Olympics judo: Tagir Khaibulaev wins gold for Russia

Tagir Khaibulaev won gold for Russia in the men's -100kg judo, beating Naidan Tuvshinbayar of Mongolia in the final.

The 28-year-old secured the win with an ipon inside the third minute to secure his country's second gold of the games.

Khaibulaev was one of the favourites going into the event after winning last year's World Championships and secured the win in front of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Bronze was shared by German Dimitri Peters and Dutchman Henk Grol.

Britain's only competitor, James Austin, went out in the first round, beaten by Japan's Takamaso Anai.

The world number one and top seed Maxim Rakov of Kazakstan also went out in the the first round, losing to Elma Gasimov of Azerbaijan.

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