Olympics canoeing: Germany win women's kayak double

A strong performance by Franziska Weber and Tina Dietze won the gold medal for Germany in the women's kayak double.

The German pair led throughout the 500m sprint at Eton Dornay to take the title away from Hungary, who have won the gold at the previous two Games.

Weber and Dietze led from start to finish, beating the Hungarian favourites by 1.06 seconds.

Poland, silver medallists in Beijing, narrowly beat China to take the bronze medal.

That third place by Poland's Beata Mikolajczyk and Karolina Naja was the same achieved by Mikolajczyk and Aneta Konieczna in the world championships, in which they came behind second-placed Weber and Dietze.

Formidable Hungary pair Katalin Kovacs and Natasa Douchev-Janics were reunited for Thursday's event after the latter took time out to have a baby, but they were well beaten into second by the Germans.

The B final, which preceded the main final, was won by Belarus pair Volha Khudzenka and Maryna Pautaran. Great Britain duo Abi Edmonds and Louisa Sawers finished third, missing out on the main final.

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