Olympics fencing: Sheng Lei wins gold for China in men's foil

China's Sheng Lei won gold in the men's individual foil by defeating Egypt's Alaaeldin Abouelkassem 15-13 at ExCeL.

Sheng had to fight all the way against a determined Abouelkassem, who takes silver to become the first African fencer ever to win an Olympic medal.

South Korean Choi Byung-chul won bronze, beating Italian Andrea Baldini 15-14.

Earlier, Great Britain's Richard Kruse, James Davis and Husayn Rosowsky all failed to progress beyond the last 32.

Disappointment for GB Fencers

Medal prospect Kruse suffered a shock 15-5 defeat by Russian Artur Akhmatkhuzin in the second round, while Davis lost 15-10 to four-time world champion Peter Joppich of Germany. Rosowsky, suffering from a muscle strain, lost 15-8 to Tunisian Mohamed Samandi in round one.

After being beaten by an opponent ranked six places below him at 21st in the world, Kruse hinted at retirement.

"I think we are nearing the end," the 29-year-old admitted. "I will probably do another year - just wind down.

"It's been heading that way for the last few years. It's been hard to hit form regularly.

"Fencing has been very good to me, but I can't fence like I was 21."

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