London 2012 Olympics: Day 14 afternoon session

Britain's women win hockey bronze, GB claim two silvers in sailing while Luke Campbell reaches a boxing final, but there is disappointment in the BMX competition.

10 August 2012 Last updated at 18:57

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As it happened

  1. 1852: 

    It's time to bring this afternoon session of live texting to a close and start a crispy clean evening session ahead of the sporting feast which awaits us. Six gold medals are being polished at the Olympic Stadium for their new owners, while Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield will attempt to qualify for the men's 10m platform final. And there's football. And hockey. And boxing.

    John Amaechi, Former NBA basketball player watching Russia vs. Spain at the North Greenwich Arena

    "Those seven turnouvers in the final quarter for Russia were devastating. Every one of them was capitalised on by the Spanish team."

  3. 1848: 

    It's all over at the North Greenwich Arena and what a remarkable turnaround by world number two Spain, defeating Russia 67-59. They'll now face either USA or Argentina in the men's Olympic basketball, while plucky Russia are left to negotiate the bronze medal match.

  4. 1838: 

    The Swedes know how to celebrate. Kim Andersson, scorer of five goals, is flat on the floor and is being smothered by his team-mates after Sweden's men reach the handball final with a 27-26 victory over Hungary.

  5. 1834: 

    International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge on BBC Two: "I'm a very grateful man for everything that has been achieved. London made promises when they were awarded the Games but they have delivered much more than we expected. Hats off to Sebastian Coe and his team. What you have shown here is very encouraging.

    "The venues are iconic but they are also start of the art. They are very well run and the important thing is that all these venues are sustainable. We will not leave any white elephants after the game."

  6. 1826: 

    We've seen that much of our own royal family that the novelty has worn off - Kate Middleton was at the hockey again earlier on - but here's one for you, the King of Spain has jetted in for the basketball.

    And no, not Ashley Giles. The actual King of Spain.

  7. 1821: 

    IOC president Jacques Rogge on BBC Two about the opening ceremony: "What Danny Boyle did was absolutely fantastic. And yes, the British sense of humour was there with Mr Bean and the Queen's parachute. This was absolutely fantastic.

    "It set a friendly, easy-going tone of the Games."

  8. 1820: 

    Spain have hustled hard in the third and are clawing back Russia's lead. They came into this quarter 11 points down but they are now just three points behind Russia in the closing minutes, 46-43. Sounds like there is a lot of support inside the North Greenwich Arena for the Spaniards tonight.

  9. 1820: 

    It may not be Black, Redmond, Regis and Akabusi but I'm still looking forward to the men's 4x400m relay later on. A classic event. Can the GB four deliver a medal?


    Great Britain's 110m hurdler Lawrence Clarke: "4x400m team order is: Conrad Williams, @jackpgreen, @DaiGreene, @MartynRooney"


    GB women's hockey player Georgie Twigg: "OLYMPIC BRONZE MEDAL!!!!!!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaa"

  12. 1810: 

    There's no shortage of sporting action for you to enjoy this evening and, better still, medals will be won, records broken, dreams fulfilled and ambitions crushed.

    Wait to hear the noise inside the Olympic Stadium when Steve Lewis goes in the pole vault, Sophie Hitchon the hammer, Jo Pavey and Julia Bleasdale the 5000m, Lisa Dobriskey the 1500m and British teams in the men's 4x100m and 4x400m relays.

    Boxers Fred Evans and Anthony Joshua could blow the roof off ExCeL, while Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield begin their 10m platform diving campaigns, and Lutalo Muhammad bids for taekwondo bronze.

    Away from the Brits, Netherlands and Argentina meet in what should be a sensational women's hockey final, while handball, football, volleyball, water polo and wrestling all draw towards a conclusion.

  13. 1810: 

    Crista Cullen was among the goalscorers as Great Britain secured the bronze in women's hockey a little earlier on this afternoon, and her thoughts have already turned toward the future and that Olympic buzz-word: legacy.

    "We want this to be a legacy," she said.

    "We want it to encourage more people to play hockey. We don't get much TV coverage or opportunities for people to see us so we hope this will change things."


    Great Britain javelin thrower Goldie Sayers on pole vaulter Steve Lewis: "Get behind training partner @AirLewis tonight. Great conditions for jumping HIGH!!! :-)"

  15. 1804: 

    It's not the first time I've said this over the last few weeks, but it's a thriller at the handball. Hungary trail Sweden 21-20 going into the final 10 minutes. It's all to play for.


    GB rhythmic gymnast Francesca Fox: "Sooo many tears of joy. Can't thank everyone enough for their support. #GBgroupdomination will continue in history now. Love to everybody x"


    Simon in north London, via text: "If the BMX is just a lottery, then why has the same man, Maris Stromberg won the last two Olympics? The qualifying races are just about reaching the final - then he pulls out all the stops."

  18. 1758: 

    You're probably not used to spending your Friday night sat on the sofa following the Olympics on BBC TV, radio and online... but on this occasion, that's precisely what you're going to do.

    We'll give you a teaser of what's coming up and, in return, you'll give us some thoughts and predictions. Deal? Send over a text message on 81111 or tweet us using the #BBC2012 hashtag.


    Track cycling gold medallist Victoria Pendleton on Twitter: "Courageous effort from BMX riders @liamPHILLIPS65 and @ShanazeReade in probably one of the most unpredictable and terrifying Olympic sports #bravery"

  20. 1754: 

    Russia are leading Spain at half-time and are looking much more dominant than their esteemed opponents. From the off, Russia - ranked 11th in the world compared to Spain's second - have taken the initiative and disrupted their rivals' rhythm. It's 31-20.

  21. 1749: 

    Confirmation then that Lutalo Muhammad takes on Yousef Karami in the repechage at 20:15 BST. Win that and he will be in the fight for a bronze medal.

  22. 1740: 

    Half time in the handball semi-final, and Sweden take a narrow 15-12 lead over Hungary. The winners of this will be through to play for gold.

  23. 1736: 

    Well there we go then, Nick Hope has cleared that one up for us.

    Lutalo Muhammad is two good fights away from a medal after all.

    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at the taekwondo at the ExCeL

    "Huge applause for Spain's Nicolas Garcia Hemme whose 2-1 semi-final defeat of Mauro Sarmiento means GB's Lutalo Muhammad is into the repechage and could potentially still claim Olympic bronze.

    "Muhammad will face Iran's Yousef Karami in the first phase, and should he come through that then he would face the beaten semi-finalist from the bottom half of the draw."

    John Amaechi, Former NBA basketball player

    On Russia v Spain in the basketball: "It isn't the kind of basketball which we have become used to from Spain. It seems like this is still a warm up for them. Neither team look smooth. You can't expect these teams to continue to shoot so poorly, however, the defences need to improve."

  26. 1728: 

    Spain aren't playing their best and have fallen behind Russia 21-14 at the half-way mark in the second quarter. Spain are not playing like the second-best ranked side in the world.

  27. 1728: 

    Nicolas Garcia of Spain wins through to the final, which brings Briton Lutalo Muhammad back into play in the fight for a bronze via our favourite Olympic word - the repechage.

    I'll let you know what he has to do in a moment when it's all sorted...


    Al in Cambridge, via text: "Loved the BMX but baffled by final. One run when the semis give you three makes it a lottery as was clear from the experts' comments. Anticlimax?"

    Chris in London, via text: "One race to decide BMX medals is silly. It's exciting but the race is over by the first turn as riders can never overtake. It should be best of three."

    Mark in London, via text: "If I were Aaron Cook I would go and fight for another country. We rejected him, he owes us nothing. British TF (taekwondo federation) should hang their petty heads in shame."

  29. 1716: 

    Nicolas Garcia Hemme is up in his men's semi-final shortly, and British fans have an interest as if he wins and makes the final, then it opens the door for Lutalo Muhammad to have a potential shot at a bronze.

    A lot of ifs, buts and maybes in there, granted, but let's keep an eye on it.


    Andy Parker on Twitter: "Well done the girls! Now, come on the boys! Let's make it two bronze in the hockey."

  31. 1712: 

    The men's competition comes to an end tomorrow, where Brazil will play Mexico for the gold medal.

    Brazil coach Mano Menezes has been speaking to the media and is clearly looking forward to the contest.

    He said: "If you had the chance to write a plot for a film about winning a gold medal, you could not choose a better place for it than here at Wembley."

    The boys from the FA will be using that quote a lot...

  32. 1708: 

    The first men's semi-final has tipped-off with European powerhouses Spain up against Russia at the North Greenwich Arena.

    World number two side Spain, with their experienced NBA players, are expected to win this but it is Russia who go into the tie with just one loss to their names, compared to Spain's two.

    There is nothing to separate the two teams currently as it's 4-4 mid-way through the opening quarter.


    Kieran Maj on Twitter: "Picked up another medal today for team gb and that was in the hockey :) well done on getting the bronze."

  34. 1704: 

    Russia are in to the men's volleyball final after recording a 3-1 win over Bulgaria, while Croatia are into the men's water polo final.

    They saw off Montenegro 7-5.

  35. 1700: 

    Glory for British hockey then, and plenty of the other team events are coming to the boil.

    At the North Greenwich Arena, Spain are taking on Russia at basketball, while at the basketball arena - confusingly - it's Hungary v Sweden at handball.

    Both of those are semi-finals, and both start at 17:00 BST. Now. Got it?

    Barry Davies, BBC Sport hockey commentator

    "It was a wonderful performance following their semi-final against Argentina when they were utterly distraught at the end.

    "They've come here and shown real character and produced an excellent performance to win bronze and to finish the tournament with something to show. Great stuff.

    "We came here with concern but right from the word 'go' they were on top of their game and played with a determined but relaxed style. This is a huge consolation for them."

  37. 1655: 
    BRONZE MEDAL- Great Britain (Women's hockey)

    Great Britain secure the bronze with a 3-1 win over New Zealand.


    Liam Phillips: "I probably got the best start of my life. But I overshot the second jump and probably the first. On the step up Sam Willoughby changed the way he was going and I thought I was going to crash then but I managed to unclip and stay up.

    "You can't compete with those guys if you make a mistake like that. I'm bitterly disappointed. I'm pleased as 10 weeks ago I was having surgery on my shoulder. I've defied all expectations to be here let alone be in contention.

    "I'm speechless about the reception me and Shanaze have had from the crowd. I'm already thinking about Rio. I thought my BMX days were over but I am back."

  39. 1650: 

    Heartbreak for Shanaze Reade, disaster for Liam Phillips. Reade's bid for Olympic glory ends with a sixth-place finish in the women's BMX final, Phillips's with a last-place finish in the men's after a mid-race fall. Crashes aplenty in this sport and unfortunately one such incident did for a Briton today.

  40. 1654: 
    New Zealand 1-3 Great Britain

    It's all over at the Riverbank Arena. A fine win for GB.

  41. 1652: 
    HOCKEY- New Zealand 1-3 Great Britain

    New Zealand pull one back from a penalty corner of their own as Stacey Michelsen touches in.


    BMX 1996 world champion and BBC Sport pundit Jamie Staff: "The crazy thing about this sport is they could all race against this time next week and it could well be a completely different result."

    Barry Davies, BBC Sport hockey commentator

    "Absolutely brilliant. Sarah Thomas the scorer. What a return to form this has been."

  44. 1647: 
    HOCKEY- New Zealand 0-3 Great Britain

    New Zealand obviously weren't listening to me a few minutes ago as they concede another penalty corner and Sarah Thomas sweeps it in from a few feet away. It's 3-0 now to Great Britain and we are seven minutes away from a bronze medal.

  45. 1645: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Maris Strombergs, LAT (Men's BMX)

    Latvia's Maris Strombergs wins gold in the men's BMX, with 20-year-old Australian Sam Willoughby taking silver and Carlos Mario Oquendo Zabala of Colombia bronze.

    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at the taekwondo at the ExCeL

    "We started the day supporting two British fighters (Sarah Stevenson and Lutalo Muhammad).

    "That turned into one plus an American, Paige McPherson, who after defeating Stevenson needed to reach the final for her to get back in - following so far?

    "Paige lost, so we are down to one Briton; but after Muhammad's defeat we're now backing Spaniard Nicolas Garcia Hemme.

    "If he reaches the final - Muhammad can battle for bronze. Easy!"

  47. 1643: 
    HOCKEY- New Zealand 0-2 Great Britain

    Don't give penalty corners to this GB team - Crista Cullen drills one into the bottom corner and brings that bronze medal ever closer.

  48. 1641: 

    Great start from Liam Phillips, he's in bronze medal position... he slips back and almost loses his balance, but he's still in contention... NOOOO!!! Phillips falls. Disaster strikes.

  49. 1640: 

    The moment of truth for Britain's Liam Phillips...

  50. 1640: 

    Great Britain's Anthony Ogogo after his middleweight semi-final defeat by Brazil's Esquiva Falcao Florentino at ExCeL: "I've overcome some obstacles but that proved one too much. He's a brilliant fighter - I can only be humble and gracious because that's the way I was brought up. I know I can beat him, but not today. I tried my best, but it wasn't to be."


    Great Britain boxer Thomas Stalker: "Buzzin to see a close mate and great fighter win at least a silver medal today! Hes not settling for tha thou @luke11campbell #OlympicGold x"


    Shanaze Reade: "Today's schedule has been pretty hard. I just tried to stay focused and do my best and it just wasn't good enough. At the moment, I'm pretty emotionless. I'm sure it'll sink in. I can't thank all these people enough for supporting me and I don't really know what to say. I just didn't get the start I needed to win the race and that was it."

  53. 1637: 

    BMX 1996 world champion and BBC Sport pundit Jamie Staff: "Shanaze just didn't get the start she needed, it's as simple as that. It's the critical point of the race. Who knows what was going through her mind there at the start."

  54. 1637: 

    Bitter disappointment for world champion Shanaze Reade. She didn't have a bad race, but her rivals got ahead and refused to be passed with near-faultless performances. After suffering heartbreak in 2008, failing to win a medal on home soil will really, really hurt.

  55. 1634: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Mariana Pajon, COL (Women's BMX)

    Colombia's Mariana Pajon wins gold in the women's BMX, with Sarah Walker of New Zealand taking silver and Laura Smulders of the Netherlands bronze. Shanaze Reads finishes sixth.

  56. 1630: 

    Britain's Shanaze Reade is about to race for BMX gold. She fell in the last corner of the final in Beijing in 2008. Redemption?

    Matt Slater, BBC Sport at the BMX Track

    "I bring glad tidings from the BMX Track, British pair Liam Phillips and Shanaze Reade will be risking skin and bone for gold very soon. Reade qualified second from her semi-final and her time in the last race gives her the second choice of gate number in the final. This is important as she knows only too well that this is a race to the first corner.

    "Australia's Carolinee Buchanan has earned the first choice and will no doubt opt for the inside lane. Reade must go elbow-to-elbow and beat her for pace. Phillips qualified third fastest from his semi but will not get such a great lane draw, as others from the bottom bracket were quicker. But he has rode with a cool head here and has an outside medal chance. Keep an eye on Colombia's Mariana Pajon in the women's race, and American Connor Fields in the men's. They have been superb."

    Piers Newbery, BBC Sport at the Riverbank Arena

    "With NZ improving and still no goals, the nerves are building until Alex Danson punctures the atmosphere by diving to deflect in a penalty corner. 1-0, and if this place had a roof...."


    Andy from Bangor, via text: "The decision to leave out world no 1 Aaron Cook in the taekwondo has certainly backfired. Whatever the underlying reason was you should always go with the best ranked player!"

    Susan, via text: "Question on Taekwondo. My understanding was that there was never any question the Aaron Cook was the better fighter, but GB refused to select him over some politics/disagreement - is that correct?"

    Stuart from Bagshot, via text: "Let the Aaron Cook debate rage on. This is a big hole for British Taekwondo to dig themselves out of."

  60. 1626: 
    HOCKEY- New Zealand 0-1 Great Britain

    A lovely penalty corner routine puts GB ahead. Captain Kate Walsh fires in the ball and Alex Danson throws herself full length to turn it in from close range. We are 23 minutes away from bronze.

  61. 1625: 

    Men's final (1640 BST):

    Gate 1: Connor Fields (USA)

    Gate 2: Twan van Gendt (NED)

    Gate 3: Maris Strombergs (LAT)

    Gate 4: Andres Eduardo Jimenez Caicedo (COL)

    Gate 5: Sam Willoughby (AUS)

    Gate 6: Liam Phillips (GBR)

    Gate 7: Carlos Mario Oquendo Zabala (COL)

    Gate 8: Raymon van der Biezen (NED)


    Rob, Tunbridge Wells, via text on 81111: "British Taekwondo Association should hang their heads in shame over this selection."

    Olly, London, via text on 81111: "Bad luck Lutalo Muhammad. We saw with Stevenson earlier that it's a tough sport but no one's saying she shouldn't have been selected. We can't be doing with 'what ifs' unfortunately the athlete we deemed the best is out."

    Nathan, Colchester, via text on 81111: "It's a true shame for Muhammad there. So much pressure on him through no fault of his own and he ends up going home with nothing."

    Gordon Duthie, Elgin, via text on 81111: "Hard lines for Lutalo, but heads should roll for not choosing Aaron. Could this be karma? Gutted."

    It's not all over yet...

  63. 1620: 

    Women's final (1630 BST):

    Gate 1: Caroline Buchanan (AUS)

    Gate 2: Shanaze Reade (GBR)

    Gate 3: Laetitia le Corguille (FRA)

    Gate 4: Mariana Pajon (COL)

    Gate 5: Magalie Pottier (FRA)

    Gate 6: Sarah Walker (AUS)

    Gate 7: Laura Smulders (NED)

    Gate 8: Brooke Crain (USA)

  64. 1623: 

    GB's Lutalo Muhammad after losing his taekwondo tie: "I think I had it in me to win the fight. I'm disappointed in myself. I'd like to apologise to all the home fans who made the atmosphere terrific. I did try but I guess it just wasn't enough today."

  65. 1620: 

    Now then... both final line-ups are complete. The women's final takes place at 1630 BST and the men's at 1640. The semis were contested over three runs - the final is just one race. Eight riders, three medals. Make or break. Do or die. This is BIG.


    Great Britain boxer Anthony Ogogo: "I can't begin to describe how much the support has meant to me. I'm truly humbled. Each and every one one of your should be proud of yourselves."

  67. 1618: 

    Just to clarify then, Lutalo Muhammad can still win a bronze medal in the taekwondo, he will get a chance if Nicolas Garcia Hemme makes it through to the final. It's a strange old system down at the taekwondo...

    Piers Newbery, BBC Sport at the Riverbank Arena

    "Half-time and it's 0-0, with GB having the better of the first half without creating much and New Zealand growing in confidence. It's not really in the home side's nature but they might need to gamble and throw a few more players forward. With a medal there for the taking, it's time to go for it."

    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at the taekwondo at the ExCeL

    "The big question on everyone's lips is 'what is Aaron Cook thinking right now?' After Lutalo Muhammad crashes out in his second match.

    "Muhammad is devastated and GB performance director Gary Hall looks a pretty forlorn figure in the stands at present. The decision to overlook Cook appears to be a poor one right now, but that said Muhammad could still battle for bronze if Spain's Nicolas Garcia Hemme reaches the -80kg final."


    BMX 1996 world champion Jamie Staff: "Liam Phillips is going to be a bit disappointed with that [fourth place in run three]. He did make a couple of mistakes. Connor Fields took control of the race. The only thing I am looking at with Liam is that his nine points probably won't give him a great lane choice for the final."

  71. 1614: 

    Britain's Liam Phillips can only finish fourth in the final run of his men's BMX semi-final, but it's enough to put him through to the final after second and third-place finishes in the opening two runs. The one-race final takes place at 1640 BST. Don't miss it.

  72. 1610: 

    Massive moment for Liam Phillips...

    Barry Davies, BBC Sport hockey commentator

    "Goalless at the break, and New Zealand certainly wouldn't have deserved to go in at half time leading.

    "There's been such a huge improvement by the GB side after their last match."

  74. 1609: 

    The second women's semi-final is won by Columbia's Mariana Pajon and she finishes top of the whole pile, meaning she will chose which lane she starts in for the final.

  75. 1609: 

    Great Britain are locked at 0-0 with New Zealand at half-time of their bronze medal match. Come on girls...

  76. 1607: 

    As if the decision not to select Aaron Cook in the taekwondo team hadn't eaten up enough column inches in recent months, that result will add fuel to the fire.


    BMX 1996 world champion and BBC Sport pundit Jamie Staff: "These BMX riders have big hearts. All they want to do is finish the race. Shanaze Reade just took the safe route behind leader Caroline Buchanan."

  78. 1606: 

    Australia's Caroline Buchanan takes the final run to qualify for the women's BMX final in first place. British hope Shanaze Reade secures a comfortable second place, Brooke Crain of the United States third and France's Laetitia le Corguille fourth. So, Reade will bid for gold in the one-race final at 1630 BST. Big news.

  79. 1606: 

    BBC Sport's taekwondo expert John Cullen on Lutalo Muhammad's men's 80kg quarter-final defeat to Nicolas Garcia Hemme: "The evidence is clear. Nicolas has been defeated on numerous occasions by Aaron Cook and the only thing that can provide solace is the reaction of this crowd."

  80. 1606: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Russia (Team synchronised swimming)

    Russia win the Olympic gold medal in team synchronised swimming, with China in silver and Spain taking bronze.

  81. 1559: 

    Time for the third and final run of women's semi-final heat one, which involves Britain's Shanaze Reade. Her place in the final is pretty much in the bag, so this is all about crossing the line in one piece.

  82. 1558: 

    Nicolas Garcia Hemme lands the first meaningful blow of the final, crashing into Lutalo Muhammad's head and from there on in the Spaniard takes control, picking up a 7-3 win.

    Matt Slater, BBC Sport at the BMX Track

    "Best riders on men's side are Fields (US), Willoughby (Aus) & Van Der Biezen (Ned). Phillips in next group, though - medal shout."

  84. 1553: 

    These two are really sizing each other up, there's not a lot of contact so far as Lutalo Muhammad and Nicolas Garcia Hemme end the second round locked at 1-1.

    It will all come down to the final round...

    Piers Newbery, BBC Sport at the Riverbank Arena

    "A very serene start to the match in stifling heat but the first real break for GB prompts a huge roar as Alex Danson races towards goal. A penalty corner results but Crista Cullen drags it wide - although a whole stand thinks it has gone in and cheers wildly. At ease everyone."


    Rich T, Birmingham, via text on 81111: "Sir Chris Hoy did used to race BMX when he was a nipper. At 14 he was ranked 2nd in the UK and 5th in Europe and was in the World's top 10."

    Matthew, Cumbria, via text on 81111: "Sometimes when I'm watching the BMX I forget they're not on motor bikes."

    Paul, Totton (Hants), via text on 81111: "Not a lot of difference between BMX Shaz and the kids in our local park, except years of dedication. Go Girl."

  87. 1550: 

    It's a cagey opening round between Lutalo Muhammad and Nicolas Garcia Hemme, with neither athlete scoring a point.

  88. 1548: 

    Lutalo Muhammad takes on Nicolas Garcia Hemme in the quarter-finals of the taekwondo.

    You can watch the bout live on the interactive video player.

  89. 1546: 

    Down at the Riverbank, and it's goalless after 15 minutes or so between Great Britain women and New Zealand in the battle for bronze.

    Which is considerably better than last night, when the GB men were already on their way to a hiding to the Dutch after 15 minutes...


    BBC Sport cycling expert Jamie Staff on Liam Phillips's second run: "Smart riding by Phillips, not driving himself too crazy but nicely safe and pretty in third. He will take that."

    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at the taekwondo at the ExCeL

    "Sarah Stevenson's hopes of an Olympic reprieve through the repechage are over after USA's Paige McPherson lost to Nur Tatar in the quarter-finals.

    "Had the American reached the final, then Stevenson would have been included in the qualifying rounds for the -67kg bronze medal bouts.

    "So - all eyes now on GB's Lutalo Muhammad against the fifth-seed Nicolas Garcia Hemme…"

  92. 1544: 

    Third place from Britain's Liam Phillips. He gets off to a superb start but Connor Fields of the United States battles through to snatch the win from Raymon van der Biezen. That's the first time Van der Biezen of the Netherlands has been beaten in a race so far this tournament, but he is still on course to comfortably qualify for the final. Fields and Phillips looking in good shape, too.

  93. 1543: 

    Lutalo Muhammad made it through to the -80kg taekwondo quarter-finals earlier on, and he faces Nicolas Garcia Hemme of Spain at 15:45 BST. Which is imminent.

  94. 1540: 

    Second run of men's semi-final group one. It's Liam Phillips time...

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    "GB sailing team boss Stephen 'Sparky' Park follows his two 470 crews around an almost empty media area as the Olympic sailing regatta winds down in the honey-light of a Dorset afternoon.

    "Park, who has been in charge since 2001, says he is pleased to have delivered five medals - one gold, four silver - against his target of four medals but admits there will be mixed emotions across the team.

    "He also admits it 'hurts' to lose the tag as most successful nation to Australia."


    Tom, Frome, via text on 81111: "BMX biking shots on tv remind me of ET."

    Josie via text on 81111: "In reply to 'Guy' - Do you think they make BMXs big enough and strong enough for Sir Chris Hoy? If so I'll join you to watch him have ago!!"

    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at the taekwondo at the ExCeL

    "USA's hopes that two-time Games champion Steven Lopez could be crowned the most-successful taekwondo fighter of all-time (with four medals) are over after Ramin Azizov, who beat him in the previous round, is eliminated by Italy's Mauro Sarmiento.

    "Sarmiento defeated Aaron Cook en-route to silver in Beijing but has been in poor form over the past two years and his victory over top-seed Azizov is a big surprise."


    BBC Sport cycling expert Jamie Staff on Shanaze Reade's winning second run: "It was brilliant from Shanaze. She will have taken a lot of confidence from that. I can see the difference in the way she was riding there - she had more confidence. If she can keep it up I can pretty much guarantee her a medal."

  99. 1535: 

    A dream run for Shanaze Reade as rivals Caroline Buchanan and Alise Post both encounter trouble, giving her a clear run to the line. Reade and Buchanan are level at the top of their semi-final head standings on three points. The Briton is now very likely to reach the final. Terrific scenes.

    Matt Slater, BBC Sport at the BMX Track

    "Four races, four crashes, eight riders involved, one stretchered off. Kids, are you inspired?!? Mums and dads, how do you feel about that? The second round of races in the men's and women's semis are about to start, Britain's Liam Phillips and Shanaze Reade opened their accounts with solid second-place finishes, and no crashes. More of the same, please."

    Richie Woodhall, Olympic bronze medallist and boxing commentator

    On Anthony Ogogo's middle 75kg semi-final defeat: "Anthony was caught and never recovered. It took a lot out of him. It was a brave effort but he walked into a few and his legs just seemed that little bit slower from that point on."

  102. 1531: 

    Shanaze Reade hops up on to the start line for the second of three runs in her semi-final heat. She came second in the first, what will it be this time. Hush from the crowd...

  103. 1531: 
    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at the taekwondo at the ExCeL

    "So, if we are to have any repeat of Jade Jones' success today it's going to come through Lutalo Muhammad - the man who attained overnight fame after his highly publicised Olympic inclusion over -80kg world number one Aaron Cook.

    "After a comfortable 7-1 opening defeat of Farkhod Negmatov, he'll face number five seed Nicolas Garcia Hemme of Spain (1545 BST) - Muhammad's first real test at these Games."

  105. 1530: 
    HOCKEY- GB women v New Zealand

    The hockey is away at the Riverbank Arena, where GB go for bronze.

  106. 1529: 

    Anthony Ogogo's Olympic dream of gold is over as he gets battered by Esquiva Falcao Florentino early in the third round and never really recovers. On the upside, he still gets a bronze medal.


    BBC Sport's Matt Slater on Twitter: "Davids Beckham & Cameron in da house of pain, I wonder if they're talking about the provision of PE in primary schools."

  108. 1524: 

    The judges can't separate Anthony Ogogo and Esquiva Falcao Florentino as they end the first round with three points a piece, but it's the Brazilian who gets the upper hand in the second round, winning it 6-3 to leave Ogogo with everything to do in the last.

  109. 1523: 

    Australia sitting pretty so far as Caroline Buchanan wins the first run of her semi-final heat, as does male compatriot Sam Willoughby. They're both likely to feature in the medal shake-up.

    Piers Newbery, BBC Sport at the Riverbank Arena

    "Back at the scene of the crime, memory erased from last night's 9-2 drubbing by the Dutch in the men's semi. GB women try for hockey bronze - the worry is this match is a let-down for them and a bit of a surprise for New Zealand. Do not expect 11 goals."


    BBC BMX commentator Ed Leigh on the men's semi-finals: "It's a war zone out there at the moment - and we are taking an awful lot of casualties."

  112. 1518: 

    Guy, Chalfont St Giles, via text on 81111: "I'd pay top dollar to see Sir Chris Hoy take on this BMX course. He'd destroy it!!"

  113. 1516: 

    Crashes galore in the first run of men's semi-final heat one, four riders tumbling at the first turn. But Britain's Liam Phillips escapes unharmed and takes a fine second place behind Dutchman Raymon van der Biezen, who looks in sensational form.

  114. 1514: 

    They're running a bit behind schedule at the ExCeL but Ukraine's Denys Berinchyk's defeat of Munkh-Erdene Uranchimeg of Mongolia, who eliminated Britain's Tom Stalker in the last round, means it's time for Britain's Anthony Ogogo's middle 75kg semi-final against Esquiva Falcao Florentino. Watch it on our interactive video player.

    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at the taekwondo at the ExCeL

    "A distinctive groan as the result of Sarah Stevenson's first-round elimination is read out to the crowd entering for the afternoon session.

    "It's followed by an equally clear 'hmmm' after the stadium announcer reveals she still has a chance of Olympic bronze if Paige McPherson can reach the final.

    "Expecting the American to receive more support that would usually be afforded fighters from the other side of the pond, at 15:30 BST."

  116. 1513: 

    Now the turn of the men and Liam Phillips gets a huge cheer from the 6,000 spectators as his name is read out. They're on the start line. Ready to rumble.

  117. 1512: 

    After the end of the individual qualification process for the rhythmic gymnastics, Russian duo Evgeniya Kanaeva and Daria Dmitrieva lead the way.

    British entrant Frankie Jones was 24th and last with a score of 94.625 and misses out on a place in Saturday's final, which takes place at Wembley Arena at 13:30 BST.


    BBC Sport cycling expert Jamie Staff on Shanaze Reade's first run: "No major surprises in the first result. You can see many of the riders just trying to get through the course nice and smoothly without any accidents. Shanaze Reade got the start she wanted."

    Matt Slater, BBC Sport at the BMX Track

    "Britain's great hope Shanaze Reade has just claimed a second-place finish in the first heat of the women's semi-final. Two heats of eight riders, three runs, the top four advance to the final later on.

    "Reade famously refused to accept silver in Beijing and crashed trying to pull off an improbable overtaking move. She has said that she still harbours a grudge towards the Olympics because of that incident, could her revenge be a dish served gold?"

    Nigel Adderley, BBC water polo commentator

    "There'll be plenty of Balkan pride at state in the Water Polo arena today where three former Yugoslavian states compete in the men's semi-finals. Two of them - Croatia and Montenegro - play each other at 1540 before Serbia take on world champions Italy this evening (1950).

    "Yugoslavia used to dominate Olympic water polo before the country was broken-up in the early 1990s and with Hungary's quest for a fourth successive gold medal ended by the Italians in the quarter-finals, Serbia are now strong favourites to take the gold medal.

    "Montenegro drew 11-11 with Serbia in the group stage and Croatia have been the most impressive side in the tournament so far. Fans with signs pleading for spare tickets are already prowling around....."

    Matt Slater, BBC Sport at the BMX Track

    "Good afternoon from the BMX Track, where it is scorchio. If you are here, or watching on TV, and you see a lot of people in the press seats with jackets or towels over their heads, we are not asleep, we cannot see our computer screens. No matter, I intend to close my eyes and hope for the best, which is basically what the riders do at that first corner."

  122. 1507: 

    It's second place in a time of 39.029 seconds for Shanaze Reade and that's a perfectly good start. Australia's Caroline Buchanan (38.276) takes top spot and American Alise Post (39.029) third.

    Remember, both of the semi-final heats comprise three runs and the top four in each progress to the final. One point for first place, two for second etc etc.

    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at ExCeL

    "Afternoon, we're back underway with the women's -67kg and men's -80kg taekwondo quarter and semi-finals.

    "We're supporting two athletes, one British (Lutalo Muhammad) and one American (Paige McPherson).

    "Why? Well if McPerson can make the final, GB's Sarah Stevenson can still fight for Olympic bronze after her surprise first-round exit this morning."

  124. 1500: 

    Shanaze Reade is on the start line. David Beckham is in the crowd. They're ready. Are you? Let's race...

  125. 1458: 

    Anthony Ogogo is minutes away from his men's middle 75kg semi-final against Esquiva Falcao Florentino of Brazil. Ogogo has battled back from a serious shoulder injury while his Brazilian opponent won bronze at the World Championships last year. You can watch the fight on our interactive video player shortly.

  126. 1455: 

    Great Britain's female hockey players have only ever won one Olympic medal - bronze at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. Today, they have the chance to match that achievement. Will they do it? They've an excellent chance, but it depends largely on how they respond to Wednesday's heartbreaking defeat by Argentina.

    Standing between GB and a place on the podium are New Zealand, who were surprise semi-finalists but almost caused a huge upset against defending champions the Netherlands, only to lose in a shoot-out. Which way will this one go? Anyone's guess.

    It starts at 1530 BST.


    Victoria Pendleton on Twitter: "Am at the BMX, it's turned out to be a beautiful day! Go @liamPHILLIPS65 and @ShanazeReade we are all behind you x"


    Jez, High Wycombe, via text on 81111: "Absolutely wonderful commentary from Richie Woodhall throughout the boxing. Have been following it and Richie has just made it so enjoyable with his knowledge and passion."


    Kath Johnson, hockey bronze medallist Barcelona 1992, via text on 81111: "Good luck to Kate and the girls...go get that bronze you richly deserve."

    Nick, from Solihull, via text on 81111: "In a bar overlooking a great sunny beach in Croatia refreshing pages every minute to follow the action...Come on GB's Boxers!"


    Athens Olympic silver medallist Amir Khan on his former room-mate Luke Campbell's performance: "He had to do what he had to do. After two rounds he was so comfortable and in the third round the other guy came at him strong.

    "I think he will go all the way and win a gold medal. To win a semi-final by nine points is a massive margin and that will only give him confidence.

    "It will be a close fight against Nevin but I really think Luke has got his number. He's the better boxer, he's more skilful and has more technique in his style. It's going to be a fantastic fight."


    Britain's Luke Campbell, who will fight John Joe Nevin for the gold medal: "I was in a very tough bout, he was relentless but I got the clean punches in and I was snapping his head back.

    "I didn't know it was five points after the second round, I thought it was one or two because that's what my corner told me so I need to fight every round , be focused and sharp. You can't switch off at this level. Nevin is a top fighter and it's going to be a great final."

  132. 1446: 

    Not long until we head over to the mightily-impressive BMX track. If you've not had the chance to watch the sport, this is your chance. It's a combination of thrilling speed, masterful skill and uncontrollable carnage. There are Brits involved, too.

    There are two semi-finals, each comprising three runs. Eight riders per semi-final, with the top four in each advancing to the final. The winner of a run gets one point, second place gets two and so on.

    Fifth fastest in the seeding run, Shanaze Reade goes from gate three in the opening women's semi-final run at 1500 BST. Then, at 1508, Liam Phillips - who came through his quarter-final with three second-place finishes - goes from gate five in the opening men's semi-final heat.

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at the boxing at the ExCeL

    "It's what the world was waiting for - Anglo-Irish final for Saturday night as Hull's Luke Campbell batters Japan's Satoshi Shimizu 20-11 in his semi-final to join Ireland's John Joe Nevin in the gold medal fight. Messy fight for the most part but the result was never in doubt once Campbell found his range."

    Richie Woodhall, Olympic bronze medallist and boxing commentatorBOXING

    On Britain's Luke Campbell reaching the final of the men's bantam 56kg: "It was fantastic work. His fitness was tested right to the last seconds in that round. He's exhausted, he's well spent but he's into the Olympic final."

  135. 1437: 

    Britain's Luke Campbell is through to the men's bantam 56kg final after beating Satoshi Shimizu 20-11. That's a guaranteed Olympic medal in the pocket of the European champion and world silver medallist.

  136. 1432: 

    The scoreboard brings good news over at the ExCeL as Britain's Luke Campbell wins the first round 5-2 and then the second round 6-4. We're three minutes away from a minimum silver medal here...


    Victoria Pendleton on Twitter: "Have just been denied access to the BMX, as the security changed the rules, what's with all my bad karma recently!"

    Pendleton won gold in keirin and silver in individual sprint, but was disqualified from the team sprint.The BMX track is right next door to the velodrome.


    Toby, Cornwall, via text on 81111: "I just want to wish both the GB hockey teams luck with their up coming games! One last push for a medal.....come on!!"

  139. 1426: 

    With "We will rock you" blaring out in the ExCeL arena, out comes Britain's Luke Campbell and Satoshi Shimizu for their semi-final men's bantam 56kg semi-final. The winner of this is guaranteed a silver medal. You can follow it on our interactive video player.


    Ireland's John Joe Nevin: "I'm over the moon at beating the world champion. I've said I'm up there with the best in the world and I can be if I put my mind to it.

    "It was a good performance. I was up against the world champion so I had to push myself. I'll relax now and we'll think about the next contest tomorrow. It'll be another big step but I'm getting better as I go along."

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at the boxing at the ExCeL

    "Ireland's John Joe Nevin, fighting like a dream to win his bantamweight semi-final, keeps his side of the bargain, now it's time for GB's Luke Campbell against Japan's Satoshi Shimizu..."

  142. 1418: 

    Over at the ExCeL, we're well into a series of semi-finals with Britain's Luke Campbell minutes away from his men's bantam 56kg bout against Satoshi Shimizu of Japan. Campbell won silver at the World Championships last year while Shimizu, who serves in the Japanese army, is a surprise semi-finalist.


    James, Dorset, via text on 81111, on Lutalo: "Fully behind Lutalo - go for gold in the taekwondo! - but absolutely gutted for Aaron Cook. It is possible to be both. Aaron's been much calmer than I'd be in his shoes. He must feel like he's been sentenced to life for a crime he didn't commit, he'll never get to fight at the London Olympics despite being demonstrably the best in the world. I'd be incandescent with rage."


    Daniel Fogg on finishing fifth in the open water 10km marathon: "I felt quite ropey at one point but on the last lap I had quite a bit left and I was feeling good.

    "I was really happy with my first lap and it was easy but the pace slowed down and it bunched together and I dropped back and it was just a case of trying to fight my way to the front. I was quite a bit behind and just picking them off one at a time.

    "I just wish I was a bit closer to be in the race but I'm really happy from where I came from to get up to fifth."


    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at the boxing at the ExCeL: "Light-flyweights done and dusted, we're into the bantamweights - first up it's John Joe Nevin of Ireland, up against Cuban world number one Roniel Iglesias, followed by Hull's Luke Campbell against Satoshi Shimizu. I think Nevin might pull out an upset and set up an Anglo-Irish final - what a sensation that would be..."

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    "So Britain end the 2012 Olympic sailing regatta with one gold and four silvers. The pre-Games target was four medals so they surpassed that.

    "Team boss Stephen 'Sparky' Park had spoken in the build-up about having realistic medal chances in all 10 classes, but tempered expectation by saying his conversion rate was 50% which is, of course, five.

    "So depending on which figure you take, they have either slightly over-achieved, or hit the target bang on. It's not the four golds and six medals in all from Beijing, but the gap has closed. Australia are having their most successful Olympic sailing regatta, with three golds already, and it could get better if their match-racing girls also deliver."

  147. 1404: 

    Two pieces of multimedia for you to get your teeth into as well: Michael Johnson talking about Manteo Mitchell, who ran the 4x400m relay with a broken left leg, and a report on whether the Chatriots of Fire soundtrack has added to or detracted from the Games.

  148. 1358: 

    We'd heartily recommend you take a look at our Day 14 photo gallery. Some wonderful snaps in there, and more to come as the day goes on. There's also a Usain Bolt gallery doing the rounds - it captures all the best moments from his 200m triumph on Thursday night, including those taken by the man himself after borrowing a photographer's digital SLR. Lovely stuff.

  149. 1352: 

    The only slight disappointment was Sarah Stevenson's suprise defeat by Paige McPherson of the United States in the women's 67kg taekwondo. The Briton has endured a traumatic 18 months and winning gold would have been one of the stories of these Games. But she will now compete in a mini-tournament for the bronze medal.

  150. 1350: 

    We've already seen silver medals for Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell and Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark in sailing's 470 division, taking Britain's total haul to 54. That's two fewer than Russia, but Team GB lead on gold difference - they have 25 to Russia's 12.

    Elsewhere, Bradford-on-Avon's Ed McKeever qualified for Saturday's K1 200m canoe sprint final and Lutalo Muhammad made it through to the -80kg taekwondo quarter-finals. He's faces Nicolas Garcia Hemme of Spain at 1545 BST.

  151. 1345: 

    It was a solid morning for the host nation on a sun-kissed Day 14 of the Olympics, but things could get much better this afternoon. London 2012 winding to a low-key end? Get real.

    In the next few hours, you could well see British athletes win or guarantee themselves medals in boxing, canoe sprint, BMX and taekwondo. Bunting at the ready? Here we go...

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