Hungarian Krisztian Pars wins hammer gold

Hungarian Krisztian Pars won the gold medal in the men's hammer with a throw of 80.59m.

Pars, 30, who won gold in the European Championships last month, led from his first throw of 79.14m but his third effort secured first place.

Slovenian Primoz Kozmus won silver with 79.36m and Japan's Koji Murofushi took bronze with a throw of 78.71m.

Great Britain's Alex Smith was out after three rounds, finishing 12th with a best of 72.87m.

Pars finished fourth in Beijing four years ago but won European bronze in 2010 and a silver in the World Championships, behind Murofushi, last year.

He was in control of the final from the first throw and even a lengthy delay as the protective cage was repaired following a wayward effort from 2008 gold medallist Kozmus did not put him off.

Even season-best throws from both Kozmus and Murofushi could not pressure him.

One of the pre-tournament favourites Ivan Tsikhan of Belarus withdrew last week after banned substances were found in samples from Athens eight years ago.

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