Olympics diving: Ilya Zakharov wins 3m springboard gold

Russia's Ilya Zakharov ended China's domination of Olympic diving events by winning individual 3m springboard gold.

Little separated Zakharov, 21, and China's Kai Qin heading into the last round, but the Russian delivered the highest score of the day with his final routine to total 555.90.

Kai Qin took silver with 541.75, while defending champion He Chong (524.15) was forced to settle for bronze.

Great Britain's Chris Mears finished ninth with a score of 439.75.

"I enjoyed every second of that - competing in front of the home crowd - and would love to do it again," said Mears.

The teenager's final routine, which scored 100.70, made him the first British 3m springboard diver to attain a three-figure score.

"A couple of my dives before weren't so good, so I really went for it at the start and the end went well and to get that score was fantastic.

"I'll take a lot of experience from this and hopefully that will serve me well going forward to Rio [2016 Olympics]."

Prior to the final, China had won each of the previous five events - collecting six medals in the process.

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