Shooting: South Korea's Kim Jangmi wins women's 25m pistol

South Korea's Kim Jangmi held her nerve in a thrilling final to take Olympic gold in the women's 25m pistol.

The 19-year-old, who set a new Olympic-record score of 591 in qualifying, held off defending champion Chen Ying's challenge to win with a score of 792.4.

That was a single point more than Chen achieved, despite the Chinese star scoring five more points in the final.

Ukraine's Olena Kostevych won the bronze medal with a score of 788.6, while no Briton made the final.

Great Britain's Georgina Geikie failed to qualify for the eight-strong final, finishing 37th with a score of 562.

It was a remarkable performance by Jangmi, who enjoyed an astonishing World Cup debut at the London Olympic venue in April by setting a world record of 796.9 points.

She showed some nerves in the final, at one point falling behind Chen in the scoring, but she rattled off a five-shot final round of 51.8, including a perfect bullseye of 10.9, to take gold.

Serbia's Zorana Arunovic finished fourth with 787.3 points, just ahead of Russia's Kira Mozgalova on 786.9.

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