Olympics rowing: Mirka Knapkova wins single sculls gold

World champion Mirka Knapkova won the women's single sculls gold with a dominant display in the final event of the London 2012 rowing regatta.

The Czech Republic rower, who qualified fastest for the final, led by more than one length after 500m and extended that to more than three lengths by halfway.

Knapkova eased up in the closing stages but still won by three seconds.

The race for silver was won by Fie Udby Erichsen of Denmark with Australia's Kim Crow taking the bronze.

It was Crow's second medal of the Olympics after she won silver in Friday's double sculls behind British pair Katherine Grainger and Anna Watkins.

Ekaterina Karsten of Belarus, who had won a rowing medal at each of the previous five Olympics, missed out on a sixth, finishing only fifth.

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