  69. 1630: 

    Federer salutes the crowd as he receives his silver medal but I wonder how he's feeling inside. Rarely has the 30-year-old suffered such a chastening defeat. Murray's up on the top step now and he holds it together well, breathing deeply, soaking it up. Hero.

  70. 1628: 

    Here come the players for the medal ceremony, with the Chariots of Fire theme tune playing in the background. First Juan Martin Del Potro, who won the bronze for Argentina, then silver winner Roger Federer and then the golden boy Andy Murray.

    John McEnroe, BBC Sport

    "That was a dream from Murray. I just can't believe he won that easily."

    Tim Henman, Olympic silver medallist and BBC Sport tennis pundit

    "Absolutely amazing. Everyone's been talking about whether the roof was going to be closed, who was going to be favourite. I had Federer as slight favourite, but to come out and play the greatest player in our sport and win in under two hours is just unbelievable. There's so much momentum on the British team and Andy has taken advantage of that. It's the best performance I've seen in a big match from him."


    Mark Mawdsley on Twitter: "I'm desperately needing sleep as working nights but how can you sleep when Team GB are on fire at every venue again? Awesome!"

    John McG on Twitter: "#TeamGB I just woke up from a dream. Ennis won. Rutherford won. Farah won. Ainslie won. Murray won. Def dream. Back to sleep."

    Paula Fairbairn on Twitter: "I think #Olymics2012 on @BBCSport has been the tonic that our country had needed. Well done to all our amazing athletes!"

  74. 1624: 

    Tim Henman's BBC interview with Sue Barker is interrupted by Andy Murray who taps him on the shoulder and gives him a big hug. I have never seen Murray smiling like this before. He is simply overjoyed.

  75. 1621: 

    It is Great Britain's first gold medal in tennis since 1908 when Josiah Ritchie (I know, me neither) won men's single's gold.


    Sean on Twitter: "We love you Murray, we do! What a match! #London2012 #TeamGB #Tennis"

    Jenny Woods on Twitter: "16 Golds #teamGB Excellent!"

    Nicola Kirsty Scott on Twitter: "Cue the tears. Fantastic by @andy_murray. Gold medal- well deserved. #teamGB"


    Andy Murray: "It's amazing. I didn't expect that . I was a bit tired after Wimbledon but I felt so fresh on the court today. I didn't feel nervous or anything on the court today. I've had a lot of tough losses in my career but this was the best way to come back from the Wimbledon final. I will never forget it."

  78. 1616: 

    Murray sprints back down and leaps onto the court, punching the air with glee. The Scot is on cloud nine, his mother is in tears - hell, I'm almost in tears. Andy, you were absolutely unstoppable today.

    BBC tennis correspondent Jonathan Overend on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Federer might have denied him at Wimbledon, but revenge was sweet, and golden. Four weeks ago he was crying in disappointment."

  80. 1616: 

    There are tears in Murray's eyes but this time they are tears of joy. And he's off, clambering his way into players' box to hug his girlfriend Kim, his coaches, and lastly his mother. Federer, meanwhile, trudges off the court a beaten man. I feel giddy. This is too much.

    MURRAY WINS OLYMPIC GOLD- Murray 6-2 6-1 6-4 Federer

    Murray wins the first point with a drilled forehand, but Federer pounces on a second serve to level at 15-15. A huge serve catches the outside of Federer's racquet then an ace for two match points. Focus Muzza, this is your time... It's an ace. Glory, glory days.

    *Murray 6-2 6-1 5-4 Federer

    Federer didn't win 17 Grand Slam singles titles by crumbling under pressure and just when he needs it most, he serves out to love. Murray will serve next though - the biggest service game of his life.

    Tim Henman, Olympic silver medallist and BBC Sport tennis pundit

    "It's another step towards Olympic gold for Murray, who has really given Federer no breathing space. The hitting has been so clean and he's forced Federer into unforced errors. Now Murray has to go in for the kill."

    Murray 6-2 6-1 5-3 Federer*

    Yet more power play from Murray helps him surge into a 30-0 lead and it's soon 40-0 as Federer drags a forehand into the tramlines. A sharp serve and volley finishes it off and puts Murray one game away from gold.


    Killian Carolan on Twitter: "Federer's not tired. The Maestro doesn't get tired. Murray's just incredible."

    Ryan Scott on Twitter: "Murray is about to make history #MagicMurray"

    *Murray 6-2 6-1 4-3 Federer

    This could all be over very quickly. Murray races into a 0-30 lead on the Federer serve but is beaten by a sliced one out wide. A whipped forehand is too good for Federer and Murray has two more break points. Federer saves them both, then shows a rare glimmer of his true calibre with a beautiful half-volleyed drop-shot. A monster rally follows, but Federer wins it to keep his hopes alive.

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport tennis commentator

    "Every time Federer throws some heat down to Murray, Murray returns it again and again. He can begin to see the finishing line and it is really thrilling to watch. But it is one point at a time, like climbing a ladder."

    Murray 6-2 6-1 4-2 Federer*

    What is happening to royal Roger? Surely he's not going to go down without a fight. A horribly weak sliced backhand loops into the net to put Murray 30-0 up, then a half-court shot is gobbled up by the rampant Scot. Murray clinches the game with another clean winner and is yet to lose a point on his serve this set. Plenty more screaming and shouting. Start dusting off the podium.

    *Murray 6-2 6-1 3-2 Federer

    A huge forehand from Murray, looping and dipping across the court, makes it 15-30, then a low drive to Federer's feet for two break points. He seizes the first one with a sizzling cross-court backhand. This is absolutely Murray's gold medal to lose now and the crowd sense more GB glory.

    Tim Henman, Olympic silver medallist and BBC Sport tennis pundit

    "Things can turn turn quickly so Murray has to stay on top of his game, stay calm. Federer's trying to impose himself but the execution is just not there. Right now, with the platform he has got, Murray's in a great position."

    Murray 6-2 6-1 2-2 Federer*

    More sharp serving from Murray - there's been some great variation in his delivery today - and Federer can't find the answers as the GB man serves out to love.

    BBC Sport's Chris Bevan in the Velodrome

    "Huge cheers in the Velodrome. Nothing new there. But it's not another GB track cycling gold medal/world record this time... it's just been announced that Andy Murray is two sets up."

    *Murray 6-2 6-1 2-1 Federer

    Federer is trying to impose himself on the match, but amazingly his technique fails him again as he puts a straightforward volley out. It's 30-30 but the Swiss keeps his cool to serve out and get his nose in front in this third set.

    *Murray 6-2 6-1 1-1 Federer

    Great response from Murray as he responds to Federer's love service game with one of his own. Just seen the stats from the second set and Federer failed to take a single one of his seven break points. What on earth has got into him?

    *Murray 6-2 6-1 0-1 Federer

    A confident start to the second set from Federer as he storms through his opening service game and wins it to love. Has he been toying with us?

    David Ornstein, BBC Sport at Wimbledon

    "I don't think anyone at Centre Court can quite believe what they are witnessing. Andy Murray leads the great Roger Federer by two sets to love in the Olympic men's singles final. The British number one is now within touching distance of the biggest title of his career - a gold medal. Will he see it out? The crowd think so."

    BRONZE MEDAL- Juan Martin Del Potro wins bronze

    Over on Court One, Juan Martin del Potro upsets world number two Novak Djokovic to win a bronze medal for Argentina in the Olympic men's singles. The eighth seed overcomes his Serbian opponent 7-5 6-4 in an hour and 48 minutes.


    Moteyeb Qureshi "Only Man United can come back better than Federer. This isn't over yet."

    Lindsay Trelford on Twitter: "Hopefully I'm not jinxing this but if only Murray played like this a few weeks ago at Wimbledon. Go Murray!"

    Game and second set Murray- Murray 6-2 6-1 Federer*

    Another half-chance for Federer at 15-30, but Murray responds with a punishing backhand pass. Murray is scrapping for every point as if his life depended on it, but there are signs of improvement from Federer as he works Murray around the court to open up a break point. Murray saves it, and a slip from Federer him Murray a set point. Federer lands one long - Murray is on the march and his path is paved with gold.

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport tennis commentator

    "Sir Mervyn King, the governor of the Bank of England, is in the crowd. He knows something about Swiss gold, but I'm not sure we're going to see any of that on Centre Court today. Murray is on automatic pilot and making Federer's life a total misery."

    *Murray 6-2 5-1 Federer

    The deftest of drop shots from Federer finally stops the rot as he wins his first game in an hour. Murray will now serve for a two set lead.

    David Ornstein, BBC Sport at Wimbledon

    "Federer is playing at nowhere near his imperious best -has he ever previously hit a double-fault on break point? - but take nothing away from Murray. He's dealing with everything thrown at him quite brilliantly and taking the initiative whenever possible. They call David Ferrer 'The Wall' but the Spaniard is in danger of losing that title to Murray. He has answers to every question, and the fans are giving him greater support with every passing point."

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport tennis commentator

    "There are babies crying, mobiles going off. . . . .but this is mature play by Murray. You never want to tempt fate, but you have to say this is looking good for Murray. This is a very gutsy performance."

    Murray 6-2 5-0 Federer*

    Easy peasy lemon squeezy, Murray is so bright and breezy. Federer gets a half-chance at 15-30 on the Murray serve but he pushes a forehand long and Murray doesn't give him another glimpse. Nine games on the bounce.


    Matt Everett on Twitter: "Might help Federer if he actually turned up. Come on Murray!"

    Charlie Watson on Twitter: "Murray is giving Federer nothing. This is fantastic tennis."

    Mike M on Twitter: "Hopping between tennis and gymnastics. The veritable buffet on offer continues. I need another telly!"

    Tim Henman, Olympic silver medallist and BBC Sport tennis pundit

    "You sometimes watch Federer and think everything comes easy to him. That's certainly not the case today. You can hear Federer trying to get himself fired up. But it's vital Murray keeps this momentum, it's one way traffic at the moment."

    *Murray 6-2 4-0 Federer

    Touch Murray now and you'll burn your fingers - the man is one fire as he rips another backhand past the outstretched arms of the greatest player ever to lift a racquet. Federer leads 40-15 but then the doubts appear again and Murray pounces to take it to deuce and win a break point with a blistering backhand that's too hard for the Fedster. A double fault from Federer seals his fate and hands Murray his eighth game in a row. Incroyable!


    Jez Davison on Twitter: "Plenty of Henman-esque fist pumps from Murray. A good sign I feel."

    David Ornstein, BBC Sport at Wimbledon

    "Murray strikes early in the second set before saving six immediate break-back points to extend his lead and turn Centre Court into a cauldron of noise and celebration. Renditions of "Murray! Murray!" and "GB! GB!" are reverberating around the old stadium. Federer's support team look dejected and the man himself a little irked. The sun continues to shine and more than a few spectators are sporting rosy cheeks - a small price to pay if they get to see a British men's singles gold medallist. So far so good…"


    Alan Green on Twitter: "Four big screens at Hyde Park, but everyone's watching the Murray match. Huge crowd here."

    Darryn Mutch on Twitter: "Andy is playing like a man possessed, just hope he can keep it up."

    Murray 6-2 3-0 Federer*

    An match within a match. Just when it was all looking so rosy Murray misses a couple of first serves, then pushes a loose forehand horribly wide to hand Federer two break points. Murray saves the first and somehow withstands and absolute barrage to take it to deuce. Murray saves two more break points with body serves but Federer is not going to give this up without a fight and just keeps on hammering the ball back at the Scot. Six break points are saved in total, and just when Federer looks certain to gain a second, Murray picks up a backhand off the floor and somehow pulls off an incredible winner down the line. Federer goes long and the game is up.


    Dan Higgins on Twitter: "First blood Murray, now get that gold medal Andy!

    Bryan Butterwick on Twitter: "Wow - Centre Court are going wild! This really is Wimbledon but not as we know it."

    *Murray 6-2 2-0

    Astonishing. Federer begins his first service game of the second set by dumping the simplest of smashes into the net. It's 0-30, second serve and Murray gets a helping hand from a net cord to earn himself three break points. The gods are smiling on Muzza as another net cord causes the ball to loop over Federer's racquet and land in the corner of the court. Murray has broken again! Stirring stuff.

    Tim Henman, Olympic silver medallist and BBC Sport tennis pundit

    "Federer is up against it. Murray made a great start in the Wimbledon final and got the first set, and he has done the same thing here. But sport is all about playing in the present tense. He played a great first set but now he's got to start all over again. He needs to keep this momentum, keep the pressure on Federer."

    Murray 6-2 1-0 Federer*

    This is all looking very good for Murray as he opens the second set with a really solid service game, winning it to 15. The Scot looks calm, focused and determined. Can he break the Fed serve for the third time in a row?

    David Ornstein, BBC Sport at Wimbledon

    "A cheer as loud as any we've heard at Wimbledon this week as Murray reels off a thumping backhand pass to seal the 37-minute first set. "GB! GB!" is the din swirling around Centre Court before a Mexican wave and a round of applause for its completion. Murray is in pole position to win gold, but there's a long way to go yet."

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport tennis commentator

    "This is heavy hitting by Murray, if in doubt then smack it and that's what he's done. The first break was greeted by the biggest roar. Federer is not looking good as this point but if you have got him down then you need to finish him off. But Murray is playing clean tennis at the moment."


    Venus Williams on her and sister Serena's plans to try and win Olympics women's doubles gold for a fourth time at Rio 2016: "Serena always said we wanted to win the gold together.

    "I'm amazed she won the singles and our main goal was to win the doubles, so we got both and it's amazing."

    Game and first set Murray- *Murray 6-2 Federer

    Another uncharacteristic error from Federer as he fluffs a simple backhand volley and gives Murray a sniff of the set at 15-30. A big serve makes it 30-30, but Murray gobbles up the next serve and wraps up the set by pummelling a backhand down the line. First blood to Murray. The crowd erupts.

    David Ornstein, BBC Sport at Wimbledon

    "First blood to Murray and the decibel levels raise several notches inside Centre Court. The Union flags are fluttering, Murray's support team are on their feet. Federer seems out of sorts and judging by the look on the faces of many of his fans, they are worried about their man's chances today."

    What a shot!- Murray 5-2 Federer*

    I'm losing count of the number of unforced errors from Roger Federer - maybe it's credit to the power and precision of Murray's groundstrokes. At 30-30 Murray produces one of his very best shots, whipping a forehand cross-court past the Swiss and dipping it inside the court. It's deuce and Murray unfurls a 138mph rocket - his fastest serve of the week- and rounds off the game with a blunderbus of an ace.


    Women's singles champion Serena Williams, who successfully defended her doubles title alongside sister Venus earlier today, on their victory: "It was so exciting to win the singles, but like I said at the beginning of the tournament my goal was to get gold in doubles here. There's something about standing next to Venus and holding that gold medal. Three times we have played, three times we have got the gold medal. So we are pretty stoked about it."

    Tim Henman, Olympic silver medallist and BBC Sport tennis pundit

    "Fortune favours the brave and these are excellent tactics by Murray. He is proactive and looking very comfortable in these baseline exchanges. He has settled down very quickly."

    *Murray 4-2 Federer

    This match is bubbling up very nicely as Murray ends a barn-storming rally with a backhand winner down the line to go 30-0 up. Once again Federer snuffs out the danger, but at game point, the Swiss drags a backhand wide to take it to deuce. Federer nets to give Murray break point and a short volley from the Swiss opens the door, but Murray can't scoop his forehand over the net. Another Federer error, another break point, and this time Murray gets it as Federer's backhand doesn't clear the tape.

    Just a quick one to let you know that sailor Ben Ainslie has won Britain's 15th gold medal of the Games. Can Murray make it sweet 16?


    Rishil Patel on Twitter: "I love the Fed. I think he's one of the most naturally talented sportsman ever. But he just cannot win today. He just CAN'T!"

    Edward Ditchfield on Twitter: "Am I a traitor for wanting Federer to win? The greatest player of all time deserves to win the only title that has eluded him."

    Murray 3-2 Federer*

    A weak sliced backhand from Murray opens up an opportunity for Federer at 15-30. A clever top-spin serve and a couple of powerhouses down the centre make it 3-2 to Murray and GB.

    David Ornstein, BBC Sport at Wimbledon

    "Ear-splitting cheers for both Murray and Federer as play begins on a packed Centre Court. Remember, this is a best-of-five sets match - a format over which Murray has never beaten Federer. The tournament has been best-of-three sets until now. This is the ultimate test."

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport tennis commentator

    "There is no question the Olympic tennis event has gone up in stature and status in the tennis world. There's certainly a feeling this could be Murray's final. Whereas a Wimbledon crowd is slightly more balanced, the support for this is one sided in Murray's favour."

    *Murray 2-2 Federer

    Federer has already found an ominous groove with his serve and Murray is struggling to get his racket anywhere near the ball as the Swiss takes a 30-0 lead. Finally, the Scot connects and two fine returns level the game at 30-30. Then Federer pushes a forehand long and suddenly Murray has a break point. Federer saves it with an ace and races over the line.

    Murray 2-1 Federer*

    In my humble opinion Federer's backhand is one of the most beautiful sights in sport and he rockets one down the line to win the first point of the game. Murray hits back with some big first serves and wins the game as Federer dumps a return into the net.

  131. 1424: 
    That's a record

    A record 719,000 people turned out to watch Olympic events on Saturday - 92% of London 2012's capacity - according to Games organisers Locog. So far, a total of about 5.1 million spectators have watched the Games, including more than one million visitors to the Olympic Park in Stratford, east London.

    *Murray 1-1 Federer

    Federer opens with an ace and doesn't look back as he wins his first service game to love. A powerful early statement from the Swiss world number one.


    Pholaby on Twitter: "This might seem very unusual to those that know what love I have for Federer, but I think Murray might just get lucky today."

    Danny Currie on Twitter: "Come on Andy Murray - he took your Wimbledon title, you take his gold medal."

    Murray 1-0 Federer*

    Federer, looking resplendent in red, is the sharper out of the blocks, taking the game to Murray with some booming deep groundstrokes to open up two breaks points. Murray holds his nerve and saves them both as Federer nets twice with backhands. Two big serves and the first game is in the bag for Murray and Great Britain.

    Tim Henman, Olympic silver medallist and BBC Sport tennis pundit

    "The momentum has been building for this final. Murray is a big sports fan and he will have seen what has been going on with the athletics, rowing and cycling. He will want a gold medal himself."

  136. 1417: 

    Warm-ups are over. Murray will serve first with Olympic gold at stake. Cross everything.

  137. 1417: 

    Murray and Federer are out on court warming up in the warm sunshine and you're in the right place to follow every game. Meanwhile if you want to follow Ben Ainslie's bid for sailing gold and all other things Olympics join Chris Bevan right now.

    John McEnroe, BBC Sport

    "Murray for me is playing even better than at Wimbledon. His game against Djokovic was the best I've ever seen him play in a big game. The stars are aligned. The crowd are too polite during the Wimbledon Grand Slam event, and if he gets off at to a good start, he could do it today. In the game against Djokovic he seemed to play better when things went wrong. It was the hardest I have ever seen him hit the ball. I wouldn't play at the Olympics in 1988 as I thought it was a joke the professionals could play, now everyone thinks it is a good thing. I think the Olympics tennis tournament is almost on par with a Grand Slam and it should be viewed that way."

  139. 1411: 

    Rich and Chris have got the idea, but let's not leave them debating this on their own. Get in touch via Twitter on the hashtag #bbc2012 or text on 81111 (UK). What does Murray need to do to win? Is this his time? Would silver still be a decent return from the Scot? Let me know.


    Rich on Twitter: "Andy Murray, this is your time. Bring home the gold for Team GB."

    Chris Coole on Twitter: "Come on Murray! We believe you can beat him."

  141. 1406: 

    I have visions of a man somewhere in the bowels of Centre Court slowly winding a pulley to part the two sides of the roof and reveal the sunny skies that lurk above. The crowd are cheering and the purple-clad ball boys and girls receive huge cheers as they dance onto the court and pelt a few balls in the direction of BBC pundits Henman and McEnroe on their way round.

    Tim Henman, Olympic silver medallist and BBC Sport tennis pundit

    "It's the toughest task in tennis right now to beat the Wimbledon champion and world number one but he can beat Roger. In the Wimbledon final he definitely had opportunities. The way Andy is playing and with the crowd support, he could cause an upset.

    "From Federer's point of view, he played a four-and-a-half hour match against Juan Martin del Potro to win 19-17 in the third set so he will be feeling a little bit sore.

    "Andy knows that he has got a busy day but he is phenomenal shape and he is going to give his best in both matches."

  143. 1400: 

    Some facts and figures for you. Murray and Federer have met 16 times before, with each player winning eight times. The Swiss is bidding for his first Olympic gold at the fourth time of asking, while Murray is competing at the Games for the first time.

    In the semi-finals, Roger Federer overcame Argentina's Juan Martin Del Potro in the longest best-of-three set match in Open history at four hours and 26 minutes. Murray, meanwhile, looked in the form of his life in dispatching Novak Djokovic 7-5 7-5.

    Dare to believe. Why not? Greg Rutherford did….

  144. 1359: 
    The roof is closed

    There's a buzz of anticipation on Centre Court where the roof is currently closed following some heavy downpours in west London, but they will open it in time for this match. That could be good news for Andy Murray after Federer seemed to scale new heights when it was closed midway through the second set of their Wimbledon final.

    Moments ago on Centre Court, Venus and Serena Williams won the doubles gold medal for the third time, beating Czech pair Lucie Hradecka and Andrea Hlavackova 6-4 6-4 in the final.

  145. 1352: 

    Yes folks, this afternoon Andy Murray has his chance to strut his stuff on the dance floor at what is turning into one of the greatest parties Great Britain has ever known. First he takes on Roger Federer in the men's singles final at 14:00 BST, and then, after a 45-minute break, Murray and Laura Robson will face number one seeds Victoria Azarenka and Max Mirnyi of Belarus in the mixed doubles final.

    Win them both and Team GB's gold medal count (providing Ben Ainslie delivers the goods this afternoon) could be up to 17 with one week of the Olympics still to go. Pinch yourself? I think if I punched myself in the face I still wouldn't believe it.

  146. 1350: 

    Four weeks ago to the day, Andy Murray melted the hearts of a nation when he broke down in tears on Centre Court following a crushing defeat by Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final.

    Today, on the very same court, against the very same formidable opponent, and with a now adoring public cheering every swish of his racquet, Murray has the chance to gain revenge and win an Olympic gold medal on home soil.

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