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Other Match: Australia Women v New Zealand
8-02-2003 at Lincoln

Australia Women beat New Zealand by 109 runs

Australia Women won the toss and decided to bat
Australia Women
214 all out (49.5 overs)
New Zealand
105 all out (30.0 overs)

 Australia Women First Innings
 Batsman Runs  Balls  4s  6s 
 B J Clark b F S King 80  119 
 L C Sthalekar c R J Rolls b R J Steele 18 
 K L Rolton c M A M Lewis b F S King 34  50 
 M Jones c R J Rolls b N J Browne 18  27 
 M A J Goszko lbw b A L Mason 21 
 A J Blackwell lbw b F S King 21  41 
 J Hayes run out
 C L Fitzpatrick lbw b K L Pulford
 J C Price run out
 C R Smith run out
 E Twining not out
 Extras 0b 6lb 18w 0nb 24  
 Total 49.5 overs (all out) 214  

 Bowler  Fall of wickets:
 N J Browne 10.0  40   1-25 [ L C Sthalekar, 23 mins]
 R J Steele 10.0  38   2-93 [ K L Rolton, 50 mins]
 K L Pulford 10.0  51   3-124 [ M Jones, 27 mins]
 A L Mason 10.0  35   4-141 [ M A J Goszko, 16 mins]
 F S King 9.5  44   5-176 [ B J Clark, 29 mins]
           6-185 [ J Hayes, 9 mins]
           7-192 [ C L Fitzpatrick, 2 mins]
           8-204 [ J C Price, 9 mins]
           9-211 [ A J Blackwell, 4 mins]
           10-214 [ C R Smith, 2 mins]

 New Zealand Women First Innings
 Batsman Runs  Balls  4s  6s 
 N Payne lbw b C L Fitzpatrick 13  40 
 K L Pulford c J C Price b E Twining 15 
 E C Drumm b C L Fitzpatrick
 R J Rolls lbw b J Hayes 12 
 H M Tiffen run out 11  13 
 M A M Lewis st J C Price b J Hayes 17 
 S J McGlashan c J C Price b K L Rolton
 A L Mason c B J Clark b C R Smith 31  42 
 F S King st J C Price b J Hayes 10 
 N J Browne b L C Sthalekar 17  21 
 R J Steele not out
 Extras 0b 0lb 3w 0nb 3  
 Total 30.0 overs (all out) 105  

 Bowler  Fall of wickets:
 C L Fitzpatrick 6.0  14   1-7 [ K L Pulford, 17 mins]
 E Twining 6.0  18   2-12 [ E C Drumm, 5 mins]
 J Hayes 7.0  31   3-27 [ N Payne, 15 mins]
 K L Rolton 6.0  16   4-34 [ R J Rolls, 6 mins]
 L C Sthalekar 3.0  16   5-46 [ H M Tiffen, 10 mins]
 C R Smith 2.0  10   6-46 [ S J McGlashan, 2 mins]
           7-46 [ M A M Lewis, 6 mins]
           8-71 [ F S King, 12 mins]
           9-97 [ A L Mason, 18 mins]
           10-105 [ N J Browne, 5 mins]

Umpires: G A Baxter, A L Hill

Australia Women
B J Clark (capt), J C Price (wkt), L C Sthalekar, K L Rolton, M Jones, M A J Goszko, A J Blackwell, J Hayes, C L Fitzpatrick, C R Smith, E Twining

New Zealand
E C Drumm (capt), R J Rolls (wkt), N Payne, K L Pulford, H M Tiffen, M A M Lewis, S J McGlashan, A L Mason, F S King, N J Browne, R J Steele
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