Italy beat United States to win Olympic archery gold

Italy beat the United States by a single point to win a dramatic archery team Olympic gold at Lord's.

Michele Frangilli, Marco Galiazzo and Mauro Nespoli led by four points at halfway, but the US hit back to halve the deficit entering the last end.


Liz Mynott, former British number two and BBC Sport summariser: "The US team really wanted that gold but they just weren't good enough. Italy's depth of experience really pulled them through when they needed it. Frangilli is going to be the hero of the Italian team."

Set a target of 219, Italy scored the 10 they needed with their final arrow to snatch victory.

Earlier, the South Korean team of Jin Hyek Oh, Dong Hyun Im and Bubmin Kim beat Mexico to win the bronze medal.

Great Britain's hopes of a men's archery team medal ended when they were beaten by a strong Ukraine team in the first round.

The team of Larry Godfrey, Simon Terry and Alan Wills lost 223-212, hitting five maximums in 24 attempts, compared with Ukraine's 11.

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