Olympics gymnastics: Zou Kai wins fifth gold on floor

China's Zou Kai defended his Olympic floor title in the first of the London 2012 individual apparatus gymnastics finals.

Zou, 24, was a treble Olympic champion in 2008 and adds floor gold to China's team title won earlier in the week.

His score of 15.933 placed him ahead of Olympic all-around champion Kohei Uchimura in second with 15.800.

Russia's Denis Ablyazin recorded the same score as Uchimura but his lower execution rating saw him take bronze.

Ablyazin's routine was worth 8.700 for execution, below Uchimura's 9.100.

Zou can match his Beijing treble if he retains his high bar title on Tuesday. He qualified for that final in seventh place and will face competition from team-mate Zhang Chenglong and Netherlands' Epke Zonderland.

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