Olympics boxing: Ryota Murata wins Japan's first gold since 1964

Ryota Murata defeated Brazil's Esquiva Falcao in the men's middleweight final to win Japan's first Olympic boxing gold medal since 1964.

Murata controlled the first round after landing several close-range punches but Falcao hit back to trail 9-8 after two.

The Brazilian was on top in the third before conceding two points when he was warned for holding.

The penalty proved to be the deciding factor as number two seed Murata sneaked home 14-13.

Murata had beaten his rival in the semi-finals of the 2011 World Championships on the way to a silver medal.

His triumph was Japan's first in Olympic boxing since bantamweight Takao Sakurai in Tokyo 58 years ago.

Falcao, who had large sections of the crowd cheering him on, beat Great Britain's Anthony Ogogo in the semi-finals.

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