London 2012 Olympics: Day Three afternoon as it happened

GB's gymnasts win a bronze medal in the team event but Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield miss out on a diving medal.

30 July 2012 Last updated at 19:25

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As it happened

  1. 1923: 

    Well then, that was quite something wasn't it?

    Scoot over to join Aimee Lewis at the swimming with her own live text commentary right now, and I'll be back on a new page in a flash of an eye.

    See you in a bit.

  2. 1920: 

    BBC commentator Christine Still on Great Britain's bronze medal in the men's team artistic gymnastics: "What a superstar, what a star Kristian Thomas is under all that pressure. Unbelievable, and so justly deserved. What a shame as we should be thrilled with a bronze, what a shame it was won in that way. It is still an incredible performance. They held their nerve throughout the day in an absolute cauldron. My, what a special day."

  3. 1917: 
    Live now, the North Greenwich ArenaKEY MOMENT

    Watch as Great Britain's gymnasts are demoted to bronze after an appeal at the men's team final.

  4. 1915: 
    BRONZE MEDAL- Great Britain (Men's team gymnastics)

    So one more time to clarify - this has been a confusing half hour - Great Britain have won bronze in the men's team final.

  5. 1914: 

    Have a word for Ukraine as well - they have missed out on a medal all together now. Harsh times.

  6. 1911: 
    SILVER MEDAL- Japan (Men's team gymnastics)

    That's it! The Japanese appeal sees their score increase to 271.952, boos ring around the North Greenwich Arena and Great Britain are demoted to the bronze medal.

    But that is still a brilliant, brilliant result.

  7. 1908: 

    You've got to love a disputed dismount from a pommel horse. The tension has been racheted up as we all wait for these judges to decide how many points to deduct or add on to Japan's score. Is it silver, or bronze for GB?

  8. 1906: 

    Colin Murray on BBC Radio 5 live: "Unless you have had a telegram from the Queen you have never witnessed a GB medal in the men's team event."

  9. 1904: 

    It looks like Japan have appealed against that final score - hang on to your pommel horse a moment...

  10. 1903: 

    Nine years ago, Great Britain were 23rd in the world in gymnastics - now they are silver medallists.

    The score for Great Britain was 271.711, with Ukraine on 271.526 and Japan on 271.252.

    Fine margins...

  11. 1900: 

    I've just seen the final routine for Japan on the pommel horse and it's come down to such fine margins. Kohei Uchimura, competing against a backdrop of bedlam from the stands, can't land his dismount and Japan end up in fourth - with Ukraine taking bronze. Disastrous, you have to feel for him - but sensational stuff for GB.

  12. 1858: 
    GOLD MEDAL- China (Men's team gymnastics)

    China take the gold as Great Britain celebrate a historic silver medal in the team event.

  13. 1855: 
    SILVER MEDAL- Great Britain (Men's team gymnastics)

    My word! The final Japanese athlete posts a low score and Great Britain streak into second place! Unprecedented scenes.

  14. 1855: 

    The tension is unbearable as we wait for the final results to come through. Louis Smith has his head in his hands...

  15. 1853: 

    Kristian Thomas punches the air as he ends his routine - will that be enough?

    He needs more than 15.248 for bronze. The wait is on.

    They could not have done more. Superb work all round.

  16. 1853: 

    And Ukraine are not giving up on this bronze medal. Mykola Kuksenkov puts in a stormer on the rings, that will score high - as Dan Purvis scores 15.533 on the floor. A huge score!

    It's all down to Kristian Thomas now...

  17. 1849: 

    Dan Purvis is next on the floor as Max Whitlock scores 15.166.

    This is all looking very good indeed but don't forget Ukraine are in the hunt as well.

  18. 1848: 

    A deafening roar welcomes Max Whitlock onto the floor. Three good performances are between Great Britain and a first team gymnastics medal in the modern Olympic games.

    And he nails his routine. The volume is exceptional. Gymnastics is the new rock n roll.

  19. 1843: 

    William Fox-Pitt on BBC One after his disappointing run in the equestrian cross-country eventing: "He [his horse Lionheart] got very tired, and maybe something isn't quite right with him. Some of the hills are demanding, but I was very confident and I thought he could cope with it. He was losing it when we should have been making up time. We are only six points behind though, and tomorrow is another day. It is very tight, and it is not over yet."

  20. 1842: 

    It looks like gold for China after a hugely impressive display.

  21. 1840: 

    BBC commentator Christine Still on the men's artistic gymnastics team competition: "Ukraine finish on the rings, Great Britain on the floor. It is going to be some battle for the bronze."

  22. 1839: 

    As ever in this manic Olympic Games, there is plenty of other action going on to try and keep you up to date with.

    GB's women water polo team are in action, up against bronze medallists in the last world championship, Russia. It's a tough ask for the girls, but they've taken an early lead.

  23. 1838: 

    You can watch the finale to the men's team event live on BBC Three now, and on our new interactive video player.

    Ollie Williams, BBC Sport at the Gymnastics at North Greenwich Arena

    "Max Whitlock, Dan Purvis and Kristian Thomas stand on the brink of gymnastics history. Those are the three Britons whose performances on the floor - their last apparatus of six - will decide whether GB win Olympic bronze in men's team gymnastics. They've never done this, or come near, in the modern sport.

    Now, they need to make up a gap of 0.248 marks on Ukraine in this final showdown to get it. Ukraine are on rings, where they were markedly worse than the British floor scores in qualifying. But that means nothing now. This is as heart-in-mouth as the Olympics will get, never mind the colour of the medal."

  25. 1837: 

    BBC Radio 5 live presenter Colin Murray: "It's all ifs and buts, however if Team GB and Ukraine get the same scores they did in their respective final events in qualification, Team GB will take the bronze."

  26. 1835: 

    Thanks Aimee - as it goes I don't think I've ever felt less athletic than I do right now, scoffing my face with custard creams and pistachio nuts while some of our nation's finest men hurl themselves through the air and across various apparatus.

    It's all come down to the floor event for a medal for GB. Game on.

  27. 1833: 

    With the gymnastics building up to a crescendo, it's perfect time for me to hand you over to Tom Rostance who has become somewhat of an expert in the vault and high bars this afternoon and has been practising his forward rolls in preparation for the evening ahead. Cheerio!

  28. 1827: 

    As expected, John Garcia-Thompson and Steve Grotowski are beaten in straight sets in the beach volleyball by Brazilians Emanuel Rego and Alison Cerutti after 41 minutes, but the British duo did ask some questions of the world champions, especially in the first set.

  29. 1824:  
    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Greenwich Park

    "Great Britain's equestrian eventing team will go into the final day of competition in the silver medal position after a brilliant performance in the cross-country competition at Greenwich Park. Tina Cook is fifth in the individual standings, with Mary King in sixth."

  30. 1823:  
    Ollie Williams, BBC Sport at the Gymnastics at North Greenwich Arena

    "How's your maths? There's 0.248 between Ukraine and Britain in the battle for Olympic bronze in the men's team gymnastics. Russia could well be in the mix too. Sam Oldham fell on the high bar but GB team-mate Kristian Thomas, who is having the Olympics of his life so far, threw everything he had at his own routine to get some of that back.

    This is about as close as it could be. Write off the first two medals to China and Japan, but it all comes down to the floor event for GB's bronze hopes."

  31. 1820: 

    Disaster strikes for Great Britain at the gymnastics as Sam Oldham loses his grip on the horizontal bar and hits the mat. There can be no words of consolation for the Brit as he heads back to his chair, head bowed and shoulders slumped. Fret not though Team GB followers as the boys are still in bronze position heading to the floor, the final apparatus, and you can't fall off the floor.

  32. 1815: 

    British duo Garcia-Thompson and Grotowski have fallen a set behind and are now 10 points adrift of the Brazilians in the second set and facing match point. A cheeky dab over the net from Garcia-Thompson, though, and the crowd burst into song. The Proclaimers's '500 miles' the tune of choice at the moment at Horse Guards Parade.

  33. 1812: 

    BBC commentator Matt Baker after John Orozco's fall seems to have ended USA hopes of a medal: "USA's John Orozco is close to tears. What can you say to console a man like that? With that score, it has all been lost. The hopes of his nation on his shoulders, and it has all gone."

  34. 1807: 

    Tears at the gymnastics as American John Orozco makes a hash of his landing on the vault. Life can be cruel, four years of early morning starts, endless training and meticulous planning ruined by a blip. Great Britain's Max Whitlock starts apparatus four - the parallel bars - and his score of 14.8 will do very nicely indeed. I don't want to speak too soon but a medal could be on the cards here as Britain are perched in bronze position with the horizontal bar and floor remaining.

  35. 1805: 

    The Williams sisters, that's Serena and Venus to you and me, are in action over in Wimbledon and are in control against Romanian pair Sorana Cirstea and Simona Halep after taking the first set 6-3. Bulgaria's darling Grigor Dimitrov is duelling against Giles Simon in the men's singles and it's the Frenchman who is on top after clinching the opening set 6-3, while everyone's favourite Belgian Kim Clijsters is a set and a break up against Spain's Carla Suarez Navarro. And breathe...

  36. 1800: 

    Six-time World Championship gold medal-winning canoeist Anna Hemmings on BBC Radio 5 live: "Lizzie Neave's first run was fantastic and then she stepped up another level in the second. She looked calm and composed, mentally she is strong and that makes a difference. You have to be able to deliver under that pressure when the margins are so small."

  37. 1758: 

    British duo John Garcia-Thompson and Steve Grotowski win a couple of points on the trot which is reason enough for the hyperactive crowd to wave their union flags and cheer their men so boisterously that I'm sure they must have awoken a Lord or two from their slumber in Parliament. The world champions from Brazil are still in control, though, just, leading 19-17 in the first set.

  38. 1752: 

    Commentator John Hunt on BBC Radio 5 live: "This has been a textbook day so far for GB. The team are looking very strong. Tina Cook in third, Mary King in fourth and Zara Phillips is in a share of eighth place."

  39. 1749: 

    Switzerland defender Michel Morganella has been sent home from the Olympics for posting an allegedly offensive remark on Twitter, a spokesman for the Swiss Olympic team has confirmed.

  40. 1746: 

    At Horse Guards Parade, a hop skip and a jump away from the Prime Minister's back garden, Great Britain's men are in action in the beach volleyball and it looks like it's jam packed over there. Steve Grotowski and John Garcia-Thompson are the first Brits to play on the sand at the Olympics and they face a monumental task against Brazilians Ricardo and Pedro Cunha. The Samba boys are 9-4 ahead in the first set.

  41. 1742: 

    BBC commentator Liz Mynott after Larry Godfrey's progression to the last 16 in the archery: "It was nice to see Great Britain back on form there, it has been a slow Games for the archers up until this point."

  42. 1740:  
    Lawrence Barretto, BBC Sport following the canoeing at Lee Valley

    "Former world and European bronze medallist Lizzie Neave capped a strong day for Britain's slalom canoeists with two penalty-free runs down the 25-gate white water course at Lee Valley. The 25-year-old finished second overall with Spain's Maialen Chourraut, who secured back-to-back World Cup wins earlier this season, finishing on top."

  43. 1739: 

    Britain's Larry Godfrey, putting aside the disappointment of his early exit from the team competition, wins his second match of the day in the individual event, beating Juan Rene Serrano of Mexico 7-1 to progress to the last 16. He's on a roll!

  44. 1737: 

    Former Commonwealth gold medal-winning gymnast Craig Heap on BBC Radio 5 live on Kristian Thomas's vault: "He absolutely nailed it. If ever we needed a vault like that, that was it. Absolutely textbook."

  45. 1736: 

    Gymnastics coach and BBC commentator Christine Still on BBC One: "Kristian Thomas really went for broke, and that showed perfect poise. He is a very quiet young man, who works hard and goes on about his business."

  46. 1734: 

    Wow! Kristian Thomas lands a spectacularly difficult vault to propel Great Britain back up into second place in the men's team final. Sensational stuff. GB trail Japan - who have lost a gymnast to injury don't forget - by less than a point, with Ukraine in third. Next up for GB is the parallel bars.

  47. 1732:  
    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Greenwich Park

    A fabulous ride from Tina Cook over the gruelling 28-jump cross country course at Greenwich Park fires Great Britain back into first place in the team event, with just 18 of the 74 riders still to go.

  48. 1731:  
    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    Britain's defending Star class champions Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson climb to the top of the standings with a second place in race four in Weymouth. The pair, who were third in the opener on Monday, are tied on 18 points with Norway, with the Swedish boat one behind and arch-rivals Robert Scheidt and Bruno Prada, silver medallists in Beijing, fourth on 20 points. A long way to go, of course, but you'd rather be in front than behind.

  49. 1729: 

    If there is a more wondrous sight of jaw-dropping proportions than watching a woman lifting almost two-and-a-half times her bodyweight then I have yet to see it. A superhuman effort from China's Li Xueying who broke the Olympic record by lifting the equivalent of two chimpanzees. Britain's Zoe Smith finished 12th with a combined total of 211kg, while Thailand's Pimsiri Sirikaew claimed silver and Yuliya Kalina of Ukraine the bronze.

    Ollie Williams, BBC Sport at the Gymnastics at North Greenwich Arena

    "A third of the way through the men's team gymnastics final, and it's too hard to call. Britain had an excellent start on pommel horse but lost it on rings, their weakest piece.

    "All around them, chaos is breaking out - the United States and Germany both had truly disastrous outings on pommel horse and Japan have had a gymnast piggy-backed out of the arena with an ankle injury. China look favourites for gold at this early stage but a medal is definitely up for grabs for GB."

  51. 1721: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Li Xueying CHN (women's 58kg, weightlifting)
  52. 1719: 

    Ana Ivanovic of Serbia converts her fifth match point to beat Britain's Elena Baltacha 6-4 7-6 (7-5) in round two of the women's singles at Wimbledon.

    That could be the last we see of the 28-year-old Scot in singles action after she admitted on Saturday she was likely to undergo anke surgery after the Olympics and may not return to professional tennis.

    She does, of course, play doubles with Anne Keothavong later today.

  53. 1716: 

    In the women's 58kg weightlifting, China's Li Xueying equals the Olympic record in the clean and jerk by lifting 138kg.

  54. 1714: 

    An update on the cross-country eventing at Greenwich Park, although it's with an untrained eye I cast an eye on developments as it wasn't a sport I did at school. I'll be honest, there weren't many sports we could do after an arsonist lit a match to the gymnasium. Anyway... Germany have now moved ahead of Great Britain in the team standings but there are still plenty of riders to come though so worry not. Mary King remains third overall as it stands, with Zara Phillips in equal sixth.

  55. 1708: 

    Serena Williams, who has two Olympic gold medals buried in the back of her massive trophy cabinet, has fallen in love with the Games in London just like the rest of us. The Wimbledon champion beat Urszula Radwanska at SW19 today and revealed that she is watching as much as she possibly can.

    "I'm watching everything I can. When I'm not playing I have that TV on watching the swimming, gymnastics... it's so intense and I love every moment," she said.

    "I'm really trying to do whatever I can to inspire people but I think all of the US swimmers are really cool, everyone loves them. I think the US gymnastics team yesterday for qualifications did a great job with a super high score and I thought they were fabulous. I was really excited."

  56. 1706: 

    Team GB have won their first archery match of London 2012 after Larry Godfrey tasted victory in his opening singles match. The Bristolian bowman qualified for the individual event in fourth place and drew 61st seed Emdadul Haque Milon of Bangladesh in the round of 64. Roared on by a packed Lord's crowd he struck centre gold with his first arrow and eased to a 6-0 win in three dominant sets.

  57. 1704:  
    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    Ben Ainslie lets slip a golden chance to overhaul his nearest rival with a 12th-place finish in race four in Weymouth.

    Ainslie trailed leader Jonas Hogh-Christensen by six points after three races but the Dane hit the boat marking one end of the start line and had to do a penalty turn. Ainslie, though, was unable to press home the advantage and finished 12th to Hogh-Christensen's seventh.

    The Briton is now third overall on 22 points, 11 points behind Hogh-Christensen with France's Jonathan Lobert second on 19 points. There are six more races to go in the opening series before the final double-points-scoring medal race. It's not plain sailing for Ainslie, but on the plus side, he has been in worse spots.

  58. 1702: 

    Talking of noisy crowds, it's so far, so good for Great Britain at the old Millennium Dome as they hold second place after the first set of apparatus. Their score on the pommel horse of 45.932 sees them just behind Ukraine, with Japan in third.

  59. 1659: 

    British number one Heather Watson after her convincing 6-2 6-2 victory over Silvia Soler Espinosa: "I'm very pleased with that win, I knew it wasn't going to be easy. I've never played her before but I knew that she is a great player and wasn't going to give me any free points. I played well today. I loved the crowd, they were amazing. It's completely different to Wimbledon, they were a lot louder. I love it, I love loud."

  60. 1657: 

    There's been a whopper of a shock at the Basketball Arena where France's women have beaten Australia in what some would describe as an overtime thriller. Les Bleus' Celine Dumerc hit the winning basket in added time to record a 74-70 victory and that's the first time since 1996 that the Australians have been beaten by a team other than the US at the Olympics. Allez!

  61. 1653: 

    PM David Cameron insists he shares the public's frustration at seeing empty seats at events. "Between 5-15% of the seats have to be made available to those accredited from foreign sports teams, their officials, governing bodies - that is part of the deal of having the Olympics," he said. "They're not taking up enough of those seats, so we're going to be using them for volunteers, armed service personnel, and selling more."

  62. 1651: 

    Gymnastics coach and BBC commentator Christine Still on BBC One: "That was a huge performance from Louis Smith. That was the best work I have ever seen him do."


    Paula Radcliffe on Twitter: "Overwhelmed and humbled by all of the messages - thank you!"

  64. 1649:  
    Lawrence Barretto, BBC Sport following the canoeing at Lee Valley

    It's been another encouraging day for the Brits at Lee Valley as the pairings of Tim Baillie and Etienne Stott and David Florence and Richard Hounslow have made it safely through to the Thursday's semi-final of the C2 double slalom. Baillie and Stott outshone their more experienced countrymen to finish fourth fastest overall with Florence and Hounslow seventh. France's Gauthier Klauss and Matthieu Peche were fastest.

  65. 1645: 

    Time to move from the ExCel, where grown men are crying after Isaev's unexpected victory, to Greenwich where Team GB are hoping to write their own chapter of gymnastics history. Louis Smith has got the Brits off to a flier in the team competition with a score of 15.966 on the pommel horse, which puts Britain in third place at the moment, behind Ukraine and Japan.

  66. 1639: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Mansur Isaev RUS (Men's -73kg judo)

    Russian president and judo fan Vladimir Putin will be happy with that as countryman Isaev secures gold by beating Riki Nakaya of Japan.

  67. 1637:  
    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    Into the five-minute countdown for the fourth race of the Finn series. Ben Ainslie has scored two seconds and a sixth but the intriguing thing is that Dane Jonas Hogh-Christensen has had two firsts and a second. Is it too early for Ainslie to target Christensen or will he just sail and see where he is in a day or so. We could be about to find out.

  68. 1635: 

    Tom Daley's diving partner, Pete Waterfield, speaking on BBC One: "On the fourth drive, I just kicked a bit high and couldn't stop it. In this competition you can't make mistakes and it left a lot to do. The last two dives were brilliant, but it was not enough. It was not our day, it was not meant to be, but the crowd were amazing. It would have been lovely to stand on the rostrum in front of them."

  69. 1632: 

    BBC commentator Matt Baker speaking on BBC One ahead of the men's artistic gymnastics team final: "It is unprecedented to see that sort of performance from Great Britain. You've got to think back to 1924 when rope climbing was still part of it, for something similar. We couldn't believe what we were seeing. I think Japan could get the gold, I think they will edge the USA. It is going to be a tussle between Great Britain, Russia and Germany for the rest. It is all to play for, and I think it will be won and lost on falls."

  70. 1630: 

    Over at Wimbledon things aren't going to plan for Briton Elena Baltacha as she loses the first set of her second-round singles match against former world number one Ana Ivanovic on Court 18, 6-4 the score.

  71. 1628: 
    GOLD MEDAL- Kaori Matsumoto JPN (Women's -57kg)

    Dangerous play from Corina Caprioriu means the Romanian is disqualified and it's gold for Japan's Kaori Matsumoto.

  72. 1626: 

    Tom Daley speaking to BBC One continued: "It started really well and we got personal bests on the first two dives, and the third dive was really good, but the fourth was not good enough. You miss one dive and you are gone. Seventy one points in a competition like this, it is unheard of to finish fourth still. We needed just another nine points, which we normally can do, but it is the way sport goes. It's annoying but what can you do?"

  73. 1626:  
    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Greenwich Park

    "Ear-splitting screams and jubilant flag-waving in the arena at Greenwich Park as Zara Phillips easily hurdles the Tower of London jumps on her way to a barn-storming clear round which propels Great Britain into first place in the team standings of the equestrian cross-country competition."

  74. 1625: 
    BRONZE MEDAL- Nyam-Ochir Sainjargal MGL (Men's -73kg judo)

    Nyam-Ochir Sainjargal wins bronze for Mongolia by outfoxing the wonderfully named Dex Elmont of the Netherlands. Elmont may be leaving London 2012 without a medal but anyone named Dex is a winner in my eyes.

  75. 1621: 

    Tom Daley speaking to BBC One after he and Pete Waterfield finished fourth in the men's synchro 10m platform diving: "The crowd have been amazing, I'm getting emotional thinking about it. It was all we dreamed of and to come fourth was so agonising after training so hard. We've got the individual events to look forward to and hopefully we'll get back on our game."

  76. 1619: 
    BRONZE MEDAL- Ugo Legrand Fra (Men's -73kg judo)

    It's turning out to be a splendid afternoon on the mat for France as 23-year-old Legrand beats Ki-Chun Want to the bronze. The Frenchman, eyes glistening in wonderment, salutes the crowd and trots off to kiss a couple of females who were waiting on the sidelines. Hopefully one of them was his official lady friend otherwise I may have got him into trouble.

  77. 1614: 

    As I've said, there's a smorgasbord of sport available today. Later this evening we are braced for more white water from the heels of Chinese swimming superstar Ye Shiwen, who qualified for the finals of the 200m individual medley semi-finals in astonishing style earlier today having already clinched gold in the 400m medley earlier in the week. While Great Britain's women's basketball team have a winnable match against Canada at 2000 BST after defeat by Australia in their opening match of their campaign.

  78. 1612: 

    A very good afternoon to you! Chris Bevan has popped out to buy a couple of speedos such has been the allure of the diving this afternoon, but as long as he doesn't wear them to work then he can spend his hard-earned cash on whatever he likes. An agonising fourth-placed finish for Daley and Waterfield, but plenty of medals still to be won during the course of the afternoon, from a bundle in the pool to golds in gymnastics, fencing and weightlifting. Isn't the Olympics great - and we're only 72 hours into Olympomania.

  79. 1609: 

    These Olympics put you through the wringer sometimes, don't they? I was hoping to sign off with another British medal, but instead there is only disappointment in the air as I hand over to Aimee Lewis. Hopefully she can cheer you all up... I'll see you again on Tuesday. Bye for now.

    Ollie Williams, BBC Sport at the Gymnastics at North Greenwich Arena

    "A medal for Britain's men in this afternoon's team gymnastics final would be GB's biggest-ever moment in the sport.

    It's a century since Britain won men's gymnastics bronze at the Stockholm Games. Back then, there were 23 blokes in the team and gymnastics was a very different sport. Today, five men have the chance to redefine Britain's place in modern gymnastics.

    To do it, they'll need consistency and a few mistakes from other teams - China, Russia, Japan and the US being the big names. Watch out for Louis Smith, who we expect to attempt the world's hardest pommel horse routine for the first time at the Games. The final starts at 16:30 BST."

  81. 1603: 

    So, China's Yuan Cao and Yanquan Zhang take gold in the men's 10m synchro platform diving final with a total score of 486.78, well ahead of Mexico, who collect silver with 468.90, and the United States who took bronze with 463.47. Agony for Britain's Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield, who finish fourth with 454.65.

    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at the Aquatics Centre

    "The atmosphere certainly subdued somewhat after Daley and Waterfield dropped their fourth dive. At that point it was clear gold was gone. Their follow up, the key front 4.5 somersault was good but not exceptional and with the Mexican's delivering the goods on their last dive their chance of a medal was over.

    "This result will really hurt the pair because they will know that it was individual errors rather than the performance of their opponents which cost them a podium finish.

    "At least they will both return for the individual competition next week... "

  83. 1601: 
    GOLD MEDAL- China (men's synchro 10m platform diving)

    China's Yuan Cao and Yanquan Zhang live up to their billing as favourites by taking gold with a dominant display.

  84. 1559: 

    There is royalty in action right now, as Zara Phillips begins her round in the individual eventing.

    With 35 riders already through the course, fellow Briton Mary King is lying in second spot overall.

  85. 1559: 
    Daley and Waterfield miss out on medal

    It's not enough. So near but so far for Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield, who score 91.80... leaving them in fourth place in the men's synchronised 10m platform diving final.

    "They did absolutely everything they could," says Leon Taylor on BBC TV. "But it was not enough. It was that poor fourth-round dive that has cost them."

  86. 1557: 

    Will the United States slip up? No. "That's really, really good," says Leon Taylor on the BBC. They have scored 95.04, which puts them in a strong position.

    How about Mexico? "It was a crazy choice of dive," says Taylor. "But it pays off." They score 91.20 to secure silver, meaning the British pair need 100.63 or more in their final dive to overhaul the Americans and get a medal now.

  87. 1556: 
    JUDO- Automne Pavia Fra (Women's -57kg judo)

    Automne Pavia wins France's fifth medal of the Games by getting the better of Hungary's Hedvig Karakas in the battle for bronze.

  88. 1553: 
    HANDBALL- Full-time: Russia 37-16 Great Britain

    It's all over in the Copper Box and Great Britain's women have fallen to a second straight defeat.

    It was a gallant effort against a much taller and more experienced Russia opposition, and special credit must go to Denmark-born goalkeeper Sarah Hargreaves for a string of impressive second-half saves. But the pace told as the game wore on and Russia emerge 37-16 winners.

  89. 1551: 

    Here are the scores going into the final round of the men's synchronised 10m platform final. There is still hope for Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield of Great Britain, but they need mistakes from the people ahead of them now.

    1. China 387.42

    2. Mexico 377.70

    3. United States 368.43

    4. Great Britain 362.85

    5. Russia 362.19

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at the weightlifting at Excel Arena

    Just caught up with Zoe Smith for a chat after her 58kg competition and she took the chance to stick it to the strange folk, who they apparently call 'trolls', who have been horrible to her on Twitter: "I gave them the verbal ass-kicking they deserved [on Twitter] and I gave it to them on the platform as well.

    "It's two fingers up to them, basically - 'what are you doing with your life? I've just competed at the Olympics!'" Have some of that, trolls!

  91. 1548: 

    Daley and Waterfield's next dive is called 'The Big Front', which requires them to rotate their bodies at 60mph to squeeze in four-and-a-half somersaults before they hit the water. It was difficult enough for me to write that, let alone actually do it.

    "This is the big one," says Leon Taylor beforehand... but it does not come off. "The synchronisation was off," Taylor says afterwards. "It was very good but I wanted it to be better."

    It gets them a score of 87.69 from the judges, and it is not enough to lift them into third place.

  92. 1545: 
    BRONZE MEDAL- Marti Malloy USA (Women's -57kg judo)

    Another medal for Team USA as 26-year-old Marti Malloy claims judo bronze after beating Italy's Giulia Quintavalle.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    "Third place for GB's defending Star champions Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson in the third race behind New Zealand and Norway. The Britons climbed two spots to third overall to trail big rivals Brazil and Norway, who are both on 14, by two points. Brazil's Scheidt and Prada, runners up in Beijing, struggled to a ninth place in race three. One more Star race to come today."

    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at the Aquatics Centre

    "Although clearly all six dives are important, Tom Daley and Peter Waterfield's fifth routine is going to be key to their chances of making the podium.

    "It's their most difficult Olympic dive and helped contribute to their disappointing seventh placed finish at the test event earlier this year.

    "Daley is certainly more confident performing it and traditionally when Waterfield nails it they win medals."

  95. 1540: 

    Yep, Daley and Waterfield are now down in fourth place, with two rounds to go of this men's synchronised 10m platform final to go. China lead, ahead of Mexico and the United States. Still time for the Brits to get back in the medal positions, though.


    Anon, via text on 8111: "Are the judges watching the same dives as the rest of us? The Brits have been out of sync for two dives and they score them well above the Chinese pair..."

    'Working hard but slightly distracted', Aberdeen, via text on 8111: "Can't watch the live stream at work but the text commentary is excellent. Come on Tom, Peter and Team GB!! Am I right in thinking they need to finish in the top three of eight for a medal?"

  97. 1537: 

    It's getting tense in the Aquatics Centre. China's Yuan Cao and Yanquan Zhang go for a reverse three-and-a-half somersault in their fourth round dive... and they are spot on. That's a score of 93.06, which puts the pressure back on Daley and Waterfield.

    What have Daley and Waterfield got up their sleeves? (not that they actually have any sleeves right now)

    They attempt a reverse four-and-a-half somersaults with tuck and Leon Taylor is a bit worried. "They came out a bit late and there was water everywhere," he says. "The synchronisation was good but the execution was off."

    Taylor is right. The judges award the British pair 71.28 and they are not ahead anymore.

  98. 1534: 

    BBC Sport's Virginia Wade on Laura Robson's victory: "What a spectacular finish for her. She deserves her big smile and that says everything after a very fine display of tennis from Laura Robson."

  99. 1530: 

    The Chinese pair are third to go in round three. Are they feeling the pressure? No, not really. They produce the goods with their first complicated dive of the afternoon. "Superb entries into the water," says BBC's Leon Taylor. The judges like it too - they get a score 89.28.

    What about Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield? Their next dive is a lot more difficult... and they nail it... "That was fantastic. This was the one I was unsure about, but it was perfect," says Taylor.

    The judges agree, and a score of 91.08. means they are still ahead at the halfway stage of the final, leading the Chinese by 203.88 to 201.48. That's not much of a lead, but the Brits will settle for that.

    Lawrence Barretto, BBC Sport following the canoeing at Lee Valley

    "Great Britain's Lizzie Neave delivers an accomplished paddle at the canoe slalom event at Lee Valley White Water Centre to set the second fastest time of 21 runners, with five still to go. She will have a second run to better her time at 1712 BST with the top 15 progressing to the semi-finals."

  101. 1527: 

    Great Britain's Mary King has sole ownership of top slot in the individual rankings after Australia's Christopher Burton slipped back on his run. There are still another 44 riders to go though...

  102. 1526: 
    TENNIS- Watson and Robson advance

    British number one Heather Watson, 20, beats Spaniard Silvia Soler Espinosa 6-2 6-2 to reach the second round of the women's singles, where she will play Maria Kirilenko of Russia.

    Watson is joined there by Laura Robson after the 18-year-old overcomes Lucie Safarova of the Czech Republic 7-6 (7-4) 6-4 to set up a meeting with Maria Sharapova.

    Elena Baltacha is about to start her second-round match against Serbia's Ana Ivanovic on Court 18, and plays doubles later with Anne Keothavong.

    Roger Federer and Serena Williams are through to round three.

    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at the Aquatics Centre

    "People react to pressure in very different ways and it's difficult to predict who will thrive and who'll wilt. However, from the media work Tom Daley's done over the past few years it's clear that he is someone who thrives under the limelight. Waterfield is perhaps publicly quieter, but at 31 and having won an Olympic medal previously - this pair 'should' be in a great position to achieve a peak performance.

    "Oh - and they lead the Chinese after the two compulsory rounds of dives - things get more interesting from here though."

  104. 1523: 

    Great Britain's Zoe Smith is still awaiting her fate after lifting a new British record of 121kg in the clean and jerk to finish second in the Group B section, after an underwhelming showing in the snatch phase of the women's 58kg category. Eleven Group A lifters are about to take on her target at ExCel.

    "I gave it my all today. I guess my head was somewhere else and I was acclimatising to the fact there were 6,000 people cheering my name," she said.

    "I managed to pick it up in the clean and jerk phase and I got a senior British record so I guess I've shown I can come back from a disappointment.

    "I think the nerves got to me more than I thought they would. I know I should have prepared myself for that but there's only so much I can do."

  105. 1521: 

    BBC analyst Leon Taylor likes this one too, and the crowd are on their feet. The judges give Daley and Waterfield 56.40 for that dive and 112.80 overall after round two... a lead of .60 over China, with the United States third on 108.60.

    "These boys are going to keep putting the pressure right on the Chinese," says Taylor. The scoreboard flashes up and shows Britain are in first place. It's a good start but the competition is only just getting going with the optional rounds of dives coming next.

  106. 1519: 

    They're back out for the second half in the Copper Box, with Great Britain trailing medal favourites Russia 17-8 at the interval.

    The GB side are competing at London 2012 courtesy of a host place. They're the shortest team in the competition, whereas the Russians are the tallest. Russia's experienced side also boast a formidable 69 caps on average per player. A British comeback could prove a tall order over the course of next half-hour.

  107. 1519: 

    Lots of high scoring in this second round of the men's synchro 10m platform final. Hopefully Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield will continue that trend... they are about to go again, with a reverse dive with pike...

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    Ben Ainslie comes sixth in the third Finn race on another sunny, breezy day in Weymouth but Denmark's Jonas Hogh-Christensen extends his overall lead with a second place behind Kiwi Dan Slater. Hogh-Christensen heads Ainslie by six points with Croatia's Ivan Kljakovic Gaspic three points further adrift in third. Still another race to come today and 10 in all in the opening series, but Ainslie might just be getting a touch jittery about the form of the Dane.

  109. 1516: 

    The positions remain unchanged over the final leg as Ben Ainslie finishes sixth behind Jonas Hogh Cristensen in second. Ainslie slips a little further off the pace in the overall standings with Hogh Cristensen six clear of him on a total of four points. Croatia's Ivan Kljakovic is third on 13.


    British pole vaulter Holly Bleasdale on Twitter: "Watching diving it looks so spectacular :))) why do they wear small panties? Just wondered if there was a reason?"

    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at the Aquatics Centre

    "Leon Taylor, who partnered Peter Waterfield to Olympic silver in 2004, says today is all about how the veteran diver and Tom Daley handle the emotions which come with the fanatical home support.

    "Well, it may have been one of their easier dives, but it was a perfect opening which puts them level with the Chinese. That certainly had the supporters cheering!"

  112. 1512: 

    So, after round one of the men's synchronised 10m platform diving final, China and Great Britain are joint first with 56.40. The United States are third with 54.60. Five more rounds to go...

  113. 1510: 

    "Exactly what we were looking for, superb synchronisation," says Leon Taylor on the BBC. What do the judges think about Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield's opening effort? They like it - 56.40 puts them in joint first place with China.

  114. 1509: 

    The loud cheers at the Aquatics Centre should tell you who is up next - Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield of Great Britain. Here we go...

  115. 1508: 

    A lot of pairs are going for easy dives to begin with. Germany score 52.80 and the United States follow that with 54.60. Next up are Mexico, with an inward dive with pike that gives them an opening score of 51.60.

  116. 1507: 

    Great Britain's Ben Ainslie is down in sixth on leg five of the third race of the Finn class. He is pumping the sail like bellows in an attempt to generate a bit more zip across the surface and close the gap on Jonas Hogh Cristensen. The Dane is up in second and is going to extend his lead on in the points standings overall. It is just a question of damage limitation for Ainslie now...

  117. 1506: 

    China go for a forward dive in the pike position and Leon Taylor is impressed. "Perfect alignment," says the BBC analyst. The judges like it too, giving them 56.4 and putting them into the lead.

    HANDBALL- Half-time: Russia 17-8 Great Britain

    Half-time in the Copper Box and it's all Russia in this women's Group A encounter. The occasional moments of Great Britain brilliance - Lyn Byl, the team's Germany-born oldest player, has scored three goals in the first 30 minutes - have been punctuated by too many passing errors and the clinical Russians are 17-8 up at the break.

  119. 1504: 

    "Very precise," is BBC expert Leon Taylor's verdict, and Russia have a score of 52.0 to kick us off. The favourites from China are next...

  120. 1503: 

    The first pair are about to go in the synchronised 10m platform final. Russian duo Victor Minibaev and Ilua Zakharov are in place at the top of the diving tower... but they are being made to wait while the dive they are attempting is confirmed.

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at Greenwich Park

    "The Royal Family have turned out in force at Greenwich Park to support Zara Phillips in the cross-country equestrian competition, with Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and Camilla Parker-Bowles seated in a row inside the arena."

    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at the Aquatics Centre

    "As we greet the divers for the men's synchronised 10m platform final, here's how the event will work…

    "Each pair will dive six times. The first two dives are of limited difficulty, but will then increase in complexity allowing the athletes to attain higher scores - if they are performed well.

    "The duo with the highest score after six rounds will be crowned Olympic champions. Daley and Waterfield technically have a more challenging mix of dives than event favourites China - but will they pull them off?"


    BBC Sport commentator Michael Tucker on BBC One: "Britain are still right on target. Mary King has been such a great asset for Great Britain for so long. She's one of the great favourites and she has delivered."

  124. 1457: 

    The excitement is ramping up at the Aquatics Centre, where the men's synchronised 10m platform final is now only moments away. China are the hot favourites for gold, but Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield are more than capable of making the podium.

  125. 1457: 

    Mary King punches the air as she clears the last obstacle and cross the finish line. She has picked up 5.20 penalties and that run is good enough to place her joint top in the standings just behind Christopher Burton of Australia. Great Britain still very much on track in the team standings.

  126. 1454: 

    A man has offered his spare Olympic seats to a couple who travelled from Australia to watch the boxing but found their original tickets were fakes.

    Ann and Graham Smith travelled to London from the Gold Coast in east Australia, but found their tickets had been bought from a bogus website.

    After reading their story, a man from south-west London, who wants to remain anonymous, contacted the couple. Mr Smith said: "I'm overwhelmed by his generosity."

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    "Disappointing opening day for Britain's defending Laser champion Paul Goodison. The Sheffield-born Weymouth resident comes 22nd to end the day 17th overall after finishing 10th in the first race. Australia's hot favourite Tom Slingsby, the world champion who is unbeaten in Weymouth, scored a second and a first to surge into an eight-point lead over Guatemala's Juan Ignacio Maegli Aguero and Croatia's Tonci Stipanovic."


    Great Britain javelin thrower Goldie Sayers: "I did a bench press pb today...first time in 3 figures. A way to go to catching @ZoePabloSmith!! Great lifting :-)"

  129. 1451: 

    Great Britian's Mary King is out on the cross county course aboard Imperial Cavalier. She has been halted mid run, having already safely negotiated a tricky water section, because of a faller further up the course. Not too much of a pause, she is back charging at the obstacles. Nicola Wilson is the only previous Great Brtain rider to have been out. She is currently third of 22 competitiors in the standings.

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport at the eventing cross country at Greenwich Park

    "Spectators are lining every inch of the undulating 5.6km circuit through Greenwich Park for the equestrian cross-country event, with the most popular spot the iconic half-moon jump beside the Greenwich Royal Observatory which offers spectacular views of the London skyline. Out on the course, riders are finding the gruelling course a tough challenge, with three of the last four falling."

  131. 1449: 

    It is so far so good for the young Brits at Wimbledon… shortly after Laura Robson takes the first set off Lucie Safarova, Heather Watson wraps up the opener against Spain's Silvia Soler Espinosa.

    Elsewhere, Roger Federer and Serena Williams are both a set to the good.

  132. 1448: 

    A reminder that the men's synchronised 10m platform final (which Nick is talking about below) is coming up at 15:00 BST. Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield are the seventh of the eight pairs to start.

    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at the Aquatics Centre

    "Unlike the swimmers with their morning heat swims, there's no opportunity for Tom Daley or Pete Waterfield to 'ease' into the competition as all of the synchronised diving events are straight finals.

    "That said, I'm told the British divers have been popping into some of the swimming sessions to take in as much of the noise as possible.

    "With Daley's young following and judging by the reaction to his practice dives, I'd suspect his official entrance to the final could match the roar which greeted Adlington's bronze last night!"


    Jason Mohammad on Twitter: "Through tight security with John the driver into Eton Manor - Tom Daley, you're next #number5"

    BBC Sport's Jason Mohammad is attempting to watch as many Team GB athletes as possible in action today. Earlier this morning he said he hoped to catch 50 of them. That prediction is looking a little bullish at the moment.

    Rob Hodgetts, BBC Sport at the sailing in Weymouth

    GB 49er sailor Stevie Morrison is in typically effervescent form despite two 12th places to end day one in 12th place: "It's like playing Super Mario Cart. Sometimes you get a banana skin, sometimes you get a mushroom. Today we got a lot more banana skins than mushrooms.

    "It's not how you want to start the regatta. It was hard and very shifty. In a 49er things change very quickly, you're going to gain 10 boats and lose 10 boats very quickly.

    "I'll be relatively confident people will be counting results like that to win the event. As we proved in China you can start the event in the lead and not finish in the lead. It's not time to panic."

  136. 1440: 

    I've just seen one of the volunteer crowd control fellows in the Handball Arena throw off all pretence of impartiality as he celebrates a great save by Great Britain's goalkeeper Sarah Hargreaves. I point him, and any of you who are similarly caught up in it all, to get across our event guide which talks you through the whats, whys and wherefores of the sport.

  137. 1440: 

    We are back in action in the cross country stage of the eventing, which was delayed after a rider and horse suffered a nasty fall. Several British riders are still to go, including Zara Phillips and William Fox-Pitt.

    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at the Aquatics Centre

    "Britain's double Commonwealth champion Tom Daley has admitted that 'silver is almost gold' in diving, such is China's domination of the sport.

    "Whilst it's difficult to see China's Cao Yuan and Zhang Yanquan being toppled, Daley and Peter Waterfield will need to be at their very best to reach the podium. Germany's Patrick Hausding and Sasha Klein were runners up at last year's Worlds in Shanghai as well as at the 2008 Beijing Games and aside from possibly the Cuban team any of the seven other finalists could be in the mix for a medal."


    George, London, via text on 8111: "Chris, your live text commentary is too negative toward British medal chances today... ok give us realism but come on now - this is the Olympics!! In Britain! Anything can happen, keep the faith."

    Dave, Gloucester, via text on 8111: "How big is Daz in Aberdeen's lawn?! Is he cutting it with scissors? Crikey!"

    Ian, Corby, via text on 8111: "Reply to Lucy, a home Games is a huge advantage to Team GB horses. They prefer a stable situation. The Aussie horses have very long faces…"


    Great Britain women's forward Karen Carney on Twitter: "@jackbutland_26 We was at your game last night super well done :-) Cardiff is cool you'll enjoy it."

    Great Britain men's goalkeeper Jack Butland: "@karenjcarney thanks, it was pretty special! Good luck v Brazil :)"

  141. 1434: 

    More tennis for you now. Laura Robson eventually got dragged into a first-set tie-break with Lucie Safarova but it was the Czech player, ranked more than 70 places above Robson, who fell apart when it mattered.

    At 4-5, Safarova lost focus to gift Robson two set points and followed that up with a wild forehand to give the British player the set. The crowd at Wimbledon definitely enjoyed that.

  142. 1429: 

    Play is under way again in the 6,500 capacity Copper Box as Great Britain face Russia in Group A of the women's handball.

    Britain's women put up a brave fight against Montenegro on Saturday but ultimately lost their debut Olympic game 31-19. Russia beat Angola 30-27 in their opening match, and are one of the names in the frame for the gold.

    As for Great Britain, captain Lynn McCafferty, who is playing through the pain barrier, has set a target of a last eight place. A win today is imperative. A name to look out for? Left-back Kathryn Fudge, who scored four goals against Montenegro. Can she provide fans with any tasty treats today?

  143. 1428: 

    Security staff at the Olympic Park ticket box office say they are seeing confusion among members of the public arriving at the park wanting to buy tickets. They say tickets can only be bought online. Those who have bought tickets can collect them from one of four collection points at the Olympic Park entrances, or at any other venues where an Olympic sporting event is being held on that day. The length of the queue for collection outside one of the park entrance points at Westfield is currently about an hour.

  144. 1427: 

    British number one Heather Watson secures an early break of serve in her first-round match against Silvia Soler Espinosa on Court 17. Roger Federer, resplendent in patriotic red and white, has done likewise, taking a 2-0 lead on Julien Benneteau.

  145. 1425: 
    EQUESTRIAN- Eventing - Cross Country

    Action in the cross country stage of the eventing has been delayed after a nasty fall for Canadian rider Hawley Bennett-Awad and her mount Gin & Juice.

  146. 1423: 

    Er, just in case you DON'T know enough about Tom Daley (see 14:12) you have enough time before the men's synchronised 10m platform final to get across Eddie Butler's video review of his career so far, complete with super slo-mo footage of the boy wonder himself in action.

    That should get you in the mood for today's diving action. And, if it really floats your boat, then take a look at the event guide where you can find out where to get involved in your local area.

  147. 1422: 

    Britain's Laura Robson is playing her Olympic singles first-round match against Lucie Safarova of the Czech Republic.

    The 18-year-old has raced into a 5-1 lead but has been broken twice when serving for the set on Court 18 at Wimbledon.

    Over on Court One Centre, Serena Williams of the USA, who lifted the Wimbledon singles title less than a month ago, leads Poland's Urszula Radwanska 4-1 in the opening set of their second-round encounter.

    Lawrence Barretto, BBC Sport following the canoe slalom

    "So after the first run at the canoe double slalom event at Lee Valley, British pair Tim Baillie and Etienne Stott looked impressive as they didn't pick up a single penalty point to set the third best time. Countrymen David Florence and Richard Hounslow are on the bubble in 10th with only the top 10 progressing. The second run starts at 15:35 BST."

    Nick Hope, BBC Sport at the Aquatics Centre

    "Will today be the day that Great Britain wins a first Olympic gold at the London 2012 Games? Could 'poster-boy' Tom Daley help attain it alongside Peter Waterfield in the synchronised 10m platform event?

    "The pair were the overall world series champions back in April, but they face a mammoth task to overcome China's world champions Cao Yuan and Zhang Yanquan, who are both younger than 18-year-old Daley."

  150. 1417: 

    BBC's Jason Mohammad on Twitter: "Gutted. Missed Corinna Lawrence. Huge crowds heading to Judo slowed me & @pookishere. Got to Fencing but missed her - #OlympicPark next."

    Jason is trying to watch as many TeamGB athletes in one day as possible - follow his progress on Twitter.

  151. 1416: 

    I've just heard that women's hockey captain Kate Walsh has had surgery to stabilise a fractured jaw, involving a plate being inserted, after she took a stick to the face during GB's 4-0 win over Japan on Sunday.

    Walsh, an integral part of the GB team, is said to be "in good spirits" and her recovery is being monitored. We're told her injury, and the plate, shouldn't stop her playing more part in London 2012 if her recovery goes well over the next few days.


    Daz, in Aberdeen, via text on 8111: "Praying for rain this afternoon so I don't have to cut the grass tonight and can watch all the action instead."

    Lucy, in Kent, via text on 8111: "Equestrian question- will the fact team GB horses haven't had to travel far be an advantage?"

    Sean, Belfast, via text on 8111: "Brilliant job by Zoe to get the British clean and jerk record."

  153. 1412: 

    Now then, I expect you know a lot more about Tom Daley than his diving partner, but it is Walthamstow-born Pete Waterfield who has the Olympic pedigree. The 31-year-old won silver in this event with Leon Taylor at the 2004 Games after coming fourth together in 2000, when I worked for a local paper in east London. Back then, I'm sure I used the headline 'Waterfield hopes to make a splash at Olympics' at least 12 times in the space of a couple of months, so (late) apologies for that. I promise not to do it again today...

  154. 1407: 

    The men's synchronised 10m platform diving final is coming up at 15:00 BST. Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield are the seventh of eight pairs to start. "Any chance of a medal," I hear you ask, or at least I hope you ask.

    Erm, maybe. China are the hot favourites but otherwise it is wide open. Daley and Waterfield have performed inconsistently together but they are in with a shout if they dive well, which as much as can be hoped for, no?

  155. 1405:  
    Lawrence Barretto, BBC Sport following the canoe slalom

    "Great Britain's David Florence and Richard Hounslow have got off to a solid start at the canoe slalom event at Lee Valley White Water Centre.

    "Competing in the C2 double, after both qualifying in their respective single events on Monday, the duo picked up six penalty points on their first run as they negotiated the 25-gate course in the fifth best time with five still to go. The top eight go through to the final with the best time from two runs used."

  156. 1403: 

    Ecuador's Maria Alexandra Escobar Guerrero is the woman to beat so far in the 58kg weightlifting.

    She came out top in the clean and jerk too, with 123kg, giving her a total of 226kg that leaves her top of Group B and with an outside chance of a medal.

    Zoe Smith did indeed finish second with a total of 211kg, and is in the silver medal position at the moment, but let's not get carried away - there are 11 more women to come in Group A, and most of them will eclipse her efforts. She won't get a medal, but Smith has a personal best and a British record to take away from her Olympic debut.

  157. 1400: 

    Great Britain's Ben Ainslie is on the water in Weymouth preparing for the start of the third race of the Finn class. The three-time gold medallist is currently second in the event standings behind Denmark's Jonas Hogh-Cristensen.

    His Great Britain team-mate Paul Goodison has had a disappointing opening day in his defence of his Laser title with his great Australian rival Tom Slingsby having nabbed a second in the first race and looking set for victory in the second. Goodison is running around 27th after finishing 10th in the opener.

    Catch live coverage of both races on BBC Sport's interactive video player on the desktop version of the website.

  158. 1355: 

    As we get stuck into the afternoon session, you might want a look back to see how our brave British boys and girls got on across all sports this morning.

    If so, the place to go is the BBC Sport's 'Britwatch' page which is slowly growing as the day wears on. If you are all about the collective rather than the individual, then the BBC Sport medal table makes slightly disconcerting reading with Great Britain slipping down to 17th. China are still sitting pretty at the top, but there is still plenty of metal to be won yet.

    There are plenty of snazzy graphics to enjoy over on the Games So Far page as well, where North Korea are just ahead of the United States in terms of medal won to number of team members. If you like stats, you will love that.


    Surrey Police on Twitter: "Lost: 1 pair lucky Oakley Sunglasses. Owner: Lizzie Armitstead. If found, please hand them in. She'd like them back for the #TimeTrial on Weds..."

  160. 1351: 

    She's done it this time though! She makes both parts of the lift look easy too. This time the judges do switch on those white lights for Zoe Smith, and the British clean and jerk record is hers!

    Her lift of 121kg, combined with her 90kg in the snatch, gives her a total of 211kg, which is going to give her second place in Group B.

    There are 11 more lifters to go in Group A later, but a top-10 finish is a possibility for the 18-year-old.

  161. 1349: 

    So close, oh so close! But it is not to be for Zoe Smith. She does the clean part easily enough but is never steady enough, for long enough, on the jerk to get the three white lights she needs from the judges. She will return immediately to have another go at it though...

  162. 1348: 

    The massive cheers at Excel Arena are all the signal I need that Zoe Smith is back out again for her second attempt in the clean and jerk. She is going for a lift of 121kg, which will be a British record if she manages it...

  163. 1347: 
    FENCING- Lawrence out

    European champion Simona Gherman proves too strong for Britain's Corinna Lawrence in the last 32 of the women's epee. The 22-year-old from Plymouth had beaten Chilean Caterin Bravo Aranguiz 15-12 in the first round, but lost 15-9 to a quality opponent ranked fourth in the world.

    After three days of action the crowd has yet to see a home fencer reach the last 16, but main medal hope Richard Kruse - 29 today - goes in the men's foil on Tuesday along with James Davis and Husayn Rosowsky.

  164. 1342: 

    Here comes Zoe Smith again, and again she gets a fantastic reception from the home fans at the Excel.

    She makes short work of her opening lift of 116kg in the clean and jerk too, resulting in even bigger cheers. As Ben says below, the 18-year-old will not be winning any medals today, but she has won a lot of friends.

  165. 1339: 

    Great Britain's David Florence and Richard Hounslow are preparing themselves at the top of the Lee Valley White Water Centre's foaming waters. The British pair are ninth on the startlist for the first run of the men's canoe double. You can take in their effort on the interactive video player which is firing out live coverage on the desktop version of this website.

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at the weightlifting at Excel Arena

    "A few questions coming in about whether it is possible, in theory at least, for Zoe Smith to win a medal from Group B. Indeed it is, and it happened yesterday when North Korea's Yun Choi Om shocked everyone by pulling out an Olympic-record in the clean and jerk.

    "However, while Om said it was "because Kim Jong Il was looking over me", the bloke in the know that I spoke to said there was something rather more prosaic going on, ie. he should never have been lifting in Group B in the first place and he rather pulled a fast one - all the boys in Group A had six hours to digest his efforts and had all that added pressure. In short, Zoe Smith won't be pulling out any Olympic records today."


    John, London, via text on 8111: "Boss has banned us from streaming the Olympics on our desktops. But luckily he's set up the projector and showing it on the big screen instead. There's just the odd argument about what to watch!"

    Vic, London, via text on 8111: "I don't want to complain about tickets because I'm loving the Olympics but I'm so desperate to go to an event and am unable to get tickets despite the empty seats!"

    Jeff Houston, via text on 8111: "My son Alex Houston is one of the gymnasts taking part in the pre-gymnastic session displays. Along with his partner, Tim Pritchard, he has trained five days a week for the past 6 years, although Alex has verge doing this for 10 years. He trains like an Olympian although his type of gymnastics is not an Olympic event. He has represented GB at world, 1 silver medal, and European 3 silver medals - and is a five times national age group champion, he is also a Torchbearer, this despite having to cope with cystic fibrosis."

  168. 1337: 

    This doesn't sound too good. Zoe Smith's sports psychologist Dave Readle says the British weightlifter was feeling "a bit flat" before the snatch section of the women's 58kg event. He is no doubt trying to make her feel a bit better about herself before she takes to the stage for the clean and jerk.

  169. 1333: 

    There is more British action to look out for over the next few hours too.

    GB men's hockey team take on Argentina at 19:00 BST while, over at Wimbledon, tennis players Laura Robson and Heather Watson are due on court any moment in the women's singles. Great Britain's women's basketball team are looking for their first win of these Games when they face Canada at 20:00.

  170. 1330: 

    Will there be any British golds to celebrate, though?

    Possibly. Tom Daley and Peter Waterfield could make the podium in the 10m synchronised platform diving final (15:00 BST), Great Britain's men gymnasts are in the team final (16:30) and swimmers Gemma Spofforth and Liam Tancock are in 100m backstroke finals tonight.

  171. 1327: 

    There are 11 gold medals still to be won today and I want to know who you think will be wearing them round their necks at the close of play. Aim your tweets at #bbc2012 and your texts from UK mobiles towards 81111.

  172. 1325: 
    EQUESTRIAN- Eventing - Cross Country

    BBC Sport's Pippa Funnell speaking to BBC Radio 5 live about Nicola Wilson's performance: "That was absolutely incredible, what dreams are made of. The feeling they will get from Nicola will give everyone else such positive feelings."

  173. 1322: 
    EQUESTRIAN- Eventing - Cross Country

    I will start with news from Greenwich Park. Backed by a huge vocal home crowd, Nicola Wilson - competing first for Great Britain in the cross country stage on Opposition Buzz - posted a brilliant clear round to put her provisionally second in the individual rankings, with nine of the 74 riders having gone out.

  174. 1319: 

    Welcome to the afternoon session of Day Three of the London 2012 Olympic Games. If you missed the morning session, you missed Great Britain's Katherine Grainger and Anna Watkins setting a new Olympic record in the women's double scull, Michael Phelps continuing to look unsettled in qualification for the men's 200m butterfly and Zoe Smith make her opening lifts in the women's 58kg weightlifting.

    The morning session's 'as it happened' page is the place to go to see how it all unfolded and you can catch up with all the action on the BBC's interactive video player (available on the desktop version of this website).

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  31. Tennis 5 Events First Event: 28th July
  32. Triathlon 2 Events First Event: 4th August
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  35. Weightlifting 15 Events First Event: 28th July
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