London 2012 Olympics: Day Four evening session as it happened

Michael Phelps sets a new Olympics record of 19 medals with a silver and gold in the pool, GB women's football team beat Brazil and the men's volleyball team lose to Australia.

1 August 2012 Last updated at 00:46

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As it happened

  1. 0033: 

    And that concludes Day Four of the 2012 Olympics. Day Five is when Great Britain win some gold medals.


    Join Chris Bevan and Mike Henson in the morning crew from 08:00 BST for all the action. See you tomorrow/later today.

  2. 0031: 

    It's all over, Jenny Kessy and April Ross had to dig deep but really pulled it out of the bag in that final set and take it 15-8 in the third.

    Textbook beach volleyball.

  3. 0028: 

    Kessy and Ross won the World Championship in 2009 and are showing that big game mentality now as they win a couple of points when it looked hopeless. 10-7 to the US pair.

  4. 0025: 

    The Netherlands haul it back to six apiece.

  5. 0022: 

    Jenny Kessy slumps to the sand like Charlie George in the 1971 FA Cup final as her team-mate April Ross makes a point-winning block at the net.

    The USA pair are invigorated now and have taken a 4-1 lead in the third and final set.

    First to 15 in the decider don't forget.

  6. 0017: 

    Bang, there it is!

    Marleen van Iersel and Sanne Keizer take the second set 21-12 to level the match with Jenny Kessy and April Ross.

    Third set it is then...

  7. 0015: 

    The Dutch have set point at 20-11...

  8. 0014: 

    She's up! Jenny Kessy is up and back on her wounded feet. Game on.

  9. 0013: 

    Jenny Kessy is having warm water poured on her feet - the volleyball equivalent of the magic sponge?

  10. 0011: 

    It's a cracking atmosphere down there at Horse Guards Parade though.

    "Are we going to a third set?" implores the MC as a burst of EMF's classic 'Unbelievable' booms out.

    The fans want more - I'm not sure I share their enthusiasm.

  11. 0010: 

    Jenny Kessy has hurt her foot on something in the sand here and is having some treatment. The Dutch pair don't look too impressed.

  13. 0005: 

    Just beach volleyball ticking us over into Wednesday morning then, and the Netherlands pair are on course to level it up at one-set all after going 12-8 ahead.

  14. 0001: 

    Australian former basketball player Andrew Gaze: "Tunisia can walk away with their heads held high. It was a reasonable start by them but then the floodgates opened. Good win by Team USA, as expected. They put on a show for the fans here."

    Michael Johnson, Four-time Olympic champion & BBC Sport pundit

    Discussing the performances of Ye Shiwen in the pool:

    "You're going to have big improvements when you're younger because you're so raw as an athlete. I heard Ian Thorpe say he knocked five seconds over his time in a year. What's too incredible?

    "Where do you draw the line and that's the problem. Until someone is proven guilty they are innocent. The objective in sport is to go fast and we have to remember that and as soon as someone goes too fast there is a problem, but what is too fast?"

  16. 2357: 

    Here's a sign of the level of superiority on display tonight from the United States, the cameras have just picked out Tunisian forward Mohamed Hadidane getting his trainers signed by Kobe Bryant.

    A souvenir of a memorable evening I'm sure.

  17. 2356: 

    More joy for the US as Jenny Kessy and April Ross take the first set against Marleen van Iersel and Sanne Keizer.

  18. 2355: 

    United States stroll to a huge win over Tunisia, as expected, with the gold medal favourites recording a 110-63 win.

  19. 2354: 

    Michael Phelps after winning a record-breaking 19th Olympic medal this evening:

    "I've been a human being my whole life."

    I can't argue with that.

  20. 2349: 

    BBC Radio 5 live commentator Nigel Adderley on Twitter: "FINA say their decision on Spain's appeal against their defeat against Croatia won't be known until tomorrow."

  21. 2349: 

    Remember the controversy over a 'goal' in the Water Polo a good 12 hours ago?

    We have a minor update...

  22. 2347: 

    Kevin Love is back on the court after that earlier knee injury and shows no ill-effects as he nails a long-range three-pointer.

  23. 2346: 

    USA are through the 100-point barrier with more than four minutes left against Tunisia.

    It's a good old-fashioned whipping.

  24. 2345: 

    In the final boxing match tonight, Sweden's Anthony Yigit defeats Francisco Vargas from Puerto Rico 13-9 to progress to the last 16 of men's light welterweight (64kg).

    Olympic bronze medallist and boxing commentator Richie Woodhall says: "It will be very frustrating for the Puerto Rican corner because he had the tools for the job. He could have won this contest."

  25. 2336: 

    Down on the beach, and the Dutch duo are basically wearing wetsuits here - long-sleeved tops and leggings down to their ankles.

    Granted, it's nearly midnight, and granted, it's not exactly Club Tropicana weather, but I thought I read earlier this week that they can wear shorts "of a maximum length of 1.18 inches above the knee."

    I'm sure I'm wrong. The Americans have gone withi bikini bottoms though, and sunglasses obviously.

  26. 2333: 

    A monster of a quarter from United States, who may have had a half-time rocket from their coach.

    The States piled on 39 points in that quarter alone - they scored 46 in the whole first half - to open up a 85-47 lead over Tunisia.


  27. 2331: 

    I tell you what, I've told you a pack of lies about the beach volleyball being over.

    You've got more bang for your buck this evening as a delayed game from earlier has been squeezed on to the court.

    It should be a decent one as well as American fourth seeds Jenny Kessy and April Ross take on Marleen van Iersel and Sanne Keizer - who are seeded ninth.

    High class.

  28. 2330: 

    Game over at Earls Court, Brazil don't keep us waiting around tonight as they wrap up a straight-sets win over Russia. Nice one.

    Ed Leigh, BBC presenter at Horse Guards Parade

    "I thought the Italians were very strong but what can only be described as a very tenacious performance from the Austrians sees them win a much needed second game in the beach volleyball."

  30. 2327: 

    Tunisia's Abderrazak Houya beats Gaybatulla Gadzhialiyev of Azerbaijan 19-16 in their light welterweight round of 32 bout, scoring 11 points in the final round.

    Olympic bronze medallist and boxing commentator Richie Woodhall says: "I didn't see that one coming. You can see the Azerbaijani leave the ring disgusted. a question mark over that one for me."

  31. 2326: 

    The beach volleyball is over for the night, with Austria's Alex Horst and Clemens Doppler seeing off the Italians Daniele Lupo and Paolo Nicolai.


    England footballer Wayne Rooney on Twitter: "Congrats to GB women. Great game well deserved. Great support at Wembley. Quarters here we come."

  33. 2322: 

    This could be a blow for the all-conquering United States though as Kevin Love, of the Minnesota Timberwolves, goes down holding his knee.

  34. 2319: 

    USA may just be approaching those floodgates with the intention of opening them up - they've just passed the 60-point barrier three minutes into the third quarter.

  35. 2318: 

    Australian former basketball player Andrew Gaze: "It has not been a walkover and full credit to Tunisia and the way they have gone about it.

    "They have shown some adventure with the way they have played. They have taken it right up to the United States but having said that, stand by because I am suspecting the floodgates could open very soon."

  36. 2318:  
    Chris Boardman, Olympic gold medallist and BBC Sport summariser

    On Bradley Wiggins' chances of gold in the time trial:

    "After the month he's had, with the Tour de France and the Olympic road race, he's tired. But I'd say he's still odds-on to win."

  37. 2315: 

    Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins could overhaul Sir Steve Redgrave's British Olympic record medal haul with a podium finish in the men's time trial on Wednesday.

    Wiggins has six Olympic medals to his name - three golds, one silver and two bronzes, all in track cycling - but another medal would seal his place as Britain's most successful Olympian.

    Can he do it?

  38. 2309: 

    Australian boxer Jeffrey Horn convincingly wins his light welterweight round of 32 bout against Zambia's Gilbert Choombe 19-5.

    Olympic bronze medallist and boxing commentator Richie Woodhall describes Horn as a "worthy winner".


    Kris, via text: "USA basketball could play their F team and still obliterate Tunisia, they're that good. Incredible watch."

  40. 2306: 

    Brazil have gone two sets up against Russia at Earls Court. Staff in the BBC office at Olympic Park are hoping to avoid a third post-midnight finish there...

  41. 2304: 

    Britain's silver medallist in the road race, Lizzie Armitstead, is back in action tomorrow in the women's time trial and she is hoping for some GB success.

    She said on Twitter: "I think you can expect medals from my team mates tomorrow! I will do my best and hope the crowd give me some power!! #nothingtolose."

  42. 2256: 

    The USA are in control in Group A, they lead Tunisia 46-33 at the half-time interval.

  43. 2253: 

    Controversy is brewing in the badminton with some competitors accused of trying to lose their group matches intentionally to get a better draw in the knockout phase.

    The International Olympic Committee have issued a statement.

    They say: "The Federation has a huge experience in refereering their sport and we have every confidence that they will deal with the issue appropriately and take any necessary measures."

  44. 2243: 

    Shades of the Harlem Globetrotters here as LeBron James launches into a huge dunk to bring the crowd to their feet as United States go 33-25 ahead.

    Remember the game NBA Jam on the Mega Drive? That dunk would have ignited the ball it was that impressive.

  45. 2240: 

    Over in the Copper Box France have just beaten Argentina 32-20 in Great Britain's group.

    France, Sweden and Iceland have all won their first two games in Group A.

  46. 2239: 

    Australian former basketball player Andrew Gaze: "Tunisia have some skills. Anytime you trail the United States by less than double digits, you have got some ability."

  47. 2236: 

    United States coach Mike Krzyzewski chairs a vociferous conference during a team-talk, while his Tunisian counterpart is scribbling furiously over a tactics pad as he implores his team to track the Americans.

    Krzyzewski by the way boasts quite an Olympic record. He was assistant coach on the US teams which won gold in LA in 1984 and Barcelona in 1992, before steering these lot to gold in Beijing four years ago.

    Ed Leigh, BBC commentator at Horse Guards Parade

    "The Americans take a fantastic game of beach volleyball that ebbed and flowed throughout and when both teams were on form it was incredible.

    "There were some phenomenal plays from both teams, but the Americans eventually take a second successive win and all but guarantee their place in the last 16."

  49. 2232: 

    Tunisia are showing that they are no mugs here, but as you'd expect the United States come through to lead 21-15 at the end of the first quarter.

  50. 2226: 

    It's victory for the defending Olympic champions as Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhuasser see off Spain's Adrian Collado and Pablo Herrera Allepuz in three sets.


    Tom, via text: "Superb atmosphere all night at Wembley capped off by a great win for Team GB. Got tickets for the final so hopefully be seeing them there!"

    Mark, via text: "Women's GB footballers were class tonight, and could easily have been two or three. Shown the Men's team up."

    Kelly, via text: "Woooh! GB win! On the edge of my seat for the pen. Unlucky."

  52. 2221: 

    Tunisia have taken an 8-4 lead! I know it's the opening minutes but still, they can remember this day already.

    John Amaechi, Former NBA basketball player

    "Tunisia do have some firepower, they came through and qualified for the first time out of the Africa zone, creating a bit of history by beating Angola.

    "So they must have some capabilities. To come up just four points short against Nigeria means they must have some talent, but the talent level tonight goes to another stratosphere."

  54. 2218: 

    We are under way in the Basketball Arena, with Kobe Bryant hitting the first points of the night...


    GB footballer Ellen White on Twitter: "So utterly proud of all the girls tonight... wot a performance at Wembley infront of 70,000 #wow & a big shout out 2 my hero @stephhoughton2"

    GB footballer Alex Scott on Twitter: "Helloooo did that just happen??..... OH YES IT DID!! What a great team performance. #TeamGB"

    GB footballer Karen Carney on Twitter: "Wow 70,000 people and I think we showed you all women can play football :-) hope that everyone enjoyed watching go team GB xx"

  56. 2208: 

    Team USA are out on the court at the Basketball Arena, and are greeted by a huge cheer. Be afraid, Tunisia, be afraid.

  57. 2204: 

    These late night shifts are not without controversy at the minute are they, and it's over at the badminton where tonight's storm is brewing.

    It has been suggested that Chinese pair Xiaoli Wang and Yang Yu lost their match to Kim Moon Soo and Kim Jiyhun of South Korea intentionally in order to receive a better draw in the next round.

    The players were booed off the court after the win, and Korean coach Sung Han Kook said: "It's not like the Olympic spirit to play like this.

    "How could the number one pair in the world play like this? They start playing mistakes.

    "Their attitude is absolute rubbish."

  58. 2157: 

    Nicknames must be all the rage in beach volleyball, especially in the States.

    I wonder how Phil 'The Beast' Dalhuasser and Todd 'The Professor' Rogers would fare in a fantasy match against Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell and Nick 'Goose' Bradshaw.

    What do we reckon?

  59. 2152: 

    It's not going to plan for 'The Beast' and 'The Professor' as they lose the first set at Horse Guards Parade to Spanish pair Pablo Herrera Allepuz and Adrian Gavira Collado.

    Plenty of work for Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers to do.


    Keith, via text: "Inspire a Generation. Mission Accomplished. Well done Team GB."

  61. 2146: 

    USA are next up down at the Basketball Arena, where France have just beaten Argentina 71-64.

    Tony Parker was the main man for France, netting 17 points and clocking in five assists.

    If you're not aware of Parker's extra-curricular work, he was married to Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria until 2010.

    I don't know how he is still playing on after that blow to be honest. I'd be a shell of a man.

    Paul Fletcher, BBC Sport at Wembley

    "So GB will take on Canada in Coventry on Friday for a place in the Olympic semi-finals.

    "The crowd inside Wembley loved every minute of the match and if the women's game in this country wanted a springboard from which to make a big leap forward, then surely this was it. GB's lap of the stadium was fully earned."


    Former Leeds Carnegie footballer and BBC co-commentator Lucy Ward: "I am proud of all these girls. They have taken on the challenge of playing in their own country and come through superbly. It is brilliant for everybody."


    Matt Callister on Twitter: "Great Britain womens football team - Simply Brilliant. Great night for the womens game"

    Guy Mowbray, BBC football commentator

    "Great Britain have secured a magnificent win. There are quite a few girls making golden reputations for themselves and no-one more so than Steph Houghton.

    "It has been a fabulous evening at Wembley, the spirit of the Olympics seems to have been fed into every fibre of these girls' being. GB will really fancy themselves now to beat Canada and go through to the semis."

  66. 2135: 

    Speaking of monstrously strong and talented American sportsmen, some of the biggest names in the NBA will be in action for the States at around 22:15 against the mighty Tunisia.

    LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are among the men in action. I'm going to stick my neck out and back USA to win this one.

  67. 2133: 

    It's all over at Wembley, where Great Britain have beaten Brazil 1-0.

  68. 2133: 

    The volleyball never sleeps - not only have we got more to come from Earls Court, but aficionados of the beach variety of the sport are in for a treat down at Horse Guards Parade.

    American duo Phil 'The Beast' Dalhausser and Todd 'The Professor' Rogers are in action against Spaniards Pablo Herrera Allepuz and Adrian Gavira Collado.

    Apparently 'The Beast' can serve at over 80mph. Ridiculous.

  69. 2127: 
    OLYMPIC RECORD- Michael Phelps, USA

    Just to clarify then, that gold medal in the 4x200 relay means Michael Phelps has 19 Olympic medals - a record.

  70. 2125: 

    Game over at Earls Court, and it's a straightforward win for Australia over our boys from Great Britain.

    The Aussies were always in control and wrap up a 25-15 25-18 25-20 win.

  71. 2122: 

    So not quite that Olympic record for a women's fixture - but a superb achievement nonetheless.

    Paul Fletcher, BBC Sport at Wembley

    "The crowd of 70,584 inside Wembley have created a cracking atmosphere, by the far the best in the football competition - both men and women - so far at a GB fixture.

    "At times my desk has been vibrating along to the foot stamping of the GB fans. The attendance is apparently a record in Britain but not quite up to the Olympic record of 76,489 in 1996."

  73. 2120: 

    This has been very impressive from Hope Powell's Great Britain side. They are already into the quarter-finals, and one more win will see them guaranteed at least a chance to play for a medal.


    Jamie Sinclair on Twitter: "Has anyone at any time actually checked Phelps isn't part fish? Greatest Olympian or greatest Atlantian?? @BBCSport"


    Emmanuel Berhanu on Twitter: "I love the games, it just spices up the interest in sport and it also makes some sporting legends and makes young kids dream"

  76. 2113: 

    It's been pretty end-to-end at Wembley, with both sides looking dangerous.

    Great Britain captain Casey Stoney has just had a free header from a Karen Carney cross but she can't keep it down. There are 15 minutes to go.


    John Whalley on Twitter: "Got to love these Games. Every day there's history, emotion, drama - everything @BBCSport. Phelps now greatest Olympian ever."

  78. 2106: 

    We've just been touched by greatness in the BBC office here at the Olympic Park, as Kriss Akabusi pops in to see how Great Britain's women are getting on.

    Yeah, ok, we've had the likes of Michael Johnson, Carl Lewis and Sir Steve Redgrave knocking about over the last few days - but they've never presented Record Breakers have they?


  79. 2105: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Lin Qingfeng, CHN (Men's -69kg weightlifting)

    A dominant performance from China's Lin Qingfeng sees him win the gold medal by 11kg.

  80. 2104: 
    GOLD MEDAL- United States (Men's 4x200m freestyle relay)

    Michael Phelps gets his 19th Olympic medal as part of the USA squad who beat France and China in the 4x200m relay.

  81. 2059: 

    My talk of long, five-set volleyball matches may come back to haunt me after Australia go two sets up over Great Britain.

    Is there room for a GB fightback?

  82. 2057: 

    The penalty was a stone-waller by the way, as Francielle tripped Eni Aluko as she cruised in on goal. Could that be a big turning point?

  83. 2055: 

    Kelly Smith steps up to hit the spot-kick left-footed, but Brazil goalkeeper Andreia guesses correctly to keep the ball out.

  84. 2055: 

    Great Britain have a penalty at Wembley...

  85. 2052: 

    The action should have been long over in the men's 69kg, but after the staggering number of failed lifts in the snatch, China's Lin Qingfeng looks on course for gold after a 182kg lift in the clean and jerk gave him an unassailable looking lead.

  86. 2052: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Ye Shiwen, CHN (Women's 200m individual medley)

    Chinese teenager Ye Shiwen takes her second gold of the Games by winning the 200m individual medley.

    Paul Fletcher, BBC Sport at Wembley

    "The atmosphere inside Wembley isn't perhaps what most people experience at a football match. There isn't all that much edge to it, but that is not a problem. It is friendly, fun and, well, Olympic.

    "It really has the feel of an event, of something significant taking place. But most importantly of all, it feels like lots of people are having a really good time. And what is wrong with that?"

  88. 2046: 

    We are back in play at Wembley, with Great Britain's women looking to hold on against Brazil.

  89. 2044: 

    It may have been defeat for our Water Polo side against Serbia an hour or so ago, but they have won plenty of fans with their display.

    Prince William was in the stands, which cheered up one of our players, Adam Scholefield.

    He said: "I didn't know he was here, but I am very proud to have played in front of him. He used to play a lot of water polo."


    Graeme Bryant on Twitter: "There's something quite inspirational about seeing Gold medal Olympians in tears on the medal podium!"

  91. 2042: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Sheng Lei, CHN (Men's individual foil fencing)

    China's Sheng Lei takes gold in the men's individual foil by defeating Egypt's Alaaeldin Abouelkasse 15-13 at ExCeL.


    Simon Rogers 75 on Twitter: "Nice to hear a Wembley crowd cheer a team off at half time instead of the boos! #ladiesfootball #goalsgalore #gold"

  93. 2035: 

    News in from Wimbledon, where Britain's Heather Watson loses 6-3 6-2 to Maria Kirilenko of Russia in round two of the Olympic singles.

    That leaves Andy Murray as the sole participant in the singles - a role he's used to playing of course - while Murray and Laura Robson are also in the mixed doubles draw.

  94. 2030: 
    HALF-TIME- GB Women 1-0 Brazil

    What a 45 minutes for women's football.

  95. 2029: 

    Australia take the first set against Great Britain 25-15.

  96. 2025: 

    There was a mammoth match at Wimbledon earlier, with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga beating Milos Raonic of Canada 6-3 3-6 25-23 in the second round - the longest game in Olympic history.

    "It's good for tennis and it's good for sports," Tsonga said of the record.

    "This is the only way for me to write my name in history at the moment."

    He's not wrong. Unlucky to be up against Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal at their best - never mind Andy Murray.

  97. 2021: 

    Rosana - didn't she sing "Everybody's Free" in the early 90s?

    Paul Fletcher, BBC Sport at Wembley

    "Brazil have shown that they can do all the eye-catching stuff, but they are also clearly pretty adroit when it comes to a cynical challenge or two and the big Wembley crowd have let Rosana and Bruna know exactly what they made of their rather crude method of stopping an opponent. Cracking atmosphere here."


    Rhys in Liverpool on 81111 on text: "Absolutely loving the women's football. Team GB are playing really well and Steph Houghton has scored three striker's goals playing left-back. Well done!"

    Andy on 81111 on text: "God bless BBC live text! In cafe overlooking the pitch at Reebok stadium. Twit behind me is moaning about Olympics. Can't work out some people. Come on GB!"

    Ian G on 81111 on text: "I am watching Heather Watson at Wimbledon and it's only 30% full. My partner is at Wembley and all the prime seats are empty. What is going on? If we are serious about inspiring a generation we should ensure full stadia. The modern preoccupation with money/profit is root cause again. It's a very sad reflection on excellent organisation."

  100. 2018: 

    Australia are in control of their volleyball match against Great Britain at Earls Court, with the Aussies leading 20-12 in the first set.

    Having commentated on two matches which ended just before 1am at these Olympics already, I know full well that there is a long, long, long way to go yet though...

  101. 2013: 

    Great Britain have been under the cosh - but they come close to a second goal at Wembley.

    Jill Scott wins the header from a long ball forward and Kelly Smith lashes in a dipping volley from 20 yards which sails a foot wide of the far post.

    Lovely effort.

  102. 2010: 

    Brazil are on top now, as Alex Scott heads against her own post under pressure from Cristiane at the back stick.

    A let-off for Team GB.

  103. 2008: 

    One-touch, fluid, easy on the eye - it's clearly Brazil.

    The Samba girls construct a move Oscar, Kaka and Neymar would be proud of as they stretch GB across the Wembley turf, but Cristiane's low shot at the conclusion of the play is easily held by Karen Bardsley. Top stuff all round.

    Paul Fletcher, BBC Sport at Wembley

    "The crowd went crazy when GB scored - after all, it is not all that often that any form of GB side takes the lead against Brazil in a meaningful game. GB coach Hope Powell spent a good minute or so trying to calm her players down. Perhaps she knew what was coming, as Brazil have really looked dangerous since. Steph Houghton, the left-back, has now scored in every match."

  105. 2004: 

    It's not all bad news for Michael Phelps, with that silver medal taking him level with Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina as the most decorated Olympic athlete of all-time with 18 medals.

    He probably uses the silver ones as coasters when you pop round for a brew though.

  106. 2002: 

    Play is under way at Earls Court between GB's men and the old enemy of Australia.

    Can the lads be inspired by the women's historic defeat of Algeria last night?

  107. 2001: 

    South Korean Choi Byung-chul has just won bronze in the men's individual foil, beating Italian Andrea Baldini 15-14. China's Sheng Lei is currently taking on Egyptian Alaaeldin Abouelkasse in the Gold medal bout.

  108. 2000: 

    Brazil have been knocking on the door at Wembley but Team GB remain a threat of their own on the break.

    It's a cracking game so far.


    BBC swimming pundit Adrian Moorhouse on BBC One: "You can watch the last 10m of that race and you can see the whole range of human emotions in the faces of the swimmers. It was killing them. Phelps was winning with 15m to go. Phelps glided at the end."

    Steve Parry, Olympic swimming bronze medallist and BBC pundit

    "Phelps was half a metre ahead with 3m to go and he completely glided into the finish. He had a meltdown in the last few metres. It is a ridiculous error, something you learn when you are 12 years of age."

  111. 1955: 

    A real shock in the pool then - it looked like Phelps had that sewn up with 40m to go.

  112. 1954: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Chad le Clos, RSA (Men's 200m butterfly)

    Michael Phelps is touched out of the race right at the end as Chad le Clos takes a surprise gold medal.

  113. 1953: 

    BBC football co-commentator Lucy Ward at Wembley: "Steph Houghton is having the tournament of her life. The ball came out from the corner and it fell at the feet of Karen Carney. She did well to find a little bit of space and delivered it when Brazil were trying to play the offside trap."

    Mark Foster, Five-time Olympian and BBC analyst

    "For the last few years we've just given this medal to Michael Phelps. And this is still his number one event. He's not been beaten in this event for 11 years and he's going for three Olympic wins in a row, which has never been done. I wouldn't bet against him."

  115. 1950: 

    BBC water polo pundit Lisa Knights: "This is such a difficult Group for Great Britain. But I'm so pleased to hear the crowd, all their applause and they're standing on their feet.

    "The GB team really did put on a performance. You might think 21-7 is a hammering, but coming into this some people thought they might not even have got on the scoresheet against Serbia. Britain should be proud of how they performed."

  116. 1949: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Allison Schmitt, USA (Women's 200m freestyle)

    Missy Frankin is overtaken by compatriot Allison Schmitt who wins in an Olympic record time of 1:53.61.

  117. 1948: 

    The spectators at the ExCeL for the men's 69kg weightlifting competition could be in for the long haul after less than a quarter of the lifts carried out so far have been successful. The athletes are choosing to follow up failed lift after failed lift, and while we should be heading towards the interval, most of the big guns are yet to make an appearance.

  118. 1946: 
    GOAL- GB Women (Steph Houghton, 2 mins) 1-0 Brazil

    A remarkable start for Team GB - and a remarkable tournament for left-back Steph Houghton, who has now scored in all three games at the Olympics!

    She skips around goalkeeper Andreia and blasts home right-footed. Clinical.

  119. 1944: 
    KICK-OFF- GB Women v Brazil

    We are off at Wembley.

  120. 1942:  
    Paul Fletcher, BBC Sport at Wembley

    "Not far from kick off and plenty of fans inside Wembley, it is just a shame that four blocks in a prominent position low down are more or less empty.

    "One enforced change for the GB women's team as injured Ifeoma Dieke makes way for Sophie Bradley alongside skipper Casey Stoney in the middle of defence. Brazil include Marta, Cristiane, Maurine, Bruna, Ester, Erika....... I just love a snappy name."

  121. 1941: 

    Great Britain women's head coach Hope Powell, ahead of the top of the group clash with Brazil: "We want to do well tonight, we realise what's at stake. They are typical Brazilians. Marta is a great player. They are a talented bunch."


    GB diver Tonia Couch on Twitter: "Thanks for everyones support. @SarahBarrow dived well today but just not enough for a medal. Next time! Loved it :). Xxx"

  123. 1940: 

    Don't forget to catch all the swimming action in Aimee Lewis's separate live text commentary.

    I'll bring you all the medals and anything extraordinary though, fear not.

    Ian Thorpe, Five-time Olympic champion and BBC Sport analyst

    "19 medals will happen for Michael Phelps, whether it'll be tonight, tomorrow night or another night. I think it could be today.

    "I consider him the greatest Olympic champion already, but this will tick all the final boxes, meaning he will have won the most Olympic medals of any athlete, ever.

    "I think the challenge for him to win the same event three Olympics running is harder. This is the challenge, out of all of them, that he will be chasing the most. I think it will be tough for him."

    Faye White, Former England defender

    "When the draw happened in April, it was this game that we were looking forward to. And the momentum has grown over the last two games. If we can beat Brazil, just think of the confidence they will take from that."


    John Fitzpatrick on Twitter: "Ian Thorpe's comments to celebrate outstanding achievement not assume drugs are spot on. Why is the world so cynical!"

  127. 1938: 

    Egyptian Alaaeldin Abouelkasse has made history by becoming the first African fencer ever to win an Olympic medal after securing his place in tonight's men's individual foil final.

    The 21-year-old, who will play China's Lei Sheng at 19:40 BST, beat Choi Byung-chul 15-12 in the semi-final, meaning he is guaranteed at least a silver medal.


    Andrew Scattergood on Twitter: "Can't think of a better way to spend my Tuesday evening than with my wife, Claire Balding and Mark Foster. Loving the swimming"

  129. 1930: 

    Former England international Sue Smith feels that Great Britain will cope without injured defender Iffy Dieke against Brazil at Wembley: "Sophie Bradley comes in and she plays alongside Casey Stoney for Lincoln, so they know how each other play. She will fit in there nicely and do a fantastic job."

  130. 1934: 

    It's all over in the Water Polo - and it's a crunching defeat for Great Britain's men, as Serbia clock up a 21-7 win in the pool.

  131. 1933: 

    It's being flagged up as the biggest night of British women's football ever down at Wembley - we're 10 minutes or so away from kick-off.

  132. 1924: 

    BBC reporter Claire Heald is down at the Water Polo - where Britain currently trail Serbia 21-7.

    She says: "The rules - "no swearing, no kicking, no punching" are flashed up on a screen so that any crowd members new to the sport understand water polo.

    "For what those rules are worth, one attendant tells me "what goes on under the water stays under the water" in this full-on contact sport.

    "One spectator who won't need them is the Duke of Cambridge, who slipped relatively unnoticed in to the arena to watch Britain take on Serbia. He used to play the sport.

    "He sat in the stands with other players cheering on Team GB after earlier watching his cousin Zara Phillips compete in the Equestrian event at Greenwich Park."

  133. 1921: 

    It's a busy old night in the women's competition.

    Aside from the GB girls, France have just beaten Colombia 1-0 to join the United States in the women's football quarter-finals from Group G.

    The US, who are the reigning Olympic champions, beat North Korea 1-0 but the North Koreans can still pinch the final best placed third-team spot if New Zealand fail to beat Cameroon later.

    Canada grabbed the other spot earlier when they drew 2-2 with Sweden, who themselves have qualified alongside Japan from Group F.

  134. 1920: 

    The swimming action this evening is about to start, with the women's 200m freestyle the first title on offer.

    My erstwhile colleague Aimee Lewis is up and running on her own live text commentary on all things aquatic, you can read it right here on the website. Obviously.

  135. 1915: 

    Great Britain against Australia is always one to get the pulse racing, whatever the sport. Tonight the two men's sides will battle it out on the volleyball court.

    It's an important match for both teams, after they each suffered 3-0 thrashings in their opening match of the Olympic tournament. The action from Earls Court gets under way from 20:00 BST.

    Andrew Cotter, BBC Sport commentator

    "Jo-Wilfried Tsonga gave a roar to the Court One crowd as he won his epic match. It really was epic - the longest ever match in Olympic tennis. There were smiles and slaps as they embraced. What entertainment. Tsonga goes through and he will be weary but he will prepare for his next test."

  137. 1914: 

    A timely reminder that you can, and indeed should, get involved in this live text tonight.

    What have been your highlights so far? Have you been to any events? Who's impressed you? And who is going to bag our first gold medal of these Games, and have the honour of potentially having their name on the side of some council flats somewhere?

    Let me know. You can ping us a Tweet using the hashtag #BBC2012, and text in on 81111.


    Mark from Greenwich on 81111 on text: "Water polo arena has hundreds of empty seats behind the cameras (one just filled by the Duke of Cambridge), but still great atmosphere for Team GB boys. Needs better aircon though, must be 40 degrees in here, and only getting warmer!"

    Ned on 81111 on text: "I'm at Cheltenham to watch Cardiff City in a friendly. Will be checking my phone for the GB football score though. Come on girls, you can top this group!"

    Cheryl on 81111 on text: "So proud of Team GB whether they win medals or not. They're giving it their best, that's what counts. So full of admiration and adoration. Proud of the GB fans too, cheering on not only our team but other athletes. Proud to be British!"

  139. 1909: 

    Those of you who were with me last night will recall the excellent spectacle of an hour-long dispute in the women's fencing, and tonight's medal action on the piste at ExCel is just about to get under way.

    Check it out on the interactive video player. You should see the superb Tron-style lighting effects if nothing else. It's Men's individual foil glory up for grabs tonight.

  140. 1906: 

    No shame at all Lisa. Having seen the action close up, I'm putting water polo right up there in my list of physically gruelling sports.

    Reckon you can tread water for the best part of an hour, and swim around 4km while being drowned by a 16st Serbian?

    No, me neither.


    BBC water polo pundit Lisa Knights: "It's been a very good performance from Great Britain, excellent even.

    "Coming into this game a lot of water polo experts were very realistic about how Britain were going to perform. They've been fantastic so far. To put in six goals against a quality opposition like Serbia... well, there's no shame in that."

  142. 1904: 

    Our boys are taking a bit of a tonking in the water polo pool at the minute, with Serbia powering into a 14-6 lead in the third quarter.

    I was down watching some water polo earlier and was witness to an extraordinary moment as Spain felt they should have had a last-second equaliser.

    Great drama.

    Paul Fletcher, BBC Sport at Wembley

    "Less than an hour until kick-off as GB take on Brazil in the women's football competition and quite a few people are in the stadium already.

    "Both teams have already qualified from Group E but this is a signfiicant match because the side that finishes second in the group will face world champions Japan at the quarter-final stage.

    "GB must win to finish top of the group but that will not be easy against the 2004 and 2008 Olympic silver medallists."

  144. 1900: 

    Hope Powell's women are taking centre stage as far as I'm concerned for the next few hours, as GB take on Brazil in what looks like being the most attended women's football match in Britain. Ever.

    The UK record is 53,000 on Boxing Day 1920 at Goodison Park for a match between Dick, Kerr's Ladies and St Helens Ladies.

    The Olympic record attendance for a women's match is 76,489 when the United States beat China in the final in 1996 - and that record could go as well.

  145. 1857: 

    Most of tonight's medals will be decided in the swimming pool, with the great man himself, Michael Phelps, bidding to become the man with the greatest haul of Olympic medals in history.

    Quite an effort - and Aimee Lewis will be on your screens imminently with a separate live text commentary for all things aquatic, while we discuss and digest the night's other sporting action.

    Are you ready?

    Jessica Creighton, BBC Sport at the Basketball Arena

    "Britain are getting closer to a win in the basketball. They lose their second straight group game to Brazil 67-62 despite leading for long periods but there are positives for GB.

    "Three players - Luol Deng, Nate Reinking and Pops Mensah-Bonsu reached double-figure scores - proving that Britain can play well without having to rely on their NBA star Deng. Next up is 2008 Olympic runners-up Spain on Thursday."

  147. 1851: 

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France beats Canada's Milos Raonic 6-3 3-6 25-23 (yep, Twenty-Five Twenty-Three) in three hours and 58 minutes to reach the third round.

    It is the longest tennis match in Olympic history.

    Next on Wimbledon's Court One, Britain's Heather Watson v Maria Kirilenko of Russia.

  148. 1851: 

    We are well into Day Four of London 2012 and Great Britain is still waiting for its first gold medallist of the Games.

    So far some big hopes have failed to deliver the top prize, but, as BBC Sport's Matt Slater reveals that could all be about to change in the coming days.

    Keep the faith people, there's gold in the air...

  149. 1847: 

    "Today wasn't our day" is in danger of becoming the catchphrase of this Olympics isn't it? I might get a T-shirt with it written on it.

  150. 1847: 

    Zara Dampney of Team GB reacts to her beach volleyball doubles defeat at the hands of Italy: "Any Olympic game is tough and the Italians played well. Today wasn't our day. We're really disappointed but we'll pick ourselves up. We've usually had really good matches against Italy but they're such a strong serving team.

    "The atmosphere is unbelievable; it gives us goosepimples. It's amazing to have home support. We love it and we really appreciate it."

  151. 1842: 

    So what's left to get excited about this evening?


    Right now, our lads are in action in the pool in a water polo match par excellence against Serbia. They are 7-5 down in the second quarter, which leaves them all sorts of time to fight back.

    We've also got teams in action in women's football and volleyball before the end of the night, while some of the world's largest stars are on display in the aquatics centre and the basketball arena. It's wall-to-wall sport.

  152. 1842: 

    First of all let's make sure we are all up to speed.

    There's been a shedload of action all day across, in, and around London, with the highlight a superb silver in the team equestrian for GB.

    You can catch up with all the news, medals and reaction by having a scan down our live text commentaries from the morning session, and the afternoon session.

  153. 1834: 

    Hello there, how's your Tuesday been so far?

    Whether you've just got in from work, are reading this on the soul-crushing commute home or have yet to leave the sanctuary of your sofa after another all-day marathon in front of the Olympics, I welcome you all.

    It's been another belter of a day and the good news for you is that there is still loads of action to come. All set?

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