London 2012 Olympics: Day 13 morning session as it happened

Open water swimmer Keri-Anne Payne goes for gold, sailors Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell's bid for gold is delayed while GB's 4x400m relay squad qualify for the final.

9 August 2012 Last updated at 13:43

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As it happened

  1. 1314: 

    Keri-Anne Payne will be splashing through The Serpentine for some time yet, so it is time to make our daily switch to a new live text commentary. Dive in quick because there might be more British medals floating about later.

    Adrian Moorhouse, Olympic swimming gold medallist and BBC pundit

    On the 10km open water race: "The group is still so close together. Apart from the South African who has fallen off the back, the rest are within 20 seconds of each other after an hour and 10 minutes in the water.

    "This sort of race will favour the faster finishers - open water swimmers do train on their kick at the end."

  3. 1306: 

    GB long distance swimmer David Davies on Keri-Anne Payne's progress in the 10km open water marathon: "The halfway point is where things move around. We saw Eva Risztov make a break and she wanted to see who moved with her. Keri-Anne is in a pack where she wouldn't want to be but there is a long way to go. It's ok to say you want to be at the front of the pack but if the pace is too fast then it's not worth it as you need the strength and speed at the end. She might be thinking 'let the others do the work'."

  4. 1305: 

    Britain's Keri-Anne Payne is in the pack and sits about fourth or fifth as the 25 open water swimmers hit the halfway mark of their six lap 10km race.

    Hungary's Eva Risztov is about a metre clear at the front, and has just flipped over to do a few strokes of backstroke to check out the rest of the field. Another hour to go in the Serpentine and the medals are still up for grabs.

  5. 1301: 

    There's all manner of leaping, spinning and, er, pivoting going on at Wembley Arena in the individual all-around as reach the climax to the first rotation. Defending champion and three-time world gold medallist Evgeniya Kanaeva of Russia loses control of her hoop, but impresses the judges sufficiently with the rest of her programmme to take second overall with three routines to go.

    Ollie Williams, BBC Sport at the dressage at Greenwich Park

    "Mayhem at the dressage as an audience lulled into a false sense of security by Sweden's Patrik Kittel, who competed to Eyes Without a Face by Billy Idol, are then stunned by a Danish horse dancing to a Phil Collins medley.

    "Now, this would be fine, but they're leaning very heavily on a remix of Dance Into the Light, which was at best a beaten-up attempt to recapture the heights of dad-rock.

    "We had but the briefest glimpse of Think Twice and a great big dollop of the Collins-penned Tarzan theme. As track three of No Jacket Required will tell you, there's a Long, Long Way To Go this afternoon."

  7. 1253: 

    China's domination of the diving looks set to continue after defending champion Chen Ruolin breezed into the final of the women's 10m platform with a score of 407.25, 47.35 points more than here closest rival Meaghan Bendeito of Canada.

    Despite her dominant performance in the semi-finals, Chen was still not happy, describing her performances as "so-so" and adding: "There were some dives that were not perfect, some entries that were not perfect." Worryingly for her rivals, it appears her best is yet to come.

    There will be no Brits present in tonight's final (1900 BST) after Monique Gladding and Stacie Powell were both eliminated in yesterday's preliminary round.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    "A shoal of plump grey mullet cruise in the crystal clear water just off the slipway at the Olympic sailing venue. TV crews lounge in the shade. The boat park is virtually empty, except for the 10 becalmed 470s waiting for the medal race.

    "The light winds that caused the postponement flag show glimpses - now and then - of more breath, like a sleeper exhaling forecfully before returning to silent slumber. Ripples of wavelets spread across the water and then disappear.

    "Forecasters say there will be enough breeze to race later, it just depends on a stable direction. For now, it is just too shifty on the medal-race course. The wait goes on."

  9. 1250: 

    BBC Radio 5 live dressage commentator John Hunt: "GB's Laura Bechtolsheimer, Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin aboard their wonderful horses have fantastic hopes of claiming a medal in the individual dressage today.

    "It's not beyond the realms of possibility that they could fill the top three positions but they will all be chasing the gold. There is a fantastic atmosphere here. The Dutch may be the biggest threat to the British team. I've been telling people that if they give dressage a chance then today is the day."

    Tom Fordyce, BBC Sport chief sports writer at the swimming at Hyde Park

    "Britain's Keri-Anne Payne is at the front of the leading pack at the start of the third of six laps of the Serpentine. If you want to test yourself against these Olympians next time you're down your local pool, they're swimming each 100m in around 70 seconds. Try doing four lengths in that time, then imagine doing it a further 100 times. Yup."

  11. 1244: 

    GB long distance swimmer David Davies at Hyde Park for women's 10km open water marathon: "The pack is still very compact and it's all very tight. It's looking as though Eva Risztov has decided she is going to stick with Keri-Anne Payne and mark her like in a football match. But Keri-Anne looks unfazed."

  12. 1241: 

    Lap two of six is done for Keri-Anne Payne and co at Hyde Park. The British swimmer is sitting third in the 10km open water marathon, on the feet of leader Haley Anderson of the United States and jostling for position with Hungary's Eva Risztov.

  13. 1239: 

    GB pool swimmer Hannah Miley on Keri-Anne Payne: "It takes a lot of guts and determination to swim for about two hours on one stroke. She is such a huge inspiration for the rest of the team. While we have finished, Keri-Anne and men's open water swimmer Dan Fogg have had to keep focused."

  14. 1237: 

    The delayed start in the sailing today means our wait for another British medal goes on. It could come in Hyde Park, but GB also have a chance in the individual dressage final, which has just started at Greenwich Park.

    There are high hopes for British riders in this event, with Laura Bechtolsheimer, Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin all in action, and they get to choose their own music too. Apparently the idea is to choose a tune that suits the character of your horse... you could call it Strictly Come Prancing.

  15. 1235: 

    The first football medal of these Games will be won in Coventry this afternoon, when surprise package Canada, who conquered GB and almost overcame the United States, play France. Kick-off is at 1300 BST.

    Tom Fordyce, BBC Sport chief sports writer at the open water swimming in Hyde Park

    "Another splendid atmosphere around the Serpentine for the women's 10km open-water swim, two days after Alistair Brownlee won triathlon gold in the same venue. People 15-deep around the lake, cheering, nailing picnics, rubbing in suncream on a sweltering day."

  17. 1233: 

    Hoops and balls are the apparatus of choice on day one of the rhythmic gymnastics competition at Wembley Arena where Frankie Jones is flying the flag for Britain in the individual competitions. Hopes of a British medal are remote, though, as the 22-year-old could only manage 70th place in qualifying for last year's World Championships before finishing last in January's Olympic test event.

  18. 1231: 

    Were it an independent country, Yorkshire would be in the top 10 of the Olympic medal table, with six golds won by five athletes born within its boundaries. Tourism chiefs have produced a map to celebrate their Olympic athletes, and especially their gold medallists, heptathlete Jessica Ennis, triathlete Alistair Brownlee, cyclist Ed Clancy and rowers Andy Triggs Hodge and Katherine Copeland. Plenty more on the quirkier stories from the Games in BBC News' daily diary.

  19. 1222: 

    Keri-Anne Payne is third after the opening lap of The Serpentine in her 10km swim. There are five more to go, with an estimated finish time of 1400 BST. Melissa Gorman of Australia is first, ahead of Hungary's Eva Risztov.

    Ollie Williams, BBC Sport following the rhythmic gymnastis at Wembley Arena

    "Frankie Jones has just performed her first routine in rhythmic gymnastics' individual event, scoring 24.550.

    "That score isn't going to be up among the highest but this is a nascent sport in Britain and the chance to compete on an Olympic stage at her home Games is more than enough to raise a smile as she finishes a clean routine.

    "Jones is not part of the group who came through an appeal against their own governing body to reach the Games - they're in a separate event which begins this afternoon."

    Adrian Moorhouse, Olympic swimming gold medallist and BBC pundit

    "There are about five swimmers in the leading pack of the 10km race. The breakaway in swimming is like the cycling in that you do not want to get left behind. It's not stringing out as much Keri-Anne would like."

  22. 1216: 

    We are 15 minutes into the 10km women's open water race and, as expected, Britain's Keri-Anne Payne is at the front of the leading group of swimmers. Hungary's Eva Risztov is up there with her too.

    It's interesting to see the way that the swimmers take liquids or energy gels on board during the race - no, not by swallowing some of The Serpentine, but by grabbing their goodies from out of little baskets at the end of long poles dangled out into the water by their coaches. At first glance it looks like the world's worst fishing competition.

  23. 1209: 

    The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Locog) has said the two millionth ticketed spectator passed through the Olympic Park since the beginning of the Games, with 6.9m spectators having seen Olympic sports overall.

    The hospitality centre for African nations competing in the Olympics has closed because of unpaid debts. Africa Village, set up in Kensington Gardens, west London, owes suppliers hundreds of thousands of pounds, a spokesman said.

    BBC Sport athletics pundit Colin Jackson on BBC One after the British team qualified for the 4x400m final:

    "The extra man will make a massive difference. The athletes say they respond more when they hear the noise. Jack Green is super strong.

    "I think they will be disappointed they did not run under three minutes. I do not think there is room for Dai Greene now. It is so hard to take someone out for under-performing.

    "It is a risky call to take out a specialist 400m runner for a hurdler."

    BBC Sport athletics pundit Denise Lewis on BBC One after the British team qualified for the 4x400m final:

    "It was so exciting. There is no hands-down favourite for the 4x400m. It is wide open and we should aim for a medal.

    "Jack Green totally proved himself at Crystal Palace and his speed endurance really came into play in the last 80m. I hope he keeps his place for the final.

    "Martyn elevates himself when he gets the baton in his hand. He is a great anchorman, and you would not want anyone else in the anchor leg."

  26. 1209: 

    Apart from the men's decathlon pole vault, which runs from 1255-1555, that's pretty much it from the Olympic Stadium for a while.

    But don't forget to make a date with your TV (or your computer/tablet/phone) for tonight's evening session, featuring the men's 200m final with Bolt and Blake at 2055, the women's 4 x 100m relay heats and the women's javelin final.

    There's also the men's 800m final, involving David Rudisha - the best athlete you've never heard of...

  27. 1208: 

    So, we know where Keri-Anne Payne and the rest of her rivals will be for the next two hours or so - in the murky waters of The Serpentine.

    But what is happening elsewhere in London and on the Olympic Park? The rhythmic gymnastics has just started, with the individual all-round qualification under way at Wembley Arena. while the battle for seventh and eighth places in the men's hockey sees South Korea lead Pakistan 2-1 at half-time. Over at ExCel, the preliminary rounds of the taekwondo are continuing, with the quarter-finals following later this afternoon.

  28. 1201: 
    ATHLETICS- Men's decathlon latest

    Trey Hardee of the USA has closed the gap on leader and compatriot Ashton Eaton in the men's decathon after seven events.

    Hardee threw the discus 48.26m, the second furthest of all competitors, while Eaton could only manage 42.53m for 15th.

    Going into the pole vault, javelin and 1500m, Eaton has 6,409 points and Hardee has 6,310.

  29. 1202: 

    GB swimmer David Davies at Hyde Park for the women's 10km open water marathon: "The crowd went absolutley mental for Keri-Anne Payne. It's all a lottery at the start. All she can hope for is to get a good start and we know she will want to get to the front of the pack."

  30. 1200: 

    There is a huge crowd basking in the sunshine at Hyde Park for the 10km open water swimming and they gave Keri-Anne Payne a huge cheer when she took her place on the pontoon.

    The klaxon sounds and the race is under way - with a mad scramble of thrashing limbs in the opening few metres as the swimmers jostle for position in the water... no lanes in this race!

    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at the taekwondo at ExCeL

    "Nice gesture from France's European champion Marlene Harnois who when given a ticket to sign an autograph spends over a minute penning a note to the young child who passed it to her before thanking them.

    "Not often you'll get that kind of a response from an athlete who's still in the early rounds of their competition!

    "I guess it helped having just reached the quarter-finals!"

  32. 1158: 

    We can expect a fast start from Keri-Anne Payne when she dives off the pontoon and into The Serpentine to begin her 10km open water marathon. The 24-year-old likes to lead from the front, and hopes to stay there too...

  33. 1156: 

    We're hearing that Venezuela are actually through to the men's 4x400m relay final as one of the fastest losers as Domincan Republic are disqualified. No word on why yet.

  34. 1155: 

    I said at 1132 that Jason Kenny is yet to Tweet... but that has now changed. It was British BMX rider Liam Phillips who talked him into joining Twitter, and Kenny's first entry was to wish Phillips well today.

    Kenny said: "Finally been talked into getting Twitter by @liamPHILLIPS65. Good luck today, show them who is the boss!!!"

    You can watch Liam in action in the BMX quarter-finals on the BBC from 1500 BST.

  35. 1152: 

    The Bahamas win a storming second 4 x 400m relay heat in 2:58.87, a fraction ahead of the USA as Jamaica crash out on the second leg. Russia are some way back in third, with Domican Republic qualifying for the final in fourth along with Belgium.

    The final takes place tomorrow at 2120 BST and Jamaica's absence means there's no chance of Usain Bolt competing for four gold medals.

  36. 1147: 

    Keri-Anne Payne's fiance, British 400m freestyle swimmer David Carry, speaking on BBC Radio 5 live ahead of her 10km race: "My stomach is turning round and round, it is such a different feeling before I competed on day one. All of a sudden, I am waiting for Keri-Anne to swim, and I now know how my parents feel when I swim.

    "She is so prepared and ready for this. She is usually quite nervous before doing a 10km as she does not particularly enjoy doing them, but she is so calm."

    The couple have delayed their wedding for two years because they did not want to interrupt their training, but they have set a date for 15 September. Rebecca Adlington will be one of Payne's bridesmaides.

  37. 1148: 

    Great Britain's 4x400m team have been talking to BBC One after they qualified for Friday's final:

    Nigel Levine: "After my disappointing semi-final, I have learned a bit more about the track, so it was pretty good. Obviously, we are tired, but for the final, hopefully it will be a bit better."

    Conrad Williams: "It means so much for the group. We controlled the race."

    Jack Green: I wanted a chance to run after my disappointment in the 400m hurdles. I had a lot to prove and I would like to think I deserve to be on this stage."

    Martyn Rooney: "It was incredible. I want to apologise to the guys for not winning it. Trinidad's guy was a sprinter and he dipped at the end. Tomorrow, we will come back and do better."

    BBC athletics commentator Allison Curbishley on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Such a shame, not just for Oscar, but for the 80,000 strong crowd. They were ready to watch history in the making. Pistorius held his head in his hands after he realised he would not run.

    "That was so impressive from Great Britain, and they just went over the magical three-minute barrier. Jack Green turned the after-burners on."

  39. 1145: 

    The second 4x400m heat features very powerful squads from the USA, Australia and Jamaica. The Domincan Republic are also in this race, with a team including 400m hurdles champion Felix Sanchez.

  40. 1143: 
    ATHLETICS- Men's 400m relay heats

    It takes a new national record from Trinidad & Tobago to win in 3:00.38, with Britain awarded exactly the same time for a season's best. Split times to come. Has Jack Green run himself into a place in the team for the final at the expense of Dai Greene?

    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at the taekwondo at the ExCel

    "As expected we've seen the number one seeds from both the women's -57kg (Li-Cheng Tseng) and men's -68kg (Servet Tazegul) divisions progress to the quarter-finals.

    However, GB's Jade Jones and Martin Stamper will both face unseeded fighters in the next round after Japan's Mayu Hamada and Serbia's Damir Fejzic pulled off surprise victories against the fifth seeds in their respective categories.

    "Should the British fighters progress through the next round, coming up after 1530 BST, then they are likely to face event favourites Tseng and Tazegul in the semi-finals."

  42. 1141: 
    ATHLETICS- GB reach 400m relay final

    Terrible first leg from Nigel Levine but it's a good change over and Conrad Williams powers Great Britain into third place. Jack Green chases down Trinidad & Tobago and Cuba with a brilliant third leg and hands over to Martyn Rooney in the lead. Rooney runs a solid anchor, but eases up to be pipped by Trinidad & Tobago on the line.

    Belgium snatch the last automatic qualifying place, but South Africa drop out early on when one of their runners falls, meaning Oscar Pistorius is denied the chance to run.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    "The postponement flag has gone up for the 470 class (The medal race where Britain's Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell had already secured at least silver was due to start at 1300 BST)

    "There is no word yet on how long for or when racing might be possible, other than the fact 1630 is the final cut-off. If racing is not possible today, it will be re-scheduled for Friday, ahead of the women's 470 medal race, though the same light-wind forecast is expected. The women's match-racing (which was meant to start at 1200) will also be held over."

  44. 1139: 

    Olympic silver medal winning open water swimmer David Davies on Keri-Anne Payne's preparations for her 10km race, which starts at 1200 and will finish around two hours later: "The last hour before an open water race is very different to the pool. You have to put suncream on, take carbohydrate gels, put vaseline on and sort out a lot of things.

    "All the British swim team have come down. I think they will be pretty rowdy when the race gets going.

    "Hopefully, it won't be too cold, and there are a lot off fans on either side of the lake to cheer on Keri-Anne."

  45. 1133: 
    ATHLETICS- Men's 4x400m relay heats

    Nigel Levine is running the first leg for Great Britain and he salutes the crowd as his name is announced. Trinidad, Belgium, South Africa, Cuba, Kenya, Germany and Poland are the other contestants.

  46. 1132: 
    STARTING SOON- Men's 4 x 400m relay heats

    Team GB are in heat one for the men's 4 x 400m relay heats with a highly-fancied quartet of Nigel Levine, Conrad Williams, Jack Green and Martyn Rooney. Watch it now on the interactive video player.

  47. 1132: 

    There were pictures of her kissing fellow track cyclist double-gold medal winner Jason Kenny all over today's newspapers and Laura Trott has taken to Twitter to confirm there is a new 'golden couple' in British sport: "So, yes, it is out there, me and @JasonKenny107 are dating. Been a little while now, just didn't want the distraction before the games x"

    By the way, Kenny has only just joined Twitter today, and is yet to make his first Tweet.

  48. 1128: 
    ATHLETICS- High jump

    BBC Sport's Aimee Lewis at the Olympic Stadium: "Controversy in the high jump which causes some of the BBC crew to reach for their binoculars. A shrill scream from protagonist Ariane Friedrich as she fails with her third attempt at 1.96m which means she's on the first plane home to Germany and the earlier kerfuffle about qualification matters little. The safety mat is being dismantled with care as there are now 12 names on the list for Saturday's final. Svetlana Radzivil of Uzbekistan topped qualifying with a season's best 1.96m."

  49. 1125: 

    Lots of British swimmers are at Hyde Park to support Keri-Anne Payne, but the Stockport-based swimmer says being seen as favourite for today's 10km open water marathon is meaningless because every one of her races is so different.

    Payne said: "You can see that from the results over the last couple of years. I won silver at the Beijing Olympics and I won the worlds in 2011 too but then the worlds after that I came 10th, then in Shanghai I won.

    "It completely depends on who is the best athlete on the day, who makes the right decisions and the best decisions and so I just have to go in and focus on what I have to do - then hope for the best."

    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at the taekwondo at the ExCel

    "GB's Martin Stamper said "it felt so great I just felt like dancing," after his defeat of Mexican Erick Osornio Nunez. Stamper will face Serbia's Damir Fejzic in the next round at around 1545 BST.

    "Great reception too for Great Britain's Youth Olympic champion Jade Jones, which really brought the venue to life after a slow start.

    "The crowd are starting to 'learn' the sport now and, with the promise of Stamper and Jones both returning this afternoon, it's going to get louder and louder in here."

  51. 1120: 
    ATHLETICS- Women's high jump

    The high jump handbags have been put down - Friedrich fails with her third attempt at 1.96m, just clipping the bar with her heels. So she fails to reach the final.

    The 12 qualifiers include American indoor champion Chaunte Lowe and defending champion Tia Hellebaut of Belgium.

  52. 1110: 
    ATHLETICS- Women's high jump

    There's a hoo-ha in the women's high jump because 14 women have alll cleared the qualifying mark of 1.93m but only 12 are allowed to go through to the final.

    The judges look like they are being sticklers for the rules and want to eliminate the two jumpers who took most attempts to clear 1.93m including Ariane Friedrich of Germany.

    Friedrich is now taking on 1.96m, but she's failed with her first two jumps.

  53. 1110: 

    Under an hour to go until Britain's Keri-Anne Payne gets her open water 10km marathon under way in The Serpentine. Can she turn Beijing silver into London gold? Her big rival will be Italy's Martina Grimaldi.

  54. 1109: 

    BBC Sport's Aimee Lewis at the athletics in the Olympic Park: "Daley Thompson happily taking pictures with the volunteers. A picture with Thompson in the background of the Olympic track: priceless. I wonder what the double gold medallist thinks of the decathletes, currently with discus in hand. The longest throw so far is 48.28m by Belgium's Hans van Alphen - which is 82cm behind Thompson's personal best. Although, the strongest group of throwers have just got under way."

  55. 1105: 

    Martin Stamper on BBC One after he won his first bout in the taekwondo at London 2012: "It was a bit tough to stay calm. My coaches said to me I should keep the same game plan but take it higher. He moved in and I finally managed to get a nice one in.

    "Now, I have just got to go back, recover and do my best in the next fight.

    "I came out and felt like dancing. I was buzzing as the crowd erupted and chanted my name. It might have a boring fight, but the crowd kept behind me and pushed me through to the win."

  56. 1101: 

    There is still concern over the lack of wind at Weymouth. Race officials will hold an inspection at 1130 BST to see if racing can start at 1300. If not, there is a cut-off point of 1630 as the latest that things can get under way before they postpone today's races until Friday.

  57. 1100: 
    TAEKWONDO- Stamper wins first bout

    With a minute to go, Martin Stamper lands the first scoring blow before following up with a head kick for four points. The Mexican coach objects and brings out a blue card to send the decision for a video review. Was there any contact? Yes there was! Stamper leads 4-0.

    The Mexican responds well with two scoring shots but Stamper replies with one of his own to clinch a 5-2 victory.

  58. 1100: 

    BBC Sport's Gordon Farquhar on Twitter: "All 42 members of the GB squad coming to Hyde Park to cheer on Keri-Anne Payne. Just arriving now."

  59. 1056: 

    Nunez seems to be getting increasingly frustrated with Stamper for landing low blows and there's a brief stoppage for the Mexican to receive some magic spray to his knee. It's a dull 0-0 draw after two rounds - a bit like Italian football from the 1990s. If it's still a tie after the last round, we'll go into sudden-death with the first athlete scoring a point declared the winner.


    Greg Kirkpatrick on Twitter: "Football/tennis have enough championships. Olympics to spotlight minor sports. Rock climbing, surfing, street luge, BMX freestyle."

  61. 1050: 

    Next up is GB's Martin Stamper against Erick Orornio Nunez of Mexico and it's a cagey start with no scoring shots in the first round, despite one or two kicks landing "below the belt".

  62. 1049: 

    Jade Jones speaking on BBC One after her victory in the taekwondo preliminary round: "The plan was perfect. I did not feel my sharpest, and I need to up it a bit for the next round.

    "I was expecting Croatia to get through, but I have studied all of them. I will study the tactics and get on it again."

  63. 1046: 

    BBC Sport's Frank Keogh in the Olympic Park: "The family of 'Blade Runner' Oscar Pistorius, the first double amputee sprinter to compete at the Olympic Games, say they may miss out on seeing the South African run in the 4x400m relay because of a ticket mix-up.

    "His father Henke and 90-year-old grandmother Gerti told BBC Sport they have been let down by a ticket supplier ahead of the relay, which starts with heats on Thursday (1135 BST). She did see Oscar run in the individual 400m event, but his father only arrived in the UK on Monday night.

    "'We were told we could get tickets but they haven't materialised. We are going to travel to the stadium and hope something works out,' said Henke."

  64. 1045: 
    TAEKWONDO- Jade Jones wins first bout

    They call Jones 'the Headhunter' and you can see why as she picks up another eight points via kicks to the head and books her place in the last eight with an emphatic 15-1 victory.

  65. 1043: 

    Unsurprisingly the highest peak of Thursday's action on BBC TV was 11.3m for the men's 200m semi-finals as Yohan Blake and Usain Bolt cantered through to tonight's final at 2055 BST.

    Some 2.6m tuned in to see boxer Nicola Adams beat Mary Kom in the women's fly semi-finals at 1335. That figure could well be beaten today when the Briton fights Ren Cancan of China in the final at 1630.

  66. 1042: 

    Britain's Abi Edmonds and Louisa Sawers finished third in the B final of the women's kayak double 500m. No medals handed out there but they will be in the A race, which is about to begin.

    In case you were wondering, the difference between a kayak and a canoe, is that kayak racers sit in the boat and use a paddle with two blades, while canoe athletes kneel and use a single-bladed paddle which they switch from side to side. Got that? Good.

    Find out more in our event guide on the BBC Sport website.

  67. 1041: 

    It's a great start to the second round for Jade Jones as she picks up six points in the first 50 seconds with a barrage of kicks to the head. Both fighters have electronic sensors attached to their body armour and socks to register blows automatically and ensure fairness. Jones ends the round with a 7-1 lead.

  68. 1039: 

    BBC Sport's Aimee Lewis at the Olympic Stadium: "The names of the Brits who will attempt to qualify from the first round the men's 4x400m relay has been announced and they are Nigel Levine, Conrad Williams, Jack Green and Martyn Rooney.

    "The quartet will set off at 1135 BST alongside teams from Trinidad and Tobago, Belgium, South Africa, Cuba, Kenya, Germany and Poland. The top three in each heat, plus the two fastest losers, will reach the final. On paper, the Brits should finish fourth in their race, but relays aren't run on paper. Phew."

  69. 1038: 

    Jade Jones collects the first point of the bout with a kick to the torso only to be caught by a kick late in the first round. So we're level at 1-1 going into round two.

  70. 1035: 

    The Union Jack and Welsh Red Dragon flags are flying as Jade Jones walks into the arena for her fight against Dragana Gladovic of Serbia.

  71. 1032: 

    BBC Sport's Aimee Lewis at the Olympic Stadium: "There may not be a Brit competing in the women's high jump qualifying round but that hasn't stopped the spectators from cheering every jump with gusto. "Show your support to Oldriske Maresova who has one jump remaining at 1.80m," pleads the stadium announcer.

    "The crowd do as they are told and begin to clap in unison, but then there's the sound of 80,000 sighs as the bar tumbles onto the mat. The gals need to jump 1.96m to qualify automatically and they're hitting their groove nicely with the pole now set at 1.90m for the majority."

  72. 1032: 

    Mark Clattenburg has been appointed referee for the men's football final between Brazil and Mexico on Saturday. The 37-year-old from Gosforth will be assisted by Stephen Child and Simon Beck.


    Paul Kavanagh on Twitter: "The sports I would like included would include Paintball, Mountain Biking, & Skateboarding, sports anyone can take up and do."

  74. 1029: 
    TAEKWONDO- GB's Jade Jones in action

    Great Britain's Jade Jones is about to start her campaign in the women's under 57kg taekwondo event at the tender age of 19. Jones, who reached last year's World Championship final and is the fourth seed, takes on Serbia's Dragana Gladovic. They are competing for a place in this afternoon's quarter-final at 1530.

  75. 1028: 

    Britain's Rachel Cawthorn admits she did not produce her best form after finishing sixth in the kayak single 500m final: "It just seemed to be over so quick.

    "I was probably too far down, so it was too much to come back. I wish I could do it again.

    "It is a good stepping stone, but it is so long to wait before I get another bash at it. I was so proud of myself after the semis, but the final was different."

  76. 1026: 

    One more gold medal to be decided at Eton Dorney today, and that is in the women's kayak double. Britain's Abi Edmonds and Louisa Sawers failed to make the A final but they will be back on the lake for one last time when they go in the B final.

  77. 1024: 

    The light winds at Weymouth are causing concern among race officials, who have told the Olympics' official information system that today's races could be delayed or postponed until Friday if the weather doesn't change.

  78. 1020: 

    Britain's Rachel Cawthorn came home sixth in the end and was never really in the hunt for medals - her fast finish could not help her there. Ukraine's Inna Osypenko-Radomska took the race on from the start but she could not sustain that until the end and had to settle for silver behind Danuta Kozak. South Africa's Bridgitte Hartley took bronze.

  79. 1017: 
  80. 1016: 

    Britain's Rachel Cawthorn needs a fast finish to get a medal here. Ukraine are leading the way at the moment, but here come Hungary.

  81. 1015: 

    It's a glorious day at Eton Dorney, sun shimmering on the lake. The women at the start line of the canoe sprint kayak single final won't be thinking about how scenic everything looks, though... they are just waiting for the klaxon, which sounds to get the race under way, with Rachel Cawthorn going for Great Britain.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    "Very light winds here in Weymouth ahead of the men's 470 medal race, scheduled for 13:00 BST. Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell fly the flag for GB.

    "The 25-year-olds trail Australian world champions Mathew Belcher and Malcolm Page by four points, which as we all know by now, means they need to finish ahead of the Aussies with one boat between them. Neither can be caught by the boat currently in bronze, Argentina, so it is a straight good old-fashioned Brit v Aussie punch-up. If they get out, that is."

    Check out today's weather forecast for Weymouth via BBC Weather.

  83. 1008: 

    John Ward in Leeds texts: "Ironman would be a great sport to have in the Olympics - everyone would get a chance to see the athletes."

    Sam in London texts: "There are way too many medals in swimming. Bring in some more athletics events... Who wouldn't love to see Usain Bolt vs Kirani James over 300m?"

    Rob in Reading texts: "Would love to see Twenty20 cricket make an Olympic appearance, along with squash. Despite being a football fan, I would not be sad if it was dropped - maybe for beach football which is a fast growing in popularity."

    Tweet us your views via #bbc2012 or send a text to 81111 (UK).

  84. 1007: 

    Time for a quick round up of the sports you can watch right now on our interactive video player.

    As well as the morning athletics session in the Olympic Stadium and canoe sprint finals at Eton Dorney, there's the women's 10m platform diving semi-finals and the taekwondo preliminary rounds at the ExCeL.

    If team sports are more your bag, Argentina and New Zealand are competing in the men's hockey at the Riverbank Arena to decide who comes ninth and who comes 10th (I know, I don't get it either).

  85. 1003: 

    We have some British interest in the next canoe sprint gold medal final, with Rachel Cawthorn an outside hope of getting on the podium in the women's kayak single final at 1015 BST. Cawthorn, described as "a ball of fire" by Beijing kayak gold medallist Tim Brabants, became the first British woman to win a medal at the World Championships when she took bronze in Poznan in 2010, but has not hit those sort of heights since.

  86. 0959: 

    BBC Sport's Aimee Lewis at the Olympic Stadium: "East London has turned into the Cote d'Azure and the mellow voice of Finley Quaye which is currently being played at the Olympic Stadium only adds to the laid-back atmosphere. Those sitting next to the Olympic flame must be feeling the heat. Scorchio. The women's high jumpers are in the middle of the baking track, attempting to qualify for the final, and no-one has had a problem clearing 1.80m."

    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at the taekwondo at ExCeL

    "We are under way on day two of the London 2012 taekwondo competition, which will feature two British athletes with genuine medal prospects.

    "Jade Jones was the Youth Olympic champion two years ago and world silver medallist in 2011. She will fight her first-round match at 1030 BST against Serbia's Dragana Gladovic.

    "Martin Stamper, meanwhile, lost just twice in the whole of last year, securing world bronze in a fantastic break through season. He's next on after Jones at 1045 versus Mexico's Erick Osornio Numez."

  88. 0952: 
    CANOE SPRINT- False start

    We have had a false start in the men's kayak four, which means a delay while the canoes make their way back to the top of the course. These long boats have a turning circle a bit like an oil tanker (OK, I'm exaggerating a touch) and eight of them need to change direction at once, which looks like complete chaos to me. The officials have just made an announcement hurrying them up "because you are on live TV".

  89. 0951: 

    If you are coming to the Olympic Park today, bring you suncream and shades. London is set for a sizzler with the temperature building throughout the day and peaking at about 25C at 18:00. It fact, it will still be a balmy 23C when Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake go toe to toe in the men's 200m at 20:55.


    Great Britain's Francesca Jones ahead of the rhythmic gymnastics this afternoon: "Off to my first day of Olympic competition!!! Can't quite believe I'm here still :) #DreamsCanComeTrue "

  91. 0947: 

    We've been asking which sports you would like to see in the Olympics and which you would like to see dropped.

    Stuart in Ipswich texts: "Sports Britain are good at like snooker, darts and conkers!"

    Martin texts: "I know it was mentioned but rugby 7's is going to be a great addition. Already a highlight of the Commonwealth Games this will be a jewel in the Olympic crown come Rio."

    Phil in Woking texts: "I think it's time to see darts in the Olympics! Imagine the legend that is Phil 'The Power' Taylor as 15 times world champion and Olympic gold medalist."

    Tweet us your views via #bbc2012 or send a text to 81111 (UK).

  92. 0946: 

    The strong German pair overhauled the fading Azerbaijan canoe in the closing stages, with Belarus brothers Andrei and Aleksandr Bogdanovich finishing fast to take silver ahead of Russia.

    Germany could make it two canoe golds out of two races, as they are favourites in the men's kayak four final, which is coming up next. Paddles at the ready...

  93. 0936: 

    The first of today's four canoe sprint gold medals is about to be decided. Belarus brothers Andrei and Aleksandr Bogdanovich are the defending champions and favourites in the men's canoe double 1,000m final.

    BBC Sport athletics pundit Denise Lewis on BBC One:

    Talking about tonight's 200m final at 2055 BST: "It has got to be Usain Bolt in the 200m. He looks phenomenal again, and he has answered every question.

    "Winning that 100m has sent a clear message to the opposition. Yohan Blake has to step up now."

  95. 0934: 

    My colleague Ollie Williams has knocked together some fascinating, and worrying from a GB point of view, statistics about the London 2012 medal table.

    He says: "If every result from now until the end of London 2012 followed the exact same pattern as Beijing 2008, Russia would beat Great Britain for third place in the medal table with the United States top.

    "In the events which have yet to be decided, GB won only one gold at the Beijing Games, whereas Russia won 12 of them. If that happened here, both countries would end up on 23 gold medals. Russia would take third place by virtue of winning more silver medals.

    "The United States won nine gold medals from this point at Beiing 2008 while China won just four. If that repeated itself here, the US would leapfrog China, finishing on 43 golds to China's 40."

    The only caveat to Ollie's theory is that there are three new women's boxing events, four new sprint canoe events and a new sailing event whose medals are yet to be decided at London 2012, and with boxer Nicola Adams going for gold this afternoon, the picture could soon be looking rosy once again.

    The story of the Games So Far makes for an interesting read.

  96. 0929: 

    Rleader on Twitter: "Squash should have got an Olympic place instead of golf. Happy to see Rugby 7s in Rio, would also like to see baseball back."

    Matt Graham on Twitter: "Get rid of football (it pains me to say that as its my fav sport) but bring in squash and keep windsurfing."

    LivingRoomWhisky on Twitter: "Orienteering in the Amazon rainforest would be amazing! The Brownlees could enter as favourites too!"

    Send your thoughts on Twitter using #bbc2012 or via text on 81111 (UK)

  97. 0929: 

    The fourth heat of the men's decathlon 110m hurdles is a humdinger as Trey Hardee pips his fellow American Ashton Eaton in a lifetime best 13.54 seconds. Hardee screams like a schoolgirl as he crosses the line.

    Eaton remains in the overall lead with 5,693 points, with Hardee in second on 5,476. Damian Warner of Canada is third on 5,312.

  98. 0926: 

    Now, we know already lot about the winners from these Games. The likes of Usain Bolt, Sir Chris Hoy and Jess Ennis need no introduction.

    But what about the also-rans. Those who did not come to London dreaming of gold, but arrived knowing they would probably come last.

    The BBC's Holly Wallis looks at athletes like Niger rower Hamadou Djibo Issaka, who finished last by about half the length of the Eton Dorney lake, and speaks to sports psychologist and performance consultant, Andy Barton about why not everyone is in it for the medal.

  99. 0921: 

    The Olympic spirit seemed in short supply as tempers flared in the men's basketball quarter-final between Spain and France on Wednesday, which Spain won 66-59 to reach the last four.

    Commentator and former NBA star John Amaechi described the game as being "out of control" and a "disgrace" to the sport.

    Meanwhile, BBC commentator Mike Carlson was hit by a ball whilst commentating on Argentina's quarter-final victory over Brazil. Although the incident was not caught on camera, there is no doubting he takes a full hit on the head..

  100. 0918: 

    Oleksiy Kasyanov of Ukraine boosts his decathlon medal chances by winning his 110m hurdles heat in 14.09 secs. Kasyanov should improve on his fourth place overnight with that display. Leader Ashton Eaton runs in the next heat.

  101. 0915: 

    As you know, there were sadly no British medals for the newspapers to splash all over their front or back pages today, so what makes the headlines instead?

    The Times go with British boxer Nicola Adams with the caption 'The right stuff' on their wraparound but, on their front page, they join The Daily Telegraph in tackling the question of how the country can build on the euphoria generated by their sporting success.

    The Guardian go with a graphic showing how Britain are ahead of the United States if you count the different sports where they have taken gold.

    Laura Trott and Sir Chris Hoy make the front page of The Independent, with the double-gold medal winning duo warning of the consequences of cutting funding to elite sports.

    Hoy is also on the back of the Daily Mirror, who yell 'Fix of the best' as the Scot accuses cycling's world governing body of trying to manipulate the medal table on the track by changing the format of his sport, and the Daily Star too, denying allegations of foul play against GB by saying 'We're no cheats'.

    But it is a picture of Trott sharing a kiss with another of Britain's double-medal cyclists, Jason Kenny, while they watched beach volleyball that makes the front page of The Sun ('Gold me close') and the Daily Mail ('Gold medal smacker').

    The Daily Express, meanwhile, look forward to tonight's 200m showdown between 100m champion Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake, saying 'Make mine a double'.

  102. 0913: 

    Jacko in Cambs texts: "Get shot of football, golf and tennis; all of which have global appeal and significant competitive opportunities already. Replace with squash, netball and British Bulldog."

    Matt in Leicester texts: "Bring back tug of war - the ultimate test of strength and character!"

    Dom in Rotherham texts: "Squash has got to be in. Not only would Great Britain win more medals but it is a brilliant and exciting sport."

    Tweet us your views via #bbc2012 or send a text to 81111 (UK).

  103. 0912: 

    Willem Coertzen of South Africa wins the second heat of the men's decathlon 110m hurdles in a personal best 14.18, with Cubans Yordani Garcia and Leonel Suarez second and third respectively. Belgium's Hans Van Alphen, fifth in the overall standings overnight, finishes fifth.

  104. 0904: 

    Two-time Olympic gold medallist Victoria Pendleton on BBC Olympic Breakfast has been talking about being pipped to gold by Anna Meares in her final race before retiring.

    Reflecting on being disqualified in the first race of the sprint final for riding outside her lane, she said: "You are not supposed to be nudged in a race... I did not realise at the time, but watching the footage you could see it, but you have to move on, really.

    "I have a huge amount of respect for Anna Meares and I am sure she feels the same way. Without each other, we could not have moved the sport on like we have.

    "The decision at the first ride did shock me, and after being disqualified in the team race, I asked what could I do?

    "I will always ride my bike for fitness, I genuinely enjoy training and keeping fit. But, racing... I have had enough of the pressure and I feel the standard is too high to maintain any longer.

    "I am really looking forward to new challenges and a new set of things to concentrate on perfecting. I feel I have done this and it is time to move on."

  105. 0900: 

    Five-time Olympic gold medallist Ryan Lochte on BBC Olympic Breakfast: "What Michael Phelps has done in this sport is unheard of, and he has changed the sport. I am just happy to be a part of that, and helping him make history.

    "I will quit swimming once I stop having fun, and right now I am having a blast. I can see myself going on to the next Olympics, and maybe the one after that.

    "We have been to one or two nightclubs with Phelps in London. It is nice getting outside our usual comfort zone and seeing the other swimmers enjoying themselves and getting dressed up.

    "The last four years, I have been training every day. Now it is time to just relax and not see a swimming pool for a month."

  106. 0900: 

    Great Britain's women missed out on a gold medal match in the hockey competition after losing 2-1 to Argentina last night. Tonight, the men have their own chance to reach the final when they take on the Netherlands in the semi-finals at the Riverbank Arena at 2000, with Australia meeting Germany in the other semi-final at 1530.

    In the other team sports, there's the men's beach volleyball final between Brazilian duo Emanuel and Alison and Germany's Julius Brink and Jonas Reckermann (2100).

    The women's basketball, handball and volleyball semi-finals are also today, as is the women's football final between USA and Japan at Wembley (1945) and the water polo final featuring USA and Spain at 2000.


    GB boxer Tom Stalker, who lost his light-welterweight quarter-final to Munkh-Erdene Uranchimeg 23-22 and had a subsequent appeal rejected, says on Twitter: "Absolutely heartbroken.. them judges have Wrecked my life! From the bottom of my heart i won that fight and there's nothin I can do about it."

  108. 0849: 

    British interest in the taekwondo competition starts this morning with GB's Jade Jones a medal prospect in the women's -57kg division. She's been drawn against Dragana Gladovic of Serbia at 1030.

    In the men's -68kg, Britain's Martin Stamper fights Erick Osornio Nunez ofg Mexico at 1045. Afghanistan's Rohollah Nikpai - who won his country's first-ever medal in Beijing - is in action at 1215 against Michael Loniewski of Poland.

  109. 0844: 

    Triple-jump world record holder and BBC presenter Jonathan Edwards on BBC One: "Phillips Idowu will be distraught he is not in the final. He thought he would come back in London on his home patch and win, but injuries got the better of him.

    "There has been a long-standing feud with Charles van Commenee, and that will lead to issues. When the dust settles, an inquiry needs to go on to make sure something like this does not happen again."

  110. 0843: 

    More from British showjumper Nick Skelton on BBC Olympic Breakfast: "I am not closing the door to keeping on until Rio, never say never. I think home advantage is a great help, and UK Sport and the Lottery funding has really helped as they've put everything into us. We've also got some great owners in the sport, and they'll try and find more horses for Rio, hopefully.

    "I think Charlotte Dujardin will win the gold in the dressage, and it is possible we could win all the medals."

  111. 0841: 

    Women's boxing has been a huge success after being included in the Olympics for the first time, with the likes of Nicola Adams and Ireland's Katie Taylor thrilling the crowds at the ExCeL with their strength, courage and skill.

    At the next Olympics in Rio, golf and rugby 7s will be added to the roster.

    We'd like to know which sports you'd like to see added to the Olympics, and which ones you could happily live without.

    Get in touch via Twitter on #bbc2012 or text us on 81111 (UK).

  112. 0836: 

    There are 23 gold medals to be won today across 12 sports, including one that could potentially define these Games.

    I'm talking about Bolt-Blake part II of course, and there are less than 13 hours to go until Usain and Yohan go head to head again, this time over 200m at 20:55 BST. We will know the winner by, er, 20:55.20 but will we see our first world record on the track at London 2012?

    "There's a possibility, definitely," said Bolt. "I can't say, but the track is fast. I know I'm feeling great."

    Blake added: "Anything is possible. It's the 200m and we are both full speed. Anything can happen."

    It should be pretty electrifying, whatever the outcome...

    There are plenty of other global stars in action in the meantime, though. Kenya's David Ruisha is seen as a sure-fire favourite when he looks to add an Olympic crown to his world title when he goes in the 800m final at 20:00.

    And, as mentioned earlier, American decathlete Ashton Eaton continues what appears to be an inevitable journey towards gold from 09:00 onwards while Belgium's Tia Hellebaut begins the defence of her high jump title in qualifying at 09:30.

  113. 0828: 

    Team showjumping gold medallist Nick Skelton has been speaking on BBC One after some late faults saw him drop out of the running for a podium place in the individual competition: "It was a massive disappointment, we all worked so hard to get this far. Particularly with my let down in Athens, I thought this was going to be the day.

    "This was the sixth day Big Star had jumped, and I think the time was tight, so maybe I hurried him around the corner a bit.

    "When you look back, we've all got a medal, and I'll remember it all of my life. It can't get any better than winning it in London."

  114. 0827: 

    Four-time ABA champion and BBC Sport commentator Lucy O'Connor on BBC Olympic Breakfast: "The women's boxing has been really well received.

    "Nicola Adams has beaten Ren Cancan before, it will be tough for her, but she will have the home crowd behind her. Adams loves boxing and always has a smile on her face. She's an incredible person and works incredibly hard.

    "Katie Taylor has been such an ambassador for women's boxing, and she would give the men a run for their money.

    "London 2012 will give a huge boost to women's boxing. The Great Britain girls will boost numbers at local clubs."

  115. 0825: 

    Before that, we'll have our daily morning fix of athletics, with the action in the Olympic Stadium starting an hour earlier than usual at 0900 this morning.

    The first event is the men's decathlon 110m hurdles, with overnight leader Ashton Eaton of the USA already boasting a 220-point lead after day one. Easton and his rivals will also contest the discus and pole vault this morning before the competition concludes tonight with the javelin and 1500m.

    There's no British interest in the women's high jump qualifying, which starts at 0930. But there will be high hopes of success in the heats of the men's 4 x 400m relay first round (1135).

  116. 0824: 

    Parhaps the biggest GB story today will unfold at the ExCeL, where Nicola Adams is bidding to become the first woman to win an Olympic boxing gold.

    Adams, 29, defeated India's five-time world champion Mary Kom in the semi-finals yesterday and will take on Ren Cancan of China in the women's boxing fly final at 16.30. Can she go on and win gold? Of course she cancan.

  117. 0817: 

    There's even an outside chance of a GB medal this morning in the canoe sprint events at Eton Dorney. Rachel Cawthorn goes for the host nation in the women's kayak single 500m final at 1015 after coming second in her semi-final. She's followed on the water by her compatriots Abi Edmonds and Louisa Sawers in the kayak double B final.

  118. 0810: 

    British sailors Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell are certain to end the GB drought in the men's 470 medal race at Weymouth. The Olympic debutants are guaranteed at least a silver medal and will have a shot at gold at 1300 BST.

    Keri-Anne Payne was a silver medallist in Beijing and could well go one better in Hyde Park's Serpentine in the women's 10km open water marathon at 1200 BST. Payne won the world title last year but will face stiff competition from Italy's Martina Grimaldo, who won the test event last August in Payne's absence.

    After that, our focus will turn to Greenwich Park, where team gold medallists Laura Bechtolsheimer, Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin are competing in the individual freestyle dressage (1230-1600).

  119. 0800: 

    After the feast, the famine. After the glory, the glut.

    Yes, after 10 consecutive days of medal madness, Team GB's charge up the table came to a shuddering halt when they drew a blank across the board at the Olympics yesterday. Suddenly, you realised what it must have felt like back in the dark days of Atlanta 1996, when Britain managed one gold medal in the entire Games and 15 in total.

    Don't get too depressed though. There are plenty of opportunities today to get this train back on track.

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