Olympics canoeing: Danuta Kozak surges to K1 500m gold

Hungary's Danuta Kozak beat Ukraine's Inna Osypenko-Radomska to win gold in the women's K1 500m as Britain's Rachel Cawthorn finished sixth.

Defending champion Osypenko-Radomska led for most of the race but the world and European silver medallist Kozak won easily in one minute 51.456 seconds.

South African Bridgitte Hartley was third while Cawthorn was off the pace.

"I was too far down, so it was too much to come back. I wish I could do it again," said Cawthorn, 23.

"It was alright but I wish I could have done better than that."

Having qualified second fastest in the semi-final, Cawthorn said she would remain positive. As part of the British team, she has already finished fifth in the women's K4 500m.

"Here is good, but it's a long time to wait to have another bash at it," she told BBC Sport. "But I can take a lot away from this whole experience and the crowd has been incredible and I was so proud to get down those performances in the semi-final."

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