London 2012 Olympics: Day 14 morning session as it happened

Britain take silver in both the men's and women's 470 sailing after Lutalo Muhammad wins his taekwondo opener and Ed McKeever reaches the canoe sprint final.

10 August 2012 Last updated at 14:12

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As it happened

  1. 1405: 

    And that concludes the morning session of day 14 of the Olympics. No golds for GB, but a couple of silvers in the sailing and that is not to be scoffed at. More medals to come, though, so I suggest you hot-foot it over to the afternoon session for some BMX, boxing, canoe sprint and taekwondo, and lots more besides.

  2. 1400: 

    A great effort by Daniel Fogg, to follow up Keri-Anne Payne's fourth place in the women's event with a fifth place for Britain in men's race in the murky waters of The Serpentine.

    Germany's Thomas Lurz took silver behind Oussama Mellouli with Canada's Richard Weinberger clinching bronze.

  3. 1359: 

    David Davies on Daniel Fogg's fifth place at Hyde Park as Oussama Mellouli took gold in the open water marathon: "Mellouli made history as the first guy to win a pool medal and open water and he's destroyed a very good field. It was a massive gap and it's normally a tight finish.

    "He's moved this sport on massively and I was glad to watch.

    "It was a great performance from Dan because we thought after the third lap he was in 20th and so to end up fifth, as well as eighth in the 1500m in the pool, he's had a fantastic Games."

  4. 1353: 

    Jo Aleh believes her gold medal in the 470 women's race alongside Olivia Powrie will be a major boost to sailing in New Zealand.

    New Zealand needed to finish ahead of Britain in the medal race to triumph and did exactly that - crossing the line first while the GB boat was ninth.

    Aleh said: "I was thinking about it last night because we were already confirmed for the silver and even that would have been a pretty big deal, but yachting has been struggling for a while so it's pretty awesome to bring back a gold medal."

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at the boxing at ExCel

    "Choker for Belfast's Paddy Barnes, who is fighting for Ireland at these Games. The wee light-flyweight shows tremendous heart to win the final round of his semi against defending champion Zou Shiming 7-4, but goes out on countback after the contest with his Chinese opponent finishes 15-15. Very tight, could have gone either way, although I thought maybe Barnes did enough in the final round."

  6. 1346: 

    Saskia Clark admits her frustration after taking silver in the 470 women's race alongside Hannah Mills.

    She said: "We just feel a bit gutted at the moment that we didn't put a good show on. We had the Kiwis on the start line and then we let them go to the right and we were wedged in with a few boats and couldn't follow them out there.

    "Then when the wind dropped we knew the gold medal was gone from us.

    "But Hannah's a legend. When we started sailing together 18 months we put everything in and we weren't even thinking about medals."

  7. 1344: 

    BBC Sport's Mike Henson at Hyde Park: "Tunisian Oussama Mellouli, who has got gold and bronze medals at 1500m freestyle, has bolted for home in a bid to become the first swimmer to get on the podium in both the pool and the open water events.

    "He opens up a 10m lead on the rest and, although his internal sat-nav has gone a little askew on occasion round the buoys, it looks like his to lose with 1,000m to go."

  8. 1344: 

    British sailor Hannah Mills believes her chances of winning gold with Saskia Clark in the women's 470 race were finished as soon as the wind dropped.

    She said: "We felt that the left-hand side of the course had better breeze and that's why we wanted to get the left but the wind died and it was game over.

    "We're gutted but we've had a wicked 18 months together, Sas is amazing and we've had a great time."


    On the men's 10km open water marathon:

    Nath St Paul on Twitter: "There isn't enough money in the world to make me swim in that river."

    Rich Grant on Twitter: "Swimming 10k is impressive but not great viewing. Perhaps they should attach flags to their swimming hats..."

  10. 1336: 

    Frustration for Britain's Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark, who could not do much to stop New Zealand because the wind died halfway through their 470 medal race. Silver is still something to be proud of, though. The Netherlands held on for bronze.

    Two-time Olympic champion and BBC Sport pundit Shirley Robertson on BBC One:

    On the women's 470 medal race: "The Kiwis have sailed well today and all week as have the British pair and their heads are down but when they cross the line and win silver they'll take a lot from that. They've sailed well and sailed maturely."

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at the boxing at ExCel

    "Sir Dizzee Rascal is in the house for the men's boxing semis - or, as Jeremy Paxman refers to him, Mr Rascal. That's how serious this is. First up it's Paddy Barnes of Belfast and Ireland at light-flyweight, followed by Luke Campbell of Hull and GB at bantam, followed by Anthony Ogogo of Lowestoft and GB at middleweight. Have. Some. Of. That."


    BBC Sport's Mike Henson at Hyde Park: "Germany's Andreas Waschburger has taken the pace up a notch in an attempt to distil the field down to the true medal contenders. Countryman Thomas Lurz, one of the favourites for gold, is tracking him all the way. World champion Spyridon Giannotis is lurking, but Great Britain's Daniel Fogg is reduced to one of the backmarkers."

  14. 1324: 

    It's still not looking too promising for Britain's Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark, because New Zealand are well ahead, in total control of this 470 medal race and are just a few hundred metres away from the finish line where a gold medal awaits.

    That would leave Britain with silver and, at the moment, the Netherlands are on course for bronze.

    Two-time Olympic champion and BBC Sport pundit Shirley Robertson

    On the women's 470 medal race: "GB probably made a mistake at the start, although they had a better start they got pinned in by other boats whereas the Kiwis didn't and got away. They might reflect on that as something they could have done differently."

  16. 1322: 

    BBC Sport's sailing reporter Rob Walker at the women's 470 medal race: "Owing to the lack of wind the course is being shortened. There's less distance with which the girls can try to catch up with the Kiwis. The wind has all but disappeared."

  17. 1317: 

    Racing in the women's 470 medal race has slowed to a crawl and the situation, with New Zealand holding a huge advantage over GB, is unlikely to change soon because the Kiwis have found some decent wind at last.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing at Weymouth

    "GB's Clark and Mills harried the Kiwis in the pre-start and got a decent start but New Zealand chose the right side of the course and made huge gains as the light wind shifted in their favour to lead around the first windward mark. The Britons went left but sailed into a hole and went round in 10th and last place. Plenty of time, but looking good for the Kiwis."

  19. 1314: 

    Emma, Scarborough, via text on 81111: "Really enjoying watching the open water as a fellow participant in the discipline. Also very proud to see our coach in the boat as a technical referee. That man doesn't miss a thing!"

    Jeannie, Bucks, via text on 81111: "Get behind Lutalo Muhammad and stop letting Aaron Cook continue to try steal the limelight. Like everyone else who wasn't selected (and there were many across all the sports) he should move on and stop trying to ruin Muhammad's time."

  20. 1312: 

    The wind has died down to a whimper out on the Weymouth waves and the priority for all the boats in this 470 race is suddenly to avoid stopping altogether. Britain remain 10th, right at the back of the pack.


    BBC Sport's Mike Henson at Hyde Park: "Germany's Andreas Waschburger is continuing to boss affairs from the front of field, opening up a second lead through the 5km mark. Oussama Mellouli is the man closest to his wake. If the Tunisian stays up in the podium positions he will become the first swimmer to win Olympic medals in both the pool and open water. Great Britain's Daniel Fogg is hanging in there in sixth."

  22. 1310: 

    Britain's Frankie Jones performs her ribbon routine in the individual all-around qualification. She scores 7.100 points for difficulty, 8.500 for artistic and 8.300 for execution. That gives her a total of 23.900 points - ranking her ninth of 19 competitors so far today - and 72.650 points overall all. That leaves her 16th having been 21st after the first day of competition on Thursday.

  23. 1309: 

    David Davies, who won silver in the 10k open water swimming in Beijing four years ago, believes Daniel Fogg has done well to fight his way back into the race.

    "This race is the first time I've seen so many changes in pace. Dan dropped from third to 14th and on the second lap he really struggled with positioning.

    "But on the third lap he got settled and on the left of the pack and he's still in touch and looking ok. It's good news that Dan's still in touch and he's still fighting hard."

  24. 1308: 

    Britain made the better start to the women's 470 medal race but it has all gone wrong since then. New Zealand's Jo Aleh and Olivia Powrie found some favourable wind and surged up into first place. GB are down in 10th and they have got it all to do.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing at Weymouth

    "GB & Kiwis assured of at least silver in the women's 470 - barring a very unlikely disqualification and a Dutch win, in which case they would get bronze. In the pre-start they are all over each other, but Brit pair Mills and Clark get a good jump at the line. New Zealand have tacked out right, GB go left."


    Helensburgh Heroes on Twitter: "So proud of Luke & Stu (in the men's 470). No Gold post box but have added Luke to our Hall of Fame."

  27. 1302: 

    The women's 470 medal race is now under way. If Britain's Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark finish ahead of the New Zealand boat, they will win gold. If they don't, the Kiwis triumph. It is that close.

  28. 1257: 

    Britain's Jon Schofield looks ahead to Saturday's final after finishing second to Russia in his men's kayak double 200m semi-final alongside Liam Heath: "The Russians are definitely one of the main crews to beat and they showed today that they were better than us today.

    "We've got more in the tank and can't afford to give as much to those guys off the start so we're looking to get out faster.

    "We're going to try to put the expectation out of our minds because tomorrow's a race that hasn't happened before. It's a clean slate and we just want to do our fastest race."

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing at Weymouth

    "Belcher and Page's victory in the men's 470 class gives Australia its third sailing gold of the Games to make it their most successful Olympic regatta ever, beating the two golds, a silver and a bronze they won in Sydney. Anyway, eyes down, we're into the pre-start for the women's 470 medal race. GB's Mills and Clark tied with the Kiwis. It's a straight shootout for gold."

  30. 1250: 

    Britain's Jess Walker, after reaching the final of the K1 200m by finishing second in her semi-final: "I've had a rubbish year and going off my results you wouldn't put me down as a finalist so I'm happy and it doesn't hurt as much as normal either.

    "I thought the Japanese girl (Shinobu Kitamoto) beat me and this was the best time to beat her. I had the easiest semi but the girl that won (Russia's Natalia Lobova) it was very good."


    BBC Sport's Mike Henson at Hyde Park: "Germany's Andreas Waschburger has muscled his way to the front, picking up a warning for his physicality en route. He and Canada's Richard Weinberger are pulling the field along as we near the end of the second of six laps. Great Britain's Daniel Fogg was up among the leaders in the opening stages but has since slipped out of the top 10."

  32. 1250: 

    Luke Patience, 26, insists winning silver in the 470 is just the start for his partnership with Stuart Bithell, 25: "It's just so good. It's been three or four years of hard work together and 15 years in our heads and we're on the Olympic podium.

    "It's not gold but we're young boys and there's plenty of time. Stuart's a legend and we're happy boys. What a week!"

  33. 1248: 

    Over to Wembley Arena, where ribbons and clubs are being skilfully manoeuvred by gymnastics executing remarkable routines at the same time. The first 12 have performed and at present it's a Russian one-two, with Daria Dmitrieva leading the way on 96.725 points from Evgeniya Kanaeva on 86.600. Britain's Frankie Jones is 16th to go.

  34. 1240: 

    Britain's Stuart Bithell on having to settle for 470 sailing silver after doing all they could to finish ahead of the Australian boat.: "We tried it. We got the better of them at the start and managed to sneak ahead but we were kind of hoping the fleet would be there to hold them up.

    "They sailed a fantastic race, we tried to attack them when we could but they held their nerve and they're worthy champions."

  35. 1240: 

    BBC Sport's Mike Henson at Hyde Park: "Like a child trying to hook ducks at the fairground, the swimmers' coaches hang poles emblazoned with the national flag and loaded with drinks over the frothing waters at the first feeding station. If fines were imposed for spillages, it would make a fair dent on the London 2012 budget."

  36. 1238: 

    That's not the end of the 470 action today, though, or British hopes of striking gold on the Weymouth water either.

    The GB women's pair of Hannah Miles and Saskia Clark are also guaranteed at least silver going into their medal race, which starts at 1300 BST, when they will be battling New Zealand in a two-way scrap for gold.


    Rachel Lewis on Twitter: "Patience and Bithell are ones for Rio, amazing to get silver on an Olympic debut!"

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing at Weymouth

    "GB 470 hopes are dashed by Australia after they came fourth to the Aussies second in the medal race. GB's Patience & Bithell needed to beat Belcher and Page with one boat in between to clinch gold but despite leading around the first mark, the Australians slipped past downwind and stayed clear to secure the Olympic title. So GB get silver and Argentina hold on for bronze."

  39. 1234: 

    Matt Belcher and Malcolm Page are celebrating 470 gold for Australia but Britain's Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell are very happy with silver too, somersaulting off their boat and into the water. There is a big Anglo-Aussie embrace going on between the different families on the mainland.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing at Weymouth

    "And there it is, there's one boat between them. Trouble is, it's the wrong way around. Australia are second, GB are fourth. GB desperate now to get back in contact downwind. But disaster! GB penalised for illegal pumping, trying to gain ground using body weight and pulling the sails to generate more pace, and have to do a penalty turn. That's torn it."


    Simon, London, via text on 81111: "Is it just me - or do Patience and Bithell sound like a "good guy, bad guy" pair of crime fighting cops?"


    Doug, Barnet, via text on 81111: "Gutted for Aaron Cook but decision was not Lutalo Muhammad's so kudos to Cook for not making it personal."

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing at Weymouth

    "Big separation on the final upwind leg as GB go left, Aus right. Eventually they come together and the Brits try to engage the Aussies in a tacking duel to slow them down. They need other boats to come into play. Croatia still out in front."

  44. 1227: 

    Croatia now lead the way in the men's 470 medal race, but Australia are still in front of the British and are still on course for gold.

    GB had closed the gap and challenged them with some attacking sailing that allowed the rest of the fleet to catch up - good news for the British who need to get more boats involved, or at least it would be if Patience and Bithell had not slipped behind Argentina now too.

  45. 1226: 

    So that's it for today's canoe sprint events at Eton Dorney with Britain qualifying boats for three of the four finals on Saturday.

    Accountant Ed McKeever, 28, is the leading medal hope, setting an Olympic best in his kayak single K1 200m heat, but Jess Walker impressed as she qualified for the kayak single K1 200m final by finishing second in her semi-final.

    The third hope is Britain's Jon Schofield and Liam Heath in the men's kayak double K2 200m after they qualified with the fourth fastest time in the semi-finals. Finals start at 0930 BST on Saturday.

  46. 1223: 

    Women's individual all-round qualification is under way. Does that mean anything to you? It will in a second. Basically, 24 gymnasts performed two routines on Thursday and they'll do another two today, with the top 10 advancing to the final.

    Yesterday's apparatus were ball and hoop, today's are clubs and ribbons. Half the field begin with clubs, the other with ribbons, before swapping for the fourth and final rotation.

    The stand-out favourite is Russian world champion Evgenia Kanaeva. Great Britain's Frankie Jones starts with ribbons and is 16th to go after finishing day one in 21st place.

  47. 1222: 

    American cyclist Tyler Hamilton has been stripped of his 2004 Athens Olympics road race time trial gold medal after admitting doping.

    Hamilton was given an eight-year ban after testing positive for a banned anti-depressant in 2009.

    The gold will now go to Russian rider Viatcheslav Ekimov. American Bobby Julich moves up from bronze to silver, and Michael Rogers of Australia, who now rides for Team Sky, from fourth to bronze.

  48. 1219: 

    Yury Postrigay and Alexander Dyachenko set a new Olympic best in the men's kayak double K2 200m semi-finals to progress to Saturday's final, but there's good news for British hopes, too, as Jon Schofield and Liam Heath qualify courtesy of their second place.

    The Brits will have some work to do if they want to win gold, though, as the European and world silver medallists finished more that two-thirds of a length behind the Russians.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing at Weymouth

    "Australia flying - relatively - downwind and slip past Britain and Croatia. If it stays like this, gold goes to the Aussies. Patience and Bithell need to catch up and then start to force Australia backwards to try to get them tangled up in the pack and then nip off to win with at least one boat between them."

  50. 1217: 

    Britain's Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell have a new problem in this 470 medal race.

    They now trail the Australian boat, who have sped ahead on the downwind leg. They still need to slow the Aussies down... but now they need to get in front of them first. Australia lead, followed by Croatia and then GB. At the moment Patience and Bithell are heading for silver.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing at Weymouth

    "Patience and Bithell around the first mark first, followed by Croatia, then the Aussies. If it stays like this, gold is British. But if the Aussies get past Croatia, it's theirs. It's on a knife-edge. No real match-racing yet, but if Croatia slip past, then Britain will need to engage Australia to slow them down and force that boat between them."

  52. 1213: 

    Most people are probably aware that Usain Bolt is the 100m and 200m Olympic champion, Team GB have done rather well and that Michael Phelps can swim a bit, but what about the less obvious details of the Olympics?

    Answers to questions such as 'why do swimmer's wear two hats?' (It's to keep their goggles in place apparently) can be found in a feature on our BBC News magazine pages.

  53. 1213: 

    Britain could win this men's 470 medal race but still miss out on gold. There is now just one boat between them and Australia, which is the minimum GB need to triumph overall. At the moment, GB lead, followed by Croatia and then Australia. But it is all very close.

  54. 1211: 

    Twenty five men in wet suits - including Britain's Daniel Fogg in bib 19 - dive into the Serpentine... the 10km open water marathon is under way.

    The field will swim six laps of the course marked out by buoys, passing through a timing gate after each lap.

    At the finish, they pass through a timing gate and slap the overhead board to record their overall time.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing at Weymouth

    "Encouraging start for the Brits in the 470 medal race. They've got a jump on Australia and leading up the first beat. The pair share a joke when the onboard camera is on them and so far it's looking a pretty happy place to be. Australia back in fifth, but as we have seen all week, anything can happen. Just let that champagne have a few more minutes in the ice."

  56. 1208: 

    Out on the Weymouth waves, the British boat started out by trying to affect the wind that the Aussies could pick up. The idea being that, if successful, GB's Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell would be able to work an advantage that might mean other boats get between them.

    It is early days, but it seems to be working. Britain are leading, and Australia are down in fifth. If it stays like this, then we will be celebrating another GB gold.

    Nick Hope at ExCeL, BBC Sport

    "Listening back to Lutalo Muhammad's -80kg post-fight interview and it's clear that he's not going to entertain any talk of selection controversies and Aaron Cook.

    "When asked how difficult his build-up to the Games has been, he responds: 'It was all fine. It's just like any other tournament now I don't feel any different,' before trying to walk off.

    "He is dragged back for one final line on the home support to which he admits it's a 'dream' to compete in front of and adds: 'I want to give the crowd a gold medal."

  58. 1202: 

    There's a huge roar from the crowd down at Eton Dorney as a super finish from Britain's Jess Walker in the women's kayak single K1 200m sees her climb from fourth to second in the final 75m and take an automatic place in Saturday's final.

    We've got one more event to come - the men's kayak double K2 200m - which features Britain's European champions and world silver medallists Liam Heath and Jon Schofield. That's coming up at 1219 BST.

    You can follow the action at Eton Dorney on our interactive video player.


    BBC Sport's Mike Henson at Hyde Park: "There will be a small group of Liverpudlians who have travelled down to Hyde Park on a minibus to cheer Spyridon Gianniotis from the start. Don't dare accuse them of unpatriotic glory-hunting though. Gianniotis is half-English and apparently slips seamlessly in to strong Scouse when on the phone to his grandparents in Anfield.

    "A hero at home as well as in pockets of Merseyside, he is fuelled by the desire to restore some of the Greek pride battered by the economic and political upheaval in the country. If the first man to carry the Olympic flame on its way from Mont Olympus to London, could pick up gold at the other end of that journey, it would certainly go some way to doing that."

  60. 1201: 

    The men's 470 medal race is now under way. A reminder that British pair Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell are guaranteed at least silver in this event. This race will be finished in about 35 minutes or so, by which time we will know if Patience and Bithell have beaten Australia to gold.

  61. 1201: 

    There's a false start in the second semi-final of the women's kayak single K1 200m which features Britain's Jess Walker. It's a bit of a pain when that happens because those kayaks don't look like the easiest things to do a three-point turn in.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing at Weymouth

    "Very light winds out on the 470 medal race course. Going to be as tense as a campsite. GB's Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell float around the start boat in slow motion. Inside the five-minute pre-start sequence and they eye the Aussies carefully, covering their every move. We're about to see if that match-race training from Ben Ainslie pays off. These two boats will be clamped together throughout. It could get a touch feisty."

  63. 1158: 

    BBC 2012's Claire Heald at the Olympic Park: "More tickets to the closing ceremony may be released after Saturday night, once the set has been moved into the stadium when athletics finishes, according to Locog.

    "They will be released once organisers have checked sight lines from seats when the transformation is complete. But there will be no discounts on remaining top-price tickets, Locog's communications director Jackie Brock-Doyle says."

    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at the taekwondo at ExCeL

    "The crowd still seem in shock almost an hour since Sarah Stevenson lost her opening round match. They were temporarily energised by Lutalo Muhammad's last-round surge to victory, but Stevenson is undoubtedly the headline name they came to see.

    "Seeing the spectators' reaction to her post-fight interviews, it was clear a lot of people are familiar with her story and there was a look of sorrow on the faces of those in the front row who could hear the fighter explain her disappointment at missing out on the chance to contest Olympic gold.

    "We'll find out at around 1530 BST whether Stevenson's quest for a medal is still alive when her conquerer Paige McPherson competes in the quarter-finals. Win that and the subsequent semi-final and the British fighter would enter the repechage which begins at 2000."

  65. 1155: 

    Is sailing the only sport that can be stopped because of good weather? It was on Thursday. No wind meant no action. But there's sufficient breeze in Weymouth today and we're about to see a British medal. That's because Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell are guaranteed at least silver in the men's 470 class. They trail Mat Belcher and Malcolm Page of Australia by four points. Overturn the deficit and is could be gold number 26 of a glorious home Games for Team GB.


    Great Britain's Richard Jefferies after he finished sixth in his canoe sprint C1 200m semi-final: "The heat was really good and I felt really strong, so I do not know what happened in the semi.

    "It has been a crazy journey, and I do not know if I will make the 'B' final. It has been an amazing experience, but I was disappointed I did not put my best performance down."

  67. 1150: 

    It's bad news for the Brits at Eton Dorney as Richard Jefferies crashes out of the canoe single C1 200m semi-finals, trailing home sixth. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that performance is good enough to even get into the 'B' final.

  68. 1147: 

    Epke Zonderland on BBC One talking about his stunning win in the high bar: "Of course, it is really hard to make the combinations. It takes a lot of years to be able to do this, especially in a competition.

    "I did the last two for the first time in 2007, and I really did not think I would be able to do it in a competition. I thought it was possible now, I tried it six months ago, and after a few weeks I was confident that was the routine to do for the Olympics."

  69. 1145: 

    Plenty of people were talking about Usain Bolt's 200m final win on Thursday night but Lord Coe, chairman of Games organisers Locog, believes Kenya's David Rudisha's world record-breaking 800m gold was "the standout performance of this Games".

    Coe, who won 1500m gold in 1980 and 1984, had tipped him to take the title before the race and said today: "I'm very proud of how he ran. It was an extraordinary piece of running to demonstrate such physical and metal dominance from gun to tape," before adding Bolt is "clearly a legend".


    BBC Sport's Mike Henson at Hyde Park: "It is a lovely day for a dip out in Hyde Park and, despite the disappointment of Keri-Anne Payne's fourth place finish yesterday in the women's event, a healthy red, white and blue crowd is already building for the men's 10km marathon swim.

    "Great Britain's David Davies, like Payne, won silver in Beijing. Unlike Payne though he will not get the chance to improve on that in this Games. He is absent from the field having been beaten to the one spot on the British team by Daniel Fogg in the Olympic qualifier in Portugal.

    "Fogg has already been in action in the pool, finishing eighth in the final of the 1500m, but, more of a specialist in the 5km, he is one of the outsiders out in the fresh air. He finished 15th in the world championships over the distance last year behind Greece's Spyridon Gianniotis and may struggle to make up the difference over the six laps of today's course."

  71. 1141: 

    It's a massive day for the British and Irish male boxers, not to mention Shanaze Reade and Liam Phillips on the BMX track. But before all that we've got the rhythmic gymnastics at Wembley Arena, featuring Frankie Jones in the individual all-around and Britain in the group all-around.

    That all gets going at 1200 BST, as does the sailing at Weymouth (Luke Patience, Stuart Bithell, Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark are all in medal contention) and the men's 10km open water marathon (Daniel Fogg). Oh, and Lutalo Muhammad is in taekwondo quarter-final action at 1515.

  72. 1137: 

    Next on the water at Eton Dorney is the men's canoe single C1 200m with Britain's Richard Jefferies featuring in the third heat at 1144. Jefferies finished last in the C1 1000m, but his favoured event is the 200m and he looked solid in his heat earlier this morning. World and European champion Valentin Demyanenko started as favourite but was a shock casualty in the heats.


    Ellis Covington on Twitter: "For the next few hours can't we forget about the controversy and get behind Muhammad till the gold is ours?"


    Olympic bronze medallist and BBC canoeing pundit Helen Reeves on BBC One: "What a fantastic performance from Ed McKeever, he jumped out of the bucket and got up and running right away. Nobody came back at him after he took the lead. That was a really dominant performance. It is hard to keep control of your technique during the 200m as lactic acid kicks in after 50m, so your arms are hanging on."


    Britain's Ed McKeever on BBC One: "It has been good. I have been on a good training camp, and I am looking forward to the final tomorrow.

    "It has been really frustrating watching everyone else from Great Britain going out there and winning medals. Hopefully, I will have more to come."

  76. 1127: 

    Britain's Ed McKeever gets another superb start to take an early lead and then pulls away before easing up in the final 10m before he crosses the line. It was another dominant performance from the 28-year-old accountant to take him through to Saturday's men's K1 200m final along with Mark de Jonge of Canada, who was a fraction faster in the other semi-final. If McKeever can replicate that form tomorrow, we've got a real chance of a first canoeing medal at Eton Dorney.

  77. 1121: 

    As the London Olympics near to a close, we've assembled a panel of sporting greats to answer your Twitter questions over the weekend. Chris Boardman, Jonathan Edwards and Steve Parry will be on hand to chat about all things cycling, swimming, athletics and Olympics in general. So get those questions to us on Twitter via #bbcpundits and we'll select the best.


    Swimmers will have to cope with warm conditions in the men's 10km open water marathon. The temperature in the Serpentine, at a depth of 40cm, was recorded at more than 21C (70F) two hours before the race, which starts at 1200 BST.

  79. 1116: 

    Apart from the canoe sprint (at Eton Dorney) and the taekwondo (at Excel), there is not an awful lot else happening right now, as we await the start of the sailing - and those British medals - at 1200 BST.

    It seems wrong, very wrong, but there is actually no sport going on at the Olympic Park as I write. Belgium have beaten the United States 2-1 to take 11th place in the women's hockey, and the next match - between China and Australia to decide 5th and 6th place - does not start until 1130.


    David May on Twitter: "Leaving out Aaron Cook is like Jamaica leaving out Usain Bolt! Muhammad now has to win a gold for the selectors sake!

  81. 1110: 

    There's a Brit involved in each of the four semi-finals which are coming up at Eton Dorney, with Ed McKeever - canoeing's answer to Usain Bolt apparently - the first up at 11:23 BST in the heats of the kayak single K1 200m.

    Dorney has been hit with crosswinds during the Games which has affected those in lanes one and two so McKeever, 28, who set an Olympic best time in the heats, will be keen to replicate his semi-finals performance to ensure a favourable lane draw come finals day on Saturday.


    Lee in Devon on text: "Anything less than a gold for Muhammad and there will be some serious questions on selection I would guess. Total pressure on him!"

    Richard in Hampshire on text: "Aaron Cook is right to be aggrieved. Despite individual successes, British Taekwondo needs to be rebuilt from scratch just as athletics and cycling bodies were, which began their road to success."

    Jonathan on text: "I do not think we, as a nation, deserve to have Aaron Cook represent Great Britain in Rio 2016 after what we did to him for London 2012."

  83. 1106: 

    Lutalo Muhammad has got a long day in front of him at the ExCel if he going to win gold.

    His quarter-final fight, against either fifth seed Nicolas Garcia Hemme or Iran's Yousef Karami, is at 1545 BST. The semi-finals start at 1715 and the gold medal final is not until 2230.

  84. 1103: 

    Britain's Lutalo Muhammad, who says he is aiming for a gold medal after his victory in the first round of the -80kg taekwondo: "I am just glad to get through, it all came together in the end. The atmosphere is fantastic, and I feel a lot better now I have got my first fight out of the way.

    "All the build-up did not matter, it is like any other tournament, and I feel a lot better off now I am through."

  85. 1100: 

    At last, Lutalo Muhammed is ahead. After five minutes he finally lands a head kick, to hold a 3-0 lead with 45 seconds left. Farkhod Negmatov has been defending for most of this fight so can he successfully go on the attack? The answer is no.

    Negmatov lands a body kick but so does the Londoner... and another chop kick to the head gives him a 7-1 win that sends the British fighter into the quarter-finals. He might have to do more than that to justify his selection ahead of world number one Aaron Cook to some, but the 21-year-old from Walthamstow has made a winning start to his Olympic campaign.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing at Weymouth

    "Those grey mullet I told you about yesterday. Can't see them. Nor were there any mackerel jumping onto my line off Chesil Beach last night. Maybe spearfishing is the key. Which brings me neatly to spearfishing fans Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell, the GB team terriers, the young kids on the block who are looking to upset hot favourites Australia.

    "The pair have been sparky and upbeat all week and have won plenty of friends with their open, joyous 'we're living the dream' approach. They've been brushing up on their match-racing skills with team-mates Ben Ainslie and Iain Percy in anticipation of a bit of biffo with the Aussies.

    "Remember, they need to beat Belcher and Page with one boat between them to clinch gold. Can they do it? Two-time Olympic champion Shirley Robertson thinks so: 'They've nothing to lose, the Aussies have.'"

  87. 1057: 

    It's an encouraging start for Britain's Liam Heath and Jon Schofield who went out strong before getting overhauled by Raman Piatrushenka and Vadzim Makhneu of Hungary in the final 50m of the men's kayak double. The British boys won't be too worried, though, as they have still qualified for the semi-finals and appeared to have eased off the gas before they dropped down to second.

  88. 1055: 

    It remains stalemate in the preliminary round -80kg fight between Britain's Lutalo Muhammed and Tajikstan's Farkhod Negmatov, whose defence is frustrating Muhammed so far.

    It appears Muhammed might have made contact with a chop kick to the head but no video appeal was made, so no points were scored. It remains 0-0 heading into the third and final round.

  89. 1052: 

    There was no score in a very cagey opening round between Lutalo Muhammed and Farkhod Negmatov but the crowd are definitely getting behind the Londoner, who has done most of the attacking so far.

  90. 1051: 

    Russia's Yuri Postrigay and Alexander Dyachenko, who have been nailing remarkably quick sub-31 second times all year, set an Olympic best in their heat to coast into the semi-finals of the men's kayak double. They could be the biggest threat to Britain's Liam Heath and Jon Schofield's bid for gold. The British boys are up next...

  91. 1050: 

    Britain's Sarah Stevenson after the first-round defeat that ended her gold medal hopes: "I tried my best, and it has been hard. I had to come here, and go for it, I thought I could do it.

    "The injury did not play a part today. It has been a mental fight every day for the last 18 months, and I did my best.

    "My mum and dad would have wanted me to be here, and they would have been proud.

    "I would have been forgiven for sitting and crying in a corner, but I am not a quitter."

  92. 1049: 

    All eyes are now on Britain's other taekwondo medal hope today. Lutalo Muhammed's fight with Farkhod Negmatov of Tajikstan has just started.

  93. 1046: 

    Everybody was rooting for her, but Britain's Sarah Stevenson's hopes of gold in the -67kg class are over. She has been beaten 5-1 by America's Paige McPherson.

    That's not the end of her hopes of a medal, though. McPherson goes through to the quarter-finals and, if she makes it all the way to the gold medal final, Stevenson will compete in a mini-tournament with a chance of bronze at the end of it.

  94. 1044: 

    Drama. Lots of drama. Two head shots are given to Paige McPherson, but neither count after Sarah Stevenson successfully appeals that contact was not made. The Briton is still 5-1 down but she is running out of time to turn this one round...

  95. 1040: 

    Things are still not going well for Britain's Sarah Stevenson in her preliminary round meeting with America's Paige McPherson in the women's -67kg category.

    A couple of kicks to the body extend McPherson's lead to 5-0 and Stevenson, who is seeded fourth, struggles to get close enough to her opponent to get off the mark... until finally landing the part of a double body kick at the end of the second round. Stevenson trails 5-1.

  96. 1036: 

    That Paige McPherson kick to the head, which made clear contact with Sarah Stevenson's chin, was the only score of the first round. Advantage to the American at the moment.

  97. 1033: 

    Here we go then. Sarah Stevenson's Olympics are under way. There have been question marks over her fitness after she had cruciate ligament surgery in February, but she has started this fight in typically aggressive style. Paige McPherson leads 3-0, however, because she has just landed a kick to the head.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing at Weymouth

    "Crews fuss around boats, media types with strained looks try to grab last-minute shots or soundbites. Volunteers are back on their toes, smiles refreshed. The boat park is a hive of activity, with renewed vigour among everyone to get racing again after yesterday's calm.

    "GB's Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell are relaxed and perky as usual, saying the lay-off was frustrating but not in a nervy way and they are excited for the adventure ahead.

    "Aussie rival Mathew Belcher was pleased with the day off because it means he will finish on the same day as his wife, Germany's Friederike Belcher, and they can party together rather than having to tiptoe around."

  99. 1031: 

    Before coming to London, Britain's Sarah Stevenson spoke of her desire to win Olympic gold as a fitting tribute to her parents who both died last year.

    The world champion, who won bronze in Beijing 2008, has just emerged into a packed ExCel arena to loud cheers ahead of her encounter with Paige McPherson. There is huge support for her this morning - Stevenson is four fights away from gold, and this crowd will do everything they can to help her get it.

  100. 1031: 

    Britain's Jess Walker finishes fourth in heat two of the women's K1 kayak 200m to qualify for the semi-finals which take place at 1151 BST. Spain's Teresa Portela Rivas, a world champion in 2002 and 2005, rolled back the years to win by over half-a-length.

    The next British interest comes in the men's kayak double 200m heats where European champions and world silver medallists Liam Heath and Jon Schofield. They will hit the water in heat two in around 15 minutes.

  101. 1027: 

    Aaron Cook was at the Excel to watch Britain's first taekwondo gold medallist Jade Jones on Thursday but he will not be back today to watch Lutalo Muhammed, who was picked ahead of him.

    "I love this sport, and this is why I came to watch the event yesterday," Cook told BBC Radio 5 live.

    "I cannot bear to watch Lutalo Muhammad today, and I will be in tears if I do, as I will think that should have been me.

    "I have nothing against him, it is the selectors. If he wins gold, I will shake his hand.

    "I will never be able to draw a line under this. I can never move on from what the selectors have done to me. I can guarantee whoever wins gold, I will have beaten this year. I am extremely bitter about it."

  102. 1025: 

    Britain's other taekwondo medal hope, world champion Sarah Stevenson, takes on fourth seed Paige McPherson in her preliminary round fight in the women's -67kg category at 1030 BST.

    Don't forget you can watch Stevenson on in action the interactive video player on the desktop version of this website.

  103. 1023: 

    British fans have gone union jack crazy at the Olympic Park with all sorts of red, white and blue outfits on show in the grandstands as they soak up the atmosphere, but what do those spectators who are visiting from abroad think of Britain as a host nation?

    Russian left-leaning daily paper Trud describes London as a "romantic megalopolis" but then slates our culinary standards: "We cannot even begin to imagine what would happen to Londoners and city visitors if it wasn't for Chinese and Indian takeaways." Charming.

  104. 1021: 

    World number one Aaron Cook has some more strong words to say about his non-selection for London 2012 on BBC Radio 5 live as Lutalo Muhammad prepares to begin his Olympic campaign at 1045 BST: "I am really looking forward to Rio 2016 and all my training will be based around that. Hopefully, the four years will fly by.

    "There is nothing more I want to do than win a gold medal for my country.

    "It does not mean I will re-join the Great Britain academy though. I have showed I am doing the right thing for me, and I need to keep doing that.

    "I still feel the same; I should have been there fighting. I was in pieces this morning thinking I should have been competing today."

  105. 1018: 

    Lots of other essential reading on the BBC Sport website now too, starting with Matt Slater's take on the total carnage that is BMX racing. "It is a tad dangerous. And yes, if you fall off you will feel it for a while afterwards. But it is also undeniably athletic, great entertainment and very skilful."

    Paul Fletcher was at Wembley to see the United States win women's football gold by beating Japan at the end of a tournament he describes as "a gripping rollercoaster of emotion and excitement."

    And Ollie Williams asks why Phil Collins has to be involved as he explains what on earth was going on in Thursday's dressage final where Britain took gold and bronze.

  106. 1015: 

    Spain's Alfonso Benavides, who took back-to-back World Cup wins earlier this year, clocks the fastest time of the day in the third heat of the men's C1 200m in front of packed grandstands at Eton Dorney.

    Iurii Cheban of Ukraine takes victory in the final heat, with the average race time around six seconds slower than their kayak counterparts over the same distance.

    We're back in kayaks next with New Zealand world champion Lisa Carrington in the first heat of the women's single K1 200m before Londoner Jess Walker, 22, makes her debut in the following race.

  107. 1011: 

    We mentioned Nicola Adams' historic women's boxing gold medal earlier, but what did BBC Sport's Ben Dirs make of the occasion at a packed ExCeL?

    Dirs spoke to 82-year-old Barbara Buttrick, one of the pioneers of the sport who fought most of her bouts in fairground booths, who told him: "I think it's so exciting. When I was around, fighting at the Olympics wasn't even a dream."

  108. 1004: 

    I was at the Olympic Stadium on Thursday night to see Bahamas triple jumper Leevan Sands stretchered off after his knee collapsed underneath him as he made his final take off.

    That looked painful enough but it's nothing to what happened to American runner Manteo Mitchell, who has revealed he ran the last 200m of his 4x400m relay heat with a broken leg.

    "As soon as I took the first step past the 200m mark, I felt it break." Manteo told the USA Track and Field website.

    "I didn't want to let the three guys or the team down, so I just ran on it."

    He did more than that, he finished the opening leg in 46.1 seconds, setting the US on their way to a second-place finish that takes them into Friday's final.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing at Weymouth

    "Sunny in Weymouth, but more importantly, what's the wind like? Well, so far there is about six knots blowing from the south east. And if Puff the Magic Dragon pulls his finger out, it is likely to build for the 1200 BST start time for the men's 470 medal race, which was postponed yesterday because of a distinct lack of anything in the breeze department.

    "Britain's Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell are guaranteed silver and take on Australian world champions Mathew Belcher and Malcolm Page for gold. The Brits are four points back, meaning they need to beat the Aussies with one boat in between them to take the Olympic title in their first Games.

    "Following that at 1300 BST is the women's 470 medal race in which Britain's Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark are tied on points with New Zealand. It's a straight shootout for gold, though there is a very slight chance that a disqualification - and a Dutch win - could slide them back to bronze. Unlikely, though."

  110. 1003: 

    It's a solid start for Britain's Richard Jefferies who finishes third in his men's single C1 canoe heat at Eton Dorney to comfortably move into the semi-finals.

    Those take place at 1116 BST, but they won't feature world and European champion Valentin Demyanenko of Azerbaijan who made a shock exit in the first heat.

  111. 1002: 

    Want to know how many records have been broken so far in London 2012, or the most popular age demograph of all the medal winners? I thought so.

    You should head for our stat-attack breakdown ' - which is packed full of essential info, video of a multitude of medal-winning moments, and much, much more.

  112. 0955: 

    The canoe men's single 200m heats are now under way at Eton Dorney, with Britain's Richard Jefferies in action in heat two shortly.

    While Ed McKeever and co were sitting down using a double-bladed paddle in their kayaks, Jefferies and his rivals kneel in their canoe and use a single-bladed paddle. Check out our canoe sprint pages if you want to get involved.

  113. 0954: 

    Oh dear. We've all been here before (well, most of us have anyway... ) celebrating a victory too early, only to end up with egg on our faces. It tends to only happen once, for obvious reasons.

    It happened to the the Australian women's water polo team on Thursday night when they thought they had won their bronze medal play-off, only to concede an equalising goal right at the death.

    With only seconds of the match remaining, Hungary's Dora Antal seized on an error to send the game into extra time. Luckily for Australia, they went on to win the match 13-11, leaving Hungary without a water polo medal for the first time in 12 years.

  114. 0950: 

    Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield missed out on a medal in the 10m syncro last week but Daley returns to action today, in the preliminary round of the men's 10m platform (1900 BST).

    Can Daley get on board the bandwagon of British success? 2004 Olympic diving silver medallist Leon Taylor thinks so.

    "Tom has been on the podium all year on the world stage, so is definitely in medal contention," Taylor said. "He is fit and healthy and he has a chance.

    "The Chinese are in a class of their own, but Ilya Zakharov of Russia showed the other night that they are not unbeatable."

  115. 0948: 

    Saul Craviotto Rivero of Spain pips Maxime Beaumont for victory in the third and final heat of the men's kayak K1 200m single to progress to the semi-finals. Those races - which will include Britain's Ed McKeever - take place from 1116 BST onwards with a eight places available for Saturday's final.

    Olympic medallist and BBC canoeing pundit Helen Reeves:

    "Ed McKeever jumped out at the start really well and got his paddle rate high. He will be pleased to lay down that performance. He held on to his technique towards the end and did not get out of shape."

  117. 0939: 
    CANOE SPRINT- McKeever sets Olympic record

    Ed McKeever gets off to an electric start in heat two of the men's K1 single to lead by almost a quarter of a length within 50m. The Briton then settles into a rhythm and keeps the field at bay as he crosses the line in an Olympic best time of 35.087 seconds. That should be enough to get him one of the best lanes for the semi-finals.

  118. 0939: 

    On top of that bulletin by Simon King at 0930 BST, former Olympic sailing champion Shirley Robertson is in Weymouth for the BBC and is confident that the men's and women's 470 medal races should be able to get under way at 1200 and 1300 respectively. Britain are guaranteed silver at least in both boats, but Robertson is predicting two golds to ensure the host nation finishes the Games top of the sailing medal table.

    "The direction of the wind should help the sea breezes build," said Robertson. "Everyone here is a lot more optimistic about the chances of sailing today."

  119. 0938: 

    Not the ideal start for Tim Hornsby in the second heat of the men's K1 single as he lines up in the wrong lane. The American is forced to rather sheepishly perform a U-turn and then line himself up again.

  120. 0936: 

    BBC Radio 5 live has another packed Olympic schedule ahead of them. Here are some of the highlights of their coverage this morning:

    Mark Chapman is at Eton Dorney this morning from 1000 BST, checking out British hopes in the sprint canoeing.. including Britain's Ed McKeever, the "Usain Bolt of the lake"

    Victoria Derbyshire is at the ExceL to see Sarah Stevenson and Lutalo Mohammed in action in the taekwondo competition

    Also the man charged with putting on the Games, Paul Deighton (the chief executive of Locog) will be with them at 1230 and will take your calls

    Plus at 1000 there's an interview with Aaron Cook - the world number one overlooked by British Taekwondo selectors despite making a number of appeals.


    Former British heavyweight boxer Lennox Lewis on Twitter: "Big up to @jadejonestkd on her Olympic gold medal in Taekwondo. U made ur dream come true."

  122. 0932: 

    Mark de Jonge of Canada goes off hard at the start, ramping up to three strokes a second, to take victory in the first heat of the men's K1 single in just over 35 seconds.

    Next up is Britain's Ed McKeever. He's got six others in his heat, with the top five going through to the semi-finals.

    Two-time Olympic champion and BBC Sport pundit Shirley Robertson on BBC One:

    "We have two blondes in a boat with Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark in the women's 470. They have been on fire, Hannah did not think she would make it to the Olympics and now they are level with the Kiwis.

    "In the men's 470, the Aussies are world champions, and are used to winning easily. They might be slightly on the back foot.

    "I think Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell will win gold. They are really confident and have absolutely nothing to lose, and the Aussies have."

    "Great Britain's performance depends on today. We have been the top nation since Sydney, so if Australia do well today, that will turn it over and they will be disappointed to lose that crown. They need a good day to leave here happy.

    "I will put my money where my mouth is and say two golds for today."

  124. 0930: 
    SAILING- Weather forecast

    BBC weatherman Simon King on whether we will have enough wind for sailing in Weymouth today. It's good news too: "Weather conditions at Weymouth and Portland have been markedly different to those of last week where there was plenty of wind for the course organisers and sailors to work with.

    "On Thursday we saw a large area of high pressure move slap bang across the UK. While for most of us this is good news bringing dry, sunny and very warm conditions, it has not been good for the sailors as it has also meant the winds fall light and variable.

    "On Friday we're expecting the centre of the high pressure area to drift gradually north-eastward into the North sea. As it does so, we'll gradually see a light south-easterly breeze developing. Now while the strength of wind may still not be particularly favourable, the fact that there'll be a steady south-easterly means conditions are more favourable than Thursday to see some racing."

  125. 0927: 

    It's almost time for the first race of the day at Eton Dorney with the men's kayak K1 single 200m heats.

    Britain's Ed McKeever - dubbed the Usain Bolt of the lake - goes in the second heat at 0937 BST. First up, though, we've got world champion Piotr Siemionowski of Poland who goes in lane five.

    You can watch it live on our interactive video player.

    Olympic bronze medallist and BBC canoeing pundit Helen Reeves on BBC One:

    On Britain's medal hopes at Eton Dorney today: "Jon Schofield and Liam Heath have been very successful recently and we are all hoping in the British camp they can do well.

    "The 200m is Richard Jefferies' discipline. He will be in his comfort zone today and he has plans to do well.

    "He wil be looking to get as much experience as possible today for Rio in 2016.

    "Ed McKeever is like a rocket man. He came out all guns blazing in 2010 and he will want to show he is back on top form.

    "The chances of medals are great. Both boats in the K1 and K2 have not been off the podium in recent years."


    Jason Murphy on Twitter: "Without a doubt, Bolt is a Legend in his events within the Olympics, would put the likes of Jesse Owen, Lewis and Redgrave above."

    Neil Harris on Twitter: "I think next Olympics Bolt should compete in the long jump as well then he can be considered greater than Owens."

    Rich Robinson on Twitter: "It's not possible to compare athletes from different sports, is Phelps really 4x better than Bolt?"


    Andy MacNab on Twitter: "Greatest Athlete? Daley Thompson. Won Decathlon Gold in '80 retained in '84. 10 disciplines. No contest."

  129. 0916: 

    Want to know how many records have been broken or which age demograph has won the most medals at London 2012? I thought so. Your first stop on the BBC Sport website for a stat attack should be In numbers: the Games so far, which is packed full of essential info and video of a multitude of medal-winning moments, and much, much more. It's all very pretty too.

    There is also a handy reminder of the medal table elsewhere on the BBC website, if you want a quick reminder of how many gold medals Great Britain have secured so far.

  130. 0913: 

    Dr Tim Brabants has been the face of Britain's canoe sprint team over the last four years after his won the nation's first gold medal in the sport in Beijing.

    Injury and illness prevented him defending his title at Eton Dorney as the 28-year-old trailed home last in the men's K1 1000m final, but hopes of a medal on Dorney Lake are not yet over.

    Ed McKeever is a European and world champion and has finished on the podium in every international event he has raced in the 200m kayak since 2010.

    The trainee accountant is a man of few words, but he does his talking on the water and will hope to nail a strong lane draw by qualifying well for the semi-finals when he goes in the heats at 0937 BST.

  131. 0910: 

    A few answers in already to the question posed at 0842 about whether Usain Bolt is the greatest athlete ever.

    Darren Giles on Twitter: "Tricky question. Greatest 'athlete' or Olympian? In terms of the sport of athletics, maybe. But overall, Phelps is unprecedented."

    Sam Batty on Twitter: "Too many greats to even attempt calling the greatest... Lewis, Johnson, Owens, even Rudisha and of course, Bolt."

    Jason Cleary on Twitter: "When Bolt has competed in five consecutive Olympics and won Gold each time like Sir Steve he can then claim to be greatest."

  132. 0907: 

    Prime Minister David Cameron has been answering questions on BBC Radio 5 live about the government's plans for sport after London 2012: "One of the first decisions we made as a government was to continue the funding for elite athletes. With school sport, we are spending £1bn in the next four years.

    "If it was just about money and spending targets, we would not have a problem, we are also raising ambition and encouraging competitive sport in school.

    "Everyone would accept there has been problem with competitive sport in this country, and there still is a problem.

    "Two hours of activity a week is not enough, in too many cases that is being met by things you and I would not consider as sport.

    "I will be making an announcement this week especially about backing Olympians. I say it is right to spend tens of millions of pounds on a select group of individual athletes as they inspire people across the country."

  133. 0905: 

    Sticking with the taekwondo theme, the preliminary rounds of the women's -67kg and men's -80kg have just got started at the ExCeL.

    GB's Sarah Stevenson, seeded fourth, takes on Paige McPherson of the United States at 1030 BST. Lutalo Muhammad, meanwhile, faces Farkhod Negmatov of Tajikstan at 1045.

  134. 0902: 

    Amid a medley of Phil Collins hits, Charlotte Dujardin won Britain's second medal in dressage on Thursday, which left many onlookers asking two questions: What is dressage and why are we so good at it? BBC Sport's Ollie Williams, who has spent plenty of time down at Greenwich Park during the Games, has the answers in a lovely feature on our Olympic pages.

  135. 0901: 

    Great Britain's boxing gold medallist Nicola Adams - the first women's boxer to win an Olympics gold - on BBC Olympic Breakfast: "Women's boxing was not even an Olympic sport when I took it up but I always dreamt it would be and that one day I would win a gold medal.

    "I used to watch boxing with my dad, it was quite a big family thing, we would all sit around and watch the big fights as a family.

    "I did not realise how much of an impact I was having and how many people have been talking about me, it is just all so surreal.

    "It is definitely a dream come true and I cannot believe how much I have achieved. I could not have asked for more, it has had a fairy tale ending."

  136. 0901: 

    In her series of columns for the BBC before the Games, Jade Jones said: "In 20 or 30 years' time, I want to be remembered as having been one of the greats of my sport, having done something big for Great Britain".

    I guess a first GB gold medal in the sport is a tick in that box. It was a jelly-powered one too - that is her favourite pre-fight snack.

  137. 0900: 
    'TWEETY 12'

    London 2012 has been touted as the first "social media" Games, the first to feel the full impact of the influence of sites like Twitter and Facebook.

    This has been reflected in the BBC's coverage, with athletes, broadcasters and spectators alike, all using social networks to get their message across. Will "social media" become part of London's Olympic legacy?

    You can, of course, tweet us via #bbc2012 or text us on 81111 (UK users) with your views on all things Olympics.

  138. 0856: 

    Great Britain's taekwondo gold medallist Jade Jones on BBC Olympics Breakfast: "It was an incredible day. I was always going there to get the gold, and to finally have it is bonkers.

    "I got back really late last night, so I have not been able to speak to anyone in Flint. For such a little town, the support has been amazing.

    "I think I am naturally aggressive compared to most girls. I just want to get in there and fight.

    "I will be going down and cheering on Sarah Stevenson. She is an amazing woman, she is an inspiration."

  139. 0853: 

    Unsurprisingly, record breaker Usain Bolt is splattered all over the front pages of today's newspapers with the Daily Telegraph going with the headline "The Greatest" alongside a shot of his lightening bolt stance as they recognise the Jamaican's fifth gold medal following his 200m victory last night.

    The Independent go for a "Lightening Bolt strikes twice -- twice" headline to mark the fact he's the first sprinter to win both the 100m and 200m at two successive Games while the Guardian compares the "special thrill" of watching Bolt's achievement to growing up during the era of Mohammad Ali..

    But there's still plenty of space for Britain's latest gold medallists - the horse rider Charlotte Dujardin, the boxer Nicola Adams and the taekwondo winner Jade Jones - with the trio described as "wonder women" by the Daily Express and "golden girls" by the Daily Mirror.

    With the golds coming in dressage, boxing and taekwondo, the Daily Telegraph points out that they "struck gold in sports of beauty and brutality" while the Sun says: "world-beaters all - standing up as well as sitting down."

  140. 0850: 

    Britain's women will try to bounce back from the disappointment of their semi-final defeat to Argentina on Wednesday when they meet New Zealand in the battle for bronze at 1530 BST.

    They like an early start at the Riverbank Arena, and the first game of the day is already under way. The United States and Belgium are level at 1-1 after 15 minutes of the first half in their match to decide 11th and 12th place.

  141. 0844: 

    Speaking of legends, for the last two weeks some 70,000 volunteers have been directing crowds, finding lost children, opening doors and amusing spectators with their dry British humour. All this with no pay, no expenses, no accommodation, and for some, sleeping in a bunk at a makeshift campsite.

    The Games Makers have played a vital role in making London 2012 run smoothly, so much so that British Olympic Association's chairman Colin Moynihan has said they should be nominated for the BBC's Sports Personality Team of the Year.

    There is also a Twitter campaign to recognise their efforts under the hashtag #bigupthevolunteers.

    BBC News reporter Claire Heald has been meeting some of the 70,000 and finding out how the Games have been for them.

  142. 0842: 

    As discussed, Usain Bolt became an Olympic legend last night (assuming he wasn't one already of course). But is really he "the greatest athlete" ever, which he also claimed on Thursday night after his 200m triumph?

    If not, who is? Get in touch with the text commentary on Twitter using the hashtag #bbc2012 or text us on 81111.

    Olympic bronze medallist and BBC athletics commentator Brendan Foster on BBC Olympic Breakfast:

    On Lisa Dobriskey's hopes in the 1500m final: "Lisa has had some terrible times, but I spoke to her coach, and the last time I said 'nobody is looking better...' was Kelly Holmes in Athens.

    "Lisa was in complete control of her heat. She is a very nervous athlete, and the only time she stamps authority on anything in her life is when she is running the 1500m."

  144. 0836: 

    Now, I know we had Super Saturday, and a collection of medals and memories to last us many months... so it might seem a bit churlish to complain about the comparative lack of British success in track and field since. But it has been a while since GB won a medal.

    The last one actually came in the high jump on Tuesday, when Robbie Grabarz took bronze. We haven't done better than fourth place since.

    That might change this evening, though. Lisa Dobriskey has rediscovered her fitness and form and has genuine hopes of making the podium in the women's 1500m final (2055 BST), while the men's 4x400m relay squad are in with a chance of a first GB medal in that event since the glory days of Roger Black, Iwan Thomas, Jamie Baulch and Mark Richardson, who took silver in Atlanta in 1996.

    There are also GB teams in the men's and women's 4x100m relay heats, while Jo Pavey and Julia Bleasdale are hoping for high finishes in the women's 5000m final.

  145. 0830: 

    Keri-Anne Payne reveals to BBC Olympic Breakfast the physical and emotional blows caused by her fourth place finish in the 10km open water race on Thursday: "Everybody knows my tactic which has worked well for me by leading from the front, and they thought messing up my plan was the best option.

    "I was getting pushed away from the feeding station and had to try my hardest to get there. I was hit in the face a few times as I tried to make my way back to the leading pack, so I was a bit disorientated.

    "I am not too sure what is next. It has been a really tough season for me, so to get where I got yesterday, I am really proud."

  146. 0828: 

    I warned you that we are now on the home straight, but I suppose the good thing about these Games coming to an end is that we have the closing ceremony to look forward to.

    Following the success of Danny Boyle's spectacular opening ceremony, Kim Gavin is the man in charge when London signs off from the Olympics on Sunday.

    The former ballet dancer has produced some of the biggest live events in recent years, including Concert For Diana in 2007 and Take That's latest stadium tours.

    He is making the final tweaks to the closing show, titled A Symphony of British Music, and like the opening ceremony, the precise details have been kept under wraps, although George Michael, Muse and the Spice Girls are widely expected to make an appearance.

  147. 0826: 

    It's not all about the home hopes, though. There are 17 gold medals up for grabs today across eight sports, and a plethora of big names from around the globe to look out for over the next few hours.

    Three-time Olympic champion Natasa Janics of Hungary begins her canoe sprint campaign when she goes in the women's kayak single over at Eton Dorney at 1019 BST while Russia's world champion Evgenia Kanaeva continues her quest for a first Olympic gold in the individual all-around rhythmic gymnastics.

    At the Olympic Stadium tonight, Tirunesh Dibaba will look to do 'a Usain Bolt' by defending the 5000m-10,000m Olympic double when she goes in the 5000m final at 2005 while USA's 4x100m team will simply hope to get the baton round after botched attempts at the last two Olympics when they compete in the final at 2040.

    Elsewhere, China's world champion Qui Bo features in the men's 10m platform preliminaries at the Aquatics Centre at 1900, while Olympic champions Netherlands take on world champions Argentina in the women's gold medal match at the Riverbank Arena at 2000.

  148. 0823: 

    Thanks to 'taekwondame' Jade Jones, Britain have a first gold medal in, erm, taekwondo to take away from these Games, but will there be more to follow?

    The women's -67kg and men's -80kg category starts this morning and will be settled tonight, with GB's Sarah Stevenson and Lutalo Muhammad hoping to survive to the finals. There is enough pressure on world championship Stevenson but all eyes will be on Muhammad in particular, after he was selected ahead of world number one Aaron Cook.

  149. 0822: 

    Rapper Dizzee Rascal on BBC Olympic Breakfast talking about his music being used at London 2012: "I would never have imagined doing the Bonkers song a few years ago, and now it is on at the Olympics with Usain Bolt."

  150. 0813: 

    There are are plenty of other Brits worth keeping an eye over the next few hours, though. Thrills, spills and bumps and bruises will definitely be in store on the BMX track for Shanaze Reade and Liam Phillips in the semi-finals and (hopefully) finals of the women's and men's event, and maybe some medals too.

  151. 0809: 

    Thanks to Nicola Adams, Jade Jones, Charlotte Dujardin and Laura Bechtolsheimer, Great Britain's athletes now have 52 medals to show for their efforts over the past couple of weeks. It's been a phenomenal effort, but will there be any more home success stories in the next few hours?

    There are no medals to be won at Eton Dorney this morning but former world champion Ed McKeever begins his bid for gold in the men's kayak, when he goes in his heat at 0937 BST, Richard Jefferies (men's canoe single), Jess Walker (women's canoe single) and Liam Heath and Jon Schofield (men's kayak double) are also in action.

    Weather permitting, the first GB podium place of the day will be secured in the sailing, with Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell guaranteed at least silver in the men's 470 (1200). Their medal race, where they need to make up a four-point deficit on Australia to snatch gold, was postponed yesterday because of light winds.

    Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark are also sure of at least silver in the women's 470, which follows at 1300.

    Sticking with the maritime theme (sort of), Daniel Fogg dives into the murky waters of the Serpentine at 1200 when he goes in the men's 10km open water marathon, the same race Keri-Anne Payne came within four-tenths of a second of a bronze on Thursday.

  152. 0804: 

    As you probably noticed, day 13 was mostly about a bloke by the name of Usain Bolt. "I am now a living legend," said the 25-year-old after sealing an Olympic sprint double to become the first man to successfully defend both 100m and 200m titles. You have to admit he has a point.

  153. 0800: 

    Time flies when you're having fun. I can't believe there are only three days left before The Greatest Show on Earth leaves town. This party is not over yet but I guess we'd better make the most of it while it lasts... welcome to day 14 of the 2012 Olympic Games. We are on the home straight but there is no way we are limping to the line.

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