Mingjuan Wang wins Olympic gold for China in 48kg weightlifting

Mingjuan Wang won weightlifting gold for China in the 48kg section with a score of 205kg at the ExCel Centre.

The four-time world champion was a controversial pick for London 2012 after she was selected ahead of Tian Yuan, who won gold at China's National Women's Weightlifting Championships.

She repaid the faith and led after the snatch event to beat Japan's Hiromi Miyake (197kg) into second.

North Korean Chun Hwa Ryang (192kg) took bronze with her final lift.

Wang, 26, missed the last two Olympics through injury and led Miyake by 4kg after the snatch.

She then lifted 110kg in the clean and jerk to secure the gold medal, before going on to successfully lift 114kg.

In taking silver Miyake is the third member of her family to win an Olympic medal. Her father took bronze in the 1968 Games, while her uncle Yoshinobu Miyake won gold at the 1964 and 1968 Olympics.

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