Germany's Sebastian Brendel wins C1 1,000m canoeing gold

Germany's Sebastian Brendel held off a late surge from Spain's David Cal Figueroa to claim gold in the men's canoe (C1) 1,000m at Eton Dorney.

Brendel, 24, took the lead at the halfway mark from Uzbekistan's Vadim Menkov, and went on to seal victory in three minutes 47.176 seconds.

Cal Figueroa, 29, becomes Spain's most decorated Olympian, with five medals.

Canada's Mark Oldershaw won bronze, while Britain's Richard Jefferies came seventh in the B final, with 4:42.992.

Cal Figueroa was the Olympic champion in Athens eight years ago, and his silver in London matches his efforts in Beijing four years ago.

The defending champion, Hungary's Attila Vajda, could only finish sixth.

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