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Passion for Sport

Past winners
Passion for Sport has been running since 1996 and over the years we've had thousands of excellent entries. Take a look at our past winners - they might inspire you to take part!

Lena Warren Jennifer Henderson Charlie Elwess
Richard Mason
Lena Warren
Lena Warren
Joint award winner 1999-2000

  • Lena Warren, from Shirebrook Community School in Mansfield, has been mad about sport since she was young. Her favourite sports are athletics, football, basketball and hockey. Since winning Passion for Sport in 2000, she's also taken up kickboxing and tae-bo (a martial art).

  • She particularly enjoys playing football and had just completed her first season playing for a women's team when she won the award.

  • Some of her prize money went on equipment for her school and she bought her football team some water bottles. Lena also treated herself and her dad to Leeds United season tickets!

  • Lena is taking her AS levels this summer and after that would like to go to America on a football scholarship. In the future, she'd like to play football professionally or have some kind of involvement with sport as a career.

  • Her verdict: "Winning Passion for Sport has given me a lot of confidence and I've taken up more sports. I also really enjoyed my day in London, meeting Kelly Holmes and Mark Bright, and watching A Question of Sport being filmed."

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