Olympics: Hak Seon Yang wins vault, Thomas eighth

Kristian Thomas vaulted to eighth for Britain as Hak Seon Yang of South Korea took gold at the North Greenwich Arena.

Thomas, credited with driving GB's male gymnasts to team bronze last week, failed to land his second vault cleanly to finish on 15.533.

The 23-year-old has improved his vaults considerably but Yang, 19, took the gold with 16.553. Russia's Denis Ablyazin was second with 16.399.

Igor Radivilov of the Ukraine took bronze with 16.316.

Thomas's result concludes involvement for Britain's gymnasts at their home Games, the team finishing with four medals.

Wolverhampton gymnast Thomas has been at the heart of an impressive home Games for the British men after years labouring out of the limelight.

Olympic team bronze announced their arrival as contenders at world level and team-mate Louis Smith told the BBC on Sunday that a British team will one day challenge for the title.

Thomas, Smith and Britain's three other men at the Games - Max Whitlock, Sam Oldham and Dan Purvis - now face a battle to preserve their places in the GB team for the next four years, as a strong junior system continues to produce new names.

The British junior men have won the last three European titles, with Oldham and Whitlock recent graduates to the senior set-up.

Dan Keatings, the 2009 world all-around silver medallist, was one of those dropped from the Olympic team to make way for them.

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