Christine Ohuruogu wins Olympic 400m silver for Great Britain

Christine Ohuruogu could not hide her disappointment after she was beaten into second place in the 400m final at London 2012.

Ohuruogu 'stunned' to lose title

She finished strongly in a season's best time of 49.70 seconds but it was not enough to earn another athletics gold for Great Britain.

American Sanya Richards-Ross claimed gold in a time of 49.55secs, while compatriot DeeDee Trotter took bronze.

"I was stunned. I was heartbroken actually, I really was," said Ohuruogu.


"Christine Ohuruogu was always in the right place in case anyone faltered but she could have won it because Richards-Ross didn't run the best race of her life. It all came down to the dip at the very end. It was a great finish for Christine and I am sure she will be happy with the silver medal."

She added: "To lose your title like that, it was tough. But Sanya's a worthy competitor and she ran a good race so I have to be happy with what I got. It could have been worse."

The 28-year-old Londoner was just eight hundredths of a second slower than the time she ran in Beijing to win gold four years ago.

"I thought I still had some time but the line came too soon and I thought, 'No, it's gone, it's gone'.

"I came here with one thing and one thing only on my mind and that was to continue my reign as Olympic champ. I'm just a bit disappointed."

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