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South Africa v Sri Lanka One Day International South Africa v Sri Lanka: South Africa v Sri Lanka
29-11-2002 at Centurion Park

South Africa beat Sri Lanka by 177 runs

South Africa won the toss and decided to bat
South Africa
317 for 6 (50.0 overs)
Sri Lanka
140 all out (33.2 overs)

 South Africa First Innings
 Batsman Runs  Balls  4s  6s 
 G C Smith run out 99  106 
 H H Gibbs b P W Gunaratne 16  25 
 N Boje c U D U Chandana b C R D Fernando 28  34 
 H H Dippenaar c D P M D Jayawardene b P W Gunaratne 89  97 
 J H Kallis run out 53  26 
 M V Boucher run out
 S M Pollock not out 15 
 J N Rhodes not out
 Extras 0b 6lb 3w 1nb 10  
 TOTAL 50.0 overs (for 6 wickets) 317  

 Bowler  Fall of wickets:
 W P U J C Vaas 10.0  48   1-20 [ H H Gibbs, 32 mins]
 P W Gunaratne 10.0  61   2-67 [ N Boje, 41 mins]
 C R D Fernando 9.0  66   3-201 [ G C Smith, 99 mins]
 P A de Silva 5.0  26   4-289 [ J H Kallis, 37 mins]
 S T Jayasuriya 5.0  25   5-293 [ M V Boucher, 4 mins]
 U D U Chandana 7.0  47   6-296 [ H H Dippenaar, 4 mins]
 K H R K Fernando 4.0  38   

 Sri Lanka First Innings
 Batsman Runs  Balls  4s  6s 
 M S Atapattu c J N Rhodes b S M Pollock 20 
 S T Jayasuriya b A J Hall 46  32 
 K C Sangakkara c H H Gibbs b A A Donald 10  10 
 P A de Silva c and b A A Donald 18 
 D P M D Jayawardene c J H Kallis b M Ntini 32  39 
 R P Arnold c M V Boucher b M Ntini 12  24 
 W P U J C Vaas c M V Boucher b J H Kallis 15 
 U D U Chandana c M V Boucher b M Ntini
 K H R K Fernando st M V Boucher b N Boje 11 
 C R D Fernando not out 13 
 P W Gunaratne lbw b N Boje
 Extras 0b 4lb 3w 0nb 7  
 TOTAL 33.2 overs (all out) 140  

 Bowler  Fall of wickets:
 S M Pollock 5.0  28   1-51 [ M S Atapattu, 35 mins]
 M Ntini 10.0  38   2-59 [ S T Jayasuriya, 9 mins]
 A J Hall 4.0  20   3-63 [ K C Sangakkara, 2 mins]
 A A Donald 6.0  27   4-91 [ P A de Silva, 27 mins]
 J H Kallis 6.0  16   5-117 [ D P M D Jayawardene, 25 mins]
 N Boje 2.2   6-124 [ W P U J C Vaas, 11 mins]
           7-125 [ R P Arnold, 5 mins]
           8-130 [ U D U Chandana, 9 mins]
           9-134 [ K H R K Fernando, 12 mins]
           10-140 [ P W Gunaratne, 7 mins]

Umpires: I L Howell, R B Tiffin

South Africa
S M Pollock (capt), G C Smith, M V Boucher (wkt), H H Gibbs, H H Dippenaar, J H Kallis, J N Rhodes, A J Hall, N Boje, A A Donald, M Ntini

Sri Lanka
S T Jayasuriya (capt), K C Sangakkara (wkt), M S Atapattu, U D U Chandana, P A de Silva, D P M D Jayawardene, R P Arnold, W P U J C Vaas, C R D Fernando, P W Gunaratne, K H R K Fernando
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