Olympics swimming: Liam Tancock fifth in 100m backstroke

Britain's Liam Tancock missed out on a medal as United States swimmer Matt Grevers won the men's 100m backstroke final in a new Olympic record time.

Tancock, 27, was hoping to win GB's second medal in the pool after Rebecca Adlington's 400m freestyle bronze.

He finished third fastest in the semi-finals in 53.25 seconds, but faded after a bright start leaving Grevers to clinch gold in a time of 52.16.

Grevers did well to manage the expectation, the pressure and the very partisan home crowd who absolutely didn't want him to win.

American Nick Thoman was second, with Japan's Ryosuke Irie third.

Tancock said: "I went out there and gave it everything. It didn't quite come off for me, but Rio is only four years away.

"I just love what I do. Swimming is an amazing sport. It's an absolute dream to swim in a pool like this, in front of a crowd like this.

"I was walking before and saw the poster about inspiring future generations and I hope we are doing that, not just me but the whole of Team GB."

Tancock finished in a time of 53.35, four tenths of a second from a bronze medal. Grevers eclipsed the Olympic record, set by fellow American Aaron Peirsol at the 2008 Beijing Games, by 0.38 seconds.

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