Olympics weightlifting: China's Lu Xiaojun wins 77kg gold medal

China's Xiaojun Lu's world record 175kg snatch helped him on his way to the 77kg men's weightlifting Olympic gold.

He claimed a world-record total with 379kg when he lifted an impressive 204kg in the clean and jerk after an initial 195kg lift.

Xiaojun's injury-struck compatriot Lu Haojie finished second with a 360kg total with Cuba's Ivan Cambar Rodriguez third on 349kg.

Britain's Jack Oliver finished tenth with his total lift of 310kg.

A mix-up over timings scuppered world champion Xiaojun's chance of building on his 175kg snatch, after his compatriot Haojie decided to settle for 170kg because of an elbow injury.

A clearly injured and tearful Haojie then plucked up the courage to lift 190kg in the clean and jerk to claim silver.

Rodriguez outlifted Thailand's Chatuphum Chinnawong by 3kg in the clean and jerk to claim bronze after South Korea's Jaehyouk Sa withdrew because of a dislocated elbow suffered when he tried to add to his 158kg in the snatch.

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