Olympics volleyball: Brazil women beat United States to retain gold

Brazil recovered from a shocking start in the women's volleyball final to beat the United States in four sets and retain their Olympic crown.

Led by inspirational captain Fabiana Claudino, the South Americans inflicted USA's first defeat at London 2012 by 11-25 25-17 25-20 25-17.

The result denied the Americans a first women's volleyball gold and revenge for when they met in the final in Beijing.

BBC commentator Jonathan Legard

"Brazil were all over the shop in the first set and coach Roberto Guimaraes stomped and stormed, and now the tears are those of joy. If there is one nation that knows how to celebrate it is Brazil."

Earlier, Japan beat South Korea 25-22 26-24 25-21 to claim the bronze.

The USA came into the match at the Wembley Arena unbeaten in 21 matches in the calendar year, as the number one ranked team in the world, and with the loss of just two sets at the Games.

Their billing as pre-event favourites seemed justified as they blew away Brazil to take the first set in an awe-inspiring 21 minutes.

Shocked into life by their appalling start, Brazil quickly began to dominate at the net and the USA had no answer to the ability of Fernanda Rodrigues and Jaqueline Carvalho.

Brazil's men will be looking to repeat the success of their female counterparts when they meet Russia at 13:00 BST on Sunday.

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