Great Britain finish sixth at Olympic handball test event

Olympic test events

  • Venue: Olympic Park & ExCel Centre, London
  • Date: 23-27 November
  • Events: London Handball Cup (Olympic Park, 23-27 Nov); London Boxing International Invitational (ExCel, 24-27 Nov); Table Tennis Pro Tour Grand Finals (ExCel, 24-27 Nov); Fencing International Invitational (ExCel, 26-27 Nov)
Great Britain's Lyn Byl shoots

Britain had failed to win a semi-final place against 17th-ranked Austria

Great Britain's women finished sixth at the Olympic Handball Arena test event after losing 22-17 to Slovakia.

The team had missed out on a semi-final place when they were beaten 31-23 by Austria in their second match.

Britain upset African champions Angola on Wednesday but needed a one-goal defeat or better against Austria.

Coach Jesper Holmris said they were not satisfied after staying in touch until the midway point, only to be overcome in the latter stages.


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Speaking after the defeat by Austria, Holmris said: "We thought we had a good chance, but we are disappointed with the performance more than a loss.

"It is a very different feeling than the game the other day but we have come a long way. But we want more and we are not satisfied. We had some good performances from our wing players but that wasn't enough."