Olympics swimming: Allison Schmitt wins with Games record

American Allison Schmitt set a new Olympic record as she won gold in the women's 200m freestyle.

France's Camille Muffat was second ahead of Australian Bronte Barratt, with American teenager Missy Franklin missing a medal by 0.01 seconds.

Schmitt's win in 1:53.61 adds to her silver in the 400m freestyle and bronze in the 4x100m relay.


"That was an amazing swim. It was a massive victory. It was absolutely brilliant from Allison Schmitt."

Britain's Caitlin McClatchey finished seventh but has another chance of a medal in the 4x200m relay.

"The crowd was so amazing tonight, I want to thank everyone for their support," the Scot, 26, told BBC Sport.

"I've had a great time and really enjoyed it. I've got a strong relay coming up on Wednesday and I'm really excited and looking forward to it, so now I can rest and recharge my batteries."

Italy's Federica Pellegrini, the reigning world champion and Beijing gold medallist, finished in fifth place.

Franklin, 17, led after 50m but once Schmitt turned in the lead after 100m there was no stopping her and she won by almost two metres.

The 22-year-old is the first athlete at London 2012 to win three medals and her gold is the fifth for the US swimming team.

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