Olympics high jump: Anna Chicherova of Russia wins gold

World champion Anna Chicherova added an Olympic gold to her medal collection after winning the women's high jump final.

The 30-year-old Russian, who won bronze in Beijing four years ago, was the only woman to clear 2.05m.

Brigetta Barrett of the USA and Russia's Svetlana Shkolina both jumped personal bests of 2.03m to take silver and bronze respectively.

Barrett took silver having had fewer misses at that height than Shkolina.

"She only had one failed attempt and she is a worthy, worthy champion. A Russian double in the high jump after Ivan Ukhov took gold a few days before. Chicherova was equally impressive."

Chicherova, whose gold was Russia's 21st of the Olympics, took the whole of the 2010 season off to have a baby, only returning to competition last year.

Within three months of the birth of her first child, she won the World Championships in Daegu.

Two of the other medal contenders also became mothers recently. Defending champion Tia Hellebaut, 34, missed the 2009 and 2011 seasons to have children, while world indoor champion Chaunte Lowe, 28, had a second daughter last year.

Hellebaut of Belgium finished fifth, while American Lowe was sixth.

Croatia's former world champion and Beijing silver medallist Blanka Vlasic missed the Games after having surgery on her ankle and heel.

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