London 2012 Olympics: Day 10 afternoon session

Sprint cyclist Jason Kenny wins gold in the Velodrome after GB's showjumpers take gold after a dramatic jump-off with the Netherlands, and Beth Tweddle wins gymnastics bronze.

6 August 2012 Last updated at 19:11

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As it happened

  1. 1900: 

    This winning gold medals is getting boring now. Guess what, Great Britain could even win some more tonight in the Olympic Stadium.

    We'll be keeping you up to speed with Dai Greene, hockey-related events, the boxing, weightlifting - even some Greco-Roman wrestling.

    See you there on a brand new page shortly. Nice one.

    Simon Brotherton, BBC Sport cycling commentator

    "Nobody's been leaving the velodrome early tonight, that's for sure. The gold medal is placed over his head. Jason Kenny is the Olympic champion, one better than Beijing four years ago when he lost to Chris Hoy. A great moment. At just 24 years of age, you have to think there is more to come from him. He is a low profile character, not someone most would even recognise in the supermarket, but he is a three-time Olympic champion."

  3. 1850: 

    Japan win through to the final of the women's football competition after a 2-1 win over France at Wembley.

    They will play Canada or the United States, who meet at 19:45 BST.

  4. 1846: 
    MEDAL CEREMONY- Jason Kenny, GB (Men's sprint cycling)

    Watch as Jason Kenny collects the third Olympic gold medal of his career after storming to a win in the men's sprint.

  5. 1842: 

    Women's omnium standings after three events:

    Laura Trott, GB 12 points

    Sarah Hammer, USA 12 points

    Annette Edmondson, AUS 17 points

    Tara Whitten, CAN 18 points

    Jolien D'Hoore, BEL 20 points

    (Remember - rider with smallest points total after six events wins)

    Chris Boardman, Olympic gold medallist and BBC Sport summariser

    "It's all about consistency. And Laura Trott showed that. She was actually giggling when she was riding!"

  7. 1836: 

    Laura Trott displays huge tactical nous and strength alike to win the eliminator race in the women's omnium and lead the event overnight. That was more blinding riding.

  8. 1833: 

    Eugenie Le Sommer has struck to bring France back to 2-1 down in their semi-final against Japan.

  9. 1832: 

    It's victory for Great Britain! The men beat China 90-58 in the basketball to record their first win of the competition, which means they finish fifth in Group B ahead of the Chinese.

  10. 1829: 

    Laura Trott is comfortable at the moment, she's in the middle of the pack.

  11. 1828: 

    Unreal domination from the Brits in the Velodrome, and the action is not over for the day just yet. The third event of the women's omnium is up - and this is a good watch.

    It's the eliminator, where the last-placed rider at the end of every other lap is booted out.

    A bit like the Royal Rumble at the Wrestling. Only on wheels.

  12. 1826: 

    The crowd's chants of "GB! GB! GB!" are in vain as Britain suffer a fifth successive defeat after a 25-18 25-18 25-15 loss to Argentina. The Britons huddle then walk around the court to applaud the fans in recognition of their raucous support. Team GB finish bottom of Group A while Argentina go through to the quarter-finals.

  13. 1825: 

    Jason Kenny on BBC2: "It's amazing. I hadn't even thought about it until the last round and it dawned on me. I did it for the team. We were really close and he's been faster at the Worlds. Three days ago I qualifed quicker and I like racing against Bauge."

  14. 1825: 

    2008 team sprint goal medallist Jamie Staff on BBC2: "It was awesome to see and Jason Kenny deserves it. He's laid back but when he puts on the helmet he's a different person."

    BBC Sport chief sports writer Tom Fordyce on Twitter:

    "Remarkable. Jason Kenny dismantles world champ Gregory 'Le Automaton Fantastique' Bauge to win GB cycling's 6th gold. Velodromination."


    Soraya Bakhbakhi on Twitter: "Fantastic! Well done, Jason Kenny @TeamGB on his gold medal win in the sprint final. Team GB brought it once again! #BBC2012 #London2012"

    Vicki Gould on Twitter: "Get in Jason!! Gold, AGAIN!! The boy from #Bolton done good #bbc2012. Very proud of you at home in Bolton. #frontpageofBENtomorrow!"

    David Skelton on Twitter: "We are almost unbeatable in the velodrome. Awesome from Kenny. #cycling #OurGreatestTeam #bbc2012"

  17. 1824: 

    Team GB's Jenna Randall and Olivia Federici will compete in the Olympic synchronised swimming final after finishing ninth in the qualifying stage.

  18. 1823: 

    How's this for a stat - The GB track cycling team would be in the top 10 of the overall medal table if they were entered as a separate nation.

    The people's republic of Brailsfordonia. Superb effort - and that's not counting the gold, silver and two bronze medals we won on the roads.

  19. 1820: 

    In the women's sprint event, Guo Shang is allowed to race in the third heat and goes through. A hint of controversy about that one.

    Hugh Porter, BBC cycling commentator

    "Gregory Bauge was taken apart by the awesome speed of Kenny. Kenny was at his absolute best. He now has three Olympic golds in his trophy cabinet."

    Simon Brotherton, BBC Sport cycling commentator

    "A superb ride. Another medal for GB and what style from the young man! Kenny? Yes he can! This was a key decision British Cycling took, remember Sir Chris Hoy was the defending champion. But British Cycling stayed clear headed, judged it on who they thought had the best chance and Kenny has arrived in the form of his life."

    Rob Hayles, Double Olympic medallist and BBC cycling commentator

    "Bauge did everything he could. No chance. All the way through the competition it has gone to form. Both riders gave it everything."

  23. 1816: 

    That is five golds for Great Britain in the Velodrome with a night of action still to come. Talk about strength in depth - don't forget that Tour de France heroes Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome and Mark Cavendish haven't even competed on the track.


    Sir Chris Hoy on Twitter: "I know I said I was off Twitter til after tomorrow but that was PHENOMENAL by Jason Kenny. So happy and proud of him, well deserved mate."

    Chris Boardman, Olympic gold medallist and BBC Sport summariser

    "Fantastically powerful. Bauge just had nothing. You have to be able to sprint time after time. Kenny was as sharp as when he first came in. He knew he'd won it with 100 metres to go."

  26. 1813: 

    That was magnificent stuff from Jason Kenny who has claimed his third Olympic gold in true style. After being selected ahead of Sir Chris Hoy for this event, the pressure was really on but the boy from Bolton has delivered.

  27. 1811: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Jason Kenny, GB (Men's sprint cycling)

    Jason Kenny leads out from the front and beats Gregory Bauge to win gold in the men's sprint.

    Hugh Porter, BBC cycling commentator

    "Doubt is not an option and they cannot have any doubt in their minds now."

  29. 1810: 

    We are away...

  30. 1810: 

    Jason Kenny is up against triple world champion Gregory Bauge. Kenny won the first race, so one more here and he will be Olympic champion.

    Kenny took silver in Beijing behind Sir Chris Hoy and has already bagged one gold here in the team sprint.

  31. 1809: 
  32. 1808: 
    BRONZE MEDAL- Shane Perkins, AUS (Men's sprint)

    Shane Perkins eases past Njisane Nicholas Phillip to secure a 2-0 win overall and secure bronze.

    Matt Slater, BBC Sport at the Velodrome

    "After five nights of these medal sessions in the volumedrome you would think I would be getting used to the noise this place generates when a British rider is in action, but it continues to amaze.

    "The crowd reaction to Jason Kenny's victory over Gregory Bauge in the first race of the men's sprint final was reminiscent of a last-minute winner at one of the great homes of British football: Anfield, Ibrox, Old Trafford or Roots Hall. The second race is just minutes away, if Kenny wins again this place will explode."

  34. 1805: 

    Victoria Pendleton will face German Kristina Vogel in the semi-finals of the women's sprint, which take place tomorrow.

    I'm still waiting for confirmation on the fate of Guo Shang.

  35. 1802: 

    Drama in the third quarter-final of the women's sprint as Guo Shang - who was part of the Chinese women's sprint team who were relegated from gold to silver - again strays inside her opponent's lane. She could be facing disqualification again here.

  36. 1755: 

    Simon Brotherton clearly knows his stuff as Anna Meares powers through to the semi-finals with a comfortable 2-0 win over Lyubov Shukila.

    It does indeed look like Meares is the only woman who can challenge Victoria Pendleton.

  37. 1754: 

    Commentator Simon Brotherton on BBC Radio 5 live: This is the best form I've ever seen Victoria Pendleton in at any Championship. It is highly likely to come down to her and Anna Meares in the final."

    Jake Humphrey, BBC Sport Presenter

    "Sport is about talent, form and momentum. At the moment all three are with Jason Kenny."

  39. 1752: 

    Ridiculously easy for Victoria Pendleton.

    That was the equivalent of Usain Bolt jogging a 10-dead 100m. She was past Olga Panarina with a few strokes and was then able to shut down with the whole home straight to spare.

  40. 1749: 

    The relentless pace continues at the Velodrome - here comes Victoria Pendleton in the second race of her sprint quarter-final.

    Win this one and it's semi-final time for Vicky P.

    Chris Boardman, Olympic gold medallist and BBC Sport summariser

    "He just did not take his foot off the gas at all. Kenny kept his height and forced the Frenchman to lead him out. Beautifully done by Kenny."

    Hugh Porter, BBC cycling commentator

    "He rode that magnificently. Kenny was on fire and he was not scared of the reputation of the Frenchman."

  43. 1748: 

    Superb riding from Jason Kenny - he opted for the high line and powered into the home straight and takes the first win by the width of gold medal. Excellent stuff.

    There's at least one more race to come though don't forget...

  44. 1746: 


  45. 1746: 

    Great Britain's male handballers are unable to end their campaign on a high as their Olympic odyssey ends with a 41-24 defeat by Pool A winners Iceland. That's five defeats out of five for the Brits. Iceland will face Hungary in the quarter-finals.

    Hugh Porter, BBC cycling commentator

    "Look at the support Kenny has got!"

  47. 1743: 

    Here comes Jason Kenny in the first race of his final against Gregory Bauge. These two have been a class above so far...

  48. 1742: 

    Shane Perkins edges ahead to take the first race in the bronze medal match. Close, very close.

  49. 1740: 

    Aussie Shane Perkins is racing against Njisane Phillip for the bronze medal in the men's sprint. The home crowd have taken to Phillip here in a big way - or is just that they are enjoying seeing Australia struggle? Anyway, race on is away.

  50. 1738: 

    It's men's sprint time now then - we will have the bronze medal race up first, and then it's Jason Kenny v Gregory Bauge for the gold medal.

    It's the same format as before, the best of three races.

  51. 1738:  
    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    "Australia's Nathan Outteridge and Iain Jensen secure 49er gold with one race left after a commanding display of skiff sailing on the waters of Weymouth and Portland this week. New Zealand seal silver, while Denmark hold a one-point advantage over Finland in third.

    GB's Stevie Morrison and Ben Rhodes posted a seventh in the penultimate race and will go into the medal race fifth, eight points behind the Danes. Twelve points separate third to eighth so the medal race will be a right old punch-up."

    Chris Boardman, Olympic gold medallist and BBC Sport summariser

    "It all came down to the final sprint. Laura will be very happy with that. Probably her worst discipline out of the way now. It's going to be very close to the finish now."

    Hugh Porter, BBC cycling commentator

    "Laura Trott timed her effort perfectly. She's a very smart tactician."

  54. 1735: 

    Laura Trott finishes in 10th place in the 80-lap grueller of a points race, and that means she is in third place after two events, just a point off the lead.

    An excellent start.

  55. 1734: 

    Scrap that earlier entry, for no sooner have I averted my gaze for a second and Japan take the lead over France thanks to a prod in from Yuki Ogimi.


    Jenna Marsden on Twitter: "Actually makes you proud to be British watching us win the gold #BBC2012 #Olympic2012"

    Andy Clayton on Twitter: "Well done to the equestrian team. Gold! What a result and what an exciting competition. #bbc2012 #olympics #London2012"

    Ian McKillop on Twitter: "This cycling event has the most baffling scoring I've ever seen. Who had the bright idea this would be exciting? #London2012 #BBC2012"

  57. 1732: 

    Both of our teams may have made an early exit in the football, but play does go on. France and Japan are in action in the first women's semi-final at Wembley, which is goalless after half an hour.

    USA take on Canada in the second semi later on this evening.

  58. 1732: 

    Nick Skelton, Ben Maher, Scott Brash and Peter Charles, golds swinging around their necks, ride around the Greenwich Park course for a lap of honour, but unsatisfied with a single lap they scamper around again, savouring the hurrahs of the crowd. Mozart [possibly] is booming from the tannoy and it's like the last night of the Proms.

  59. 1724: 

    Another of our teams are in action - and it's more bad news down at Earls Court where Argentina have taken the first set against Great Britain, 25-18.

    Jessica Creighton, BBC Sport at the Basketball Arena

    "Throughout this tournament, Britain have become renowned for their solid and highly-energised start to a game.

    "True to form, the home-side are 39-28 up against China as the half draws to a close. Both teams are looking for their first win of the competition but it's GB who are in the driving seat."

  61. 1721: 

    Commentator Michael Tucker on BBC TV: "This is the moment. Britain is enjoying the glory days again. It is such a shot in the arm for the sport. What a performance."

  62. 1720: 

    Former British Nations Cup team rider Andy Hunt on BBC TV: "It is a day none of us will ever forget. It has been such a long wait, but it comes in the right place at the right time. These Games have been incredible right across the board and it is wonderful that show jumping has joined the party. If this doesn't inspire young jumpers nothing else will."

    Nigel Adderley, BBC Sport at the Water Polo Arena

    "The USA's gold medal hopes in the men's water polo look to to be fading after they suffered their second successive 11-6 hammering. Reigning champions Hungary emulated Serbia with a dominant performance which will probably mean the Americans finish fourth in their group and have to face Croatia in the quarter-finals.

    "Great Britain's Olympic experience comes to an end with a match against Montenegro at 18:20."

  64. 1718: 

    Britain's show jumpers proudly step onto the podium and wave to the crowd before receiving their gold medals.

  65. 1716: 

    Pippa Funnell on BBC Radio 5 live on Britain's show jumping team gold: "It shows how many wonderful horses there are out there, and let's not forget the horses. The riders are quite brilliant, but the horses, the athletes themselves, really were at their best."

  66. 1710: 

    Nick Skelton, Ben Maher, Scott Brash and Peter Charles doff their hats to their adoring public as they trot back onto the scene of their greatest moment. The crowd are on their feet and the fabulous four then dismount to collect their medals.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    "British 49er pair Stevie Morrison and Ben Rhodes are under way in their 15th and final race in the opening series. They lie sixth overall and need to get a decent result in this one to give themselves a chance of a bronze in the medal race. Denmark, France, Portugal and Finland are their big rivals now. Australia could wrap up gold over New Zealand in this one."

  68. 1707: 

    So Netherlands' quartet of Jur Vrieling, Maikel van der Vleuten, Marc Houtzager and Gerco Schroder settle for showjumping silver, while Saudi Arabia negotiate their way safely to bronze for their country's first medal of the Games.

    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at the Handball

    "Half-time and GB men's handball team trail group A leaders Iceland 18-15, but it has been an impressive display from the Britons who prior to this game had lost all four of their fixtures.

    "I fear it'll be difficult for them to maintain the pace and pressure they've demonstrated throughout the second period but clearly they want to end their London 2012 journey with a memorable display in front of this home crowd.

    The word is 'legacy'"

  70. 1706: 

    Next out on track is the points race of the women's omnium.

    This 80-lap beast will be on for a while though so we've got plenty of time for more horse-based reaction yet...

  71. 1702: 

    The podium is being erected although, I'll be honest, it does not look big enough to hold Britain's four riders and their horses, let alone the silver and bronze medal winners too. A pocket of spectators are still whooping and whistling while David Bowie's 'Heroes' is blasted from the public address system.

  72. 1701: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Giovanni Cernogoraz, CRO (Men's trap shooting)

    More drama down at the shooting, where Giovanni Cernogoraz takes gold in the men's trap on a shoot-off over Massimo Fabbrizi.


    Robbie Savage on Twitter: "As my teeth are very similar to a horses I'm enthralled by the showjumping !! Come on GB"

    Alan Hedges on Twitter: "Who knew showjumping could be so exciting!?! Seriously amazing stuff #bbc2012 #teamGB"

    Andrea Heyes on Twitter: "Well done Team GB winning gold in team showjumping first time since 1952 #TeamGB #Olmpics2012 #bbc2012"

  74. 1657: 

    There was more suspense and drama during that jump-off than a Christmas special episode of Eastenders. The joyous British riders kiss each other, hug each other, and why not because that's Britain's first Olympic show jumping medal since 1984 and their first gold since the Helsinki 1952 Games.

  75. 1655: 
    John Hunt, BBC equestrian commentator

    "When it mattered Peter Charles showed his very best. The crowd are on their feet, because the gold medal comes against one of the best around. What a tremendous moment."

  76. 1655: 

    Peter Charles coolly negotiates the eight fences to secure Britain a first show jumping gold since 1952. Unsurprisingly, the frenzied spectators rise to their feet and wave the union flags in the air.

  77. 1652: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Great Britain (showjumping team gold)

    An impeccable final round from Peter Charles on Vindicate ensures gold for Great Britain.

  78. 1651: 

    Oof! Marc Houtzager of the Netherlands and his horse Tamino were gliding over the fences, but one tumbles to the ground for four penalty points and it's a slow round of 52.40 seconds.


    Kaz in Leics, via text on 81111: "I think the text commentary is just as exciting as watching it on tele! Come on GB!"

  80. 1648: 

    Hold it, Scott Brash, hold it. And the 26-year-old does just enough, merely the one error during his 48.01second-round, for four penalty points. It's down to the final two riders. Deep breaths, we can get through this together.

  81. 1648: 

    Australian Anna Meares - the Ivan Drago to Victoria Pendleton's Rocky Balboa - is up next. She has looked like the only woman capable of challenging Pendleton so far, and she again does the business to see off Lyubov Shulika and go 1-0 up.

    It's all going to form so far.

    Chris Boardman, Olympic gold medallist and BBC Sport summariser

    On Victoria Pendelton: "This is the kind of time she was doing when she won the world sprint title."

  83. 1646: 

    Maikel van der Vleuten and his horse, Verdi, crash into two fences and that's eight penalty points. It's the best three scores on each side which counts, though, so hold onto your hats. If there is a tie, the fastest time wins gold. Britain are in the driving seat that's for sure and gold is within their grasp.

  84. 1645: 

    Like Jason Kenny before her, Victoria Pendleton makes her race look incredibly simple as she powers away to beat Olga Panarina of Belarus.

    That puts her 1-0 up in the best of three.

  85. 1644: 

    Right - here comes Victoria Pendleton then in the first race of her quarter-final in the women's sprint.

    It's relentless isn't it? Horses, bikes, horses, bikes, horses, bikes...


    Lily, via text on 81111: "I didn't know I could love horses this much! Go Team GB."

  87. 1643: 

    Silence at Greenwich Park. nervous tension as the crowd anxiously watch Ben Maher. He clears the final fence - perfect - to finish in 48.14 and a thunderous noise errupts around the arena. Over to you, Maikel van der Vleuten.

  88. 1643: 

    Gregory Bauge powers into the final of the men's sprint, where he will meet Jason Kenny.

    The two riders will battle for gold with the first of the best-of-three races scheduled for 17:43 BST.

  89. 1641: 

    Advantage Great Britain. A perfect round from Jur Vrieling, too, but he is unable to get around the course quicker than 52-year-old Skelton.

    John Hunt, BBC equestrian commentator

    "This is the moment Nick Skelton has been working towards since breaking his neck in 2000. He didn't think he would return to the sport, but he did and he is riding for a gold medal. He has got Britain off to a tremendous start in the jump-off. He is 52-years-old and riding better than ever."

  91. 1639: 

    A flawless ride from Nick Skelton on Big Star. He clears all eight fences to put the pressure on the Netherlands. Bear hugs on the sidelines between the Team GB members.

  92. 1639: 

    It's time to become an expert on show jumping and the intricacies of the jump-off. Yes, I'm sure by now you've all dusted off your Olympic guide to show jumping, but in case you haven't here's the deal. All four riders in each team must clear eight fences within the 63-second time limit.

  93. 1637: 

    Jason Kenny makes the final of the men's sprint and is guaranteed at least a silver medal after a superb ride.

  94. 1636: 

    A tractor is currently out at Greenwich Park, making sure the course is in pristine condition for the jump-off. Britain are, at worst, guaranteed a silver. But, and I must take a deep breath before finishing this sentence, a gold would be Britain's first in the event since 1952. Minutes away from the jump-off for gold.


    Fraser, via text on 81111: "Another great day of sport and GB performances. Afraid to say I'm too nervous to finish watching the show jumping so switching to the cycling."

  96. 1635: 

    Back over to Jason Kenny, who is up in the second heat of his semi-final against Njisane Phillip.

    Win this and he's in the final and will be guaranteed at least a silver.

  97. 1634: 

    Laura Trott wins the flying lap of the women's omnium to lead the field after one event.

    Next up for these girls is the points race in about 40 minutes.

    Chris Boardman, Olympic gold medallist and BBC Sport summariser

    "The two to go are not the best at the discipline so Laura should be delighted with that. I have to confess I did not expect her to get near to Clara Sanchez."

  99. 1631: 

    Wow - Laura Trott clocks 14.057 to go ahead by 0.001 seconds with two riders to go!

    Superb start to the omnium.

  100. 1629: 

    Annette Edmondson powers round her flying lap in 14.261 seconds to go into second place - now here comes Laura Trott...


    Trevor Durham on Twitter: "The standard in the Men's Vault Final was amazing - Kristian Thomas wouldn't have stood a chance even if he hadn't landed on his bum #BBC2012"

    Rob Borland on Twitter: "I don't like horses but blimey this show jumping stuff is tense. Been doing the jumps with our horses! Come on #teamGB for the gold! #BBC2012"

    Danny Keast on Twitter: "More Excitement in a posh sport I had no previous interest in! #BBC2012 #JumpOff"

  102. 1626: 

    BBC Sport's Chris Bevan at the Velodrome:

    "Like Bolton's Jason Kenny, Victoria Pendleton and Laura Trott already have golden postboxes in their hometowns of Stotfold and Cheshunt, but both are back on the boards again today.

    "Keirin champion Pendleton goes in the quarter-finals of the women's individual sprint while Trott, part of the victorious team pursuit squad, is about to begin her bid to add Olympic omnium gold to the world title she won in Melbourne in April. She will be third-last to depart in the flying lap, the first of six disciplines to be fought out over the next two days."

  103. 1625: 

    A quick recap on the men's vault. Kristian Thomas, euphoric a few days ago after helping Britain to team bronze, finishes a disappointing last after he was awarded 15.533 points following an error during landing. Russia's Denis Ablyazin (16.399 points) clinches silver, to add to the bronze he's already won at these Games, and Ukraine's Igor Radivilov (16.316 points) takes home the bronze.

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at the team showjumping in Greenwich Park

    "Incredible scenes at Greenwich Park.

    "Peter Charles knocks down the penultimate fence to open the door to the Dutch, who will win gold with a clear round from Gerco Schroder. But he hits a fence to leave the Netherlands tied with GB on eight points. That means the drama of a jump-off between one rider from GB and one from the Netherlands to decide Olympic gold."

  105. 1621: 

    More from Beth Tweddle following her bronze medal in the uneven bars: "This is definitely my last Olympics. I'm not totally retiring straight away, it would be too much on my mind and body just to stop.

    "The federation have said I can keep training a bit, so I can decide what I want to do rather than make drastic decisions."

  106. 1620: 
    Michael Tucker, BBC Sport equestrian presenter

    "We will have a jump-off for gold. Greenwich has already given us so much, and now this."

  107. 1620: 

    It's a 'jump-off' for gold in the show jumping. A jump-off I tell you! It doesn't get better than this in the sport, apparently. Butterflies in the stomach stuff over at Greenwich as Britain and the Netherlands finish even stevens with eight penalty points each. My word, it's going to be almost impossible to watch but watch we will.

  108. 1617: 

    A hush descends in Greenwich... it all goes well for Peter Charles and his horse Vindicate until the penultimate jump. It all rests on how Greco Schroder can jump for the Netherlands. There's a chink of light for the Netherlands but can they take advantage?

    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at the Handball

    "Having won only two competitive international matches since their inception in 2007 Great Britain men always knew Olympic handball would be a tall order.

    "They have lost all four group matches so far and face a strong Icelandic team today who current top the standings in Pool A, so GB's task here in their final Olympic outing is to try and keep the score respectable. You can watch it now on the BBC Sport website."

  110. 1613: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Yang Hak-seon (men's vault gymnastics)

    Yang Hak-seon of South Korea wins gold in men's vault with a score of 16.533.


    Jill from Leamington Spa, via text on 81111: "If there is to be a legacy from the Games, now is the time to invest in gymnastics - a sport that can be encouraged in the city or country. The GB team can stand proud with what they have achieved."

  112. 1612: 

    The first omnium event for the women is the 250m time trial - 'the flying lap' - and Britain's Laura Trott is the 16th rider to go.

    Trott - who was part of the gold-winning pursuit team earlier on in the Games - is the world champion. Bring it home Trottster...

  113. 1609: 

    Right, next up on track is the start of the women's omnium. After following Ed Clancy's bid for bronze over the last few days you should all be experts by now - as should I - so you won't need reminding that there are six events in total.

    The riders score one point for winning an event, two for second and so on - and the rider with the smallest score after the six events wins. Simple.

  114. 1609: 

    It's a battle royale at Greenwich between Britain and the Netherlands as both nations jostle for team gold. If Britain's final rider Peter Charles goes clear and the last rider from the Netherlands Gerco Schroder knocks down a single fence, Britain will win the gold.

    Chris Boardman, Olympic gold medallist and BBC Sport summariser

    "That was a fantastic ride by Jason Kenny, but there was some inexperience on show from Phillip which cost him. Kenny went around in an unbelievably fast time."

  116. 1607: 

    Shane Perkins tries to burst clear from Gregory Bauge, but the Frenchman just eases past on his shoulder to take the win. Bauge makes this look effortless.

  117. 1607: 

    Gymnast Beth Tweddle after winning bronze in the uneven bars for her first Olympic medal: "I was nervous, I wanted to get it done. I knew I'd done all the hard work. Everyone kept saying to me, 'You're a great champ, it doesn't matter what happens today.' I kept trying to tell myself that but I knew if I walked out of here without a medal, I'd have been really disappointed.

    "I knew the last three had to do the best routines of their lives to push me into fourth but, until the last gymnast has received their score, you can't take anything for granted."

  118. 1606: 

    In the second semi-final of the men's sprint, gigantic Frenchman Gregory Bauge is taking on Shane Perkins from Australia.

    This is a repeat of the 2010 world championship final, which Bauge took 2-0. Bauge has looked sublime all week...

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at the boxing at ExCeL

    "That wasn't supposed to happen - reigning world middleweight champion Savannah Marshall is beaten 16-12 by Kazakhstan's Marina Volnova of Kazakhstan. It looked closer than that, and how Marshall lost the third round I'll never know. Still, expecting GB to win them all in amateur boxing is sheer lunacy."

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    Cyprus' Laser silver medallist Pavlos Kontides says it has not really sunk in that he has won his country's first ever Olympic medal.

    "I guess back home they are waiting for me, when I get there it will be huge celebrations. I still don't understand how huge an achievement this is for my county, the first ever Olympic medal. I guess when I have it around my neck and I get back home with my compatriots I will understand," he said.


    Doug in Bedford, via text on 81111: "Where do Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan find these boxers? Do they sculpt them out of stone?"

  122. 1603: 

    Jason Kenny leads out from the front, turning on the afterburners with a lap-and-a-half to go to burn away Trinidad's Njisane Phillip and go one up in this best of three semi.

  123. 1603:  
    Ron McIntosh, BBC boxing commentatorBOXING

    "That is an upset, Savannah Marshall is the world champion and number one seed in the competition. She was given a bye by virtue of her seeding but she has been outpointed by an effective performer there."

  124. 1603: 

    World champion Savannah Marshall rolled with the punches, but was unable to get the better of the wily Marina Volnova, who beat the Briton 16-12.

  125. 1601: 

    Jason Kenny is on track and ready to go...

  126. 1600: 

    American judoka Nick Delpopolo has been expelled from the Games after a positive drugs test and admitted he had eaten food which contained marijuana.

    Delpopolo insisted he had not known the unidentified food contained the banned substance, but that was not sufficient as a defence.

  127. 1600: 
    GYMNASTICS- Thomas misses out on medal

    Denis Ablyazin vaults into the lead and knocks Kristian Thomas down into fourth place. So no medal for Thomas today - but he does go home with that bronze from the team event. Momentous.

  128. 1557: 

    We are over to the Velodrome, as Jason Kenny continues his campaign for sprint gold.

    The first heat of his semi-final is on first, and he takes on Trinidad's Nijsane Nicholas Phillip. It's the best of three, with the winner going into the final and the race for gold.

    Kenny, don't forget, is competing ahead of Sir Chris Hoy. The face of breakfast cereal no less. The pressure is on here - it's gold or nothing for Kenny.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    British Laser sailor Paul Goodison reflects on an unsuccessful Olympic defence after suffering a back injury early in the week: "It's just frustrating when you feel you're in the shape of your life to have this injury stop you," he said. "I guess we'll never know what could have been.

    "I'm gutted but I'll watch the other Britons come home and I'll do whatever I can to help them. I want them to feel the joy I did four years ago."

    The 34-year-old Goodison, who was Ben Ainslie's training partner in Sydney before finishing fourth in Athens, hinted he may return for Rio in 2016.

    "The Olympics is so special," he said. "It's a massive thing and one of the things I'm very passionate about. I'd love to do it again."

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at the team showjumping in Greenwich Park

    "Yes" screams the in-house commentator, "Yes" scream the crowd as Scott Brash goes clear on Hello Sanctos to put Great Britain right in the hunt for gold."

  131. 1552: 

    Mitch Fenner commentating on BBC One on Kristian Thomas: "So so close but he has just undercooked that. The only good thing was that he got his feet down first. His first vault he gave it a shot but consistency is the name of the game."

  132. 1549: 

    The judges take an average of the two vaults, and Kristian Thomas ends up with a score of 15.533.

    A score of 16 and above was expected to be needed to challenge. Thomas is in second after two gymnasts.

  133. 1548: 

    Kristian Thomas hits the springboard - and that's nice! An enormous vault and he makes the landing very well.

    His second vault is slightly down on difficulty - but he sits down on the landing! That could cost him...

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at the boxing at ExCeL

    "Savannah Marshall up next, the Hartlepool middleweight bidding to become the second British woman the guarantee an Olympic medal after Nicola Adams. And what a quote this is from Natasha Jonas, beaten By Irish legend Katie Taylor: 'I could have thrown the kitchen sink at her - I could have driven a bus at her - and it wouldn't have worked.'"

  135. 1546: 
    GYMNASTICS- Men's vault final

    Romanian Flavius Koczi is first up in the vault final. His first landing is slightly off, and he takes a step backward off his second. That's set a decent standard, but now here's Kristian Thomas...

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at the showjumping at Greenwich

    "Excitement is building with Great Britain in first place after two rounds of the Olympic team competition following minor blunders from both of the riders from Saudi Arabia, who were leading overnight.

    "There is a caveat though because the worst score on each team is wiped out at the end of the competition. If two teams are tied, we will have a jump-off, with one rider from each of the tied teams competing head to head over a shortened course - the equestrian equivalent of a penalty shoot-out."

  137. 1544: 

    Here comes Savannah Marshall into the boxing ring, green headscarf and all. Win this and she is guaranteed a bronze medal...


    Great Britain judo silver medallist Gemma Gibbons: "Busy day today, looking forward to watching @chrishoy tomorrow in the keirin #TeamGB #takethestage"


    Chrissie in Essex, via text on 81111: "Well done Beth Tweddle. You have been an ambassador for gymnastics for years and have inspired a generation!"

    Kate in Brixham, via text on 81111: "These Olympics are supposed to be inspiring us to get up and get moving! The only thing it's encouraged me to do is become a couch potato - I just can't drag myself away from the television. The coverage so far has been amazing. Go Team GB."

  140. 1542: 

    BBC gymnastics commentator Christine Still: "Beth Tweddle is not packing up completely, but I don't think she will do a major again. I do think she will turn out at some grand prix meetings. We have a new scoring system coming in after the Olympics, and she has already worked out that her routines are worth more points."

  141. 1542: 

    The crowd at the North Greenwich Arena roar their approval as Beth Tweedle steps up to the podium to collect her bronze. There might be a bit of sympathy mixed in there as well. Onwards and upwards and next is Kristian Thomas who is a genuine contender in the vault.

    Thomas's error on this particular piece of apparatus cost him a chance of a medal in the all-around final, but usually he is a precise as a laser pointer.

  142. 1537: 
  143. 1533: 

    Great Britain's Ben Maher has just completed his run in the final round of the team showjumping. He couldn't quite match the clear round for team-mate Nick Skelton as one of the fences gets a bashing from Tripple X's hooves.

    That mistake, incurring four penalty points, is the only one of his round. Great Britain are in a decent position but the Netherlands have just taken a big step of their own with a clear round from Maikel van der Vleuten.


    Great Britain gymnast Jennifer Pinches: "Sorry can't be on @BBCSport again for a reaction to that- my reaction was sprinting down 5 flights of stairs 2 hug&congratulate beth&amanda!"

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at the team showjumping in Greenwich Park

    "If there was a roof on the showjumping arena at Greenwich Park it would have been blown off by the noise that greeted Nick Skelton after his clear round for Great Britain. Skelton, 54, is competing at his sixth Olympic Games.

    "Great Britain lead the standings after rounds from one of the four riders on each team."

  146. 1528: 

    British world champion Savannah Marshall is about to take on Marina Volnova of Kazakhstan in the 75kg class. A win here would guarantee her at least bronze.

  147. 1528: 

    BBC gymnastics commentator Mitch Fenner: "Beth Tweddle was thoroughly deserving of a medal after that thrilling final. She is a fantastic role medal for British gymnastics, a great ambassador, and has dragged the sport into the spotlight."

  148. 1526: 

    Team GB gymnast and double London 2012 medallist Louis Smith on BBC One: "It has been a long time coming for Beth Tweddle, she has worked hard for it and she has gone out on a high."

  149. 1520: 

    That's the fourth gymnastics medal of the Games for Great Britain, which is fairly remarkable. Hats off to Beth Tweddle. If this is to be her final event, what a way to bow out.

  150. 1518: 
    BRONZE MEDAL- Beth Tweddle, GBR (Uneven Bars)

    Britain's Beth Tweddle wins a bronze medal in the uneven bars at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

  151. 1516: 
    GYMNASTICS- Uneven bars final

    We're awaiting Koko Tsurumi's score. A few errors in that routine and it's 14.966, only good enough for seventh. Beth remains third. Here comes Gabby Douglas of the USA, the final performer.

  152. 1515: 
    EQUESTRIAN- Nick Skelton goes clear

    Nick Skelton and Big Star pick their way across the sawdust with exacting accuracy and it is a third clear round. The crowd squeal in delight and Skelton gives his ride a grateful slap of congratulations. That could be a big one when the final team tallies are totted up at the end of today - plenty of the other fancied nations have been making mistakes.

  153. 1512: 
    GYMNASTICS- Uneven bars final

    An astounding performance from Russia's Aliya Mustafina. Perfect routine, perfect dismount. The judges scores are in... 16.133. Gold medal position. That moves Tweddle down to third. Two to come.

  154. 1512: 

    The Greenwich crowd burst into cheers as Nick Skelton appears at the controls of Big Star. He has two clear rounds behind him already in the competition. He is over the first few without any blemishes, four to jump...

    GYMNASTICS- Uneven bars final

    Beth Tweddle goes... second... 15.916. Silver medal position. She was fancied for gold but that dismount has cost her. She smiles widely but is that masking some disappointment? Three more gymnasts to come. Beth Tweddle's competitive career is over, but will she bow out with an Olympic medal?

  156. 1509: 
    HOCKEY- Great Britain women into the semis

    Commentator Barry Davies is flummoxed by China's refusal to commit players forward in the last few minutes of their match against Japan in an attempt to overhaul the 1-0 scoreline.

    They meekly duck out of the competition and that result puts Great Britain into the last four of the women's hockey.

  157. 1509: 

    BBC gymnastics commentator Mitch Fenner: "That was a terrific effort by Beth Tweddle, she didn't hold back. What a challenge it was, and what a gymnast she is."

  158. 1508: 
    GYMNASTICS- Uneven bars final

    A near-perfect routine but not the best dismount. Beth loses her balance on the mat and takes a step back. The 27-year-old walks away with a smile. What will it be?

  159. 1505: 
    GYMNASTICS- Uneven bars final

    Elisabeth Seitz posts a score of 15.266. That leaves her third of three. Yao Jinnan nails her routine - 15.766, silver medal position. The time has come for Beth Tweddle to go for gold. It is the biggest moment of her life, the biggest in the history of GB gymnastics. Her last ever routine. Good luck, Beth.

  160. 1504: 

    The fences at the showjumping are like giant carefully constructed school projects. One pays tribute to Charles Darwin, another is a loving reconstruction of the white cliffs of Dover, a third is festooned in various nautical flags is honour of the nearby Naval College.

    Next to ride is the Brazilian Alvaro Affonso de Miranda Neto. Makes you realise why the football team go for nicknames on the back of their shirts...

    Britain's Nick Skelton is four riders away...


    Omar Yusuf on Twitter: "What a gracious loser Natasha Jonas has been! This bout has showcased women's boxing at its best! Amazing stuff @BBCSport."

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    While the medal-race drama has been unfolding in the Laser and Laser Radial classes, Britain's 470 duo Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell closed the gap to one point on Australians Mathew Belcher and Malcolm Page after a win and a sixth. The Aussie world champions scored third and fifth and lead on 16 points. The joint third-placed Italians and Argentines are a long way adrift on 46 points with three races plus the medal race to come.

  163. 1502:  
    Ollie Williams, BBC Sport at the North Greenwich Arena for the gymnastics

    "This arena is as full as it's going to get for Beth Tweddle's final - as many spares as possible have been filled by soldiers and volunteers. Union flags are everywhere."

  164. 1501: 
    GYMNASTICS- Uneven bars final

    First up, 2008 gold medallist He Kexin of China... she posts a score of 15.933. Second up, Victoria Komova of Russia... it's a 15.666. Deductions for skimming a bar. Now for German's Elisabath Seitz, followed by Yao Jinnan of China. Then comes THE moment.

  165. 1453: 
    GYMNASTICS- Uneven bars final

    Great Britain have never won a gymnastics gold medal. Never. Ever. Beth Tweddle could be about to make history. One of the most remarkable pieces of history. One of the stories of this or any Games for Team GB. In the last competition of her career. No pressure...

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    "Words just can't describe how I feel now," Australia's Tom Slingsby tells BBC Sport after winning Laser gold. "It's been a long road and I've been through the highs and lows of this sport but nothing beats this.

    "I've worked so hard. The Olympics is the dream, the pinnacle of the sport and right now I'm the happiest guy on the planet, I can guarantee it."

  167. 1455: 

    Over at the Riverbank Arena, Japan have taken a 1-0 lead over China. If it remains that way for the next ten minutes until full-time then Great Britain's place in the semi-finals of the women's hockey is assured, even before they take on top seeds Netherlands.

  168. 1453:  
    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at the boxing at ExCeL

    "An atmosphere like no other so far in the ExCeL boxing arena as four-time lightweight world champion Katie Taylor beats a very game Natasha Jonas 26-15.

    "Half of County Wicklow are in town for Ireland's great gold medal hope and what a fighter she is, that was some performance."

  169. 1452: 

    We are approaching the first British rider in the second and final round of the team showjumping at Greenwich.

    Nick Skelton goes on board Big Star with Great Britain locked in second position, level with the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland behind leaders Saudi Arabia.

    You can watch how his round goes on the BBC Sport interactive video player.

  170. 1452: 
    BOXING- Natasha Jones goes out

    Natasha Jonas loses 26-15 to four-time world champion Katie Taylor from Ireland, who shows exactly why she is the favourite to take gold in the 60kg category with a superb display.

    The two embrace at the end of the fight, with Taylor receiving a deafening ovation from the thousands of Irish fans at the ExCeL. She is guaranteed a medal now.

  171. 1452:  
    Nigel Adderley, BBC Sport at the Water Polo Arena

    "Interesting insight on how Australia's men prepared for their winner-takes-all match with Greece from their coach John Fox. 'We had a long, long meeting yesterday. It was player driven. We went through situations and were very critical of each other. Even we, the coaches, were criticised. We accounted for every single goal we've let in so far. It was a painful process but it's paid off today.'

    "Greece's economic problems put any sporting defeat into perspective and captain Georgious Afroudakis fears their recession might have an impact on his sport. 'We need the government to support water polo. They might close some pools next year but must keep them open for the next generation of players.'"

  172. 1450: 

    GB gymnast Imogen Cairns, speaking on BBC One ahead of Beth Tweddle's gold medal bid: "She will keep her head down, and not take any notice of what the other athletes are doing. She has to enjoy it, this is what she has worked for. Any medal will be the cherry on the top of her career."

  173. 1449: 

    A reminder, folks, Beth Tweddle time is almost upon us. The women's uneven bars final starts at 1450. This is not one to be missed.

    The 27-year-old failed to qualify for the final in Athens eight years ago and was edged out of medal contention at the 2008 Games in Beijing by the smallest of margins after taking a step on her landing.

    Third time lucky? Here we go...

  174. 1448: 

    Katie Taylor, flag-bearer for Ireland at the opening ceremony, begins to show her class as she brings up a standing count for Natasha Jonas with a crunching left hand in round three.

    Jonas is able to continue but trails 19-11 going into the final round.

  175. 1446: 

    BBC Sport's Colin Murray, speaking about Beth Tweddle, who competes in the women's uneven bars final at 1455 BST: "Here's a woman who's won everything apart from an Olympic medal. When she does her famous dismount she's either going to land it for gold or she's going to fall on her backside for nothing. Either way, that is the last thing she will do as a gymnast. That is sport on the edge of the knife like you can't even imagine."

  176. 1446: 

    Team GB gymnast Jennifer Pinches tells BBC One: "Beth Tweddle is an inspiration and has proved that Great Britain can win gold medals in the gymnastics."

  177. 1445: 

    Natasha Jonas lands a superb left in the second round, snapping Katie Taylor's head back, but the Irish woman responds in classy style and leads 10-7 at the end of round two.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing at Weymouth

    "Australia's Tom Slingsby wins gold in the Laser class from Cyprus's Pavlos Kontides and Sweden's Rasmus Myrgren. Slingsby led by 14 points going into the medal-race and sailed Kontides down the fleet to deny the Cypriot a chance of an upset.

    "Myrgren held off Croatia's Tonci Stipanovic in the separate battle for third. 'I thought sailing might suit Tom better than tennis,' said Mrs Slingsby, talking to BBC Sport's Rob Walker."

  179. 1444:  
    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at the team showjumping in Greenwich Park

    "It's taken 15 riders but we have just had our first clear round in the Olympic showjumping competition, with Marcus Ehning of Germany the first not to knock over a fence or incur a time penalty for going over the 88 second limit. The White Cliffs Water Jump is proving a real tester with many a horse dipping a hoof in the water on the way through. Not long until Nick Skelton, GB's first rider in the team event, takes centre stage."

    GOLD MEDAL- Tom Slingsby AUS (Men's Laser)

    Australia's Tom Slingsby wins gold in the Laser class to depose Great Britain's Paul Goodison as Olympic champion.

  181. 1442: 

    Another British woman is in action at the ExCel where Natasha Jonas is up against Irish four-time world champion Katie Taylor - who has taken a 5-2 lead after the first round.

    The noise levels are ridiculous.

    Ollie Williams, BBC Sport at the gymnastics at North Greenwich Arena

    "For British fans inside the North Greenwich Arena, that rings final was the perfect warm-up for Beth Tweddle's final, which is up next.

    "Chen Yibing of China looked for all the world as though he'd tied up Olympic gold on the rings. He certainly thought so - he celebrated wildly at the end of his routine, planting an enthusiastic kiss on the metal framework of the rings apparatus and winking joyfully to the crowd.

    "However, he also reacted with great dignity when Brazil's Arthur Zanetti pipped him at the very end, embracing his rival and continuing to play up to the crowd regardless of having been deposed from gold-medal position."

  183. 1439: 

    BBC gymnastics commentator Mitch Fenner: "Arthur Zanetti, the last athlete up, stole gold in the men's rings final - and what a performance is was by the Brazilian gymnast, who is a popular medallist. He watched every other single gymnast do their thing, but wasn't intimidated. It was an amazing performance - his strength parts were incredible."

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at the boxing at ExCeL

    "Two guaranteed medals now for the British boxing team, with flyweight Nicola Adams - the woman with perhaps the friendliest face in boxing - outclassing Bulgaria's Stoyka Petrova 16-7 to join Luke Campbell in the semis.

    "Anglo-Irish knuckles up next, Natasha Jonas versus Katie Taylor of Ireland - roof about to come off..."

  185. 1439: 

    BBC boxing commentator Lucy O'Connor: "Nicola Adams throws some strong shots, you know when you have been hit by her. She deserved that victory, it was an impressive performance."

  186. 1438: 

    Quickly over to ExCeL, where Britain's Nicola Adams outclasses Stoyka Petrova of Bulgaria 16-7 in the women's fly (51kg) quarter-finals to guarantee herself at least a bronze medal. Superb.

  187. 1438: 

    BBC gymnastics commentator Mitch Fenner: "Arthur Zanetti, the last athlete up, stole gold in the men's rings final - and what a performance is was by the Brazilian gymnast, who is a popular medallist. He watched every other single gymnast do their thing, but wasn't intimidated. It was an amazing performance - his strength parts were incredible."

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing at Weymouth

    "Poor Pavlos Kontides just can't get away fom Tom Slingsby in the medal race of the men's Laser. Every time he tacks into clean air or to make a dash for the other side of the course in the hope of a wind shift, the Aussie covers him.

    "The two Lasers spinning and weaving their way up the course. GB's Goodison out in the lead. Sweden and Croatia also locked in a bit of biffo for third place."

  189. 1434: 

    The has not been much joy for the Britons in shooting action so far today with James Huckle and Edward Ling both finishing well out of contention for qualification for the men's 50m rifle three positions and the men's trap finals.

    American shooter Matthew Emmons won bronze in the men's 50m rifle three positions. It is the third time he has fallen short in his bid for gold after he tightened up in the final rounds in Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 to let first place slip through his fingers.

  190. 1433: 

    Chen Yibing - nicknamed Lord of the Rings - is a four-time world champion, finished top in qualifying and led throughout the final with a score of 15.800. But world silver medallist Zanetti performed a near-perfect routine at the last to snatch glory.

  191. 1425: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Arthur Nabarrete Zanetti, BRA (Men's Rings)

    Arthur Nabarrete Zanetti of Brazil stuns China's defending champion Chen Yibing to win gold in the men's rings.

  192. 1421: 

    A picture has been posted on Twitter of Andy Murray's dogs wearing their owner's two Olympic tennis medals. Which begs the question... could you trust your dog(s) with an Olympic medal, and where do/would you keep yours? Medals, that is, not dogs.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing at Weymouth

    "Cracking punch-up, in sailing terms, between Tom Slingsby and Pavlos Kontides in the Laser medal race. The pair are at the back of the fleet slugging it out as the Australian just needs to cover the Cypriot to protect his 14-point lead. Great Britain's Paul Goodison rounds the first mark in first, but he can't win a medal."

  194. 1416: 

    Mixed doubles silver medallist Laura Robson on Twitter: "At the gymnastics finals with @annekeothavong. So pumped for Beth and Kristian! #goteamGB!"

    Get involved via #bbc2012 or text on 81111.

  195. 1414: 

    The men's rings final is under way at the North Greenwich Arena. China's Chen Yibing triumphed in Beijing four years ago and is a four-time world champ. He was first up and performed a magnificent routine to score 15.800, which has yet to be beaten. These guys have strength like you wouldn't believe. Incredible.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing at Weymouth

    "Sweden's Rasmus Myrgren in third overall and Croatia's Tonci Stipanovic in fourth are also in a dogfight for bronze in the men's Laser medal race. There is, though, a protest in against the Swedish boat - to do with the measurement rules. More on that later."

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at the boxing at ExCeL

    "The United States guarantee their first boxing medal of the Games, flyweight Marlen Esparza outpointing Venezuela's Karlha Magliocco 24-16. Nicola Adams of Leeds is up in two fights' time, followed immediately after by Natasha Jonas against Irish phenom Katie Taylor."

    Steve Bunce, BBC boxing pundit at ExCeL

    "We are in the presence of greatness with Irish boxer Katie Taylor, who fights Team GB's Natasha Jonas later. I was at a function recently, which underlined how popular Taylor is in Ireland. When she was introduced to the crowd, she got a six-minute standing ovation - longer than the Ireland rugby team, Westlife and Bono got before her."

  199. 1408: 

    Great Britain's men's team face Iceland in their latest match at 1615 BST and British Handball chief executive Paul Goodwin tells BBC Radio 5 live: "The response we have had during the Games is phenomenal. Young people are getting something out of it - our website crashed three times earlier in the week with people trying to find out more about the sport."

  200. 1408: 

    Damian in Sherborne, via text on 81111:"Is it significant that our best Olympic performances came in sports with dedicated centres of excellence? Maybe it's time for swimming to follow suit?"

    Kelly from Reading, via text on 81111: "I hope some of our professional footballers are watching these Olympic Games - they could learn a lot from the ethos of Team GB, especially in humility and determination to win."

  201. 1407: 

    Great Britain's women's hockey team will cement their place in the semi-finals if they beat Olympic champions and top seeds Netherlands this evening. That is a tricky assignment, but GB could be let off the hook if nearest rivals for a last-four spot China fail to beat Japan.

    At the moment, it is looking like a Kate Walsh's girls are in for a less stressful evening with the match between China and Japan still scoreless at the Riverbank Arena.

  202. 1407: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Niccolo Campriani, ITA (50m rifle)

    Niccolo Campriani of Italy wins Olympic gold in the men's 50-metre 3 rifle positions.

  203. 1406: 
    ATHLETICS- Algerian runner thrown out

    Drama in the athletics heats this morning where Algerian 1500m medal contender Taoufik Makhloufi has been thrown out of the Olympics for not trying in his 800 heat.

    Makhloufi, who won his 1500m semi-final in style, had been forced to run in the two lap race after his team failed to withdraw him from it by Sunday's deadline.

    The 24-year-old lined up at the start of heat five but was already well behind the field at the start of the back straight before stopping running completely another 100m into the race and wandering back across the infield past the pole vault area.

    "The referee considered that he had not provided a bona fide effort and decided to exclude him from participation in all further events in the competition," read an IAAF statement.

  204. 1405: 

    Britain's hopes of adding to Peter Wilson's success in the shooting end as Ed Ling fails to make the final of the men's trap.

    The 29-year-old was well placed after the first three rounds, scoring 72 out of 75, and started with a perfect 25 on Monday.

    But Ling's final round of 21 left him well outside the top six who qualified for the final.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing at Weymouth

    "Into the five-minute pre-start sequence for the men's Laser medal race as Australian Tom Slingsby looks to protect his 14-point lead from Cyprus's Pavlos Kontides.

    "Sweden's Rasmus Myrgren is a long way adrift in third but has Croatia's Tonci Stipanovic breathing right down his neck, one point behind. Great Britain's defending champion Paul Goodison can't bag any Olympic ironmongery but will be hoping for a good result to end his disappointing campaign after a bad back hit his challenge."

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at the showjumping at Greenwich

    "Just had a chance to walk the course where Great Britain's showjumpers will attempt to win gold this afternoon and it looks a formidable challenge. There are 13 fences, up to 1.60m in height, all beautifully-crafted with London themes. A personal favourite was the Trafalgar Square jump, with a miniature Nelson's column at one end and the famous lions at the other.

    "Television viewers are in for a treat as several of the fences have tiny cameras stationed right below them to capture the moment when horse and rider come sailing over the obstacle."

    "Competition gets under way at 1400 with the first 22 riders competing for places in Wednesday's individual final. The remaining 30, including the GB quartet, are all in the team competition as well as trying to book a place in the final 35 for the individual event."

  207. 1354: 

    Mel from Cookham, via text on 81111: "I took my eight-year-old son, Ollie, to the athletics last night. We were near the start of the 100m. The atmosphere was amazing. Ollie said he would remember the evening for the rest of his life. It was truly inspiring watching great athletes at the peak of their performance. The cheers for Christine Ohuruogu seemed as loud as those for Usain Bolt. Absolutely deafening. We were lucky enough to go to the rowing last week too and, on Saturday, we will be at the diving finals hoping to see Tom Daley. It's so impressive to have such amazing GB competitors as role models for children like my son."

  208. 1353: 

    Christine Ohuruogu, who was initially disappointed not to defend her Olympic 400m title last night, told BBC Radio 5 live she is now pleased with her silver medal: "I feel better today, my experience was lifted when I walked around the stadium to see how many people came out to support. My silver felt like gold to them and that was important. I could feel love and warmth from them, they felt like family.

    "It was uplifting - I thought 'why should I be miserable when so many people have enjoyed what I have done for them'. Now I am thinking about the relay. We have a good relay team, I don't think we have too much to worry about. I think we have a good chance of doing something special in that race."

  209. 1351: 

    Now, we've mentioned Beth Tweddle, but what about fellow-gymnast Kristian Thomas? The men's team bronze medallist goes in the vault final at 1451 BST. Tune in. What about cyclist Jason Kenny? The Beijing silver medallist faces Njisane Nicholas Phillip in the men's sprint semi-finals at 1600. Tune in. It could be another golden day for Team GB and you wouldn't want to miss it, would you?


    Olympic long jump gold medallist Greg Rutherford: "@danmksport: You've made it @GregJRutherford - someone has named a dog after you! …" I'll home him!"

  211. 1341:  
    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    "China's Xu Lijia wins Olympic gold in the women's Laser Radial class after a four-way shoot-out in the final race in Weymouth.

    "Xu was one of four sailors who could have won gold going into the medal race and was first across the line ahead of Dutch sailor Marit Bouwmeester, who took silver.

    "Belgium's Evi van Acker claimed bronze but Ireland's Annalise Murphy was edged out into fourth place."

  212. 1340: 

    British swimmer Rebecca Adlington, who won two bronze medals at London 2012 to add to her two golds from Beijing, has written a blog on her website: "I'm unbelievably proud to be able to say I have four Olympic medals and I owe so much to everyone who has supported me and helped me along the way. Team GB is unbelievable and I have so much respect for everyone on this team, it's a real honour to be part of it. I can't wait to see what the second week brings and to cheer on my best friend Keri-anne Payne and Daniel Fogg in the open water swimming."

  213. 1339: 

    British discus thrower Lawrence Okoye, who qualified for the final with his third and final throw, tells BBC Radio 5 live: "I let all my emotions out after my final throw, because it was difficult out there - the standard is so high. My first throw came off my fingers wrong, but luckily you get three to get it right. I believe I can throw a personal best in the final but the other guys are good and I know it will be hard work."

  214. 1335: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Xu Lijia, CHN (Laser Radial Sailing)

    China's Xu Lijia wins the women's Laser Radial gold from Marit Bouwmeester of the Netherlands.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    China's Lijia Xu is extending her lead heading to the final upwind mark and she rounds first. GB's Alison Young can't get a medal but is second. Marit Bouwmeester rounds in third and is trying to consolidate silver. Ireland's Annalise Murphy will just pip Belgium's Evi van Acker for bronze as it stands.

  216. 1331:  
    Nigel Adderley, BBC Sport at the Water Polo Arena

    "A crumb of comfort for Australian sporting fans scanning the lower end of the medal table. Their men have squeezed into the quarter-finals of the water polo competition with a 13-8 victory over Greece to take 4th place in Group A. The jubliant scenes at the final buzzer may be tempered by the fact they're likely to face gold medal favourites Serbia in the last eight."

  217. 1327:  
    Ollie Williams, BBC Sport at the North Greenwich Arena for the gymnastics

    "Beth Tweddle has never won an Olympic medal, and she has 40 seconds left in her career to do it.

    "At 27, she has come through years of intense pain to reach this point. Most female gymnasts don't get near that age. Tweddle is not the oldest at London 2012, but every other gymnast in her eight-woman final at 1455 BST was born in 1992 or later. Tweddle is 1985 vintage.

    "In a decade of competition at the top level, she has won four world titles - but never an Olympic medal of any colour, finishing fourth in this event at Beijing 2008.

    "She qualified for this final in first place but it's packed with big names: 2008 Olympic champion He Kexin, US superstar and Olympic all-around gold medallist Gabby "flying squirrel" Douglas, Russian duo Aliya Mustafina and Victoria Komova and more. Those 40 seconds need to be flawless, one last time."

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    "The Netherlands' Marit Bouwmeester flies downwind to go around the fourth mark second in the Laser Radial medal race, behind China's Xu. They are in gold and silver as it stands. Belgium's Evi van Acker in bronze and Ireland's Annalise Murphy, who lost ground going downwind, will miss out."

  219. 1324: 

    Liz Nicholl, UK Sport chief executive officer, on BBC One: "Our ambition was to perform better than in Beijing and we are doing that so far. We are in a good place, winning medals in sports like shooting and gymnastics that we haven't done in the past."

  220. 1322: 

    Steve in Worthing via text on 81111: "Our Olympians are doing well. At least they are disappointed when they don't do better. But they are against the best athletes in the world, and qualifying for finals. Think you can go better? Then try, go through their gruelling training with next to no budget! Go on Team GB, you're fantastic."

    Ed from Oxford via text on 81111: "Thanks to Mo Farah I now have a new dance move - the Mobot! How about getting 80,000 people inside the Olympic Stadium all doing the mobot for his next race?"

  221. 1321: 

    Jerry Tweddle, father of Beth, tells BBC Radio 5 live: "We are feeling really positive, everyone has been supportive and we are looking forward to it now. I spoke to her a couple of days ago - we don't normally speak during competition.

    "We know that she is fine and we sent her a good luck text this morning. She is pretty experienced now, and is relaxed, but whether she wins gold is in the lap of the gods."

  222. 1321: 

    Just four sports in action as we speak but fear not, people, I promise this afternoon and evening will fulfil you needs.

    All eyes will be on Nick Skelton, Ben Maher, Scott Brash and Peter Charles as the British quartet go for team equestrian gold from 1400 BST, while gymnast Beth Tweddle takes centre stage from 1450 in the uneven bars final.

    Fourth in Beijing but top in qualifying here in London, can the 27-year-old end her career on the high of all highs?

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    "Britain's Alison Young's only hope of a medal in the women's Laser Radial is to force the fleet over the line early - by jumping the gun and sort of egging them all on with her - which would then bring on a "black flag" situation. Then, if someone is over early the next time they are disqualified and get 22 points. It's a long shot.

    "There's no general recall so Young's medal hopes are gone. China, Netherlands, Belgium are the one-two-three early on the first upwind leg but plenty of sailing left."

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at the boxing in ExCeL

    "Irish people - thousands of them. All here to see their country's biggest gold medal hope, four-time world and five time European champion Kate Taylor. Liverpool's Natasha Jonas is fighting her. Five Brits in action today - flyweight Nicola Adams, lightweight Jonas, middleweight Savannah Marshall, middleweight Anthony Ogogo and super-heavyweight Anthony Joshua. Win and they will join bantamweight Luke Campbell as a guaranteed medal winner."

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at the team showjumping in Greenwich Park

    "Eight teams made it through to the showjumping final (from 1400-1700 BST), with Great Britain's chances boosted by the surprise exit of Germany, who have won three of the last six Olympic team competitions. Strongly-fancied squads from France and Belgium also went out, while Canada will go into the final one rider down after Tiffany Foster was controversially disqualified when her horse Victor was deemed unfit to compete because of a leg injury. Team GB will send star rider Nick Skelton out first in a bid to get their gold medal bid off to a flying start."

  226. 1308: 
    ATHLETICS- Idowu arrives in the village

    In other news, Phillips Idowu has arrived in the athletes' village ahead of his triple jump qualification on Tuesday. Idowu chose to miss a pre-Olympics athletics squad camp in Portugal to remain in London for treatment for a leg injury, which threatened his participation.

    But the Beijing silver medallist has now joined up with the Team GB squad. A British Olympic Association spokeswoman told BBC Sport: "He's set to compete. All is good."

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    Ben Ainslie is sitting on the grass with the crowds on the banks of Nothe Fort to watch Dutch girlfriend Marit Bouwmeester go for gold in the women's Laser Radial medal race (under way now). Given the tiny points gap, it is a straight race between Bouwmeester, Lijia Xu of China (33 points), Annalise Murphy of Ireland (34) and Evi van Acker of Belgium (34). Ainslie said yesterday he won't be disappearing up to London to watch the rest of the Games. He said the Brits as a team have pledged to support each other to the end.

  228. 1300: 

    Welcome to the afternoon session on Day 10 of the London 2012 Olympic Games. The morning session saw Tim Brabants sneak into the 1000m K1 kayak single final, Tiffany Porter reach to 100m hurdles semis and Andrew Osagie make the last four of the 800m.

    Three British women's athletes - Hannah England, Lisa Dobriskey and Laura Weightman - advanced to the 1500m semis, while Lawrence Okoye booked his place in the discus final with a superb final throw.

    The morning session's 'as it happened' page is the place to go to see how it all unfolded and you can catch up with all the action on the BBC's interactive video player (available on the desktop version of this website).

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