Olympics Water Polo: Croatia triumph 8-6 over Italy

Croatia won the men's water polo gold medal with a dominant 8-6 victory against Italy.

Veteran Croatia coach Ratko Rudic claimed his fourth Olympic gold medal, including a 1992 triumph in charge of Italy at the Barcelona games.

The Italians took an early 2-0 lead but a Maro Jokovic hat-trick helped Croatia coast to victory.

Olympic water polo: Balkan bust-up as Serbia beat Montengro to bronze

Serbia had earlier won bronze with a 12-11 win over Montenegro as they reversed a three-goal deficit late on.

The Serbians, who received four red cards in a hard-fought clash, scored the winner in the final minute of the game.

Hungary beat Spain 14-8 to take fifth place, while Australia held off a fierce late comeback from USA to win 10-9 and clinch seventh spot.

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