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Boat Race 2002
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 Key landmarks
1 Putney Bridge - Start
2 Fulham Football Ground
3 The Mile Post (1st time point)
4 Hammersmith Bridge (2nd time point)
5 Chiswick Eyot & Chiswick Steps (3rd time point)
6 Barnes Bridge (4th time point)
7 Chiswick Bridge - Finish
Map showing location of key landmarks

Cambridge and Oxford crews

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Although the Boat Race first took place at Henley in 1829, the current course was first used in 1849.

Known simply as the Championship Course, and used for races throughout the year, the Boat Race Course is renowned throughout the rowing world.

Despite, or perhaps because of its eccentricities, the mysterious tides, uneven bends, unpredictable wind and waves, it remains as much of an outstanding challenge to the contemporary rower as it did to their 19th Century predecessors.

Chris Baillieu, the only Light Blue to win four Boat Races in the 20th Century and a former world rowing champion, gives BBC Sport Online a unique insiderís view of the course and its history.

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