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Passion for Sport

Thanks to everyone who entered Passion for Sport 2001 - we didn't know you were all so talented! After many hours of deliberation, we selected our winners - congratulations to them.

Kayleigh Southerton Calum Scott-Woodhouse Twyla Kemp
Philip Taylor Michael Plummer Louise Steele
Louise Darby Laura Toogood Laura Colthart
Gemma Jones Caroline Morris Victoria Jewson

Laura Colthart

Laura Colthart
Regional winner 2001

Laura Colthart's love of the beautiful game brought her success in School Region four.

Fifteen-year-old Laura attends Dalziel High School in Motherwell, North Larnarkshire.

Her essay is about how much she enjoys football – playing, watching and coaching.

My Passion for Football

I am the type of person who enjoys many sports, but there is one sport that I have a passion for – football! I am totally football crazy and can prove it…

I support Motherwell Football Club and I attend home matches regularly. I have been supporting Motherwell for nearly three years now. I love going to matches and hearing the roar of the crowd when the team comes out of the tunnel. I am not a critical fan, but every team has a bad day.

Some of my friends think that it's weird for girls to attend football matches. I totally disagree, as football is not just a male sport. As well as supporting Motherwell, I am also their mascot, along with some of my friends. We walk around the pitch and entertain the crowd before the match starts and at half-time. For doing this, we get paid and get into all home matches for free. It's great! I'm a true supporter!

As well as watching football, I also play it. I don't yet play for a team, but I play regularly with my friends. I love school holidays as we play nearly every day. Some boys don't like me joining in as they think that football is only a male's sport. They soon get a piece of my mind. My female friends don't enjoy playing football, but they still give me support!

As I don't play for a team and there are no teams in my area, I decided to write to Motherwell Football Club asking them if they had any intentions of getting a girls' team up at Fir Park. About a month later, I received a letter from then informing me that the club had no intentions of getting a girls' team.

I then decided to write again and ask the same, but this time I offered to help to organise it and encourage girls to get involved. I got the same response. I decided to take matters into my own hands and find out how many girls would be interested, to prove to Motherwell Football Club that it's worth getting a team, but Motherwell have still shown no interest in it. I am going to leave the subject for a while, but I'm not giving up!

I am also a football coach. Although I have to be 16 to get my official certificates, I decided to start learning early and I'm really interested in the sport. I coach on a Sunday afternoon in my school. I coach 8 to 12-year-old children for two hours every Sunday. I enjoy coaching the children, but I'm also learning at the same time.

This is the basic outline of my passion for football! I just hope that Motherwell get a girls' football team and, you never know, I might be playing for Scotland's women's team one day!

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