Olympics shooting: Vincent Hancock wins skeet gold medal

American soldier Vincent Hancock set a new Olympic final record on his way to winning the gold medal in the men's skeet at the Royal Artillery Barracks.

The 23-year-old successfully defended the title he won in Beijing by hitting all 25 of his targets in the final, finishing with a score of 148/150.

Denmark's Anders Golding pushed him all the way, finishing two points further back in the silver medal position.

Qatar's Nasser Al-Attiyah won bronze, after a shoot-off with Valeriy Shomin.

They both finished the final tied on 144, but Russia's Shomin missed his sixth target in the shoot-off to give Al-Attiyah, who won the 2011 Dakar Rally, an off-road endurance car race, third place.

After missing only two targets in qualifying, Hancock was the deserved gold medal winner.

He showed few nerves in the final, despite his closest rival Golding dropping just one point.

Britain's Richard Brickell and Rory Warlow both failed to make the six-man final, finishing 12th and 16th respectively in qualifying.

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