London 2012 Olympics: Day 16 afternoon session

Britain's Samantha Murray wins a modern pentathlon silver in the final event of the Games after Anthony Joshua wins GB's 29th gold and fellow boxer Fred Evans takes silver.

12 August 2012 Last updated at 19:00

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As it happened

  1. 1900: 

    The cleaners are sweeping up around our feet and New York New York is blaring from the ghettoblaster. It can only mean one thing. It's time to wish Eddie Butler was here to write a poetic verse on what has been a fortnight of sporting theatre to inspire not only a generation, but every generation on these shores.

    Unfortunately, Eddie couldn't be with us for the final live text entry of London 2012 so instead we'll just link arms and sway while remembering the laughter, the tears and the numerous golden moments. We've had celebrations to cherish, witnessed the Baltimore Bullet become the greatest of the greats and were there when Usain Bolt fulfilled his dream of becoming a "living legend". As ever, thank you for your contributions and thank you for joining us on what has been an unforgettable 16 days. Our colleagues will guide you through live text commentary on the closing ceremony. Cheerio!


    Elkatraz on Twitter: "FINALLY, something to moan about, regarding the Olympics! ! One Direction to feature in the closing ceremony."

    Moz Chughtai on Twitter: "#bbc2012 in a state of denial and depression that the Games are over. Loved every second of it. Hoping the closing ceremony will cheer me up."

    Christopher Laishley on Twitter: "Is anyone planning anything for the next three weeks? If not, fancy starting again? #BBC2012 #London2012 #olympics."

  3. 1853: 

    So, we're coming to the end of the greatest show on earth, but before we go it's been a pleasure to have brought the XXX Olympiad to you through our live text commentaries and across the website and all of our digital services. It's been a big team effort from all of those in BBC Sport's interactive department.


    Paul, via text: "I am so,so proud of everyone who has made these games such a success, from the bid team, the organisers, volunteers, officials and competitors to the British public who have supported not only our athletes with huge enthusiasm but those of all the Olympic family...Well done all & thank you."

    Steve, via text: "Most impressive thing for me was the superb customer service, whether in the park, on the tube everywhere. Gold medal for everyone. Just hope that attitude can be kept in everyday life. That could be the real legacy."

    David, via text: "Whatever you do don't look at next weeks tv guide - its missing something big. Think i might have to rerun everything on the iplayer."

  5. 1848: 

    The list of Britain's gold medallists is a long one and Her Majesty will certainly be kept busy for an hour or two when she's handing out those New Year's Honours gongs.

    Arise Helen Glover, Heather Stanning, Bradley Wiggins, Tim Baillie, Etienne Stott, Peter Wilson, Katherine Grainger, Anna Watkins, Philip Hindes, Jason Kenny, Sir Chris Hoy, Ed Clancy, Geraint Thomas, Steven Burke, Peter Kennaugh, Dani King, Laura Trott, Joanna Rowsell, Scott Brash, Nick Skelton, Ben Maher, Peter Charles, Victoria Pendleton, Pete Reed, Andy Triggs Hodge, Tom James, Alex Gregory, Sophie Hosking, Katherine Copeland, Jessica Ennis, Greg Rutherford, Mo Farah, Ben Ainslie, Andy Murray, Jason Kenny, Alistair Brownlee, Laura Bechtolsheimer, Carl Hester, Charlotte Dujardin, Nicola Adams, Jade Jones, Ed McKeever, Luke Campbell and Anthony Joshua.

  6. 1847: 

    It all began on Golden Wednesday, in a glittering lake at Eton Dorney and moved from the shooting range to the choppy waters at Lee Valley. The current was stronger than we ever imagined possible and the gold continued to flow; from Weymouth to Hyde Park, from the taekwondo mat to the hallowed turf at SW19, to the Velodrome, Greenwich Park, the Olympic Stadium before, finally, coming to an end in the boxing ring.

  7. 1847: 

    Sam Murray could not manage a gold medal but Britain sit proudly in third spot in the medal table with a grand total of 29 gleaming golds.


    Paul, via text: "All of this will be in vain unless we ALL take responsibility for the legacy. Go for a kickabout, take your kids to the local harriers, ride your bike to work...Team GB may have been made up of 500 odd athletes, but now there's 62 million of us."

    Ian, via text: "I've played the lottery since it started but never really won much, but now feel I've won the jackpot seeing ALL the GB athletes performing so well as a result of the funding from it. Well done all, and here's to Rio!"

    Adrian, via text: "There is going to be a huge hole in our lives when the games finish but lets not forget the Paralympics... More inspiration, more excitement!!!!"


    Phillip Schofield on Twitter: "What am I going to do with myself now!! #aftertheolympics"

    Sir Matthew Pinsent on Twitter: "I'm taking a night off twitter I think. Going to Closing with Mrs P. See you all tomorrow. Wonderful to be part of this, just wonderful."


    Irregular Guy on Twitter: "Performances and words that have inspired all of us to get our personal Golds! London 2012 - Thank you!"

    Andrew Long on Twitter: "Over 16 days I've gone from not wanting #London2012 to start, to not wanting it to finish. Sport really is incredible isn't it?"

    Dazza on Twitter: "#BBC2012 can't believe it's all over, it's been a wonderful showpiece for British sport, loved every minute, thanks all in #TeamGB"

  11. 1836: 
    MEDAL CEREMONY- Women's modern pentathlon

    Ross and Nicola, via text: "Amazing people, amazing performances, amazing results and my amazing wife and I are just waiting to go into what will be an amazing closing ceremony to celebrate an amazing 10 years of marriage. How to sum that up - one word - London2012!!

    Beverley, via text: "Thank you to all of Team GB for giving us all an absolutely wonderful and unique two weeks. You have ALL been inspirational and we are sooo proud of you!"

    Saul, via text: "My six mates and I have just organised a mini Olympics to take place over the next few weekends: 200m freestyle, 400m, 10m pistols, badminton, 1km erg, weightlifting and tennis! I consider us inspired!"


    Rose Procter on Twitter: "Clitheroe, a market town of 14000 people, has 2 medallists now! Sam Murray and Jonny Schofield - how fantastic!"

    Joio_tenis on Twitter: "So many highlights! The Gamesmakers and all volunteers have been outstanding. Also the national pride will live with me forever."

    Jez Storey on Twitter: "@_samanthamurray Fantastic & well done for great silver medal to round off great 2wks - great interview & words true inspiration."

  14. 1829: 

    Great Britain only failed to win a medal of any colour on day one (Saturday 28 July) and day 12 (Wednesday 8 Aug) during the Olympics.

    Which, if like me, you remember going for days and days at a time without as much as a bronze to celebrate in Atlanta or Barcelona, is incredible.

    Remember these days people, we may never see the likes again...

  15. 1825: 

    Inspirational words from Sam Murray in that last sentence.


    Sam Murray after winning silver in the modern pentathlon: "I had a lot to make up on the run, I needed that. I've made a few mistakes today which set me back but I came through in the end. I'm just so pleased, my legs kept running for me. Up the hills was so steep and I just kept working hard.

    "Four years ago I was doing my A-levels at school, I'd started pentathlon but I was by no means performing on an international level.

    "Since then I've come through the ranks, won some medals along the way and made it to the Olympic Games.

    "Honestly, if you have a goal - if there's anything you want to achieve in life - don't let anybody get in your way. You can do it. If I can do it, and I'm a normal girl, anyone can do what they want to do."


    Mark Woodyatt on Twitter: "I'm going to miss the Olympics. Never felt so proud in my life to be British."

    Justin Visser on Twitter: "No more sport in London 2012... Sad times."

    Jamie Williams on Twitter: "Awww I don't what the Olympics to end."


    Jack, via text: "Brilliant opening ceremony, brilliant volunteers, brilliant army, brilliant athletes! No pressure for the closing ceremony..."

    Alex, via text: "What was my highlight? Bert le Clos, what a hero."

    What has been your highlight? Let us know on Twitter - using the hashtag #BBC2012 - or text in on 81111.

  19. 1822: 

    Great Britain won three or more golds on six different days at these Games, which is a remarkable stat in itself.

    Our 'greatest day' came on Day 8 (Saturday 4 August) with six golds - Katherine Copeland & Sophie Hosking (rowing), Men's Four (rowing), Women's Team Pursuit (cycling), Jessica Ennis (athletics), Greg Rutherford (athletics), Mo Farah (athletics).

  20. 1821: 

    Olympic silver medallist Heather Fell on BBC Radio 5 live: "To finish the Olympic Games with another medal was such an amazing moment. For Sam Murray this is going to be life-changing. It is so emotional. This girl would never have dreamt of this moment after her start in the fencing."

    Steph Cook, Olympic gold medallist and BBC Sport pundit

    "For Sam Murray to come through and take the silver medal was fantastic. She didn't have the greatest of starts in the fencing, but she put it right. She held it together so well on the shooting range when the pressure on her must have been immense. She gave it her all in the running.

    "Laura Asadauskaite was a worthy winner, and Sam couldn't chase her down. But to do what she's done in front of a home crowd is so special. I think she's going to be inspiring a few youngsters. It's fantastic that she's kept that tradition of British medals going in the modern pentathlon."

  22. 1818: 

    Yep - 65 medals for Great Britain then.

    That's the second-best haul ever from this country - behind the ridiculous 146 won in London in 1908 - but it's the best post-war total, smashing the 47 from Beijing.


    Team GB on Twitter: "We can't believe it - that takes our total to 65 - yes SIXTY FIVE. The best Olympics ever? Congrats to all our medallists #OurGreatestTeam"

  24. 1815: 

    Sam Murray is loving this - absolutely loving it. And why not?

    A silver medal from a British woman to end the Games, neatly mirroring the silver won by Lizzie Armitstead which got it all going all those days ago.

  25. 1812: 

    British pentathletes have now won medals at all four Games since the women's event was introduced in 2000. What a performance.

  26. 1811: 
    SILVER MEDAL- Sam Murray (Women's modern pentathlon)

    Sam Murray ends these Olympics in style. The 22-year-old from Preston takes Great Britain's 65th medal of these Games. What an effort.

  27. 1811: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Laura Asadauskaite, LTH (Women's modern pentathlon)

    A huge win for Laura Asadauskaite, with Briton Sam Murray taking silver behind her.

  28. 1809: 

    Sam Murray holds second place over this final km run - almost there...

  29. 1808: 

    Sam Murray is into second place!

    Steph Cook, Olympic gold medallist and BBC Sport pundit

    "She's trained so hard, Sam Murray. Her running has improved immensely. It's a case of holding it together in the shoot now."

  31. 1806: 

    Laura Asadauskaite is streaking away at the front, it looks like gold for the Lithuanian - but Sam Murray is now up into third place!

    We could have another medal here.


    Russ, via text: "I was there for Ennis/Rutherford/Farah. Got so carried away I went to hug the guy next to me, realised it was weird, so gave him an odd punch on the arm instead. Obviously my highlight. Probably not so much his."

    Ali, via text: "The entire games have been a highlight. From Day 1 to the very last. Ultimately, for me, it is the people that helped make it what it was! The People's Games, it should be known as."

    What has been your highlight? Let us know on Twitter - using the hashtag #BBC2012 - or text in on 81111.

  33. 1804: 

    Laura Asadauskaite catches up Yane Marques at the front after the second lot of shooting and they are neck-and-neck at the front.

    And Sam Murray has a good shoot to put herself back in contention for the bronze.

  34. 1802: 

    Sam Murray is back in the pack here - a medal looks a long shot at the moment.

  35. 1801: 

    Sam Murray is chasing down the top three - while Yane Marques has made a break for gold after the first lot of shooting.

  36. 1759: 

    We are off...

  37. 1757: 

    Briton Sam Murray will start the run-shoot pentathlon finale eight seconds off the lead and six seconds off a medal, in fourth place.

    Leader Laura Asadauskaite of Lithuania will head out onto the course first, at the same time as Brazil's Yane Marques who has the same score. Then, two seconds later, France's Amelie Caze will be allowed to go.

    Six seconds after Caze, Murray will start. Then it's up to her to run faster over the three-kilometre course, and shoot quickly on the three occasions she reaches the shooting range during that run, to make up the time and get a medal.

    It's possible guys. Possible.

  38. 1755: 

    Here we go then - it's all about to kick-off in Greenwich. Can Sam Murray bring back one final medal?

  39. 1752: 

    Further comment from UK Athletics head coach Charles van Commenee, speaking about his future to BBC TV's Phil Jones: "I've made the point many times when I was asked: 'What do you do if the target is not hit?' For me at the moment, it doesn't change.

    "But I promise to leave that for a while and we'll get back to that when the time is right. Today, I think we have to savour the athletes' moments, because that's what they deserve."

  40. 1750: 

    UK Athletics head coach Charles van Commenee, speaking to BBC TV's Phil Jones: "It's clear that we had a target of eight medals. so there are mixed feelings. But there is plenty to celebrate and to remember. There were real iconic moments.

    "We finished fourth in the [overall] medal tally for athletics, which is exceptional for us. I think we made a nation proud and we can look back at it for a long time with a smile on our face."

  41. 1749: 

    The finishing line is in sight now - so what have been your personal highlights of the London 2012 Games?

    Let us know on Twitter - using the hashtag #BBC2012 - or text in on 81111.

  42. 1743: 

    The final medals of these Games will be decided within the next 40 minutes as the conclusion of the women's modern pentathlon is played out at Greenwich Park.

    Can Sam Murray emulate the likes of Eunice Huthart and win her Gladiators-style eliminator and get a medal for Great Britain?

    Let's hope so people, let's hope so.

  43. 1733: 

    Baroness Sue Campbell, chair of UK Sport, hopes Charles van Commenee will remain as UK Athletics' head coach. She tells BBC's Gabby Logan: "I would like to see Charles stay on. He's not been there very long, considering how long it takes to shape a performance system.

    "He's got a huge amount to contribute and we hope he does stay with us."

  44. 1722: 

    Baroness Sue Campbell, the chair of UK Sport, speaking to BBC's Gabby Logan about the Olympics legacy for Great Britain: "In the past, Britain has invested in individuals and coaches, but not a system. So when those individuals have moved on, we haven't been able to build on that.

    "We've won more medals in more sports at these Games. We won medals in 16 sports - six more than in Beijing. There's scope for improvement, given the right investment. The crowd have undoubtedly given our athletes an edge but I think we can celebrate where we are and then really push on to Rio."

  45. 1722: 

    Do you own a sword, a gun, a horse and some swimming trunks?

    You are either:

    a) A member of the military from the 18th Century; or

    b) A wannabe modern pentathlete.

    If you fancy taking on this bizarre, brilliant sport, have a read of our guide which will tell you just how you can get involved.

    Ollie Williams, BBC Sport at the modern pentathlon

    "Eight seconds to the leader and six seconds to third is no time at all - 30-second gaps or more have been made up in the past. But Sam Murray has to get her run-shoot absolutely right to earn herself a medal.

    "Even Mhairi Spence, in 14th place 38 seconds off the lead, is not totally out of the picture, but it really would take a Herculean effort from her and mistakes further up the leaderboard for world champion Spence to get on the podium."

    Ollie Williams, BBC Sport at the modern pentathlon

    "At this point, a medal is not out of the question at all for Great Britain.

    "Put simply, Sam Murray has to hold her nerve in the run-shoot, which is all about steadying your heart rate. Run too fast and you won't be able to aim the laser pistol properly (you need to hit the target five times in 70 seconds, ideally much quicker than that). Run too slowly and it won't matter how fast you shoot, the field will leave you behind."

  48. 1714: 

    Anthony Joshua won super-heavyweight gold earlier on, but you may recall that silver-placed man Roberto Cammarelle was not happy about the decision.

    The Italian led by three points going into the final round and appealed against the decision.

    He said: "I worked very hard over the last few years to win this. I thought that I had scored enough points to have won.

    "I did everything I could. I don't understand the score - where did they get all the points they gave him at the end?"

    "We tried to get an explanation but we didn't get one."

    Clare Balding, BBC Sport presenter

    "Sam Murray will be thinking, 'I can still win this modern pentathlon.' The shooting will have a major impact. It is a test of your ability to calm yourself down again after the adrenaline rush of the showjumping. This is going to be a gripping end to these Olympics."

  50. 1706: 
    WATER POLO- Croatia (men's water polo)

    Croatia's water polo team secure their country's fifth Olympic gold of the Games after a 8-6 victory over Italy.

  51. 1705: 

    The NBA All-stars jump for joy at the hooter and Bruce Springsteen's 'Born in the USA' rings around the arena. North Greenwich is awash with stars and stripes flags. That's the Dream Team's 14th Olympic basketball gold out of a possible 19.

    Ollie Williams, BBC Sport at the modern pentathlon

    "Briton Sam Murray will start the run-shoot pentathlon finale eight seconds off the lead and six seconds off a medal, in fourth place.

    "In other words, the leader Laura Asadauskaite of Lithuania will head out onto the course first, at the same time as Brazil's Yane Marques who has the same score. Then, two seconds later, France's Amelie Caze will be allowed to go.

    "Six seconds after Caze, Murray will start. Then it's up to her to run faster over the three-kilometre course, and shoot quickly on the three occasions she reaches the shooting range during that run, to make up the time and get a medal.

    "Mhairi Spence was in a similar situation at the World Championships and caught up to win gold. Anything is still possible. Spence, meanwhile, starts in 14th place - 38 seconds back."

    Former NBA basketball player John Amaechi

    "For the game overall, this tournament has been great. This is a strong USA team and Spain stayed with them by playing strong and playing tough. The difference between the NBA and some teams in Europe is that they have five phenomenal players and seven solid ones. The other countries are catching up."

  54. 1704: 

    So the women pentathletes have just the run-and-shoot left to determine who will be going home with a medal.

    If you weren't across the men's event yesterday, they set off in order, with the leader after the showjumping first and then the rest of the pack chasing them down.

    In true Gladiators style, the time you have to wait depends on how many points you are behind. The top three will all set off wihtin two seconds of each other. It's going to be gripping.

  55. 1701: 
    GOLD MEDAL- USA (men's basketball)

    The Dream Team win their 14th Olympic basketball gold with a 107-100 victory over Spain in an entertaining match.

  56. 1658: 

    BBC commentator Eleanor Oldroyd: "At the moment Samantha Murray is third with two athletes to go. If she can keep her shooting together she could be in for a podium finish but it is going to be really tight."

    Ollie Williams, BBC Sport at the modern pentathlon

    "Absurd start to her pentathlon showjumping round for Sam Murray. The Lithuanian rider before Murray comes careering out of the arena as her horse decides to leap the entry barrier as though it were part of the course, almost taking out the Briton en-route.

    "Murray recovers well - two fences down and 20 time penalties leave her in third place with two riders left to go. Mhairi Spence may be looking at a struggle to make up lost ground, but Murray might yet snatch a medal."

  58. 1654: 
    BASKETBALL- Men's final latest: USA 102-93 Spain

    "That's huge," says the commentator as LeBron James hits a three pointer to extend the Dream Team's lead over Spain to nine points. High-fives all around from the Americans and a pair of supporters, dressed head to toe in the Stars and Stripes and with gold medals dangling around their necks, are on their feet and attempting to street dance. With one minute and 25 seconds left, they don't think it's too soon to celebrate.

  59. 1650: 
    BASKETBALL- Men's final latest: USA 97-91 Spain

    Spain make two unforced turnovers and coach Scariolo calls his brobdingnagians to stop for a time-out. The Americans are in the ascendancy but there's three minutes remaining and anything can happen in 180 seconds.

  60. 1644: 
    BASKETBALL- Men's final latest: USA 93-86 Spain

    There's six minutes remaining of this final and the Dream Team have eked a seven-point lead over Spain. Coach Sergio Scariolo scribbles some instructions during the time-out before sending his giants back onto the court.

  61. 1644: 

    Sweden have now won a total of four medals in the men's event - all silver - with that narrow defeat joining final losses in 1992, 1996 and 2000.


  62. 1639: 

    Commentator Paul Bray on BBC One: "France are Olympic champions again! They hang on for victory. Incredible scenes in the arena, the crowd are on their feet and the noise is deafening."

  63. 1639: 

    I think Formula 1 should take the same approach as Modern Pentathlon.

    Get all the drivers in a room 20 minutes before the start of the race and get them to pick cars out of the hat. Guaranteed entertainment.

    Ollie Williams, BBC Sport at the modern pentathlon

    "Mhairi Spence went through her showjumping round better resembling the frantic owner of a runaway speedboat, heaving hopelessly at the rudder, than a woman taking a horse for a spin around Greenwich Park.

    "Such is the lot of the modern pentathlete, having to cope with and adapt to whichever horse you're given. Four fences down and 24 time penalties is not earth-shatteringly bad by any stretch, but it's probably enough to take Spence too far away from the medals now.

    "Unless, of course, the riders above her suffer as badly, or worse. Which is always possible."

    Jessica Creighton, BBC Sport

    "The USA hang on to their wafer-thin lead against Spain. I wouldn't dare call this one. Both teams going full throttle now."

    Former NBA basketball player John Amaechi

    "If people were wondering if European basketball was improving, then this tournament has proved it has. Spain have done a better job at making the shots tougher. Pau Gasol has been outstanding, and nobody has wanted a piece of him on the inside."

  67. 1635: 
    GOLD MEDAL- France (Men's Handball)

    This France side secure their status as the greatest Handball team of all time with a 22-21 win over Sweden to take gold.

  68. 1633: 
    HANDBALL- Men's final latest

    Sweden call a time-out with 12 seconds left. They trail by one but France are a man down. What a finale to a fantastic tournament...

  69. 1630: 
    BASKETBALL- Men's final latest: USA 83-80 Spain

    First they inform us of Arnold Schwarzenegger's presence at the North Greenwich Arena and then we catch a glimpse of golden balls himself, David Beckham. Anyone got a fan? The former England captain currently witnessing a right old ding-dong between a dogged Spain and the Dream Team. It was level-pegging before a three pointer from Kevin Durant nudged the Americans ahead with 27 seconds of the third quarter remaining.

  70. 1629: 
    HANDBALL- Men's final latest

    France hold a 21-19 lead over Sweden with two minutes left...

  71. 1625: 
    WATER POLO- Men's final latest: Croatia 2-2 Italy

    If you've not had enough of seeing men in tight trunks - and today may be your last chance to do so for legitimate sporting reasons - then there's a water polo match going on at the aptly named Water Polo Arena. Plenty of shoving and pushing happening in the water and it's all square with three minutes of the second period remaining.

    Ollie Williams, BBC Sport at the modern pentathlon

    "We've had three partings-of-ways so far in the women's modern pentathlon showjumping, which is roughly par for the course. Fair to say the horses are looking good for the win so far but still time for the riders to level things up.

    "Mhairi Spence will go on board Coronado's Son at 16:34 BST, which means introductions between the two should be just about starting now, in this quirky element where horses never-before seen are paired up with riders at random.

    "Then, at 16:52, Sam Murray - who lies third overall for GB - will be praying for a clear round or as near to that as possible with Glen Gold.

    "The strategy is simple: stay on the horse, go as clear as you can, go as fast as you can, and hope the people above you have a miserable time and fall off. Then lie to the media about not hoping the others had a miserable time and fell off."

  73. 1620: 
    OUCH!- Men's final latest

    The big man Daniel Narcisse takes a heavy blow to the head as he is challenged by a Swedish defender but he carries on.

    It's tense down there. Defending handball champions France hold a 19-16 lead with around 10 minutes left.

  74. 1616: 

    Is that the final gold medal for Great Britain at these Games? Quite possibly.

    I've never heard so much David Bowie. Which is no bad thing. Anthony Joshua keeps it all together fairly well up there on the podium. If Lennox Lewis is to be believed we could have a new force on the heavyweight stage there.

    Former world heavyweight champion and BBC pundit Lennox Lewis

    "London 2012 has been incredible, not just for the boxers but for the country and the next generation of boxers. Seeing this will motivate them. As soon as Anthony hears the national anthem, he will feel very proud. All that hard work was for gold. It is a big sacrifice."

  76. 1610: 

    Anthony Joshua's success makes it five medals won in the boxing ring for Great Britain - three gold (Adams, Campbell, Joshua), one silver (Evans), one bronze (Ogogo).

    And 64 medals altogether. Extraordinary.

  77. 1609: 
    MEDAL CEREMONY- Anthony Joshua, GBR (Men's Super-Heavyweight Boxing)

    After a slight delay thanks to that unsuccessful appeal from the Italian camp, Anthony Joshua receives his gold medal.

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at ExCeL

    "NO CHANGE IN THE RESULT! The crowd go barmy, it's like Joshua's won gold all over again!

    "Crash, bang, wallop, what an Olympics... I need to take to my bed..."

  79. 1607: 

    Confirmation that Anthony Joshua wins boxing gold, as the Italian appeal is rejected.

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at ExCeL

    "In essence, countback is used when the final scores are level based on individual round scores and is based on overall punches landed, with the three middle scores of the five judges taken into account.

    "Apparently Joshua won the countback by three, I have no idea what the grounds of the appeal are..."

    Jessica Creighton, BBC Sport

    "The USA may have dominated the opening quarter but Spain came out revamped in the second to pull themselves back within reach. As the cheerleaders replace the ballers on court at half-time the score is 59-58. Yes, it's that close. The USA 'Dream Team' may have been favourites going into this but don't hang those shiny golds around their necks just yet."

  82. 1601: 

    I hope Arnie's in the house as research for a forthcoming movie. He would play a brilliant Mike Krzyzewski. (Coach of the US team, obviously...)

  83. 1559: 
    BASKETBALL- Men's final latest: USA 59-58 Spain

    "We have Arnold Schwarzenegger in the house!" yells the hyperactive announcer at the North Greenwich Arena. No sighting of one of Austria's greatest actors yet so we'll have to take his word for it. A remarkable two periods from Spain who trail the Americans 59-58 at half-time. The Spanish couldn't, could they?

  84. 1557: 
    HANDBALL- Men's final latest

    Daniel Narcisse - nicknamed 'Air France' - shows just why as he floats higher than the whole Swedish defence to bullet one into the top corner.

    Vintage Narcisse. France lead 13-11 early in the second half.

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at ExCeL

    "High drama at ExCeL - as if we haven't had enough over the past fortnight. The Italian camp has appealed the super-heavyweight final result, meaning we've got a nervous 10 minutes as the governing body, AIBA, review it. Good lord..."

  86. 1554: 
    BRONZE MEDAL- Serbia (Men's water polo)

    You don't get much more of a derby than this - Serbia pip Montenegro 12-11 to take bronze.

    Former world heavyweight champion and BBC pundit Lennox Lewis

    "It was big. I was shocked by the scoring in the last two rounds, and you could tell in the last round Anthony really wanted it. He showed heart and went big. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, and he showed that. His next move is to relax, there is no rush for anything. When he decides to turn pro, he will be a great pro. He has the size to be the next world champion."

  88. 1552: 

    I'm just hearing news that the Italian camp are appealing against the decision to award Anthony Joshua the gold medal in that bout.

    We will of course let you know how that goes - but hold fire on the gold paint in big Josh's hometown for now...

  89. 1548: 
    HANDBALL- Men's final latest

    It's half-time in the men's handball final and it's going to form as it stands.

    France - the so-called 'greatest team of all time' - are leading Sweden 10-8 at the break.

  90. 1546: 

    2004 silver medallist Amir Khan on BBC One: "In four years Anthony Joshua has achieved so much, and as a young heavyweight when heavyweights usually mature older. It's a great achievement, beating an ex-Olympian and a three-time world champion."


    Luke Campbell, Team GB gold medal winning bantamweight, on BBC One: "Joshua really dug in in the last round. He really needed to, and I think he deserved the win. Every time he punched the crowd cheered and it felt like he was punching with them."


    Super heavyweight gold medallist Anthony Joshua on BBC One: "Once again, there are no easy fights in these Olympics. I have pulled it out of the bag and my heart is pumping with adrenaline. The third round is always a good round for me. Again and again, the crowd have come out.

    "Sunday is a holy day and I have been blessed. I want to gain more experience and keep on pushing. I am still an amateur. That medal represents my journey and the support from my team. It is much more than a gold medal, it is a life experience. It is not just me, it is my fallen soldiers and the ones who have made it."

  93. 1541: 
    BASKETBALL- Men's final latest

    It's closer than you may think at the North Greenwich Arena - where Spain trail the United States 46-44 in the second quarter. Surely the 'Dream Team' won't throw this one away?

    Steve Bunce, BBC boxing pundit

    "Joshua did what he had to do in that final 180 seconds. He forced the pace, he kept on throwing the punches. That is the most improbable gold medal of these Games. He will not be able to walk out of that ring because of exhaustion, but right now he is floating out of there!"

  95. 1540: 

    Four years ago, the 22-year-old from Finchley had never stepped in a boxing ring. Today, he wins the final boxing gold medal of the London 2012 Olympics on the final day of the Games. It's Britain's third boxing title this week and 29th across all sports. Wow.

  96. 1536: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Anthony Joshua, GBR (Men's Super-Heaveyweight Boxing)

    Britain's Anthony Joshua caps a remarkable rise to win men's super-heavyweight boxing gold with victory over Roberto Cammarelle.

    Lennox Lewis, Former world heavyweight champion and BBC pundit

    "I thought Joshua won that final round big. It's a very close fight and both boxers have nothing to be ashamed of."

  98. 1534: 

    Both men going hell for leather, trading punches in centre ring. Both men landing some meaty blows and both men wobbling like jelly. They're tired... fighting on the ropes now... Joshua catches Cammarelle! Will that be enough? Bell rings. Over to you, judges...

    Lennox Lewis, Former world heavyweight champion and BBC pundit

    "I do not know what is happening with the scoring! I thought Joshua won that round as well, with the cleaner, sharper punches. He also stayed away from the ropes in that round, because that's where the Italian wants him."

  100. 1530: 

    Fairly brutal, this bout. Cammarelle enjoying success with that right hand but Joshua pins him back with a blistering left. Slug fest. After two rounds, it's 13-10 to the Italian. Biggest three minutes in Joshua's career coming right up.

    Olympic bronze medallist and boxing commentator Richie Woodhall

    "Anthony Joshua just made a classic mistake at the end by holding his feet and getting trapped in the corner. He was in the danger zone and the Italian has now edged ahead. He had boxed perfectly beforehand."

    Lennox Lewis, Former world heavyweight champion and BBC pundit

    "I though Joshua got through with cleaner punches and jabbed better. I don't like that scoring."

  103. 1526: 

    Joshua lands a thunderous double right but Cammarelle battles back to rock the Briton with a furious combination. The Italian sneaks the first of three three-minute rounds 6-5. All to play for at a boisterous ExCeL.

  104. 1525: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Russia (Men's volleyball)

    Shock result at Earls Court as Russia come from two sets down to beat Brazil 15-9 in the fifth set and take gold.

    Olympic bronze medallist and boxing commentator Richie Woodhall

    "Joshua has the psychological advantage, certainly. Cammarelle may be the reigning Olympic champion, but he has slowed down a bit in recent years. Joshua has to box at range and get a few points on the board."

    Lennox Lewis, Former world heavyweight champion and BBC pundit

    "Joshua is walking in like a gladiator. He knows what he has to do in the ring. He took a big breath there - he's just catching the vibes. This is it."

  107. 1521: 

    Joshua strides out to strains of We Will Rock You by Queen. He looks calm, focused and, frankly, impassive. Fight time...

  108. 1518: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Jake Varner, USA (men's 96kg wrestling)

    Jake Varner of the United States wins the Olympic wrestling gold in men's 96kg freestyle, beating Valerii Andriitsev of Ukraine 1-0, 1-0.

    Matt Slater, BBC Sport at ExCeL

    "Just one more scrap, Olympic fight fans, Britain's Anthony Joshua versus Roberto Cammarelle. Welsh hopes of a first Olympic boxing champion in Fred Evans might not have come off, but these Kazakhs are a handy bunch.

    "Having seen Alexander Vinokourov break British hearts in the men's road race on the first day of the Games, I am starting to wonder if I'm their lucky mascot. No matter, AJ is fighting an Italian, and they've done nothing with me in attendance."

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at ExCeL

    "Don't go anywhere for the next 25 minutes, buckle up in your armchair and stick the telephone on mute - Anthony Joshua of Great Britain will go in the super-heavyweight final in about five minutes, up against defending champion Roberto Cammarelle of Italy. Can the Londoner tie a golden ribbon around a golden London Olympics?"

    Lennox Lewis, Former world heavyweight champion and BBC pundit

    "The bigger guy always wins. Joshua is the bigger guy who can box well. All he has to do is go out there, use his jab, box from a distance and use his attributes. Joshua's win in the semi-final should be his hardest fight. Now there's nothing really stopping him. I think he'll win today."


    2004 Olympic silver medallist Amir Khan on BBC One: "Anthony is young and hungry. He gets stuck in, and he likes getting in the dirt, going toe-to-toe."

  113. 1515: 

    So here it is - the final boxing medal of the London Olympics. Contain your excitement, but it could go to a Briton. That Briton is Anthony Joshua and he's fighting Roberto Cammarelle, a 32-year-old Italian.

    Ollie Williams, BBC Sport at the modern pentathlon

    "We're a few moments away from the start of the showjumping in Greenwich Park as the women's modern pentathlon rumbles on.

    "Briton Samantha Murray is third overall after an excellent swim, having recovered from a lousy start to the fencing this morning where she lost her first seven contests in a row.

    "Mhairi Spence, the world champion, is ninth and by no means out of it - nobody is, really, until they come through the jumping, where they're paired with a random horse and which often ends in hilarity and/or grave misfortune.

    "Spence has been given a horse named Coronado's Son and Murray will ride Glen Gold, neither of whom were involved in Saturday's men's event so we have no idea whether they'll be perfectly behaved or the proverbial nightmare.

    "Shearwater Oscar, the horse which defeated its Korean rider by Ippon on Saturday, is nowhere to be seen in today's running order."

  115. 1508: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Russia (rhythmic gymnastics all-round)

    Russia win the rhythmic gymnastics gold, claiming their fourth successive Olympic title in the event.

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at ExCeL

    "That is painful for Kazakhstan's Adilbek Niyazymbetov, going down to Russia's Egor Mekhontcev in the light-heavyweight final by judges' preference after countback couldn't even separate them. That's Russia's first and only gold medal in the ring in London, and their sixth overall."

  117. 1508: 

    Mekhontcev and Niyazymbetov were level at 15-15 after the final bell. They were also level on countback. So, they five judges gave their preference to decide the winner. Small margins, hey?

  118. 1507: 

    So glory for the Czech Republic in the mountain biking. Great Britain's Liam Killeen crashed out on the second lap and sufferd a suspected broken ankle.

  119. 1506: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Egor Mekhontcev, RUS (Men's Light-Heavyweight Boxing)

    Russia's Egor Mekhontcev beats Adilbek Niyazymbetov of Kazakhstan to win Olympic light-heavyweight boxing gold.

  120. 1503: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Jaroslav Kulhavy, CZE (men's cross-country mountain bike)

    Reigning world champion Jaroslav Kulhavy of the Czech Republic has won gold in the men's mountain bike race.

  121. 1500: 

    Russia win the fourth set 23-10 to square their men's volleyball final with Brazil at 2-2. The decider is just starting and you can watch it on our interactive video player.

  122. 1455: 
    STARTING SOON- Men's handball final

    If basketball is not your thing why not tune in for the men's handball final, with Sweden bidding for their first gold medal in the sport after three silvers against defending champions France.

  123. 1457: 

    One last fight before the BIG one between Joshua and Cammarelle. It pits Egor Mekhontcev of Russia against Adilbek Niyazymbetov of Kazakhstan. That country will soon be famous for more than just Borat judging by the quality of their fighters.


    PeterMediaPR on Twitter: "Steve Cram and Brendan Foster should have their own sports show - a bit like Saint & Greavsie or Baddiel & Skinner! They're great."

    Michael Bristow on Twitter: "My Golden moment of #London2012 was the unexpected gold in long jump. The best medals are the ones won by the underdog."

    Luke Newell on Twitter: "The crowd for the marathon today was unreal. Well done London!! Have done us proud throughout the whole of the Olympics #London2012"

  125. 1452: 
    STARTING SOON- Basketball

    Sit down and strap in because it's almost time for the men's basketball final between Spain and the mighty USA, starting in the North Greenwich Arena at 1500 and available for your perusal on our interactive video player.

  126. 1447: 

    Half an hour away from the start of the final boxing bout of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Fittingly, it features a British fighter. Anthony Joshua, 22, faces a man 10 years his senior in Italy's Roberto Cammarelle. It's the men's super-heavyweight final and could take the host nation's gold medal count to 29.

  127. 1446: 
    ATHLETICS- Men's marathon

    I have a new hero. His name is Tsepo Ramonene from Lesotho and his marathon ordeal is finally over. He was cheered all the way down The Mall as he finished the race last in 2 hours, 55.54 minutes, some 47 minutes behind the winner and 10 minutes behind the previous finisher.


    Olympic silver medallist Amir Khan on BBC One talking about Fred Evans' defeat in the welterweight final: "I think it was question of nerves being up against Sapiyev. He dealt with everything else perfectly up to the final. Not sticking to the game plan and concentrating cost him the final.

    "He has done so well, he has a very bright future in front of him. He must get the right advice about what he needs to do in his life. He should not be ashamed of anything. I want to give these boxers advise to give them my experience of the professional game."

  129. 1440: 

    Sapiyev becomes the oldest winner of the men's Olympic welterweight title at the age of 28, breaking a 56-year-old record.


    Silver medallist Fred Evans on BBC One: "I have had four hard fights and that was the fifth. No excuses, he was sharper and I did not stick to my plan correctly. He was sharper today and he came out on top. I am still young at 21, so I have done well and I am over the moon."

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at ExCeL

    "Strange old welterweight final, that. Easy to say Fred Evans didn't turn up - he certainly looked elsewhere - but it's all about what your opponent allows you to do, and Sapiyev was brilliant. Evans was waiting to counter but the Ukrainian was just too quick for him and had a longer reach, to boot. Still, Evans is only the second Welshman to win an Olympic medal, and he went one better than Ralph Evans, who won bronze in 1972."

    Steve Bunce, BBC boxing pundit

    "In the end it was a fight too far for Evans. He had hard fights all the way through, particularly in the semi-final against the world number one. Today it was one hurdle too much for the kid from south Wales."

    BBC boxing commentator Ron McIntosh

    "Sapiyev is a real star in his homeland. He is the third Kazakhstan athlete in a row to win the Olympic welterweight title. You can imagine what the reception will be like when he arrives home.

    "He roared with delight at the closing bell to signify he knew he had done enough to claim the title. Evans gave it his all, but he met a better man in the course of this gold medal bout. It is no disgrace to come away with a silver medal to this opponent."

  134. 1434: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Serik Sapiyev, KAZ (Men's Welterweight Boxing)

    Kazakhstan's Serik Sapiyev beats Fred Evans of Great Britain 17-9 to win gold in the men's welterweight boxing.

  135. 1433: 

    Russia win the third set of the men's volleyball final 29-27. Brazil led 2-1 in sets but this one is getting very interesting indeed. Brazil have won the last three world championships but were beaten in the Olympic final in Beijing four years ago.

  136. 1433: 

    Better from Evans in the final round but it's not enough. Sapiyev looks confident - he knows that barring disaster, he's got a gold medal in the bag. Better movement, better attacks, better defence. The Kazak catches his opponent with a left late on to seal a majestic victory.

    Olympic bronze medallist and boxing commentator Richie Woodhall

    "Sapiyev is totally in control here. They will be so disappointed in the British corner as Evans just is not working hard enough here. It is now all or nothing, Evans has to go for it."

    Steve Bunce, BBC boxing pundit

    "He needs the three minutes of his boxing life, does Evans... He's got to get in there and have a fight."

    Olympic bronze medallist and boxing commentator Richie Woodhall

    "He is being outworked here and Fred needs to respond a bit more. Nothing is really hitting him from Sapiyev, though. He has to defend and counter a bit quicker than he is currently doing. For all the punches Sapiyev threw through, he is only two points ahead. This is normal for Fred as he starts slow."

  140. 1423: 

    A testing first round for Fred Evans as Kazak opponent Serik Sapiyev breaches the Briton's defences on several occasions. It's 4-2 at the bell and the man from Cardiff has plenty of work to do.

  141. 1420: 

    The time has arrived. The ExCeL crowd are chanting "Freddie! Freddie!" Let's see if Britain can win their 29th gold medal of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Ding, ding...


    Olympic silver medallist Amir Khan on BBC One: "Fred Evans is a counter fighter, but at times loses his focus. The final is the biggest event of his life, and it will be a tough fight for him. Evans needs to stick to his game plan and instructions. If you lose concentration one bit in an Olympic final, it is very hard to come back. He has to start fast and finish hard."


    Joshings on Twitter: "I watched Mo at 3am in Thailand. Dedication from both him and I. Although doubt neighbours liked the screaming. Arise sir Mo-bot!"

    Hugh Spear on Twitter: "Staying in the Blue Mountains in Australia. Set alarm for 4am this morning for whole family to watch Mo bring it home. So committed."

    Jon Collins on Twitter: "Like most of our athletes what impresses is the humility and lack of arrogance from Mo Farah #hero"


    Dick McTaggart, who took part in 634 amateur bouts and won Olympic lightweight gold in 1956, on BBC One: "The Olympics has been fantastic, and the British boxers are doing great. We never had it like the way it is in the ExCel."

  145. 1414: 

    Fred Evans v Serik Sapiyev in the men's welterweight final is coming to a television set or mobile device near you very shortly indeed. This is already Britain's best Olympic boxing medal haul since Antwerp in 1920. Is it about to get even better?

  146. 1412: 

    Brazil are eyeing on victory in the men's volleyball final, leading Russia 15-13 in the third set after winning the first two.

  147. 1407: 

    Lomachenko becomes only the 12th man in the 108-year history of Olympic boxing to secure two gold medals. That surely enters the 24-year-old Ukrainian into the pantheon of greats.

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at ExCeL

    "Vasyl Lomachenko of Ukraine, the defending Olympic featherweight champion, cruises to victory over Soonchul Han of South Korea in the lightweight final. Lomachenko, still only 24, fights like a pro already - will be interesting to see what he does next. Next up I think we've got a medal ceremony, and then it's Fred Evans in the welterweight decider."

    Olympic bronze medallist and boxing commentator Richie Woodhall

    "Han just did not match his opponent at all. Lomachenko did what he wanted in the ring. Ukraine are strong in every division, and Lomachenko is the jewel in the crown. His skill is in another league to his opponents. His superiority is that he reduced the Olympic lightweight boxing tournament to sparring sessions."

  150. 1404: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Vasyl Lomachenko, UKR (Men's Lightweight Final)
  151. 1402: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu, JPN (men's 66kg freestyle wrestling)

    Japan's Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu wins gold in the in the 66kg men's freestyle wrestling, with Sushil Kumar of India taking the silver.

  152. 1402: 

    Huge news as it's confirmed France's Julien Absalon, who won gold in 2004 and 2008 and was a strong pre-medal favourite in 2012, is out of the race. Also confirmed is Great Britain's Liam Killeen participation, he's out with a suspected broken ankle.

  153. 1401: 

    For those of you wondering how Lomachenko won the 57kg division in 2008 when there is not such division at London 2012... it was scrapped for these Olympics.

  154. 1359: 

    Brazil win the second set of the men's volleyball final, beating Russia 25-20 to take a 2-0 lead in this best of five set match.

    Matt Slater, BBC Sport at ExCeL

    "One scrap down, four to go in the final session of the Olympic boxing competition. Cuba's Robeisy Ramirez Carrazana has just won 52kg title (slightly more comfortably than the 17-14 scoreline, in my humble opinion, but never mind).

    "It's the 60kg gold-medal match now, top seed Vasyl Lomachenko of Ukraine versus versus Korean Soonchul Han. Lomachenko won a gold in Beijing at the 57kg division that was scrapped to make room for female boxers in London.

    "He was also the boxer of the tournament and is many people's pick to repeat the trick here. I notice Sergey Bubka is dishing out the medals for this one, so it could be a bit of a Ukraine-fest later on."


    IBF, WBO and IBO heavyweight world champion and 1996 super heavyweight Olympic gold medallist Wladimir Klitschko on BBC One: "It is like a deja vu being here, I feel 20-years-old. I have seen a couple of sports and it is nice to be at the Olympics as a guest, as when you are competing it is different.

    "The atmosphere at the ExCeL is excellent, and being in a country where boxing started is fantastic. I heard about Anthony Joshua before the Olympics, and he has done a good job. He has raw talent and individual strength. He is natural heavyweight, unlike, say, Evander Holyfield, who had to move between weights."

  157. 1356: 

    The second bout of the day is under way - Ukraine's Vasyl Lomachenko against Soonchul Han of South Korea in the lightweight gold medal match. Lomachenko leads 11-5 after the two rounds. Looks like it will be a commanding victory for the man who walked away from Beijing four years ago with the 57kg title.

  158. 1355: 
    BRONZE MEDAL- Wrestling

    Cuba's Livan Lopez Azcuy upends his opponent Jabriyal Hasanov of Azerbaijan with a brilliant move in the dying seconds to claim bronze in the men's freestyle 66kg division.

  159. 1351: 

    Great Britain's Liam Killeen looks as though he's out of the race after crashing on the second lap at Hadleigh Farm. He's being attended to at the moment. Commentator Chris Boardman says: "That's the nature of mountain biking. It's not for the faint-hearted. It's a brutal form of racing."

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at ExCeL

    "The first gold of the day goes to Cuba's Robeisy Ramirez, who beats Mongolia's Tugstsogt Nyambayar in the flyweight final. That looked paper-thin to me, but not to the judges, who had it 17-14. The American judge had it 11-5 to the Cuban in the final round - me and the two blokes either side of me thought the Mongolian won it..."

    BBC boxing commentator Ron McIntosh

    "What a moment for this sublimely talented young teenager from Cuba. He joins the legion of Cuban boxers which stood at 32 before these Olympic Games who have taken gold. Cuba's medal drought is over with these two medals."

  162. 1346: 

    The third event of the women's modern pentathlon - the riding - will get underway at 1435, with both Britons well placed.

    Sam Murray is third overall after a superb swimming leg and Mhairi Spence is ninth.

  163. 1347: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Robeisy Ramirez Carrazana, CUB (Men's Flyweight Boxing)
  164. 1346: 

    Standing between Fred Evans and Britain's 29th gold medal of the Games is Serik Sapiyev of Kazakhstan. European champion Evans pulled off a brilliant 11-10 victory over reigning world champion and top seed Taras Shelestyuk in the semi-finals. He is only the second Welshman to win an Olympic medal after flyweight Ralph Evans' bronze in Munich in 1972, but will it be gold or silver?

    Sapiyev was a world champion at light welterweight in 2005 and 2007, and a silver medallist at welterweight last year. In his three bouts so far he has outscored his opponents by a total of 63 points to 32.


    DJ Flo on Twitter: "Will be suffering from POS Post Olympic Syndrome! Have loved every minute and second! Thank you London you've done us proud!"

    Tom Sanderson on Twitter: "Fantastic achievements by Mo, Tom and Luke last night. Can't we extend the #Olympic2012 don't want it to end! #TeamGB"

    Andrew Emling on Twitter: "London knows how to put on a show. These Olympics have been the greatest ever. They've taken on the mantle as The People's Games."

  166. 1340: 

    As Ben points out, those two afternoon gold medal medal hopes rest with Fred Evans and Anthony Joshua. Evans is first up at 1415 BST following the flyweight final between Tugstsogt Nyambayer of Mongolia and Cuba's Robeisy Ramirez, and the lightweight final between Ukraine's Vasyl Lomachenko and Soonchul Han of South Korea. Atmosphere building nicely inside ExCeL.

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at ExCeL

    "One last day at the ExCeL and what a crowd - former super-heavyweight champions Lennox Lewis, Wladimir Klitschko and Audley Harrison, as well as Scotland's 1956 lightweight champion Dick McTaggart. Fred Evans goes in the welterweight final at around 1415 BST and Anthony Joshua, looking to provide a golden ending to the Games for Team GB, goes in the super-heavyweight final at about 1515. Are you not entertained?"

  168. 1330: 

    First the bad news: this is the final afternoon session of the London 2012 Olympics. Depressing, hey? Now the good news: Britain could be about to win two more gold medals in what has been an astonishing Games for the host nation. Inspiring, hey?

    The morning session featured marathon gold for Uganda's Stephen Kiprotich on an iconic route around sun-drenched central London, where crowds were 10-deep in places.

    This land and those fine people deserve even more reason to celebrate before the lights turn out on this magnificent festival of sport. Let's see if they're going to get it...

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