Olympics archery: South Korea beat China to gold medal

South Korea continued their dominance of women's team event archery by securing gold with a 210-209 win over China.

The South Koreans have now won seven consecutive gold medals since the introduction of the team event in 1988.


Liz Mynott, former British number two and BBC Sport summariser: "That was such a close match. One point between them and their nerves really held there in the held. Well done. It is a fantastic moment for South Korea and the crowd really responded to them throughout, cheering them on."

They were level at 102-102 at the halfway point but led by two going into the final end before Bo Bae Ki scored nine with the final arrow to take gold.

Japan won bronze at Lord's thanks to a 209-207 victory against Russia.

The Japanese took 28 from their last three arrows to finish third - their first-ever archery medal.

South Korea, who beat Denmark in the quarter-finals, coasted past Japan in the semi-finals with a 221-206 victory.

China secured their place in the final with a thrilling 208-207 win over Russia.

British hopes were ended in the first round when Alison Williamson, Naomi Folkard and Amy Oliver led for the most of the match but were overtaken by the Russians towards the end to lose 215-208.

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