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Stage Guide The Bike Sean Yates' guide to a rider's day le tour de france
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Stage 01

Probably the hilliest day of the first week, this stage offers the chance for someone to steal a march on the race lead.

A few days in the King of the Mountains jersey is also up for grabs, with four low-category climbs on this circuit around the Grand Duchy.

A small group will no doubt get away. The question is: can they stay there until the end?

Previously: Miguel Indurain's record-breaking 1992 time trial up and down a dual carriageway was awesome. Portugal's Acacio da Silva won a stage similar to this year's course in 1989.

Don't miss: The cosmopolitan, fortified heart of Luxembourg City itself.

Food and drink: Luxembourg wine is white, light and usually characterised by a high degree of acidity. It is apparently ideal for slimmers and diabetic people because of its lack of body.

Link: City of Luxembourg

Stage one result

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