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Passion for Sport

Thanks to everyone who entered Passion for Sport 2001 - we didn't know you were all so talented! After many hours of deliberation, we selected our winners - congratulations to them.

Kayleigh Southerton Calum Scott-Woodhouse Twyla Kemp
Philip Taylor Michael Plummer Louise Steele
Louise Darby Laura Toogood Laura Colthart
Gemma Jones Caroline Morris Victoria Jewson

Louise Steele

Louise Steele
Regional winner 2001

Louise Steele was the winner in School Region five with a piece of written work describing what sport means to her.

Each paragraph uses alliteration of the letters in the word SPORT in turn.

Louise is 16 and attends Bispham High School and Arts College in Blackpool, Lancashire.

My Passion for Sport

If we were to ask, "What does the term 'sport' mean?" a suitable reply might be, "an activity for pleasure, competition or exercise" (as defined by a dictionary). However, if we were then to ask, "What can sport mean?" there could be no single reply as sport means a different thing to each of us. I know, for me, sport is a passion that can barely be described in words, but this is my attempt.

Sport is a supply of sustenance that stimulates senses in both spectators and sports people, the shouts and screams from the stadium as the goal is scored, the sighs of disappointment as the goal is saved, the singing of songs of support for your team, the smiles in celebration of the final score, yet the staggering uncertainly of selection for the squad, the suspense before the gun is sounded at the start of the race, the storming speed of sprinters surging to the finish line, and then the prayers whispered as they stare at the scoreboard awaiting the judges' decision of who will succeed by a split second.

Sport is participation and perseverance to the end, practising the 'Five Ps': "Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance", with the perspiration from months of preparation to prove that you are the most powerful performer. Sport is having the right personality to accept defeat yet also to appreciate victory, coping with the intense pressure, the increasing pulse rate and the pleasure from producing the perfect performance to gain a proud place on the podium. Sport is providing inspiration to youths playing in parks, progressing from the petty games of pretending to that of professional participation.

Sport is overcoming the obstacles obstructing the way, offering opportunity for an outstanding occupation, the obsession of competing to win and hearing the enthusiastic ovation at the orgasmic occasion. Sport is remaining calm at the official's decision, keeping cool when the whistle blows for offside, overcoming the feelings of offence from aggressive, opinionated observers, maintaining obedience of outlines whilst observing mistakes so that one day you will return to overtake and outrun the fierce opponents.

Sport is racing for the right result, assessing risks, using resources, following a regular routine to realise dreams, to be recognised and received by roaring crowds. Sport is gaining the rush of adrenalin as you reach for the line to be rewarded with a ranking, or as you root for your team to retrieve lost titles and retain an unbroken record, responding to failure (such as relegation) by working and reaching further for your return.

Sport is training for the trials, attaining targets and personal bests, whilst dismissing race torment and torture as extra training in order to reach the top. Sport is working as a team through tough times, using tactics and technical ability to touch down more tries to gain triumph, receiving the thunderous applause from the supporters as the trophy is lifted, coaches rewarded and relieved, thoughts of triumphs and trophies being talked about and treasured forever.

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