Olympics gymnastics: Feng Zhe of China swings to parallel bars gold

Feng Zhe of China claimed gold with a score of 15.966 in the parallel bars Olympic final.

German Marcel Nguyen scored 15.800 to earn a silver, with Hamilton Sabot's 15.566 winning France a bronze.

Feng, world champion in 2010, was second up of the nine finalists and set the benchmark score with an impressive performance on the apparatus.


"Feng and Nguyen are of a similar size and are perfect for the apparatus. Technically a very good final but in terms of execution you have got to be spot on at this level. Feng kept solid and he deserved his gold medal."

Nguyen came closest to dislodging the Chinese, while Sabot, who had qualified in last place, held on for third spot.

"China will be absolutely thrilled to have that gold medal," said BBC Sport's gymnastics commentator Christine Still.

"They felt they lost out on the rings on Monday. Marcel Nguyen has been the success story for the German team who haven't done so great otherwise."

Brothers Kazuhito and Yusuke Tanaka of Japan were the top two qualifiers but finished fourth and seventh respectively.

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