Olympics weightlifting: China's Lulu Zhou wins with world record

China's Lulu Zhou set a new world record as she won gold in the women's super heavyweight weightlifting.

Zhou trailed after the snatch to Russian Tatiana Kashirina, who set a world record of 151kg.

But world champion Zhou set an Olympic record of 187kg in the clean and jerk on the way to a world record combined total of 333kg.

Armenian Hripsime Khurshudyan beat South Korea's Jang Mi-ran, the 2008 gold medallist, to bronze.


"Zhuo came to London as the world record holder. We thought she was going to struggle but, when it most mattered, she has become the Olympic champion and extended her amazing world record. it was a phenomenal piece of lifting in a hugely competitive and entertaining weight division."

Zhou set an Olympic snatch record with her very first lift but then saw Kashirina, who is 28kgs lighter than the Chinese lifter, set new world records with efforts of 149kg and 151kg.

Zhou managed 146kg at her second attempt but still faced a 5kg deficit going into the clean and jerk.

But the world champion took the initiative with a lift of 181kg, 6kg more than Kashirina managed with her first lift.

The Russian then matched that mark but Zhou equalled the world record of 187kg to break her previous world record combined total by 5kg.

Kashirina failed with a lift of 187kg to guarantee Zhou gold before the Chinese athlete failed with an attempt to break the clean and jerk world record of 190kg.

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