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1969 - First Round
Gonzales v Pasarell
1969 - Ladies Final
Jones v King
1977 - Men's Semi-final
Borg v Gerulaitis
1980 - Men's Final
Borg v McEnroe
1987 - Men's Fourth Round
Connors v Pernfors
1993 - Womenís Final
Graf v Novotna
1994 - Women's Final
Martinez v Navratilova
1995 - Women's Final
Graf v Vicario
1997 - Men's Third Round
Henman v Haarhuis
2000 - Men's Semi-final
Rafter v Agassi
Jana Novotna
Novotna wept bitter tears at the end
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1993 Womenís Singles Final

Steffi Graf (Ger) beat Jana Novotna (Cz)

7-6, 1-6, 6-4

When Jana Novotna cried her eyes out on the shoulder of the Duchess of Kent after losing from a double break of serve up in the third set, it instantly became one of the greatest Wimbledon images.

Novotna had a point for a 5-1 lead but when she went for broke on a second serve, and missed, it showed nerves were getting to her.

Up until that point the German had taken only two of the previous 10 games and thought she was out of it.

Graf said: ďWith the way she was playing and the way I was playing, yes, Iíd kind of lost it. I didnít give up but I didnít have a very positive feeling.Ē

Novotna already had a reputation as something of a choker, but itís a testament to Grafís ruthless will to win that she could come back.

When Graf finally won, she gave an understandable yelp for joy. But by the time she reached the net to shake hands and had seen the look on Novotnaís face, all she could do was ask if she was all right.

The Duchess, who had met Novotna several times before, said: ďDonít worry Jana. I know you can do it.Ē Then the tears started to flow.

But she was right. After losing the final again, in 1997 to Martina Hingis, it was third time lucky for the Czech when she beat Nathalie Tauziat to finally lift the title in 1998.

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